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Re: Pancakes Triumphant
« Reply #150 on: March 30, 2020, 01:29:39 PM »
Thanks Teresa! I have City Living and not Jungle Adventures...will have to check it out as I love foraging for collectibles.

Selling jungle collectibles is one of my ways of making money

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Re: Pancakes Triumphant
« Reply #151 on: March 30, 2020, 01:43:43 PM »
Thanks for wishing me luck, Metro :)!  I just saw your message now because I started playing my scoring file as soon as I posted that I was going to try to get a score in.
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Re: Pancakes Triumphant
« Reply #152 on: March 30, 2020, 01:44:24 PM »
Congratulations on winning, Rachie!  Great strategy 8).
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Re: Pancakes Triumphant
« Reply #153 on: March 30, 2020, 04:24:30 PM »
Thanks, @MarianT, for setting that right.

And congratulations, Ratchie, with your win.

For money, I used painting on the digital sketchpad. After the first week I had more than I knew what to do with.
I didn’t think of photography at all, so making friends could probably have gone faster. Usually, I would have 3 or 4 Pancakes befriend the baby, so could age them up to teen or young adult right away (so no dealing with toddlers, except to bring them straight to the cake).
In the beginning of the file, I let Bob and Eliza work on Soulmate  to get the points for Fertile. Their children befriended each other, learned to bake pancakes, and some of them befriended townies. The execution in all of this wasn’t too great, so it was Monday morning before Eliza was able to take her first pregnancy test.

Managing the births was a major factor here.
For every pregnancy, I used On a Ley Line, Fertile reward trait, the fertility massage for Eliza, and listening to children's music.
(Do we actually know that that does nothing? I'm just perpetually unsure of whether it has any effect.)
I always made sure I had enough room in the household for triplets. This resulted in three sets of twins, and one set of triplets.
I also had Bob and Eliza try for baby twice before taking the test. Near the end of my game, I had a thought and let them try three times. And yes, that was the time they had the triplets. I haven’t had the time to see this does indeed increase the chance for triplets in a meaningful way. It would be interesting to know if anyone had any info on that.

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Re: Pancakes Triumphant
« Reply #154 on: March 30, 2020, 06:22:51 PM »
Yeah, I forgot about photographs and making salads. I had the teens in a club and had watch tv and talk as activities. So they were all doing that. I got Bob to make pancakes for some reason and they all sat down to a pancake meal, also for some unknown reason. The different looks the kids had despite having their parents genes in their bodies was interesting.

 [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]
My initial Pancakes all eating their pancakes for breakfast.

Congrats to the winners and thanks to the team for the challenge, and to people for sharing strategies.

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Re: Pancakes Triumphant
« Reply #155 on: March 30, 2020, 07:06:28 PM »
The first thing I did when I loaded up the family was send Bob around to the 4 occupied houses(I just picked him at random, there was no strategy in that choice) and had him introduce himself to one adult person in each house so that when the time came to move out of the first round of teams, I could just invite them over to make friends and ask to move in rather than waste time going to each house one by one to get a high enough relationship later on.

I made use of the club system to keep all my sims happy and working on stuff to gain reward points and/or money. I started off by having everyone paint because they can talk and paint at the same time, so after several hours of that, the teens all had 4 good friends and could be aged up. Then I picked 4 of the first group of kids to skill up in cooking and cook their pancakes so they could move out. Since they already had quite a bit of reward points(I started everyone out with the "Mansion Baron" aspiration and then switched the "Painter Extraordinaire" while they were painting), I gave one of the kids the "Incredibly Friendly" trait and had that one introduce themselves to the occupants of the houses after Bob invited them over since when you "ask to join household" you can move anybody into the other household, not just the person who is friends with them, so I was free to use the other sims rewards points on other things(I bought a few "just in case" moodlet solvers with the others who left before they earned enough points for a money tree).

Once the first 4 young adults had moved out(I kept 2 of the original 6 kids in the house until almost the end because I wanted to make sure there was always 4 Pancakes in the house for the new babies to make friends with), I got both Bob and Eliza the fertile trait, I used the "On Ley Line" lot trait, and had Eliza get a fertility massage before trying for a baby. Then once she was pregnant, I had all 4 sims travel to the museum to look at paintings for the aspiration and then they immediately went back home.

