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Re: The Moons of Jupiter: An Immortal Dynasty (Chapter 104: Europa's Experience)
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I was in the backyard, fishing for Death fish. Although the Immortal Dynasty was all over now, I still did it out of habit.
Though I wasn’t fishing as much as I was thinking. Thinking about life; how it had all lead to this moment. A moment where I thought our family was to find salvation and happiness.
But the moment had passed, and nothing had happened.

I felt numb from the overwhelming amount of emotions that had been running through me the past days. I was angry. Angry that my mother had forced me on this track; as if it would actually lead to something special. As if it would lead to something life-changing.
I was also upset. Upset that I’d lost so much to get here. I’d never forget those days I lost my father Thornton, my husband James, my sister Cyllene or my son Arche. The days that they died would be etched into my mind forever, and I’d already figured that forever was longer than I cared to live for.

I was concerned. Yes, I was angry at my mother, but I was sensitive enough to take her feelings into account. She didn’t set us all on this path for no reason. She had been grasping onto any hope that we’d be able to save her mother. I couldn’t blame her for that.
I wondered how she was feeling. She had certainly been acting withdrawn. She didn’t want to talk to us about it. I prayed she’d be okay.

As my thoughts played through my mind, I saw something appear across the bridge.
A figure. A girl.

I drew in my line, curious as to what was happening. The girl crossed the bridge, walking my way.

My eyes widened as she got closer. Could it be?
I opened my mouth to talk, but the girl silenced me.
“Go downstairs, into the museum. Wait for me there. I’ll tell you all you need to know then.”

She turned around the corner of the house, leaving me thinking a million things at once. I pulled myself together, and slowly made my way down the museum.

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Re: The Moons of Jupiter: An Immortal Dynasty (Chapter 105: Reunited)
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I was busy fussing around in the garden, trying to hold back the guilt and sorrow that I felt. I’d embarked on this journey towards immortality without a second guess as to whether the back story was true or not.
Even worse, I’d dragged my daughter and grandchildren down the path too. Like me, they’d lived so many years, and lost so many loved ones.
And it’d all come down to this – nothing.

I’d racked my brain desperately, but to no end. There was never any proof that the book and letter came from my mother. I’d never met her, and I couldn’t remember anything of my past. Who says I wasn’t knocked out and left with the book as a joke?
Centuries later, it seemed like the most likely event to have occurred.

I wiped away the tears that had started spilling from my eyes.
How could I have been so silly? What did I think would happen?
One day there’d be eight immortals in the house, then all of a sudden my mum would magically appear and everyone be as happy as ever?
The truth was that I never even gave a thought as to what would happen when we had all reach immortality. But I’d always thought there’d be something.

I walked through the house, looking for someone. Anyone.  I needed company; I was too lost in sadness.
But no-one was about. I checked the lounge, the bedrooms, the kitchen. Absolutely no one.

As I entered my garden again, I grasped my chest in shock.
A ghost.
She floated before me, her hair draped over her shoulders, her pale eyes watching me almost longingly.
I didn’t need time to know who she was. My heart had already told me who.

I pulled her into a tight hug, openly sobbing. “I love you. I love you so much,” I cried onto her shoulder.
“Callisto, my darling daughter, I love you too”.

She brushed the hair back from my face, wiping a tear as she spoke. “I have waited for this moment for so long. So many centuries have passed, and not a moment has gone by when you haven’t been in my thoughts. Although you may be centuries old, you are still my baby daughter. As I hold you now, I’m reminded of the times I cradled you at your crib. You were so tiny; so beautiful. You’re still so beautiful”.

I continued sobbing, feeling every emotion run through my body. I was so happy to have my mother with me, at last. Hundreds of years had passed without her by my side, but now she was here. She was here, holding me close as I wished she could have all of my life.

“Callisto. My darling Callisto. Follow me. Your child and grandchildren are downstairs. I wish to talk to you all.”
She grasped my hand, and we travelled downstairs. We walked through the halls, decorated with pictures of all those we’d loved and lost.

