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Hi, I bring you my first 'story' on this forum and my second try of the Townie DecaDynasty (I blew my first attempt, when I forgot to empty my first heir's inventory when he moved out of his parent's house).

Prologue: Introductions

Generation 1.1: Birthdays, birthdays and more birthdays
Generation 1.2: Young love
Generation 1.3: The Grimmie always calls thrice
Generation 1.4: Happy days are here again

Spares: A rocky relationship
Interlude: Surprises

Generation 2.1: The twins' first years
Generation 2.2: Learning from the older generation
Generation 2.3: September romance
Generation 2.4: From teenhood to (young) adulthood
Generation 2.5: Lydias lycka
Generation 2.6: The waiting is the hardest part
Generation 2.7: The Most Dramatic Night in sim Frio history
Generation 2.8: Almost there
Generation 2.9: I'm already there

Interlude 2: Getting ready for generation three

Generation 3.1: Definitely new Beginnings
Generation 3.2: Celebrations
Generation 3.3: Teen Years
Generation 3.4: Party Time!
Generation 3.5: Life goes on... and a life ends
Generation 3.6: Love and Death
Generation 3.7: Time to Move On

Interlude 3: It Takes Two To Tango

Generation 4.1: The New Life
Generation 4.2: Heir's Responsibilities

PS. Feel free to correct my English. I'm from Finland, so English is only my third language (after Finnish and Swedish). I find especially the punctuation to be really difficult, because it's a bit different from my native language.

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Re: The Frio DecaDynasty
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2011, 01:59:29 AM »
The Prologue: Introductions

My DecaDynasty starts here, on 7 Sun Song Avenue, Sunset Valley, Simlandia. It's the Ocean Vista Cottage, which many of you know as the Frio house. I'm pretty new to the Sims 3 - I've played it for only a couple of months - and I chose this household, because I've never played the Frio brothers and wanted to get to know them.

The founders of my DecaDynasty, Connor Frio and Madison VanWatson, meet here for the first time. I chose Madison as the spouse, because I love her (she's pretty and fun) and I know she's a really easy catch - my first Sims3 sim Don Lothario got her pregnant within a couple of hours after they met.

The founders had barely time to shake hands before Madison had to rush off to work. But Connor did not let her off the hook that easily. He followed her to the salon - she was the stylist of Sunset Valley - and they had a nice long chat. Madison let her customers wait, which I took as a good sign.

The next evening, Connor asked Madison out on a date to the beach. Madison tenderly pressed Connor against her ample bosom.

Which gave Connor the bright idea to go for a first kiss. But Madison is not THAT easy (to my great surprise).

Knowing that a good meal can soften almost anyone, Connor then took Madison back to his home for dinner. After the meal with some discreet footplay under the table...

.. Madison and Connor finally had their first, sweet kiss.

The next evening, Connor was ready to propose ...

... and without further ado, they had a private wedding.

Oh, so romantic!

And the first heir is on the making!

Madison got a makeover. She's childish and a snob, so left on her own devices she's guaranteed to be found in front of the mirror making funny faces. Gotta love her. Her other traits are ambitious, excitable and clumsy, and she wants to "live in the lap of luxury". I had her quit her stylist job and join the business career, because a rabbit hole career for her allows me to concentrate on the heir and his/her goals.

Connor is a bookworm and a loner, so you can often find him quietly sitting somewhere immersed in a book. His other traits are absent minded, unflirty and good, and his LTW is to become an "Illustrious Author". He's mostly out of the way either pursuing the journalist career or working on a novel over his computer. A very quiet and unassuming character, whom you won't see much.

Adam in the garden of Eden? No, it's the third member of the household, Connor's brother Jared, working on their small garden patch. He's inappropriate and his preferred outfit is his sleepware. So, he is not naked, just wearing his green briefs there. Jared is destined to provide the required tombstone and he's making his way up the culinary career track towards his LTW of becoming a five-star chef.

And look, you'll get to meet the fourth member of the family shortly.

A new Friooooooooooo is on the waaaaaaayyyy...

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Aidan Frio, the first heir of the Frio DecaDynasty.

The magic gnomes of the family, Carl and Barks, bid you farewell until the next installment.

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Re: The Frio DecaDynasty
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I really like your choice of founders Tipi! I love their new looks too! Awesome start! I'll be sure to keep reading!
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Re: The Frio DecaDynasty
« Reply #3 on: October 28, 2011, 05:27:02 AM »
I am glad you decided to share your story with us. Good luck.

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Re: The Frio DecaDynasty
« Reply #4 on: October 29, 2011, 12:32:45 AM »
Ooh, thank you for your comments! :)
A couple of notes, before I go onto the next chapter:
- I have only the base game and Ambitions installed, so no travelling, no celebrities etc at least for the first generations.
- I have played quite far ahead by now: my third heir has already been conceived. When I started the challenge, I did not plan to publish it. That's why I did not take many pictures and the first chapters cover quite long time spans.
- All the kid's names will be picked from the name of the day list at the Behind The Name -website
Generation 1.1: Birthdays, birthdays and more birthdays


It's Aidan Frio's first birthday, the first of many birthdays in this update. 

I was hoping Aidan would inherit Madison's lovely mouth, but no such luck. He's a blond copy of Connor. I have no pictures, but Aidan learned all his toddler skills.

