Author Topic: I can't get my Unkempt hero to eat spoiled food. How do I do that?  (Read 1858 times)


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The Unkempt trait advertises that your hero can eat, and even enjoy, spoiled food. So I made some food and just let it rot in his inventory. When it did go bad, I couldn't get the option to eat it. However, all the food he carried around were "large" portions in which you "grab a plate" from. Does this trait only affect "single" portions of food? And what kind of moodlet boost will he get if he eats spoiled food? The same as if the food were still fresh?

Also, the Unkempt trait also mentions that the hero won't mind sleeping on the ground. Is there a way I can just click on the ground and have him fall asleep right there? Or is the only way for him to do so would be to let his Energy bar go empty so he automatically passes out on the ground?

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Re: I can't get my Unkempt hero to eat spoiled food. How do I do that?
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Signal, have you tried taking the rotten food out of his inventory and putting it on a table?  I'm wondering if that would be the way to get him to take a serving.  I had an unkempt knight in my last game, and he would happily eat spoiled single servings from his inventory but I think I also had trouble with multiple-serving dishes.  I never tried to have him sleep on the floor because I wanted him to get the well-rested buff. 

Overall, I wasn't that impressed with the Unkempt trait and probably won't bother with it again.  But he did help me get the achievement of having 25 bowls of gruel in a sim's inventory!  Spoiled gruel, yummy.  ;D
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