Author Topic: Quest item stuck in supporting hero child's inventory! - Quest saved [Solved]  (Read 1560 times)


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I figured since my Knight has a child that I would take advantage of it and send the child to the shop rather than the spy hero to fetch the ingredients. The item is stuck :( I can't sell it, can't drag it to the knight or the spy. Any way to reset the item or any other suggestions? It's quite a detailed quest (ANIMUSLAVER!) and I dont' want to drop the quest :(

Is there a way to either re-buy it from the shop? (Ive looked, it's currently not there) I don't want to look for cheats (too tempting to keep using them! hahaha) but if that's the only way to reset / get past this part in the quest I'll do it... but blah! GRR

Update 1 - K I've got the cheat working, but control clicking the item doesn't make it move.. I can find it in debugbuy mode but I can't place it anywhere to buy it! aha FML

Update 2 - control clicking the quest icon itself (where it tells you what to do) completed the quest... to turn off the cheats again! ahaha