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Re: The Octa Immortal Dynasty
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Congrats with your first immortal!

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Re: The Octa Immortal Dynasty
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Congratulations on getting your first immortal.

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Re: The Octa Immortal Dynasty
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thx everyone!! Im really  really happy and shared the news immediately after she ate the ambrosia!!
by the way, I just got my copy of showtime~ the normal one, cuz the price was way cheaper than the CE from where I come from.
Can i modify the town to put in the coffeehouse and venues~~ i really really want to try the new careers out~


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Re: The Octa Immortal Dynasty
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I think it's best to ask metro in the immortal dynasty thread.

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Re: The Octa Immortal Dynasty
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Chapter 11: Back in Time I (Second Immortal)

I'm Penny Octa, the fifth heir in this dynasty.
All of you must be wondering what happened after great-great grandma Flora ate her ambrosia.
Well nothing much, other than an earthquake hit Bridgeport real hard, and destroyed most of the communication tower, leading to a few years without the internet.

Great great grandma Flora, told me after she ate ambrosia, grandma Loveline and grandaunt Isabelle grew up into teenagers, they even brought a new friend into the house, granduncle Snuggles.

There was a time of peace and harmony, until great grandma Olive sudden departure while working on a drawing that now hangs in my room. Grandpa Oliver was grief stricken. The whole family mourned for 2 days and held a simple funeral at the end in remembrance of great grandma Olive.

Life continued and it was graduation for grandma Loveline, grandaunt Isabelle and granduncle Snuggles.

On that day, Grandpa Oliver finally worked up his nerves and ask grandma Loveline out for a date. They eventually got married and gave birth to my father.

Grandaunt Isabelle and Granduncle Snuggles started their work in the music industry aiming to become a vocal legend and rock star respectively. They are dating steadily since high school, but they are still not ready to settle down yet.

Greatgrandpa aged into an elder one night and completed all the requirements. He walked to the food replicator and made himself his first ambrosia.

Oceania's Ocean of Colours
LTW: Renaissance Sim (3/3) Completed
Career: Sculptor Level 10 Completed
SuperMax Skill: Sculpting (Max) Completed
Building: Movie Cineplex
Property: Bridgeport Acres
LTR: Artisan Crafter, No Bills Ever, Extra Creative
Best Friends: Stefanie Levy, Elijah Hansen, Charlotte (Dubois) Octa, Flora Octa, Olver Rake (Kipling) Octa, Bronson Litler
BlackOps: Scavenger Hunt: Butterfly Bonanza, The Honour Roll, A Fishy Science Project, The Art-a-thon, An Old Ruse, Sculpt a Suspect
Portraits / Ice Scupltures: Toddler, Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder

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Chapter 12: Back in Time II (All about My Father)

My father was born shortly. The family became merrier with a kid in the house and my father was the center of that joy.

Of course the old folks still loves to hang out during the prime time to watch their favourite soap opera - Family Affairs.

Between those wonderful moments, grandaunt Isabelle propose to granduncle Snuggles.

They had a beautiful wedding party and was attended by everyone in Bridgeport. They are public figures after-all.

A few days later was my father's birthday. The party went really well until Aria Trill, a local musician and vampire dies of thirst.
Everyone went into panic mode, especially great grandma Charlotte! Look at her in the pictures!!  ;D

Grim decided to stay over for a piece of cake and an autograph from Grandma Loveline.

Father loves it when grandpa Oliver tell him bedtime stories, and great grandma Charlotte just can't get enough of those puffy cheeks!

Until next time.

Love Penny :-*

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The Octa Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 13: Back in Time III
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Chapter 13: Back in Time III (The Biggest Birthday Party)

Time flies, and soon it was the biggest birthday party this household will ever have!
With Grandpa Oliver aging to an elder, grandma Loveline and gang to adult and father to a teen.

Father grew up to a handsome fellow and met Aimee Berrios (mother) on the first day of school.
They grew close to each other, but mother was a senior then, she was expecting graduate a few days later.

Father spend most of his nights playing chess with ranked players or looking for new stars and galaxy. He also spends time at the Chemistry table that great great grandma Flora bought for him.

The first ranked opponent was Morrigan Hemlock. Father had a really hard time beating her, it took 5 matches for father to finally beat her! Surprisingly, many of the opponents were vampires! It's way more easier to arrange a match during the nights for them. Of course, mother also came for a few rounds of ranked  chess games.

Grandaunt Isabelle continue to climb her way to stardom and landed a gig in the stadium. The whole household went to the first concert and was thrilled to be seated on the front row! The songs were great and grandaunt Isabelle was awesome!

Sadly, great grandma Charlotte departed the next day. She was 94 years old. She was a well known author with great titles about French culture. Some of the popular titles include, "It's French Fries not French Flies" and "How to Love like a Frenchman"

Great grandpa Oceania went out to the outlook, where he and Great grandma Charlotte frequented for dates and sang Jet' aime for the last time.