I sat down next to Europa, as she grabbed my hand. I smiled at her; I smiled at all my granddaughters. We had done it.

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Huge congratulations on finishing your Dynasty, Alexandria!!

Your story-telling is beautiful and I can't wait to read how things all turn out.
You've played too much TS3 when ... your 13 month old's babble sounds like Simlish!

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Congratulations on a grand finish and entry to the HoF. I've been too busy to extend my congratulations. I'm enjoying the wrap up.

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Re: The Moons of Jupiter: An Immortal Dynasty (Chapter 106: Floating)
« Reply #705 on: November 01, 2011, 09:28:33 PM »
They all sat before me. The eight immortals. The eight saviours. My child, my grandchildren.

Centuries ago, longer than I could remember, my family had fallen to Hades. We’d been kept as prisoners, tormented, forever lost in the darkness of the underworld.
But we had one hope. That hope was my daughter, Callisto Copernicus.

As Earth, fire, wind and water had whipped around my mother, grandad and I, I had tucked a book within my darling baby’s crib. We prayed. We begged. We asked of anything, just as long as Hermes, the messenger of the God’s would spare Callisto.

And they had spared her.
She escaped the earth. She escaped the wind. She escaped the water. She escaped the fire. She escaped, back in time. She was free. Free to start again. Free of the underworld.

She discovered the book. The Immortal Dynasty.
I had scribbled a note in the front, telling her that I loved her. Telling her what had happened. I had hated to ask it, but I asked that she tread on the journey. I asked that she saved us.

I would have endured all the pain of Hell. I would have endured it for eternity, no matter how much it tore at my soul, no matter how it left me on the cusp of death, but unable to die.
But I needed to see Callisto. I needed to know that my precious daughter was alive and safe.

And after eight life-times of eternal struggle, pain, suffering, and begging for death, something had happened.
We were free.

At first, we were unsure of what to do. We were unsure of whether we had truly escaped.
But the pain had gone. There was light. We could breath.
We were free.

Our souls floated above the Earth for a time. A time that felt short to us, after enduring what felt like an eternity of torture. We were tired. We had been torn apart. We needed rest.

So we floated on, endlessly. We slowly came to feel the sunlight. We slowly came to remember how to breath. We slowly came to remember where we’d been, and where we were now. We remembered our purpose.

We couldn’t move fast, but we could move. We floated on, towards Sunset Valley. We floated on, towards my daughter. We floated on, towards our saviours.

As we floated in the wind, our strength came to us. Day by day, we were able to control our movements. We were able to connect our souls with our old physical forms. We became ghosts.

Days passed. Weeks passed. We just kept floating.
Until the day finally came. We were there. We were home.

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Yay for the Copernicuses!  They are all together at last! ;D
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The Moons of Jupiter: An Immortal Dynasty (Chapter 107: The Mysteries Revealed)
« Reply #707 on: November 02, 2011, 10:57:44 PM »
They all sat wearing faces that showed a lot of mixed emotions – happiness, relief, anxiety, sadness. Every emotion I could think of was displayed upon their faces.
They’d had a long journey. It hadn’t been easy. Many sacrifices had been made, and I appreciated it more than they could know.

My mother, Jupiter, appeared to my side followed by my grandfather, Mercury.
We were ready. They were ready.

I first moved to Callisto.

“My daughter. My beautiful daughter. You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this moment. You may feel old, but to me, you’re still my precious little daughter.”
Tears welled in her eyes, as I continued.

“Something’s been puzzling you. I know it must have been. Something that you noticed when you were much younger. A person. Agnes. Agnes Crumplebottom.”
Her eyes widened. She’d waited many centuries to discover how she’d known Agnes. Why she’d been appearing in dreams to her before they’d even met.

