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MoonsAreBlue's Crafty Concoctions
« on: August 21, 2011, 02:28:01 PM »
I'm going to start uploading some houses now that I feel confident about what I create. There may or may not be more depending on when/if I ever get a hang of CAW or CAP.

Snazzy Modern for the Single Sim
Cost when placed on 180 Redwood Pkwy (SV) lot: 120,724
Required expansion/Sims 3 store content: Vanilla only

A Happy Little Home
Featured in Union Cove!
Price when placed on 2450 Pinochle Point (SV) lot: 68,493
Required EP/SP: Base game and Generations only

Lumberjack Estate
This house was built as a request for Sims3Clacla123.
Cost when placed on 2250 Pinochle Point (SV) lot: 121,518
Required expansion/Sims 3 store content: Ambitions and Generations only

This house was built for Building Contest 1.
Cost when placed on 365 Oak Grove Rd. (SV) lot: 69,174
Required expansions/Sims 3 Store content: Ambitions, Generations, Late Night, free tree set found on download page.

Modern Nectary
This lot was built as a request for Summers.
Cost: $250,000 something
Required expansion/Sims 3 store content: All EPs and SPs before Pets