And uncle Jared took little Aidan to the library and read him all the toddler books. Of course, I don't have any pictures of that either. In stead I have this totally random photo of cute, little Samuel Keaton playing in the toy box in the library. Samuel is the second son of Marty and Justine Keaton. I did not know it at this point, but Samuel will appear in this dynasty later.

The toddler days just flew by. Aidan is a loner and loves the outdoors, so with a crib on the porch, a lot of time alone with his toys, a teddy bear in his inventory and the beautiful vista of his home,  little Aidan amassed more happiness points than any other toddler in my game before.  

Aidan is a pretty serious guy.

After giving birth to three kids, Madison is worriedly checking herself out in the mirror. She's happy to see, that she looks as fresh and lovely as ever.

In addition to his loner and loves the outdoors traits, Aidan got the angler trait. So, it's quite obvious, that he's going to top the angler career and supermax fishing.

Aidan spends most of his free time alone on the beach. Since his home is so near to the sea, he's able to stay outdoors until curfew and max skilling time.

The beginning was a bit tough, but before his teen birthday he was well on the way maxing fishing. And yes, Aidan's favourite colour is hot pink.

Uncle Jared, a mean sim, has the habit of sneering at the birthday child. 

Aidan looks more and more like his father Connor (who, by the way, does not get any face time in this chapter).

At some point Aidan got a little sister, Melissa, who grows into a toddler all alone without a party or even a cake. Poor little thing.

Madison is pregnant for the third, and last, time, when she takes Melissa to the cake. Now, the forgotten daughter finally got some attention. Uncle Jared is once again dressed just in his briefs, his favourite attire. And apparently you'll have to wait to see, what Melissa looks like as a child. :)

This s Rudolf Frio.

Ant this is how Melissa looks like from the back. She only sold one muffin, poor girl.

Rudolf grew into toddler among a sea of naked legs. The dress code for his toddler and Melissa's teen birthday party was bathing suits.

And finally a proper picture of Melissa just before she grows up.

She takes after her mother. I have a soft spot for the rounder female sims, so I like her a lot.

A traffic jam at the Frio house. Melissa brings home a familiar face from school.

It's Samuel Keaton. The cute little toddler has grown up into a pretty handsome teen. It does not take long until Melissa and Samuel have their first kiss and start going steady.

The sneering Jared does not deserve a party, so he turns into elder in the back yard of the diner where he works. He had been exploring the catacombs right before his shift started. :)

Rudolf also had a birthday. Of the three Frio kids, he displays the best combination of his parent's features.

Our heir Aidan reached his LTW and is here "Presenting his Perfect Private Aquarium". Way to go, Aidan!

The Frios have two new magic gnomes, Don and Rosa. They enjoy KidZ Zone as much as the children of the house.


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Re: The Frio DecaDynasty
« Reply #5 on: October 29, 2011, 05:44:01 AM »
I like your story! Look foward to more updates.

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Re: The Frio DecaDynasty
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You have been busy. Happy birthday to everyone.

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Re: The Frio DecaDynasty
« Reply #7 on: October 30, 2011, 03:28:20 AM »
Thanks to everyone who have commented and read the story. :)
I'm moving along fast with the story, because I want to get closer to where I am actually by now: generation 3 that is.

Generation 1.2: Young love


Have you noticed that sims wash their toys (which they actually don't own)? After this random observation, on to the actual story...

Cousin Marcella Ursine - the illegitimate daughter of Jared Frio and Claire Ursine - is cheering for the birthday boy. Aidan is turning into young adult.

And Aidan seems ready to tackle all the tasks he has to fulfill in order to continue the dynasty. By this time he has already made it to the honor roll in both grade and high school and maxed fishing (he still has to fish about a 100 fish to supermax it).

Mother Madison turns into elder. And the schadenfreude continues..

Madison is still pretty as an elder - and does not give up her beloved miniskirts - when the family celebrates yet another birthday:

Rudolf turns into a stoutly teen. He wants to be the Emperor of Evil, so he'll have to work on his physique quite a bit.

And the birthday parties continue: It's Connor's turn to become an elder now. The teen girl in the middle is Eve Madsen and you'll see more of her soon. 

And the last transition in this update takes place far up the mountains. Melissa celebrates her birthday all on her own at Stoney Falls.

Still looking nice, although she had to exchange her pretty dress for this dumb outfit.

Now that our heir is a young adult, mother Melissa gets on with her second duty for the dynasty: making friends (the first was of course giving birth to the heir). She's chatting up Darlene Bunch in the background, while the rest of the Bunch siblings are picnicking with Gobias Koffi and the Bachelor kids. 

This fire is also a part of the process of making friends - we had to get the firefighter on the lot somehow. Notice Connor's panicking hands that come through the brick wall. :)

Aidan is also developing an important friendship of his own with the pretty Eve Madsen. She is a young adult now and lives with her parents and a younger sister in the fancy villa called 'Cormorant' - a very desirable spouse in many respects.

Aidan is very eager to take their friendship onto the next level, but Eve is a bit hesitant. Is refusing the fist kiss becoming a tradition in this dynasty?