Until Next Time.

Love Penny :(

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Re: The Octa Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 14: Back in Time IV (New)
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Chapter 14: Back in Time IV

Father loves mother to bits, although she was a senior, father still meet with her all his teen years. He knew he would eventually marry her and that day soon came.

On father's young adult birthday, mother moved in with the Octas. She was happy she moved out from the old Berrios house. His father cheated on her mother with a vampire and became one himself. Her mother worked very hard on paying the bills, and come home to find her husband with another woman. It was tough, that almost drove mother to insanity!
Now, she is happy. She has a wonderful guy that loves her, and even propose marriage to her!

Author's Note: Somehow I can't find any pictures of their wedding in the folder, I think I either deleted them accidentally or forgot to took them. But there is one hanging in their room, anyone wants a house tour? Then we can have a look at those wedding photos.;D

Unfortunately, happiness was not meant to last for them. Grandpa Oliver died while working one day. Just like that, his heart stopped and he fell from the chair and didn't woke up since. Grandma Loveline was heartbroken! She wasn't even able to meet him for the last time before he passes. He was 92.

Rest in Peace Oliver Rake (Kipling) Octa, and be reunited with your father and mother.

Mother started to feel nausea and had those awful morning sickness since. She thought it was from all the grief in the house.
So she arranged a little surprise for the family.

Meet Suzette Octa! (the cat) She's is a bit of a lazy cat and loves to lie on my bed. Look! I didn't even know she was that skinny before!
And another surprise!

Grandma Loveline's birthday came shortly and was time for all of them to age up to elder!

Personnel I loved how grandaunt Isabelle looked in this picture!

Oh, did I mentioned I totally crashed the party? Mother hadn't been keeping her pregnancy dates check and so is dad.

That's it about me for now.
Grandma Loveline came home one night and she got her last promotion! With that she was qualified for her Ambrosia!

With that I'll end this part of the story.

Love Penny  :)

Loveline's Cookbook for Lovebirds
LTW: Celebrated Five-Star Chef Completed
Career: Culinary Level 10 Completed
SuperMax Skill: Cooking (Max) Completed
Building: Steve's Business Complex and Restaurant
Property: Marina Field
LTR: Hardly Hungry, Fireproof Homestead, Born to Cook
Best Friends: Snuggles Octa, Isabelle Octa, Malcolm Stepp, Zackary Early, Tenisha Eldridge, Lashanda Nettles
BlackOps: When Dreams Come True, Burgers for Sims in Uniform, Borrowing Ingredients, Swim into the Grill, From One Chef to Another, We Love Falafel
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The Octa Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 15: Aimee's Insane Adventures
« Reply #33 on: June 18, 2012, 04:31:31 AM »
Chapter 15: Aimee's Insane Adventures

Hi boys and girls! How's everything back home? This is Mr. Stick! He kick me on my knee just now, so I'm slapping him back!

Weldon is fine as you can see in this picture, he is riding a bicycle. We're currently in China having our honeymoon. I know its a bit late, but after conceiving Penny, we just couldn't travel much you know! She's a big girl now, so it's perfectly fine for us to go on our honeymoon. I do hope our little Penny isn't causing any problems at home, but if she is don't mind it!
Weldon did some adventures and found this humongous axe that can talk!

He tells me he wants to say hello to you! Oh such a shy guy!
After some more adventures, Weldon was finally able to buy us a vacation home.

Weldon did mention there was bugs in the house, but I thought it was just Hummy who is always flying around me.

Regardless, Weldon called in the contractors and had the house renovated! Man those people are fast!!
It took less than a day for them to renovate the whole house!

Well, that's about all I can write on this newsletter.

Love Aimee :-*

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The Octa Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 16: Mee Loves Butterflies (19/6)
« Reply #34 on: June 19, 2012, 11:38:28 AM »

Hi guys Weldon here, me and Mee Mee (Aimee) just came home from our honeymoon! YAY
It is still a Sunday and since both of us got our leave, I thought we should pay the in-Laws a visit, also to let them meet our little Penny~

The Berrios live quite near to us, they bought the house previously owned by Emmy Starr after she died several years back.

I wasted no time to meet Colin (he prefer me calling him that way). But since he can't really stand the heat and sun, we talked in the basement. Mee Mee showed no interest in meeting him though. After what Colin made her family gone through.

Penny's birthday roll by pretty quickly and we threw a nice little party for her.

She's such a pretty little thing just like her mother!

Flora: Get those hands dirty Aimee! If you're scared to break a nail, don't pursue the science career!
Aimee: I'm doing it, so stop whining. I thought being insane is enough qualification for the job of a mad scientist, but NOoo.
Flora: While you're at it, fish some deathfish for the house too. We're running low.
Aimee:  What's that Hummy?? Ya I know! She's such a slave driver! Must be the menopausal thingy! HAHA
Flora: mumbling~

On, Penny's teen birthday, Uncle Snuggles passed away. He was 92 and he was still playing the guitar the moment he passed.

