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Re: Hobos to Heroes: Teen Scene
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congrats to the high scorers. I really did not have the patience to get more points, kudos especially to Sruixan who always combines an excellent strategy with vigilant gameplay.

My early game strategy differed a little from others so may be of interest, especially as my strategy is decent but you can compare to better ones to what makes most impact on scores.
Planning: I focused on BFFs and skills as this seemed the most efficient use of time though throwing parties continually would have earned more points that's just too much going on for me to handle so I only threw a few. I plotted all the skills in the game against what mood boosts them, what lot trait helps, and if they can be learned by reading books. Then allocated them among the three teens so that there was no overlap, for example with school projects, so few skill points were wasted and most would be scored. Obviously they all maxed photography in their BFF-making efforts though. I thought scouts wouldn't count for job because I am an idiot so also allocated careers based on unique skill. One of these was Barista which was a huge mistake as it's only two hours per day so took more days for promotion. Was very disappointing on testing to realise that teens no longer get part time job boosts for good grades, my initial plan was to wait until they'd improved to B but this was redundant.

First days: Goal was to get housed as soon as possible because this would enable the point-gathering by better moods, choice of lot traits, emotion control etc. We went to Laurel Library in Britechester as it has the study spot trait for a boost to all skilling. Sims A and B worked on some allocated skills - writing and programming, then when their fun got a bit too low moved on to videogaming and logic (chess table). Sim C worked on making money through photography. She stood at the library entrance and photographed everyone up to max relationship, best-friended them, then moved on (I actually forgot to best friend a few so had to catch them later). This enabled her to max photography (although it wouldn't be a unique skill) make 14 best friends, and earn enough for Creek Cabana by around 10pm Sunday. I got Sim A to sell all the photos though as she was going to be skilled in writing and painting so I knew she'd be able to achieve Fabulously wealthy aspiration points later.

The first night once everyone was fed (they were all pretty hungry at this point) they did homework and a school project. I meant to have adults in the club at this point to help with homework and projects as I'd done in trial run but forgot for some reason. Everyone had a few satisfaction points (from writer, tech guru, friend of the world, and leader of the pack aspirations) so each guzzled a moodlet solver then I took them on a club outing to thieve from the Landgraabs for extra cash. They went to the house, met all three and added them to club, then "go here together" to get them out of the house while our teens stole three computers (club activity = swiping). I chose the Landgraabs rather than the Goths as the expensive items are in different rooms so there was less chance of a teen not stealing because she'd been "caught" by another club member. Plus three family members to get out of the way is easier than four.

Back home and we now have a lot more money so the house is remodeled. Four rooms - shower room, bedroom, inspiring room and focused room. Got rid of bins and washbasins to save time (no washing hands and dishes) all dirty dishes would then go into the recycling bin for a steady stream of cash. We never had to worry about money again, especially as future BFF making ensured loads of photos. An expensive good quality double bed was bought as it's easy to schedule three to share it. I had made the teens siblings so that they'd be willing to share a double bed with each-other even though they weren't close friends.

After that it proceeded like for others (except for my stupid part-time job mistake). Everyone reached A grade on Tuesday so no more school after that. Two would be skilling while the third made best friends. Sometimes I just got tired of the grind so they'd all work on skills for a bit to save my sanity. Continual club gatherings would get enough points for skill boosts but I may not have optimised this, got them in the right order etc. The general idea was to get skills up to level seven or so then move on to another as levels take longer to gain once they're high. I didn't send them to Humour and Hijinks as they needed to do homework and projects the first Monday night for Tuesday's A but they skilled like crazy at the following week's Geekfest.

[I'll edit to add info on what each teen earned in a bit]

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Re: Hobos to Heroes: Teen Scene
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congrats Sruixan! 8)
Sul! Sul!
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Re: Hobos to Heroes: Teen Scene
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Thanks to everyone who shared their strategies!  So many creative ideas!

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Re: Hobos to Heroes: Teen Scene
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Re: Hobos to Heroes: Teen Scene
« Reply #188 on: April 19, 2020, 07:18:31 PM »Wow, great score, Sruixan. It does not look like Rainbow will challenge you given it's already 4/20 in her neck of the woods. So, she decided to sit this one out. But, she she better do the Bill Nye one given it was her idea! Lol.

Nope, I never planned to enter my own challenge at all, I just want to sit back and watch all of you duke it out ... I'm kidding! *Ducks beakers thrown her way* Of course I'm going to enter this challenge @Metropolis Man, did you really think I wouldn't, this is my baby after all! :)

Metro is right, it would have already been the 20th at that time for me, I'm about a day or so ahead of my American counterparts on the forum when it comes to time zones. Congrats to the winners on this one and I'll see you all in the science lab!