Jared Frio had long since reached his LTW of becoming a five-star chef, so it is time to retire now. From then on he has nothing else to do than to laze around in his pajamas, while the family waits for him to die and provide a nice tombstone. :) 

Melissa has developed a crush on Mortimer Goth and the feeling seems mutual (I feared that his grumpiness would make developing the romance a bit hard).

Mother Madison does not approve of her daughter's shenanigans at all. After all, Melissa is still officially Samuel Keaton's girlfriend. In Melissa's defence I must say, that Samuel and Melissa have not met each other after high school and their relationship is nearly zero by now.

Is it telepathy or what, but Samuel just happened to walk by the Frio house at that moment! So Melissa rushes out and tells him of her feelings towards Mortimer.

Samuel does not take the break up very well. 
(After this all the Frio's could use a friendly interaction "Express sympathy for Samuel" and it took me almost a generation to figure out that it was THIS Samuel and the break-up that caused the interaction to pop up. I thought that it was some random Samuel who had just died, and it was like condolences for his death to a friend of his. It just goes to show, how new I am to this game. :)  )

With Samuel out of the picture, Melissa returnes to Mortimer, who patiently waits for her in the hall. From then on things progress fast...


Now, mother seems not to have any objections to the relationship. If I were Madison, I would have suggested that Melissa would wait a bit, before rushing into a new relationship, but it's just Sims...

Then the engaged couple celebrates in the master bed...

... and a couple of days later Melissa invites Mortimer over to tell him of the consequences of their celebration. Mortimer is taken by surprise. He explains that he cannot have a family in the craped 'Pre-fabulous' trailer he lives in. I guess Gunther and Cornelia had used all their fortune for the upkeep of the huge, run-down manor, which left poor Mortimer flat broke after they died, so he had to move to the cheapest house in Sunset Valley.

But in the end the young couple celebrates a private wedding and moves out to a new home, which they buy with the money Melissa brings in. (The game threw them into the former Goffi house - not bad at all.)

Don and Rosa are always into some shenanigans. ;)

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Re: The Frio DecaDynasty
« Reply #8 on: November 04, 2011, 07:01:35 PM »
Good luck with your Frio dynasty! Usually Mortimer moves out of Goth Manor for me when his parents die, sometimes before. That or he moves in with Agnes if she's around very often too.

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Re: The Frio DecaDynasty
« Reply #9 on: November 05, 2011, 07:07:44 AM »
Looking forward to Aidan and Eve's wedding!
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Re: The Frio DecaDynasty
« Reply #10 on: November 05, 2011, 10:02:37 AM »
Thanks once again to all the readers and commenters. :)
The story moves on, but you still have to wait for the wedding...

Generation 1.3: The Grimmie always calls thrice


One night Jared Frio woke up with a peculiar feeling. The room felt cold and his body seemed so light.

Hazily Jared saw all his loved ones gather around him. But one figure was quite clear to him:  the tall, thin and dark character right in front of him. The Grimmie had come to collect Jared from Sim Earth.

Another moving requirement fulfilled.

The whole family was grieving - even Aidan. Having spent all his time fishing, Aidan had never really gotten to know his uncle and now regretted it bitterly. Luckily Eve Madsen was there for him providing a shoulder to cry on.

Determined that he would not let this relationship go past him, Aidan made time to go on dates with Eve between fishing trips. Aidan's Old Pier Beach - a community lot he had recently bought and upgraded - was an ideal spot in many respects.

There the young sweethearts finally shared their first kiss. But it was a bittersweet moment with the recent death still casting a dark shadow over the romance.

But the setting, with upgraded features, could not be more beautiful.

Sister Melissa's new home provided young Rudolf Frio a welcome refuge from his grieving home. Rudy had become best friends with his brother-in-law Mortimer Goth and he also celebrated his transition into young adult with Morty.  


After a cozy evening spent by an open fire roasting marshmallows ...

... Rudolf was ready to throw himself into the life of crime. To get credibility he acquired a bunch of tattoos on his well-trained body. But don't tell anyone - he was really, really afraid of the needle.

The previous night Rudolf had noticed how pudgy his friend Mortimer had become. So, he invited old Mort to he gym and forced him to train on the treadmill for hours.

And gradually the Frio family returned to their normal routine with Aidan spending hours on the beach fishing,..

... father Connor inconspicuously writing novels in some corner and mother Madison busy making friends left and right. She even invited some of the service people over, like the papergirl and the repair technician here.

Jared's ghost paid frequent visits to the dismay of the young Frio brothers. They hated being woken by Jared playing with the computer in their bedroom.

But Melissa was happy for these visits: another NPC to befriend.

Eve Madsen and Aidan were really in love by now.

So Aidan gathered up his courage and proposed going steady.

And it was not long before Aidan popped the question - unceremoniously in front of the trash can. But it's the thought that counts, not the surroundings, and Eve was more than happy to accept the proposal.

One night Aidan withessed a heart-breaking scene at the library: the grim reaper came to get a woman right in front her little son's eyes.  

The Grimmie lingered a while enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of the old library.

Aidan tried to approach him to ask about the meaning of life, but just managed to use the moodlet manager on Grimmie, before the dark figure faded into thin air as mysteriously as it had appeared.