From that point I was basically just cranking out aspirations, Eliza, Bob, and the two kids from the original bunch all completely the painter aspiration, a few of them did the author aspiration, Bob and one of the kids did the music aspiration, Bob completed the leader of the pack aspiration(he was the leader of the club), and eventually they were all able to complete both of the fortune aspirations(to complete the "fabulously wealthy" aspiration I used the trick where you buy items in buy mode that can be put in the personal inventory and sell them there it counts as the sim "making" money). I used a lot of these reward points to buy money trees(6 of them to be exact) and then I started using them on traits that would help needs decrease slower so I didn't have to "rally the troops" so often, particularly since pregnant sims bladder and hunger bars decay so fast.

I got incredibly unlucky when it came to pregnancy. Despite everything I did, Eliza's first birth was only one baby. I finally got triplets on the last pregnancy, when I only needed two babies. I also started mine late so I knew from the beginning that an alien pregnancy would count, but despite the fact that Bob was abducted at least 5 times(I even had him spend a few days in the scientist career to get the satellite dish), he never got pregnant. I had enough money to buy all the houses by the end of the second week, at that point I was just waiting to get enough kids to move into them.

When it came to the babies, like one of the other players, I had each of the Pancakes make friends with them as babies and then just aged them up from babies all the way to young adult all at once. Then they'd quickly skill up, make their pancakes, and moved out.

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Re: Pancakes Triumphant
« Reply #156 on: March 30, 2020, 07:31:18 PM »
My congratulations to Rachel as well! I'm going to be yet another person saying "well, my strategy was similar to Rachel's, but"... and, uh, but...

With the need to produce nine additional Pancakes, this was always going to be a challenge with a sizeable luck component involving the multiple births. I did some digging around and came across this (surprisingly recent) code-dive into multiple births, and even if maths isn't your thing, the tl;dr at the top and the very last line are all you really need to know - specifically, for any given pregnancy, no matter what you do to affect the outcome, the chance of triplets can never exceed 9% (technically the limit's actually 1/11, so 9.0909...% - close enough). Clearly, three sets of triplets would be the best-case scenario, but that's incredibly unlikely, and the tl;dr explains how five sets of twins can almost be guaranteed, so the case you really want to work with is (at least) one set of triplets in four pregnancies. With the boosts from Fertile, On A Ley Line and a Fertility Massage, you're near as anything to the ideal case, and under these conditions the chances of acquiring all nine Pancakes in four pregnancies can be calculated as 31.55% - just under a third. yeah, that was my slight issue with this challenge initially: it was basically eight hours of meticulous micro-managing followed by two weeks of kicking heels with fingers crossed. Had I realised that alien babies would count before I started my final file, the extra strategy required to get Bob abducted as often as possible would have made this a whole different ball game. But hey, despite not getting lucky with triplets, I managed to get lucky in an entirely unexpected way, so ho hum.

The first eight (actually nine) hours: the focus was on getting three Pancakes out asap (like Vesper I was overly paranoid) and earning Eliza the Fertile trait. The latter was fairly straightforward: Pique Hearth begins just two paintings away from being worth 1,250 satisfaction points for Mansion Baron, so everyone got to earn those points, and then I planned for Eliza to get 600 from Good & Master Vampire just for researching on the computer twice, 550 from the first two tiers of Joke Star (remarkably easy!), 350 from Leader Of The Pack's first tier and performing ten club activities for its second, 75 instantly from Fabulously Wealthy, 75 from having three friends (read: children), 50 from having a boyfriend (read: husband) and 50 from working out at a gym (for like five seconds). That's 3,000 exactly, not counting for whims because they're unpredictable, and completely forgetting the 300 points you can get for reaching level 3 Vampire Lore. Ah well - the trip out to the gym in particular was helpful because it meant folks could meet some townies to drag back for parties later on, though most of the Pancakes kids spent the visit taking photos with each other.

I used the same lot traits as Rachel but just used salads to skill up my Pancakes; Art, Beth and Ceri moved out to various copies of Crick Cabana one after the other at 2:45pm, but not after donating four Moodlet Solvers and an Instant Hygiene each courtesy the satisfaction points they had left over. I don't think my Pancakes ever got through all of these, though they were helpful at points. Eric Lewis was the massage therapist the game sent me first, fortunately, but unfortunately he wasn't super co-operative and left the table to try talking to Dot almost immediately. Regardless, I managed to get the Eating For Two notification at 5:23pm - over an hour later than in practice, but never mind.

