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I know I already said it but I'll say it once again.  Congratulations!!!  Your story has been an inspiration to me and I can't believe it's over. 
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I just read thorugh this entire thing, I loved it! Congratulations on your 8th immortal!
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Congratulations! ;D
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Congrats! I can't wait for the final conclusion.
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Congratulations! I binged through this entire story in the last couple of days, and I loved it! Can't wait to see how it ends!

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Congratulations on completing your dynasty Alexandria!
Well done!

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I'm so glad that you are finished! Congratulations!
This story is what I want my stories to be like.
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Thank you so much everyone.
Especially to those who have found inspiration in my story - that definitely means a lot to me.

There's quite a few little chapters to come, so I'll probably post them in lots of two, two times a day and have them all posted by tomorrow night (in Australia), so that I can post the last two chapters.

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Re: The Moons of Jupiter: An Immortal Dynasty (Chapter 98: Ellie Moon)
« Reply #683 on: October 30, 2011, 09:05:02 PM »
I sat in the gym, caught up in my thoughts. I hadn’t used piece of equipment like I had intended. I just sat, thinking about what had happened.
Or what hadn’t happened.

I felt like my life had lead up to nothing. No big surprise family reunion at the end. I thought that as soon as the ambrosia touched my lips that there would be some marvellous display of magic – Grandma Luna would come back to life, we’d all welcome her with open arms and be one big happy family.
But how could I have truly expected that?

I couldn’t lie. I was disappointed. I was the last in line – everyone’s last hope. But I brought no hope. Nothing had happened. Nothing.
Not on the day. Not the next day. Not even a week later.

I glanced over at my reflection in the mirror. I was old, but I was immortal. But there was no need for me to be immortal. If I had known that nothing would occur at the end of the journey, I never would have gone on it.

I didn’t want immortality. I don’t think any of us had truly wanted the gift of immortality.
We had just wanted to save great-grandma Luna. And we’d failed.

I walked into the toilets to splash my face with cold water. I needed to remind myself that this was real – it wasn’t just a dream.
But as I opened the door, I was caught by surprise. A pale lady, was waiting there, smiling up at me.

I looked around, blinking fast. Was this real?

I looked back at the lady. Her smile was still as wide.
“Go home, Ellie. Go be with your family,” she spoke gently.

“Who are you…?” I asked in a voice that was hardly audible.
“Wait in the museum. I will come see you soon. Trust me.”
And with that, she left the bathroom.

I was confused to say the least, but decided it wouldn’t hurt to go home and wait.

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Re: The Moons of Jupiter: An Immortal Dynasty (Chapter 99: Amalthea Moon)
« Reply #684 on: October 30, 2011, 09:10:39 PM »
I stood in a small park, playing my guitar. It always helped to calm me down. Peace was what I needed.

I’d grown up knowing the reason I was born - to save Grandma Luna. I put all I had towards the cause, for my entire life. I’d made so many sacrifices.
But in the end, nothing had happened.

It made me wonder – was it even real? Or was it some false idea that Grandma Callisto had come to believe?
I couldn’t bring myself to accept that it wasn’t real. Just like if you told someone that they dreamt their entire life, it just wasn’t possible for me to grasp onto any other reality.

Because of that, there was only one reason I could come to think of that would have caused the entire dynasty to fail. That reason was me.
I had been so late in achieving my goals. I’d been so wrong in my choice of career. It was me that held up the entire dynasty.

I stopped playing guitar, and sat on a park chair. I broke out into a sob that I’d tried so hard to hold back. How could I have let down my entire family? They’d worked so hard – they’d sacrificed so much.

I’d worked so hard too. I’d sacrificed more than I could have ever seen. I’d not only lost Nolan, but I’d missed spending the last days with him. I missed my daughter’s young adult birthday. I’d missed her graduation. I’d missed so much, all so that I could see the dynasty succeed.

I supposed it was okay now. I still had my daughter, which was a gift, seeing as she was an elder now. I’d also found another love – Jamie. He’d helped me through so much. But I was unsure if he’d be able to help me forgive myself for letting down my family.

I heard someone coming towards me, and quickly rubbed my eyes on my sleeve. I hated to be seen crying.
As the reached me, they seemed to just stand over my shoulder. I wondered why they weren’t talking, or at least tapping my shoulder to make themselves known.

I turned to see who it was, and why they were just standing there.
There was a lady, just watching.