Madison Frio was busy mingling with her NPC friends when a familiar, dark figure entered the house out of nowhere. The Grim Reaper had come to collect Madison. But Madison was prepared for the visit. She teleported a gift thorough the wall to a baffled Grimmie. A gift he never could resist - the death flower. And so, both Madison and this DecaDynasty were saved.

The first generation of the Frio DecaDynasty nears its end, when Aidan enters adulthood.

The Frio family gnomes enjoy the sprinkler at least as much as the sims do.

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Re: The Frio DecaDynasty
« Reply #11 on: November 05, 2011, 12:21:32 PM »
Darn Grim, well at least we could save Madison. :-\

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Re: The Frio DecaDynasty
« Reply #12 on: November 06, 2011, 10:08:55 AM »
Generation 1.4: Happy days are here again

After the dramatic times the Frio family had in the last update, their life has settled into a nice and happy routine. Aidan divided his time between fishing... 

... and dating Eve. They still had to wait a while before all the moving requirements are met. Aidan still needed to reach the top of the angler career...

...and mother Madison needed still to make a few friends. That's why they left a couple of bills unpaid. 

Madison had a bunch of ex-babysitters in her phonebook and decided to introduce one of them, Marina Beaty, to her youngest Rudolf. Rudolf stole (pun intended) his first shy kiss from her right after they met.

It seemed like a match made in heaven. The couple spent the entire evening kissing and cuddling - autonomously - in Aidan and Rudolf's bedroom.

And before the night was over, Rudolf dug out a ring - probably stolen goods - from his pocket and proposed to the beautiful Marina. Naturally she accepted.

Rudolf was so elated by the happy event in his private life, that he got a bit careless at work and got arrested.

He had to do time in the Sunset Valley jail.

The arresting officer took hold of all the possessions Rudolf had in his inventory - including some fish Aidan had given to him. On their way in, the officer explained the procedure to Rudolf, a first-time offender: "You can reclaim your possessions when you leave. We don't want you to escape using your tragic clownfish!" 

Officer Judson Parker then came over to the Frios and told them the bad news of Rudolf's arrest.

Well, in fact the officer was there because of the false alarm Aidan made in order to get another NPC friend, and the same goes for the firefighter. The pizzalady was really delivering pizza, though Madison really wanted some ice cream. 

Aidan was ready to move on to the next phase of his life, and so was Rudolf. So Rudy invited Marina over with the intention of getting married right away. But his prison sentence had been so long, that his betrothed had become an elder while he was locked away. Rudy was so frustrated by this, that he broke up the engagement immediately.

Luckily mother Madison had also some ex-papergirls she could call, who surely would not become elders any time soon. Danita was the prettiest of them. Even Rudolf liked her, but she was playing hard to get. Blaming headache and sleepiness she left when Rudolf wanted to kiss her.

An aspirin and a good night's sleep can change everything. The next morning, Danita was ready not only to kiss...

... but to get engaged ...

... and to marry Rudolf right then and there in the bathroom.

The next Frio was conceived immediately - once again on the parent's bed.

And now the moment we all have been waiting for! The wedding guests started to arrive - from the left: cousin Marcella Ursine, an unknown NPC, Melissa Goth, Aidan's best friend Kaylynn Langerak, Melissa's daughter little Letitia Goth, the bride's sister Imelda Madsen and an unknown townie.

Earlier that day, Aidan had received a very important delivery through the mail. He had spent the morning hanging his new collection of death fish on the wall. He felt he needed something to distract his thoughts from the ceremony and to keep his nervousness in check. Unfortunately the guests did not even notice the collection, when they gathered in the living room. Their eyes were set on the happy couple.

And Aidan was so happy that he did not notice that Eve had decided against a proper wedding dress. All he could do was to stare with a foolish look on his face, when Eve slipped the ring on his finger.

Everybody was happy...


... with the exception of Mortimer Goth, who apparently was still bitter that he did not get a proper wedding party.

If you don't count Mortimer, there was not a dry eye in the room. Even a mean and hard criminal like Rudolf Frio had to secretly wipe moist from the corner of his eye.

One last look in the bathroom, where Rosa the laundry gnome is keeping guard of his precious laundry equipment. It's time to change the active household now! :)
Stats for generation 1:
1. Aidan was born well within the allotted time (did not make a note of the exact time) to Connor and Madison (nee VanWatson) who were both living together.
2. Aidan got on honor roll both in elementary and high school.
3. 10 different NPC Friends: 
    Police - Judson Parker
    Repairwoman - Sheree Hughes
    Paperboy - Felipe Hatfield
    Pizza Deliverer - Jeanie Good
    Maid - Sylvester Phan
    Mail - Jess Lanier
    Tattoo artist - Beatrice Parent
    Firefighter - Therese Foust
    Repo - Freddie Hinton
    Ghost - Jared Frio
4. 10 Best Friends:
    Daneille Bass
    Arlo Bunch
    Darlene Bunch
    Sandy French
    Madison Frio
    Rudolf Frio
    Mortimer Goth
    Kaylynn Langerak
    Eve Madsen
    Janna Starkey
5. Max Unique Career: Angler (Legendary Piscador)
6. SuperMax Unique Skill: Fishing
7. 10 BlackOps:
    A Fishy Science Project
    Outside Reading (Demand Excellence...)
    Monster from the Deep
    A Fish of Life and Death
    Musical Assembly
    Lobsters in Demand
    Guitar Up!
    Aquarium Fishing
    Funny Looking Fish
    Extra Apendages Are Fun
7. Fully Owned Building: Aidan's Day Spa
    Fully Upgraded Property: Aidan's Old Pier Beach
8. Aidan is an adult.
9. Jared Frio has died a natural death and left a medium tomb on the home lot.
10. Set of 10 Unique Items: 10 mounted Death Fish, total value: 3580 simoleans
Vacation days used: 0 (no WA at this point of the challenge)

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Re: The Frio DecaDynasty
« Reply #13 on: November 06, 2011, 01:07:31 PM »
Congratulations! Keep up the good work. I love the story.