“When you were freed from the grasp of Hades, you were taken back in time. The same time as when Mercury, my grandfather started out. The same place. The same people.”
She listened intently, not pausing to blink, not pausing to breath.

“Agnes was your great-grandmother – my grandmother.”
Understanding swept over her. She’d recognised Agnes because she’d lived in two different times. Two different time frames, both with Agnes in her life.
She smiled in appreciation for finally understanding the weird dreams she’d had as a young woman.

Europa stood, looking puzzled.
“When I was younger – much younger – I received a phone call. A call from someone I didn’t know. But it was more than that. It was more than just a voice. I could just feel it. It asked for mum. I spoke clearly, as though it was next to me, although the voice was rattly, as though coming deep from within someone’s throat. I never told anyone. I was too frightened.
You know about mum’s dreams. Do you know about my call?”

I smiled. She was quick to catch on that I’d had something to do with the situation.
“Well you are a clever one, aren’t you dear,” I said, continuing to smile at her.

“Yes, yes I do know about the call. It came from me.”
Europa literally gasped in shock.
“But how?” she asked, “I thought you were trapped by Hades?”
“You thought right. I was trapped by Hades. We were all trapped by Hades. But something about me was different – I’d never eaten ambrosia. I’d never become immortal, not even temporarily. But Jupiter and Mercury had. They were bound to Hades for eternity with no escape. Not a single escape.”
They all watched me intently.
“But I did have an escape. It was temporary, and rare, but because I wasn’t bound by a past immortality, I had the chance to escape Hades grip, if only for a moment.”

Europa stammered her words out, caught up in the horror of what we had felt. “But the voice… it didn’t sound like you…”
“Remember, Europa, I was not bound to this Earth. My soul was bound to the underworld. My voice crackled because I was reaching through two different places – two different worlds.”
Europa sat back down, without saying a word. But I knew she was grateful. Grateful that she now knew who the call came from – grateful that her own grandmother had tried to reach her from beyond the grave.

Leda sat waiting. She knew that it was her turn for an explanation. She’d known from the moment that she saw me that she’d seen me before.
“Leda. You came as close as possible to experiencing the torment that was suffered by myself, my mother and my grandfather. You were possessed.”
By the way the others gasped, and turned toward Leda, I knew she hadn’t ever told them of her experience.

“Who was it?” she asked. “I know it wasn’t you. It was too evil.” She shuddered, as she looked away.
“No, it wasn’t me. It was Hades himself.
If someone didn’t gasp before, they certainly gasped then. Even Leda gasped.

“Hades discovered that I had found a way to connect with this world. He came to kill you. Each and every one of you. But he couldn’t do it in his usual form. He needed to take the form of a human.
And who happened to be the nearest human other than one of the people he intended to kill?”

I could tell they were having a hard time taking it in. It sounded more like a horror story, rather than an event that could have happened to them.

“But he didn’t kill you. No, he couldn’t, because he couldn’t risk me escaping.
As he was in the human world, I found the leak that he’d used to get through. I took the opportunity – I had to. It was stay and suffer or leave and save my family.
But Hades isn’t to be outsmarted so easily. He felt my soul leaking back into the human world, and he snapped back to the Underworld as soon as he could. But he forgot one thing – he still possessed the human. He still possessed you, Leda.”

Leda sat, eyes wide. Not in shock, but more in interest. I almost laughed to myself to meet another person crazy enough to not be completely overwhelmed with the thoughts of Hades possessing them.

“I saw you,” Leda said, realisation dawning upon her, “I saw you in the Underworld. I was horrible… I felt like I was torturing you. Like I was tearing your flesh off the bone, but on a deeper level. As though I was tearing your soul into tiny pieces.”

I looked away for a moment, remembering all the pain I’d suffered through. What Leda described wasn’t even close to describing the eternal torment I’d felt, moment after moment, dragging on forever.

Instead of focusing on that pain I’d suffered, I instead turned to Lysi. She too had seen me.

