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Chapter Nine
Celebration Central

Narrator: Three sets of birthday candles are blown out all together from each corner of the world.
Stella: Are you trying to imply that the world is a triangle?
Narrator: Where are you getting this information from?
Stella: Exams are cancelled i've got to do something with the five years of stuff I learnt.
Narrator: You learnt how to imply things?
Stella: Yes. Yes I did. Anyway back to the photos!
Natasha BDAY.jpg
Rainbow BDAY.jpg
Edward BDAY.jpg
Stella: Aww happy Birthday to the Benali generations four.
Narrator: Four?!
Stella: Yeah see the family tree.
Narrator: Ahhh I see, well Happy Birthday to them all.
Stella: Well then I wonder what the spawns are up to...

The Benali-Pires
George: Happy Birthday Rainbow!
Erwin: My little pookie. You're going to be amazing.
George: What do you mean going to be? She already is!
Rainbow Chosen ONE.jpg
Rainbow: Dad help!
Erwin: George what's happening?
George: She is the chosen one the Mannies have spoken.
Rainbow: The Mannies?
George: You will learn my child. They know what's best for you. They know who you are and who you will become.
Rainbow: I see something.
Erwin: What is it?
Rainbow TRASH.jpg
Rainbow: I am the one to change it all...

The Benalis
Oliver: Happy Birthday to you two.
Bella: Aww they look so much like us.
Tash and Hayden 1.jpg
Natasha: What ya painting?
Hayden: A tree. What about you?
Natasha: Also a tree.
Hayden: Niceee.
Natasha: What do you want to do when you're older?
Hayden: I'm not sure man. Do you know?
Natasha: What ever we do we need to do it together.
Hayden: That's the truth.
Natasha: I hope we become the best duo ever. Whatever we do.
Hayden and Tash.jpg

The Benali-Vatores
Mr Straud: Happy Birthday Master Vatore.
Edward: Thank you sir.
Mr Straud: I am sure your parents are most happy for your coming of age.
Edward: Indeed sir.
Mr Straud: I would like to introduce you to my daughter. Miss Arabella Straud.
Edward: Thank you sir.
Mr Straud: Welcome to the family young Edward. I know you'll do very well in our business.

N.B: All the photos of the Vatores have gone missing and now in game everyone is wearing bags.

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Re: Keeping Up With The Benalis ( Rotational Play) - Chapter Ten 03/10/20
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Chapter Ten
The End of The Road

Stella: We are gathered here today to remember the loving lives of our lost ones. Belgium and Salim Benali. They lived long lives filled with happiness, fortune and family.
They spent their final days living with their son, George and his family. The beach was one of Belgium's favourite place to go.
New Home.jpg
Rainbow: My Grandma and I spent a lot of time together whether it be baking or building sandcastles. She loved us all very much.
Belgium and Rainbow.jpg
Belgium baking.jpg
George: My parent's loved each other and all their children the same. They were soulmates and they knew it they were perfect for each other.
Salim and Belgium.jpg
George: They always had each other for company and they were there for each other during the good and the bad times.
Stella: Rest in Peace, Belgium and Salim Benali.
Graves= Belgium and Salim.jpg


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Re: Keeping Up With The Benalis ( Rotational Play) - Chapter Ten 03/10/20
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Chapter Eleven
The Chapter Where A Lot Of Stuff Happened

Stella: It's a been a long time since we've been here, and we left it on a kinda sad note. So here's update chapter of keeping up with the Benalis.
Narrator: You took photos of this right?
Stella: Hmm about that...
Narrator: *Face palm*
Stella: You've got to leave something up to the imagination.
Narrator: But photos are useful especially considering that everyone looks completely different now.
Stella: Well they can find out next time.
Narrator: Fine then, narrate away.
Stella: Says the narrator lmao.

The Benalis have had a rough time since the news of Belgium and Salim's deaths spread amongst the family. However as time has gone on it's been easier. Specifically the Benali-Pries. Beligum, Salim, Teppei the cat and Fish have all made their ghostly presence known. Allowing young Rainbow to build her handiness skill up. All the Benali grandchildren have aged and matured now fitting into their roles. Edward and Arabella going along with their once forced arranged marriage it now seems they do not mind as they understand what has to be done. Hayden and Natasha living their suburban lifestyle in the plain town of Oasis Springs. But perhaps a change is underway for one of the Benali twins. Last but not least is Rainbow. The gift brought to the loving couple of George and Erwin. But is she the only product of the Manny's magic? Soon we shall find out.


Authors Note: Majority of the grandchildren are now young adults and are moving on so this is just a filler chapter :)

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Re: Keeping Up With The Benalis ( Rotational Play) - Chapter Eleven 28/12/20
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Welcome back Benalis

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Re: Keeping Up With The Benalis ( Rotational Play) - Chapter Eleven 28/12/20
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Chapter Twelve
Moving on

Stella: Woah two chapters in one day?! You are on a role.
Narrator: Why thank you, I thought I'd never see a day where you're actually nice to me.
Stella: Who said I was talking about you?
Narrator: Why are you like this?
Stella: Like what?
Narrator: Ugh just start the chapter.
Stella: Alright Mr Bossy McBossyFace

Stella: Roles have changed in the Benali household. Bella and Oliver are old and grey while Hayden is falling further into love than he realised.

Hayden: You have the most beautiful eyes.
Miki: No you dooo.
Hayden: It's most definitely you.
Miki: Nope it's all you my sweetheart.
Natasha: *Mocking* sweetheart
Hayden: Go away Tash, we all now you wish you had this.
Natasha: Ew no, I'd rather be on the moon than in a relationship.
Hayden: Gosh I wish you'd just disappear.
Natasha: Maybe I will.

Miki: Hayden!
Hayden: What?
Miki: You know exactly what I'm talking about.
Hayden: Just shush and kiss me.
Miki: *sighs*

Meanwhile in the city

Natasha: You got this Tasha, prove them all wrong.
Stella: Sup T.
Natasha: Hello?
Stella: Guess who's back, back again?
Natasha: Is this place haunted?
Stella: No I'm here to guide you.
Narrator: You mean to provide dialogue.
Stella: Shush she can't hear you.
Natasha: Who can't I hear?
Stella: No one sweetie, don't worry about it. Lets go check out your new flat.

Natasha: This place is horrible.
Stella: It was this or the murder one.
Natasha: Murder?!
Stella: Look at the view, isn't it lovely.
Narrator: She just asked you a question you know.
Stella: I know she asked me a question but it's calling avoiding it.
Natasha: Um?
Stella: Look what you've done.
Natasha: I have no idea what's going on but at least we can make it better.
Stella: That's the spirit T.
Natasha: I hope this was the best idea. It did take us 3 days to get here.