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Re: The Frio DecaDynasty
« Reply #14 on: November 07, 2011, 12:53:25 PM »
Before moving on to the new heir household, I want to show you some scenes from the family of Melissa and Mortimer Goth. There were some intresting developments. And everything happened when my sims from the original household visited the Goths, who were out of my control. Things like these make me love story progression.

Spares: A Rocky Relationship

After marrying Mortimer Goth, Melissa (formerly Frio) and Mortimer moved to the "Koffi house" (I let the the game choose a house for them).

When mother Madison went to inspect the house, she found Mortimer alone there. The reason for Melissa's absence became clear, when she arrived carrying a baby girl in her arms. So, Mortimer had not been there for his wife during the childbirth.

Madison was happy to be the first to meet her first grandchild, Leticia.

A couple of days later Rudolf aged into young adult at the Goth household. Leticia also had her birthday the same day, since she was still a baby when Rudolf arrived, but was crawling around the house a bit later.

When grandmother heard that Leticia was a toddler now, she hurried over to teach her to speak.

The atmosphere between Melissa and Mortimer seemed really tense. They hardly looked at one another, and Connor and Madison had an option to 'cheer up' Melissa.  

Connor tried hard not to notice the tension, when the couple started to discuss their marriage over his head.  
(Notice that Rudolf's efforts of training Mortimer had given great results.)

Finally Melissa flat out accused Mortimer of stabbing a dagger into her (heart - I guess).

Melissa does still look gorgeous, though, once she abandons the culinary career outfit.  

Grandmother still taught little Leticia to walk for a while, ..

... until Leticia got really tired. Grandpa Connor wanted to put the little one to crib, but there was no such thing in this house! Poor girl, apparently she had to sleep on the floor.

Fast forward a few days: Aidan was visiting his sister's household and peacefully chatted with Mortimer, when Melissa stormed in. She started yelling at Mortimer and informed that she is divorcing him.

A huge fight ensued and both parties threw garbage on each other. Aidan was feeling very uncomfortable.
All of this took place, when the Goths were unplayable. But I was curious to get to the bottom of it all. So I opened the Goth household in an old save file: Mortimer had memories of Sandi French becoming a romantic interest and had a red heart with her. So, old Mort definitely was the guilty party here.

In spite of the divorce, Melissa did not move out. And much later, when Mortimer had turned into elder, Eve Frio caught the couple flirting and holding hands, when she arrived for a visit. Eve was as happy as I was seeing the Goths had patched their relationship!

This maybe a bit spoilery, so I won't go into details. But decades later, when Mortimer had been dead for ages, Melissa was heart broken after an unknown townie. I had noticed at some point that a strange guy was living with Melissa and Leticia, but had not paid closer attention to the matter. Now I know that Melissa had found another love and lost him, too.

Next time: the new DecaDynasty household!

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Re: The Frio DecaDynasty
« Reply #15 on: November 09, 2011, 03:09:58 AM »

Interlude: Surprises
After the wedding ceremony the newlywed Frio couple hurried over to the taxi, which was going to take them to their new home. 
"Wait a minute. Aren't we going the wrong way?", asked Aidan, when the taxi turned to the north instead of going west along the beach to the Madsen house. "I have a little surprise for you, darling." answered Eve cheerfully.
The taxi drove past Central Park and the City Hall and turned north along the Skyborough Blvd. The suspense was almost killing Aidan.

Finally the cab pulled over in front of a romantic,Victorian house.
"Tadaa!" exclaimed Eve, "This is our new home. I bought it just yesterday. It's called the Primrose, though I don't know why. It looks green to me. But isn't it sooo cute?" she enthused.
At first Aidan could not get a word out of his mouths. This surely was a big surprise!
"But what about your parents and your sister Imelda, will they be living with us? Isn't the house a bit small for such a large family?" He finally managed to get some words out of his mouth.
Eve was a bit disappointed at Aidan's lack of enthusiasm, when she answered: "No, they will be staying in the Cormorant. This house is just for the two of us... and for our future family. When my baby sister Tina was born recently, the house became far too small. And I wanted us to have some privacy. Don't you like my surprise?"
"Oh, I love it. And I love you, too.", smiled Aidan and gave a shy kiss to his wife. "Why don't you give me a tour of the house. I especially want to see the bedroom."
(I was as surprised as Aidan to see where the game took the couple.)

Not only did Eve show Aidan the bedroom, which was in need of immediate remodeling they both agreed, she also showed him how to use the bed properly.

Afterwards, Aidan was a bit puzzled of what just took place. But Eve knew exactly what happened. "I think we have a liftoff", she thought to herself.