She smiled at me as I turned to her. She knew it had been me.

I smiled back. “Yes, Lysi. You had also seen me, many centuries ago. For years after the time Leda had seen me, Hades kept a closer watch on me.”
I didn’t mention how the torture had only become worse since that night. I didn’t need to worry them further.

“I found a way around it. I found a way to seep into this world. However, the only way I could find that would avoid suspicion from Hades was to partly enter this world. I could not attach to my physical, ghost-like form. I could only come as a pure soul – blurry to the eyes of those who are living. I hoped that the moment, just that one small moment, might show you that I was watching. That there was hope.”
Lysi’s smile said it all. She had found hope. Maybe not directly from the incident, but she had found hope within it.

Next was Mali. I felt as though this would be the hardest to explain. It wasn’t me that had broken through this time, but Hades himself.
“Mali. You had a run in with a man. A dark man. I’m sure you wouldn’t have seen his face.”
“Yes,” she recalled, “I was in a dark room. I could hardly see his face. He was offering me the position of Leader of the Free World. It was my only opportunity to seize the title, so I took it…” she trailed off, clearly picking up from my neutral face that I was going to deliver news that wasn’t as happy as she’d hope.

She didn’t continue, so I decided to explain.
“Brianna Schoefield was a seer. A very powerful one at that. She had the ability to see right through to the Underworld. She had a message from me, to send to you. A simple message, just to let you know that I was proud of you. That I thanked the heavens to have descendants like you.”

Mali was already looking upset. She’d verbally attacked Brianna just to get the position of Leader of the Free World.

“Don’t be too down, Mali. The man who convinced you to attack Brianna wasn’t just a man. He was much more powerful. It was Hades himself, possessing the body of another. He tricked you into attacking Brianna so that she wouldn’t pass on the message; so that you would give up hope.”

I looked up into her eyes. “But you didn’t give up hope, Mali. You pulled through. So put a smile on that face. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for your work.”
Thankfully, a small smile spread across her face.
I didn’t want any of them to think that they did wrong. They hadn’t. If they had, I wouldn’t be here, giving them the answers to all that had wanted to know. They had all done exactly what was needed of them, and that was how we were all saved.

“Which brings me to Erin. I always knew you were more reserved. I knew you wouldn’t be hasty to start a family. And believe me, it’s not that I ever doubted you, but I thought you may need a little push.”
She looked up at me, as though she was worried. She knew well what I was referring to. She had never been sure if she had even wanted children. But if she hadn’t, we would have been doomed.

“For this reason, when Hades was busy with Mali, I leaked into this world again. I didn’t have much time. I needed to leave a message. One that was hidden, but not so hidden that you couldn’t find it. The first thing that I could latch onto was a statue and a book. Together, they made a combination. Pull the book out, and the message plays.”

She looked at me confused. “But my grandad, Cameron… he knew it was there. How is that even possible?”
I smiled, recalling the incident.
“Your grandfather was one-hundred and fifteen years old. His spirit had been lingering between realms for quite some time. In another rare moment where I was able to sneak through the worlds, I didn’t quite reach this world. I reached the in between. In that area, your Grandfather was resting. He told me that he often visited this place as he slept, and that he knew he was close to leaving the land of the living.
I asked that he pass on one message, and only to you. He did as I asked, and later joined the Gods in a place with more comfort than Earth could ever offer. He will be happy there.”

Erin smiled, holding her hand close to her heart. I knew her grandfather meant a lot to her, and that it touched her heart to know that he would be safe and happy. Lysi’s eyes welled with tears to hear that her dear husband was safe.

I turned to Amalthea. There wasn’t much to be said between us. We already knew all about each other’s life, aspirations, how we felt, how we loved, how we were. When I’d escaped Hades that time, it had been much more physical.
So although I couldn’t verbally communicate to Amalthea how well they were going, and how proud I was, I could at least connect with her soul.

