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Re: The History of the Crosby Family: A DecaDynsasty
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Can't believe I missed an update! Harriet is such a cutie! I love her name!
Odin's garden is very (not so) secret. Imagine playing in it. *zones off*
You're writing is amazing! I wish I could write like you!
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Re: The History of the Crosby Family: A DecaDynsasty
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Chapter 15 – Mother and Daughters

On the dawn of the big day, Heather hoists her green little munchkin up for a pep talk, which turns out to be more of a soliloquy. Harriet listens, nods and then brandishes a lettuce leaf she uncovered next to Odin’s garden. Taking it as a good omen, Heather leaves the house optimistic that her hard work will be momentarily paid off.

While her mother heads off to meet her fate, Sophia is tempting fates of her own. A young man by the name of Tavares Hightower takes notice of our heroine between stretches.

Not ready for love, Sophia takes matters into her own hands and quickly ushers Mr. Hightower to the closest workout bench and commences drilling. Not what the young man had in mind, but he leaves the gym noticeably sorer.

And finally Heather arrives at the moment of judgment. She exits City Hall feeling unsure, the votes still untallied.

Then the news hits. Heather Crosby is Leader of the Free World. She takes it in, takes it all in. Riverview loves her for her goodness.

And then heads home to eat cake and digest the day’s happenings.

Now that our esteemed mother’s political feat is in the history books, we make haste to follow her darling daughter a journey of her own. Her teen years reach a close, and she awaits the rest of her family to return home before she begins life’s next stage.

After a few words from her doting father, Sophia is ready to explore the world as an adult. Fighting crime, it seems, is still on her radar after all. Odin often wonders with all these powerful women around him, how he manages to stay so grounded.

And with his green little monster playing in the TV hall, his wife by his side, and a few neighborhood faces close at hand, Odin watches his firstborn celebrate the most pivotal birthday of her life.

And finally we have our Sophia Crosby who is ready to take to the streets of Riverview, ensuring that even the weakest of the weak feel safe. Odin, for one, has never felt safer.

The only thing that didn't stick around to enjoy the party was Sophia's hair.

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Re: The History of the Crosby Family: A DecaDynsasty
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Chapter Sixteen – A Family Aging

With four Crosby members living under one roof (however large), overcrowding can be an issue. Sophia, as much as she loves the others, often jogs in the morning to escape the endless “Odin, please do this"-es and "Odin, don't put those there!"-es thrown about. The Mrs. Leader of the Free World no longer deigns to do household chores, but she circumvents them in the most gracious form imaginable. Odin is typically left with a smile on his face wondering how a sponge appeared in his hands.

On her morning runs, Sophia keeps a watchful gaze on her fellow Riverviewians. Offering daily (unsolicited) tips to the downtown police station has even earned her the title of local snitch. She wears that name as a badge of honor. The Riverview cops dish over their morning coffee note that she must be the smartest dang snitch ever to grace the town.

While her family sleeps, our Mrs. Crosby is restless with the cares of her world upon her shoulders. She sometimes summons up the energy for midnight fishing trips overlooking the old cemetery. Odin mentions a rare fish, necessary for his pièce de résistance, and Heather hopes her catching it will make amends for her long work hours.

For his part, Odin does not begrudge his wife her working schedule. Rather, he enters his elder hood knowing that he has two of the cutest kids around, and the most elegantly attractive woman this farming town has ever seen. As he makes his last birthday wish, his only thought is of giving the rest of his family a long, moderately (but not too moderately) eventful life.

For himself, he’s ready to continue expanding his kitchen repertoire, cultivating his (not so) secret garden and developing his wardrobe collection until his date with the good Mr. Grim. “Fifteen more shirts”, he tells his wife, “and then I’m ready to go.”

But Odin is not the only one with a birthday. The littlest Crosby is ready to shun her title of Green Monster and assume a more prominent role in the household. Harriet Crosby has her sister’s blond locks and only a little of her genius. What she does have in abundance, though, is artistic flair.

And after a sleepless night shortly after watching her husband and littlest age, Mrs. Crosby finds herself looking in the mirror and a strange, wizened face staring back at her. With our Mr. and Mrs. Crosby now on their final decent to the next great adventure, the family routine changes little. They work, laugh, play, and fight. But for better or worse, the Crosby family cannot stay this way forever. Things will eventually have to change.