The next two weeks: I only kept one of the original Pancakes in the household from beginning to end - after a day or so, Dot Pancakes was all set to host back-to-back incognito parties and milk everyone and anyone for large loans, based on the big moneymakers from the first challenge this year. Except I never actually needed to do either of those things (well, I did do some partying for Party Animal, but only two of them were incognito) because it turned out painting was more than lucrative enough. I had a present pile on the lot that folks kept dipping in to, and every time someone got an easel I'd throw it up around the house somewhere. Since painting was a club activity, whenever I wasn't focussing on a sim they'd tend to tour the easels, so long as I remembered to clear them off every now and then. Once Bob, Eliza and Dot all had Marketable and Creative Visionary I didn't look back - and this isn't counting all the times I had them use the sketchpad! I honestly had bags of leftover time - Bob took up yoga, Eliza tried her hand at vlogging, and Dot went and romanced (then married!) the guy I'd plopped in Daisy Hovel. Admittedly, all of these were things I'd planned to do anyway, but I legitimately didn't know if I'd have the time.

Speaking of the marriage... the ceremony was attended by all seventeen members of the Pancakes family (though four of them were still in utero) and so I figured I should try to get screenshots of them all together. They had other ideas, because of course they did. Still, I nearly managed:

(back row: Art, Len (face obscured by confetti), Ken, Greg, Ed, Jackie, Hal)
(middle row: Eliza (plus Matt and Nell), Bob (plus Ola and (spare) Ozzy), Jackie, Beth, Fred)
(front row: Dot Pancakes and husband Kasey, who's technically the son of Skylar Bhattacharya, my sim from the skill challenge... it's a long story)
(Ceri completely refused to witness the ceremony and instead spent the time chatting up Caleb Vatore, who invited himself to the wedding and I didn't have the heart to make leave)

Other than that, what else is there to say? I too used photography to age Pancakes up from baby straight to YA - "take picture of" is just as effective as "take picture with", so toddlers could be dealt with by having a grown-up Pancakes snap their pouting faces. For the nine born during the challenge, their good friends were Bob, Eliza, Dot and their twin... oh, and their bassinets were in the kitchen, where they were locked-in until they'd made their pancakes - on top of the lot traits, being added to the family club, with its Cooking skill boost and inspired vibe, meant they generally only needed a single salad to reach pancaking level. Thus I'll just finish up with the full record of who my Pancakes were and how they did, lifted straight from my spreadsheet:

Art Pancakes (Hot-Headed, Unflirty, Neat) - Beth, Ceri, Dot, Ed - Crick Cabana, 2:45pm Sun. Week 1
Beth Pancakes (Mean, Geek, Slob) - Art, Dot, Ed, Eliza - Bargain Bend, 2:45pm Sun. Week 1
Ceri Pancakes (Clumsy, Hates Children, Lazy) - Art, Dot, Ed, Fred - Potter's Splay, 2:45pm Sun. Week 1
Dot Pancakes (Self-Assured, Good, Cheerful) - Art, Beth, Ceri, Ed - Daisy Hovel, 7:20am Sun. Week 3
Ed Pancakes (Outgoing, Bro, Ambitious) - Art, Ceri, Fred, Bob - Garden Essence, 2:22pm Wed. Week 1
Fred Pancakes (Creative, Vegetarian, Child Of The Islands) - Ceri, Ed, Bob, Eliza - Cypress Terrace, 4:01pm Wed. Week 1
Greg Pancakes (Dog Lover, Glutton, Child Of The Islands) - Dot, Hal, Bob, Eliza - Streamlet Single, 7:01pm Sat. Week 1
Hal Pancakes (Creative, Loner, Childish) - Dot, Greg, Bob, Eliza - Hallow Slough, 7:01pm Sat. Week 1
Izzy Pancakes (Music Lover, Childish, Romantic) - Dot, Jackie, Bob, Eliza - Rindle Rose, 4:49pm Tue. Week 2
Jackie Pancakes (Geek, Gloomy, Mean) - Dot, Izzy, Bob, Eliza - Ophelia Villa, 5:27pm Tue. Week 2
Ken Pancakes (Hot-Headed, Slob, Active) - Dot, Len, Bob, Eliza - Riverside Roost, 3:18pm Wed. Week 2
Len Pancakes (Vegetarian, Perfectionist, Dance Machine) - Dot, Ken, Bob, Eliza - Brook Bungalow, 3:18pm Wed. Week 2
Matt Pancakes (Geek, Music Lover, Cat Lover) - Dot, Nell, Bob, Eliza - Umbrage Manor, 7:20am Sun. Week 3
Nell Pancakes (Kleptomaniac, Goofball, Insider) - Dot, Matt, Bob, Eliza - Parkshore, 4:59pm Sat. Week 2
Ola Pancakes (Cat Lover, Loner, Loves The Outdoors, Alien) - Dot, Matt, Bob, Eliza - Oakenstead, 7:20am Sun. Week 3
Ozzy Pancakes (Alien) - forever stuck as a baby in the kitchen of Pique Hearth

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