“Amalthea. You know that I don’t have words to describe the connection we felt when our souls connected. I know that in those moments, you knew my very thoughts. You knew how proud I was. You knew that I believed in you all. And you did it. I am so very proud. Proud of all of you.”
She didn’t need to say a word back – her smile said it all.

“And lastly, Ellie.”
She looked indifferent. We hadn’t had an experience together. In fact, all I knew was that she’d seen the end.
Not the good end. Not the end that was happening now. She felt what it would have been like if they’d have failed.
I knew that she was worried. Worried that any part of it might come true.

“Ellie. Believe me that this it won’t occur. You’ve done it. We’re here. We’ve escaped. And now we’re here to take you home – take you all home. To safety. To happiness. To your loved ones. I promise.”

She smiled at me.  A smile that meant everything to me. She understood. They all did.

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Does this mean the story continues? I always love updates, after the dynasty is complete.  :)

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There's still two more chapters left. I'm about to post the second last one now :)

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Re: The Moons of Jupiter: An Immortal Dynasty (Chapter 108: Goodbye)
« Reply #710 on: November 03, 2011, 04:34:29 PM »
“The time has come, my daughters,” I spoke, feeling the happiness rise up inside of me, “For us. For eternal happiness, spent with our friends, with our family. Together, with the Gods.

Their faces showed me that they were ready for this. They’d lived centuries, watching loved ones come in, and dreading them leaving. They had made so many sacrifices.
They’d kept themselves alive, just to save me.

Callisto approached me. She was ready. We were both ready; ready to spend eternity with one another.
“Mum,” she started. I pulled her into a tight hug. To finally hear my daughter – to finally know that she was safe and sound with me, was so overwhelming. I didn’t want to let her go.

“Mum,” she started again, “Tell me one thing before I go?”
“Yes, darling. Anything.” I was curious as to what she wanted to know.
“Will it hurt?”
I smiled at her. “You will feel only happiness beyond your wildest dreams. I promise.”
She smiled back, ready to take the plunge.

But then she hesitated. “One more thing,” she began.
I nodded, hoping everything was okay.
“What’s our last name?”
A smile larger than I’d ever thought I’d worn spread across my face. “My dear, your name is Callisto Copernicus.”

She smiled back, and passed me her death flower. Within moments, she was ready to leave the world of the living.

She smiled at me, as she disappeared through the veil of the worlds.

Next came Europa.
“Grandma Luna, I love you. Thank you for saving us.”
“My darling Europa, it is not I who is saving you. You saved me, and now you are saving yourself.”
She smiled at me, her smile showing all the happiness of the world, and handed me her death flower. Her eyes stared down in wonder at her new-found form, just for a moment, before she faded through to the next world.

Leda walked up to me, hugging me as she passed me her death flower.
“Thank you,” she said as she started to fade. I smiled at her. I saw a lot of myself in Leda - odd, a bit of an outcast. But she was brave, that was for sure.
I pulled her into a hug as she made her way into the next world.

Lysithea, almost skipping, came to me fast. She was ready for this, more than ever. We briefly hugged, sharing our happiness to be together, at the end.
“I am glad that we are all together,” she said as she pulled back from the hug.
She passed me her death flower, and joined her family with the Gods.

When Mali approached me, she boldy said “Onto the next world we go!”
I smiled at her, admiring her courage. She passed me her death flower, hardly waiting for a moment, and disappeared through to the next world.

Erin walked up, wearing a big smile upon her face.
She whispered to me “Quoting my favourite story – ‘To die would be an awfully big adventure!’” Like the others, Erin was a brave soul. Adventurous and happy until the very end.
I put my hand on her shoulder, and her smile widened. She passed me the death flower, the smile never fading off her face, until she had passed over to the other side.