And she was right. Eve had been feeling unusually tired all the time, and a pop a little later confirmed her suspicion. She was indeed pregnant!

The next day, Eve consulted her boss Emma Hatch - a highly respected doctor - who performed an ultra scan. She predicted that Eve was expecting a girl, and hinted also with a wink, that there might be a little surprise in store for Eve.

Aidan and Eve could not be any happier. They were almost inseparable. When Aidan, who loves the outdoor, was reading a book on the porch, Eve joined him although she would have preferred to stay inside because of the airconditioning.

They shared the angler trait, so naturally they went fishing together. And Aidan was kind enough to postpone his fishing trips until the evening, when the weather was a little cooler. Eve and her swollen ankles appreciated this enormously.

On day Eve invited some relatives over for a small housewarming party. Eve was happy to notice, that her dad Walter Madsen and father-in-law Connor Frio did not seem to mind that Eve served just pizza to them. She was far too tired to cook a proper meal for them.

Aidan's cousin Claire Ursine assured a pizza was a welcome change for the gourmet food her dad Jared Frio had always served at his parties. Eve could not tell, if she was sincere or sarcastic. But she was sure that her dad and mother-in-law Madison certainly enjoyed the party.

But the party was interrupted dramatically, when Eve's water broke. Everybody panicked!

Well, everybody but one. "Been there, done that!" thought Madison, when she observed the chaos around her.

"Calm down, Connor. It's not good for your blood pressure to freak out like that. It's just childbirth - a completely natural occurence."

And then Madison called a cab to take Eve and Aidan to the hospital. On their way in, they met Rudolf and Danita Frio. They had both good and bad news: Danita had just given birth to a baby boy, Gerry, but had to leave him in the NICU because of mild jaundice. Eve was a bit frightened by the news, but they assured, she needed not be alarmed. Everything would surely go nicely for her and Aidan.

Rudolf and Danita decided to wait and found excellent ways to pass their time.

They were still busy at it and did not even notice, when Eve and Aidan came out carrying two little bundles. "So this was the surprise Emma mentioned", thought the happy mother.

Eve and Aidan did not interrupt the hanky-panky of their relatives. They wanted to get home as soon as possible. The twins, Maeve - the heir - and Lydia needed feeding, changing and snuggling.



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Re: The Frio DecaDynasty (Gen 2 is here!)
« Reply #16 on: November 09, 2011, 05:11:16 AM »
This is the first time I see Emma become a doctor! Congrats with the twins. :)

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Re: The Frio DecaDynasty (Gen 2 is here!)
« Reply #17 on: November 10, 2011, 03:38:34 AM »
You may have noticed that my writing changes from pure commentary to a more storylike narration. I hope you don't find this distracting, because I will continue in this way. I shall write however I feel at the moment. I don't want to commit myself to a real storystyle, because it will eventually be too difficult for me whos native language is Finnish.
Generation 2.1: The twins' first years

Soon after giving birth to the twins Eve turned into adult.

Like father Aidan before, also Maeve and Lydia spend their baby and toddler stages outside.

Aidan pays regular visits to his old home. This is his nephew Gerry, who is already a toddler although he was born on the same night as Maeve and Lydia.

Aidan is happy to see his parents are still as happy as ever together. Though the main reason for Aidan's visits is more mundane: money. He comes and harvests the money trees in the backyard regularly.

Time flies and the twins are having their first birthday. All the relatives are invited, like auntie Melissa Goth...

... and her daughter Leticia, who is already a teen.

It was really sweet that the grandparents took the twins to the cake.


Our heir Maeve deserves the fireworks.

And this is Lydia.

The evil uncle Rudolf steals the candy from a birthday child.

Most of the guests did not bother to go outside and see the blowing out of candles. They preferred to listen to Danita Frio play guitar in the living room.  

Rudolf Frio grooving with grandmother Lena Madsen whom you have not seen before. She and Eve are almost like twins.

After the mother, Rudolf turned his eyes on her daughter Imelda Madsen.

Walter Madsen and Leticia Goth.

The twins got makeovers. They have the same favourite colour violet so it seemed natural to dress them identically. Maeve is the redhead and Lydia the little brunette.

In real life someone sitting on your book would cause a tantrum, but in sims Maeve kept on reading her book without trouble.

The twins are not the only avid readers - unfortunately.

The Frios keep close contact with their relatives. When cousin Marcella Ursine came over one day, she was grieving for this unknown townie with a really weird hairstyle. Marcella was so heartbroken that soon after this she moved out from Sunset Valley. I guess she wanted to start over somewhere else.

Sisters-in-law discussing their love life over pizza - sweet.

It was also sweet that grandparents came over and bought little Gerry along.

Now the three cousins got to meet each other.

Generation two is collecting their own bunch of gnomes (I love the gnomes). These three seem quite a close knit bunch.

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Re: The Frio DecaDynasty (Gen 2 is here!)
« Reply #18 on: November 11, 2011, 03:08:36 AM »
I have noticed that most storytellers are using larger pictures than the recommended 640 x 480, so I also will start using bigger pictures. They look so much nicer.