Before I could say anything, the person asked me to pick up my guitar and drive back home. They told me to wait down in the Immortal Museum, and they’d explain everything in a short while.

I was so shocked that I could control what I was doing. As though I was under some sort of higher control, I grabbed my guitar and ran for my car.

I had to get home.

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I think I know who the lady that told Amalthea and Ellie to go home is. This is just a pure cliffhanger!
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Been out all day and just read the end! Congratulations on your completed dynasty! This really deserves a spot in the HOF!

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Congratulations on making the Hall of Fame, Alexandria!  You've done an outstanding job and I'm eager to read the end of your story.
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Thank you very much, Pam. I am very excited to be in the Hall of Fame, but kind of sad to be leaving the Moon's behind.


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Congratulations on completing your dynasty!
Look forward to reading more.

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Re: The Moons of Jupiter: An Immortal Dynasty (Chapter 100: Erin's Estimate)
« Reply #691 on: October 31, 2011, 05:25:29 AM »
As I read the latest novel released from the book club, I found myself rather distracted. Life was always a mystery, but there are some things we are always sure of. For my family, they were sure that Grandma Luna would appear as soon as there were eight immortals living under the one roof.
It didn’t happen.

For most of my early life, I’d always though it strange to believe in such a thing. It sounded like something I’d write about in my fantasy novels. It never sounded like something that would happen in real life.

Though after I’d had a trip down to the immortal museum and found the hidden chamber, I was much more convinced. I’d thought that the message was from beyond the grave; from Grandma Luna.

But the more that I thought about it, the more I came to realise that I was just thinking what I wanted to think. Grandpa Cameron knew that the chamber existed – it could have easily been a recording he’d placed in the stone in hope that I would carry on the family line. In fact, that seemed a much more logical reason.

I sighed as I turned back a few pages in my book. I’d been reading without taking in the words.
I thought for a moment, and placed the book beside me. I couldn’t read while my mind was so occupied.

I saw Amalthea walking to the stairs of the Immortal Museum. She was alone, as most of us had been in the past days. No one seemed to want to talk. I figured they were all shattered.

I felt guilty to admit it, but I was feeling okay.  Although the whole thing didn’t go according to plan, living the life of an immortal had been an adventure in itself. I didn’t know if anyone else in the world had ever achieved immortality, but the chances of it happening were rare.

I turned to pick my book up once again, and almost jumped in fright. A lady was there, watching me.

“Erinome,” she spoke, warmly.
Her smile seemed as warm as the sunshine. I couldn’t help but smile back at her beautiful face.
“Follow Amalthea down to the Immortal Mueseum. I will be along shortly – I need to tell you something”.

Her warmth was so welcoming. I couldn’t resist making my way to the Immortal Museum quickly – another adventure called.

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Re: The Moons of Jupiter: An Immortal Dynasty (Chapter 101: Mali's Imaginings)
« Reply #692 on: October 31, 2011, 05:29:14 AM »
I stood outside the Town Hall after my last day of work, looking back on my life. I’d spent so many years in the position as the Leader of the Free World, not because I had to, but because I liked it. I liked to help others.

But lately I’d been feeling down. I couldn’t continue in my role as an advocate for others when I couldn’t even help myself.

I looked out over the park. It was a view I saw every day, but never really seemed to notice.
Tears started to roll down my cheek as I stared out to the horizon. I’d lived so many years, but the only thing that truly kept me wanting to be immortal was the thought that in the end I would have helped Grandma Callisto. I would have helped her be reunited with her mother.

It never happened.
I wondered whether I’d been deceived into believing an old tale, hardly worth looking into. Just because immortality was possible, it didn’t mean that we could pull someone back from the grave.

I wiped my tears onto my sleeve and took a deep breath as I saw someone in the corner of my eye. It wasn’t like me to cry, and I certainly didn’t want to be caught crying.

I pulled out a book, and pretended to be busy in hope that they wouldn’t notice my red eyes.
“Mali..?” they spoke quietly.
I was puzzled - only my family called me Mali. It definitely wasn’t the voice of any of my relatives.

As I turned, I was taken aback. A woman was standing beside me. One I’d never met.
There was something about her; odd, strange.

Just as I was deciding to walk away, she reached her hand out, and placed it on my shoulder. It felt oddly calming.
“Your family are in the Immortal Museum waiting for you. There’s some good news.”

I didn't wait to hear who she was, or what she meant. Any opportunity to hear good news was something I wanted to seize straight away. I ran to the car. I needed to get home as soon as possible.