Amalthea came next.
“You know, I had fun in this world. I took some things for granted, and I got stressed at times, but all in all, I had a good life. For this reason, I want to leave this world on a positive note.”
With that, she started pulling faces. I laughed as I joined her. We would have a great time together, as a family.
"But on a more serious note," she said, "I am so glad we saved you. I am so glad that you're here. I'm so glad that we're going home."
With a small smile, she handed over her death flower. She was ready to join the others.

Last of all came Ellie.
“Ellie, I have something I want to tell you.”
She stood smiling at me, as I smiled back.

“You’re young. You may not feel it, but compared to us, you are still so very young. I want to give you another chance – a chance to live your life the way you would have wanted.”
“You mean stay here,” she said, looking confused, “Stay here without my family?”
“No. Not stay here. Go back. Back in time. Take Lexie with you. Start a new life; a family. Be happy, and one day meet us again in Heaven.”
She considered my words carefully. I gave her time to think it over - it wasn't an easy decision.

After some time, she pulled out her phone to make a call.
Once she’d hung up, she turned to me.
“Lexie is coming now. We will take up your offer. But are you sure we’ll one day be reunited?”
“I assure you,”
I said softly.

I passed her the bottles that contained the potion to take them back in time. As she took them, she pulled me into a tight hug.
“Thank you. Thank you so much. This means everything to me. To be with Lexie, and live a full life. Thank you.”
I held her tight, and patted her hair. It was time to say goodbye.

As Lexie arrived, I bid them both farewell. We didn’t need words – we knew in our hearts that we’d meet again, and share all of the good times together.

With that, I faded into another world – this time one filled with endless happiness.

The girls drank up the potion, and disappeared back into another point in time. Back in time for their chance to love and their chance to live. It was their time to shine.

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Oh my gosh Alexandria, that was so beautiful!

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*sniffs* Anyone got a tissue?

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*shares tissues*  That was beautiful Alexandria!  I can't believe it's the end.

I wish Ellie and Lexie all the happiness in the world!
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Thank you so much, all of you :)
I have just one more chapter to go. I will be so sad to say goodbye to the Moons!

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Wow, the whole family crossing the great divide like that, it's so fitting, so awesome! This is truly turning out to be a fittingly amazing ending to an epic tale of rescue, romance, and family! I can't wait for the last chapter!  ;D
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Re: The Moons of Jupiter: An Immortal Dynasty - Epilogue
« Reply #716 on: November 04, 2011, 07:32:15 AM »
“Grandma Ellie, could you tell me the story about the Moons of Jupiter again?”
“Again, darling? I must have told you that story a thousand times.”
“Pleeeease? It’s my favourite story ever.”
“Of course I can tell you, Lillie. It all started with a brave lady called Luna…”

“ they drank the potion, and went back in time to start their lives together.”

“Grandma Ellie, what happened to them after that? What happened to Elara and Alexandria?”

“Oh, they did many things. They found a house. They got engaged, then married. They adopted a baby boy, who they taught and watched grow up. They watched him get married, and even have a child of their own. They lived the happiest lives they could imagine.”

“Do you think they would have wished to have gone with their Grandma Luna?”
“No, I don't think they would have, darling. I think they would have been blessed with the path that they chose.”

“Do you think that something like that could happen in real life, Grandma? To real people?”
“You know what, Lillie? I think that anything is possible. No-one can dream too high, and nothing is ever impossible. If you only believe in yourself, anything can happen.”

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Re: The Moons of Jupiter: An Immortal Dynasty - Record Page
« Reply #717 on: November 04, 2011, 07:42:39 AM »

Back row: Callisto (1st Gen), Europa (2nd Gen), Leda (3rd Gen), Lysithea “Lysi” (4th Gen) and Himalia “Mali” (5th Gen).
Front row: Erinome “Erin” (6th Gen), Amalthea (7th Gen) and Elara “Ellie” (8th Gen).