Generation 2.2: Learning from the older generations


Our heir Maeve is a lively toddler. And also really cute playing in the toybox.
Besides playing the twins' days were filled with skilling. Both Maeve and Lydia learned all their toddler skills and Maeve even read all the toddler skilling books. Lydia was a bit slower reader, but she managed to get through most of them.

Those busy toddler years just flew past, and soon it was time for yet another birthday. Once again all the relatives were invited.

Maeve went first and grew into a freaky toddler-child mutant.

Luckily the effect was temporary. 

Our little princess is a real cutie.

Lydia grew up without freaky glitches.

She looks like most of the Sims 3 kids in my game. I wish they started showing more of their real features at this age.

Cousin Gerry - the son of Rudolf and Danita Frio in case you have forgotten - is also a child by now.

Once again most of the guests preferred music over birthdays. Connor Frio is providing the entertainment and the guests enjoying the show are (from the back) Melissa Goth, Sandi French (a party-crasher and woman, who made Mortimer a cheater), mother-in-law Lena Madsen, Rudolf Frio and father-in-law Walter Madsen.

The girls pay regular visits to their relatives. Walter Madsen helps Lydia with her homework.

And at the same time in the Goth household Maeve gets help from aunt Melissa.

A few days later Madison comes over to bring terrible news: Connor had just passed away.

She is grief-stricken, but Maeve is there for her. She consoles her grandmother and tells her to cheer up.

Madison gets herself together for the sake of her grandchild. And to get her mind off of her sorrow, she even helps Maeve with the homework.

But after they finish the feelings take over Madison again. She does not even notice, that her eldest is having a birthday.

Aidan became an elder. His features changed so much, that he looks like a stranger now.

While all the commotion was taking place at the active Frio household, Lydia was visiting the old Frio home. She and Gerry got help from Danita with their homework. Apparently they were not affected by the death of Connor that much.

Poor Aidan did not get to enjoy his elder years for long. On day he went and started to repair their old TV, which had been acting up lately. His four or five mechanics skill points seemed quite adequate for the task (in Sims 2 there's no risk of getting electrocuted with that). But it turned out that he did get electrocuted anyway.


Having filled all his duties for the DecaDynasty Aidan had not had much to do anymore. His life had become pretty boring and he was tired of it all. So he was ready to go with the Grimmie now.

Thus Aidan gave his last contribution to the Frio dynasty: a handsome tombstone.


Both children and gnomes enjoy good music.

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Re: The Frio DecaDynasty (Gen 2 is here!)
« Reply #19 on: November 11, 2011, 01:26:53 PM »
I love how you're writing this story, Tipi!

I'm also enjoying the frequent connections between the different family homes that playing a DecaDynasty can create, it's fun to see how everyone else is doing.

The gnome pictures at the end of each update are awesome!
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Re: The Frio DecaDynasty (Gen 2 is here!)
« Reply #20 on: November 12, 2011, 05:32:57 AM »
Thanks to everyone for reading this story. Over 500 views already! :)
And thank you, Lilygirl, for a nice comment. I'm so glad you like the story.
I enjoy seeing relatives and how the non-playable families' lives develop over time. I'm making a family tree and will be linking to it here as soon as it is ready.
The gnomes are my favourites - such a random and lovely thing in the game! I try and have some gnomes in each household as the dynasty goes on. Hopefully I get some nice pictures of them, too.
Generation 2.3: September romance

In the previous update Aidan Frio met a dramatic, untimely, and completely accidential, death. Soon after the incident the extended Frio family gathered once again for a birthday party. Rudolf Frio spent a long time at his brother's grave. It was sweet until Rudolf started to think about all the nice decorations on the grave. He's a criminal and a natural kleptomaniac after all.

Of course the family was there to celebrate Maeve and Lydia's birthday. Maeve, the eldest and the heir, naturally went first.

But the poor girl could hardly manage to blow out the candles. She was still grieving after her beloved father.

Well, in the end she pulled herself together, blew out the candles, and grew into a beautiful teen. I think she is very pretty and unique-looking.

And then Lydia.

She is certainly taking after the Frio side of the family.

Then Aidan decided to join the party. It was his first appearance. "Hi mom!"

He went straight for the cake and the others politely made room for him.

When the party was over and everybody had gone to bed, Aidan went to sleep beside Eve. Sweet.

Here's a close-up of our heiress after a slight makeover. The hair seemed to suit Maeve well, so I did not change that. She just got some makeup to highlight her pretty features.

And a look at the twins together on their way to school. They both made on the honor roll in grade school and have every intention of repeating their success in high school, too.

Both Lydia and Maeve are athletic. One evening Lydia (in the violet cap) made a jogging trip to grandma Madsen's place. She was met by familiar figures: cousins Leticia Goth and Tina Madsen and the Grim Reaper. He was there to take grandmother Lena Madsen to the other side.

The Grimmie was really busy those days collecting elders all over Sunset Valley. This townie met her fate in Central Park while discussing with a friend. This townie is not just another townie. She's Lakisha Brandt, the mother of the blond guy, Rhett Brandt, Maeve is chatting with in the background. Poor guy - or is it poor mother - who does not even notice his mother's death. Well, you'll see a lot more of Rhett Brandt later in this dynasty. ;)

Eve Frio is on the medical career. She turned elder on her way out of the hospital surrounded by townies and colleagues.