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Congratulations on your well-deserved entry in the HoF, Alexandria!  You have created an amazing story!

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Thank you so very much, Debbie :)

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Congrats Alex on completing your dynasty.
I was gone for 3 days and I missed you wrapping up your dynasty
Well done.  :D
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I am so pumped for this ending!
I'm so excited! ;D
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Re: The Moons of Jupiter: An Immortal Dynasty (Chapter 102: Lysi's Thoughts)
« Reply #697 on: October 31, 2011, 08:42:41 PM »
I was in the kitchen mixing up some waffle batter. I was unsure why – it seemed like everyone had given up on eating.
The mood in our house was indeed downhearted, and there seemed to be nothing I could do to change it.

I looked up to the picture on the wall. A picture of Cameron and I engaged in a kiss. I sighed. I missed him dearly. The way he held me; the way he made me feel like I was the only other person in the world.

I pondered the recent events. I guessed we had all expected something grand to happen. That all of a sudden Grandma Luna would appear, thank us all and we’d carry on with our lives as normal.

But honestly, would that be enough for us? What difference would it make to see our Grandmother, only have her to leave straight away. Could we live “normally” after that?
I doubted so.

However, unlike the others, I wasn’t feeling miserable.
I’d lived more than my fair share of lives, but during that time I’d found love, happiness, comfort and fun. After meeting Cameron, life took a turn for me, and I’d lived a life that many would be jealous of.
I couldn’t be upset about Grandma Luna not appearing, because although nothing physical had happened, something emotional had. I was now completely satisfied that my life had been the life I wanted to live.

Just as these thoughts were passing through my mind, I looked to the doorway. There was someone standing there. Someone oddly recognisable.

I dropped the dish in fright. I knew this girl. I’d seen her so many years ago.
Even after all this time, I still wasn’t sure of her intentions; whether she was good or evil.

She reached out her hand, and I instinctively picked up a knife in defense.
“Lysithea, I mean no harm,” she said. Her voice was soothing, soft. It was convincing.
I put down the knife slowly, not wanting to let the woman out of my vision.

“Look out the window. Himalia is going down to the immortal museum. Join her. I will be there shortly. I will answer all the questions you’ve left unanswered, I promise.”
I nodded. Answers where definitely something I wanted.

I left the waffle batter on the counter, and headed outside. I walked over the bridge, and readied myself for the answers I’d find in the immortal museum.

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I was sitting in the courtyard, discussing things with the River Gargoyles. It seemed that they were the only ones open for a talk since Ellie had eaten her ambrosia.

I let them know how I felt. A little lonely. A little indifferent.
I was lonely as the atmosphere in the house was on a down. They’d been expecting something great to happen, and it hadn’t.
I was apathetic because I hadn’t expected much to happen. I’d been laughed at for being insane for centuries, but it was always hard for me to fathom how some distant relative would suddenly come back into the world and we’d all be merry.

Although I was apathetic in that way, I’d always had some doubt towards my thoughts.
Years ago – hundreds of years ago – I’d been possessed. I wasn’t sure who it was. I wasn’t sure what it was. But I was sure it happened.
For that reason, I too had been anxious to see if something would occur when the eighth in our line became immortal.
But nothing did.

I thought back to my childhood; to my times spent with my twin brother Arche. I missed him a lot, but I’d become accustomed to him not being here. I wished I could have seen him one last time though. It’d become lonely without him on this Earth.

I looked up from the table, asking the River Gargoyles what they thought, and almost fell out of my chair. There was a lady sitting in front of me. Watching, waiting.

“I know you!” I shouted. “I know your face!”
I was scared; shaking. She had been there the night of the possession, in the graveyard. It was her.

She watched me, as though waiting for me to become silent. I closed my mouth.
I had seen her once before, but the situation had been different. I associated that night and everything with it as evil, but I had to keep in mind that not all of it was wicked. In fact, I’d been the one who had felt the most evil.

I looked into her pale, shimmering eyes. “What do you want?” I asked cautiously.
“Your descendants are sitting downstairs, in the museum. Join them, I will be along soon.”

I watched her as she slowly moved off, weighing up whether I should go downstairs or not. I decided that there was nothing to lose. I may as well go down there.

I stood and slowly made my way to the stairs. Down to the museum.

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Poor Lysi and Leda! They'll get over their losses soon I hope.
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