Museum worth: $1,681,913
Most expensive portrait: Callisto’s elder portrait - $7552
Most expensive sculpture: Leda’s child sculpture - $52,677

Immortal One
Name: Callisto Moon
Traits: Green Thumb, Love the Outdoors, Over Emotional, Ambitious and Charismatic
Lifetime Wish: The Perfect Garden
Career: Gardening
Supermax Skill: Gardening
Building: Diner
Updated Property: Summer Hills Spring
Lifetime Rewards: Super Green Thumb, Fertility Treatment and Moodlet Manager
Best Friends: Thornton Moon, Jocasta Bachelor, Christopher Steel, Tori Kimura, Morgana Wolff and Jamie Jolina
Black Ops: Absolutely Great Produce, Uncommonly Good, Outstandingly Rare, Tough Negotiation, Outstanding Tasting Ingredients and The Omnificient Plant
Portraits/Sculptures/Photographs: Young Adult, Adult, Elder

Immortal Two
Name: Europa Moon
Traits: Loves Outdoors, Friendly, Angler, Ambitious, Adventerous
Lifetime Wish: Presenting the Perfect Aquarium
Career: Fishing
Supermax Skill: Fishing
Building: Bookstore
Updated Property: Stoney Falls
Lifetime Rewards: No Bills Ever, Food Replicator, Teleportation Pad
Best Friends: James Moon, Cyllene Moon, Callisto Moon, Chantal Jacob, Michael Bachelor, Cycl0n3 Sw0rd
Black Ops: Boiler Room, Funny Looking Fish, To Hunt a Dragon, Robot Fish v2.0, Fishing for Suits, Crocodile Hunting
Portraits/Sculptures/Photographs: Toddler-Elder

Immortal Three
Name: Leda Moon
Traits: Insane, Artistic, Ambitious, Savvy Sculptor, Photographers Eye
Lifetime Wish: Renaissance Sim
Career: Sculpting
Supermax Skill: Sculpting
Building: Business Tower
Updated Property: Central Park
Lifetime Rewards: Extra Creative, Artisan Crafter, Body Sculptor
Best Friends: Jamie Moon, Takisha Pederson, Daren VanWatson, Daren Lowrey, Marcie Cotton, Quentin Alto
Black Ops: High Quality Delivery, Valuable Sculpture, A Retreat To Inspiration, Your Best Work, Fresco Feast, Help The School
Portraits/Sculptures/Photographs: Toddler-Elder

Immortal Four
Name: Lysithea Moon
Traits: Good, Friendly, Ambitious, Natural Cook, Charismatic
Lifetime Wish:  Super Popular
Career:  Culinary
Supermax Skill: Cooking
Building: Supermarket
Updated Property:  Gym
Lifetime Rewards: Collection Helper, Fireproof Homestead, Long Distance Friend
Best Friends: Cameron Moon, Drew Dewey, Troy Brandon, Russ Ward, Mildred Dunn, Kristal Daniels
Black Ops:  All New Bi-Pedal Dishwashing Machine, Super Stir-Fry, Overtime Hours, Perfection from the Pan, Learn a Recipe, New High-Quality Ingredients
Portraits/Sculptures: Toddler-Elder

Immortal Five
Name: Himalia (Mali) Moon
Traits: Handy, Clumsy, Genius, Ambitious, Charismatic
Lifetime Wish:   The Tinkerer
Career:  Politics
Supermax Skill: Handiness
Building:  Hospital
Updated Property: Museum 
Lifetime Rewards: Never Dull, Above Reproach, Clean Slate
Best Friends: Thomas Moon, Tami Cotton, Steve Kyle, Frederico Bunch, Bruce Schoefield, Leia Moore
Black Ops:   Policing the Paper Trail, Taze Catiously, It’s a Rally!, Cleaning out the Phone Book, A Party of Large Wigs, A Military Mistake
Portraits/Sculptures: Toddler – Elder