Losing a husband and becoming an elder almost simultaneously can make anyone go crazy. It definitely shook Eve. She had a mid-life crisis of sorts: she changed her hair, changed her style and got some tattoos.

And she began to chase guys (she got a wish to get married). Chasing elders can be a bit risky, when they can go and drop dead just when it has started to warm up between you and him. That happened to Eve with a couple of elder gentlemen. Luckily she found Samuel Keaton. Yes, he's the same cute Samuel whom we first saw lurking in the toybox, and later met as Melissa Frio's high school sweetheart. I had felt sorry for Samuel ever since Melissa dumped him to marry Mortimer Goth, but now I finally had a chance to make that up to him.

After a short courtship - they are elders and, as I said before, you never know when the Grimmie comes for you,...

... Eve proposed to Samuel and naturally he agreed. Leticia Goth witnessed from close quarters both the proposal...

... and the wedding. Wonder if she knows he is her mothers ex?

It was a lovely ceremony. Only the groom's attire left something to desire for.

During the party the old sweethearts met again after several decades. This simple conversation made their hearts flutter like before, and at least made Samuel have a red heart for Melissa in his relationship panel. Old love never dies...

Hup, two, three, four - until the next chapter. :)


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Re: The Frio DecaDynasty (Gen 2 is here!)
« Reply #21 on: November 12, 2011, 06:12:27 AM »
Awww, the gnomes and wedding are so sweet! Great job!


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Re: The Frio DecaDynasty (Gen 2 is here!)
« Reply #22 on: November 12, 2011, 01:42:34 PM »
Great updates! Maeve is very pretty.

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Re: The Frio DecaDynasty (Gen 2 is here!)
« Reply #23 on: November 12, 2011, 06:31:14 PM »
Nice update!
Good job for Eve and Sam, and Maeve is very pretty!

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Re: The Frio DecaDynasty (Gen 2 is here!)
« Reply #24 on: November 13, 2011, 07:55:05 AM »
Thanks for the nice and supportive comments! :)
Generation 2.4: From teenhood to (young) adulthood  

Samuel could not be happier than he was now after marrying Eve. Every morning he woke up, he admired the shining ring on his finger and thanked simgod for his new happiness.  
To celebrate his love Samuel got a tattoo. He had a heart with Eve's name inked on his arm. The tattoo artist was not satisfied with such a small job - he had wanted to do more, much more.  
Samuel wanted to become friends with his step-daughters. To break the ice he offered to buy a new computer to them.  
By and by Maeve and Lydia accepted Samuel in the family, although there were some slight glitches on the way.  
Samuel was retired. To fill his days he did some time traveling with a time machine he found at the consignment store. He also took on sculpting as a new hobby.  
He wanted to make a sculpture of the love of his life. I don't know if Eve is pleased with his vision of her, though. By the way, Eve and Samuel have the same favourite colour: blue.  
Maeve seemed to also have found the love of her life. She started to go steady with Chance Brandt. He is the younger son of the late Lakisha Brandt whose death we witnessed in the previous chapter.  
The youngsters sealed their relationship with a sweet first kiss.  
Both Maeve and Lydia did well at school and got on the honor roll. They also made a lot of friends.  
The blond girl they brought home here, is Bridgett Brandt, the twin sister of Maeve's boyfriend Chance.  
Even the ridiculously long teenage years come to an end sometime. Another birthday party for the twins in the Frio garden. The relatives came of course. Rudolf Frio had already become an elder, and cousin Gerry (in the checkered trousers) was a young adult. The young ladies are Leticia Goth and Imelda Madsen.  
However, there were some new faces among the guests, namely the Brandt siblings. Rhett Brandt is the eldest.  
The fourth Brandt sibling is Emily, the blond woman in the foreground. The man she is talking to might be her dad, Irvin Brandt, but I'm not 100% sure of that.  
Time to blow out the candles. Maeve went first again.  
"Where is Chance? Can we get married already" Unfortunately Chance is still a teen and besides, Maeve has a lot of requirements to fill and has to become an adult, before she can marry anyone.  
But isn't she lovely. Her traits are: athletic, loves the outdoors, lucky, perceptive, party animal.  
One last look at Lydia as teen.  
Chance decided to show up to cheer for Lydia. Maeve repaid for his absence from her own transition by blowing a horn straight into his ear. Grandma Madison is still going strong thanks to the death flowers in her inventory.  
Lydia is truly a female copy of grandfather Connor and father Aidan. Her traits are: charismatic, athletic, perceptive, genius. I know that I chose a fifth trait for her, but probably forgot to click the "up" arrow to actually add it. If I remember right, she wants to become a renaissance sim.  
Aidan decided to show up even for this birthday. But this time he was not in a good mood. He accused Eve of cheating him with Samuel !!!  :o
Eve decided it was best to apologize, though in fact she had no cause for that. Aidan is dead, for God's sake, and should not meddle with the affairs of the living.  
Lydia got extremely well along with Rhett Brandt. They shared their first kiss before Rhett went home from the party.  
Maeve could not wait to start working towards her LTW of becoming a Superstar Athlete. Even the same night she took a trip to the Llama Stadium and joined the athletic career.  
It seems that two of the gnomes had a bit too much to drink at the birthday party. :)