Immortal Six
Name: Erinome Moon
Traits: Hates outdoors, neurotic, bookworm, perfectionist, charismatic
Lifetime Wish: Professional Author
Career: Writing
Supermax Skill: Writing
Building: Theatre
Updated Property: Graveyard 
Lifetime Rewards: Acclaimed Author, Carefree, My Best Friend
Best Friends: Marcy Cassidy, Terrence Cassidy, Ramon Arthur, Carissa Demarion, Brooks Rodriquez, Sherri Wong
Black Ops: Hopefully you like Orks, A few pages of Satire, Add a little drama, To Boldy Go, A masterpiece, Correcting past mistakes
Portraits/Sculptures: Toddler – Elder

Immortal Seven
Name: Amalthea Moon
Traits: Friendly, Virtuoso, Loves Outdoors, Lucky, Charismatic
Lifetime Wish: Rock Star 
Career: Music
Supermax Skill: Nectar Making
Building: Day Spa
Updated Property: Shark Pool Centre 
Lifetime Rewards: Office Hero, Observant, Attractive
Best Friends: Jeremy Boyles, Torrance Moffett, Vance Kincaid, Dorothy Maurer, Margo Bermudez, Hans Salter
Black Ops: Raise the Fun(d), First Rule of Rock, I Got Your Back Up, Some Hogan Rock, Tons of Tips, In The End
Portraits/Sculptures: Toddler-Elder

Immortal Eight
Name: Elara (Ellie) Moon
Traits: Athletic, Friendly, Lucky, Ambitious, Charismatic
Lifetime Wish: Athletic Superstar
Career: Professional Sports
Supermax Skill: Athletics
Building: Outstanding Citizen’s Warehouse  Corp
Updated Property: Library 
Lifetime Rewards: Hoverbed, Eye Candy, Speedy Cleaner
Best Friends: Alexandria Tobin, Venus Adcock, Damien McRae, Demetria Morrow, Victoria Gregg and Moses Adcock
Black Ops: Push it!, Adonis in the Making, The Right Moves, The Big Game, Welcome to the Dance and Sprint to the Finish
Portraits/Sculptures: Toddler-Elder

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Re: The Moons of Jupiter: An Immortal Dynasty - COMPLETED! (The final chapter)
« Reply #718 on: November 04, 2011, 10:07:47 AM »
What a delightful way to wrap up your Dynasty story, Alexandria! Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us.

Good-bye Moons of Jupiter. *Waves*
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Re: The Moons of Jupiter: An Immortal Dynasty - COMPLETED! (The final chapter)
« Reply #719 on: November 04, 2011, 11:16:12 AM »
Goodbye Moons Copernicuses! Enjoy your eternity together.

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Re: The Moons of Jupiter: An Immortal Dynasty - COMPLETED! (The final chapter)
« Reply #720 on: November 04, 2011, 11:38:09 AM »
I'm going to miss the Moons.

What a lovely ending :)
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Re: The Moons of Jupiter: An Immortal Dynasty - COMPLETED! (The final chapter)
« Reply #721 on: November 04, 2011, 11:49:10 AM »
Aww my good such a lovely story i wish it didn't have to end. how do you make a story like that it is just amazing. *sniffle* i'm going to miss the Moons.  :'(

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Re: The Moons of Jupiter: An Immortal Dynasty - COMPLETED! (The final chapter)
« Reply #722 on: November 04, 2011, 11:51:04 AM »
Wow what an amazing finish!  Congratulations again Alex!

I'm so glad Ellie and Lexie got to have a happy life together.
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Re: The Moons of Jupiter: An Immortal Dynasty - COMPLETED! (The final chapter)
« Reply #723 on: November 04, 2011, 11:59:18 AM »
*applause* Congratulations to the Moons! Congratulations to Alexandria! Congratulations to a fantastic story!


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Re: The Moons of Jupiter: An Immortal Dynasty - COMPLETED! (The final chapter)
« Reply #724 on: November 04, 2011, 04:35:24 PM »
Fantastic ending, amazing story, congratulations Alexandria!