Aunt Isabelle had it the hardest, she knew that this day would come and so will hers, buts it's still heart throbbing for her.
Regardless, the party continued, and Penny is a teen now!

She is quite stressed out from everything in the house, and about the dynasty things, so she gained the neurotic trait. (It seems to me that we're only told about the dynasty after we reached teenhood, just like how I was told when I reached my teen years. I handled it quite well if I have to say so myself, compare to my daughter that is.)

She's so stressed out that she needs to freak out every so often. She did change her way of dealing things, like indulging in ice-creams.
In the end, it seems to me the best cure was talking to her imaginary friend, so I gave her a potion I made and...

I'm guessing he is related to Uncle Snuggles in someway or another, they look exactly alike other than the skin colour!
After all of those drama, great grandma Flora decided the girls needed a trip to France, so they packed their bags and left!
Mee Mee did send photos of the trip for me, and I love this one of her playing with the butterflies.

Next time guys~

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The Octa Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 17: Three Birthdays and One Funeral
« Reply #35 on: June 20, 2012, 12:26:01 PM »
Chapter 17: Three Birthdays and One Funeral

Weldon here, after Mee Mee and co. came back from France it was almost time for her elder birthday!
Great great grandma Flora had an idea of buying a hot tub, so we called the architect and had it installed. The whole family enjoyed it.

We threw a party for Mee Mee since we didn't had the chance to celebrate her adult birthday. Aunt Isabelle even took out that old silver mic of hers and performed a few songs!

Penny had some of her classmates over to have fun, but most of the time she just enjoyed the dance.

Mee Mee still wanted to work though, she's almost getting her last promotion.

I just love how close our working places are, its so easy for us to meet up between work. That night, we headed to The Grind after work and had a great time.
Unknown to us, Aunt Isabelle passed away that night, she was 98. She can now be reunited with Uncle Snuggles. Her funeral was grand, being a vocal legend, her fans crowded the house wanting to pay their last respect. The news went crazy over it, and the whole Bridgeport mourned for two days.

The next day was better, Aimee got her last promotion and brought a new toy with her. She said it can turn normal household items to something greater. That's pretty neat, the Foosball table cheer's us up whenever we walked around it, and the couch have a weird new car smell!  8)
The most happiest thing for me is that both of us have matching gloves! :-*

Lucky's been acting out recently, pulling pranks and booby trapping the house. Who suffer the most? Well Penny did.

Personally, I do like that hair colour. ;)

Thank god, their birthday was coming, we threw a small party and the two aged to young adults!

The next day was graduation, Penny was made class valedictorian and was voted "Most Promising To Write a Best-seller".

I'm so proud, it was like yesterday, my little Penny was crying and drinking from her bottle.
Now she is all grown up and ready to pursue her dreams.

Weldon  :D

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Chapter 18: The Gnomes attended My Wedding

Penny here, after graduation, Lucky ask me out to the Buena Park Vista.
He was saying how he frequent here for fishing and the view was really pretty and such, then out of the sudden, he laid a kiss on me!
Oh, it was my first kiss! And he had the nerves to steal it, just like that.
On a side note, his lips is unimaginably soft and taste like orange.
What he did later surprises me even further. He knelt down on one knee and took out a sparkling diamond ring!
Lucky: Penny will you marry me?? I'll take you to a place that you couldn't have imagine!

Lucky: Penny will you marry me?? I'll take you to a place that you couldn't have imagine!

I agree of course! We had the whole week to plan the wedding, and I needed a bachlorette party. What did I do? I got one!!

Maximus gave a toast and took the liberty to invite two astonishingly hot dancer to the party. The party was awesome, we had so much fun together.

Penny: MOM!! The gnomes are going to ruin my wedding!!
Aimee: Not gonna happen deary. Napolean, Kanye, Flinstone and co. just wanted to say congratulations!
Flinstone: You heard her lady!
Kanye: YO! YO! NO sweat girl, we're gonna rock you wedding!!
Penny: NOOO!

The wedding did went on smoothly though, we exchanged rings and the crowds shower us with confetti.

It was also father's birthday, and he aged up to elder. Where was I?
Well I was a bit busy and caught up in something~

Love Penny :)

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The Octa Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 19: The Fourth and the Sixth
« Reply #37 on: June 22, 2012, 12:16:51 AM »
Chapter 19: The Fourth and the Sixth

We interrupt the program for a special slot of Kanye and Flinstone.

Kanye: Dancing in the water is such a cool thing! Just like those kids that did it in the Step Up 3 Movie!

Flinstone: Flame fruit good, gives warm in cold nights.
Kanye: Why don't you just come into the house in the nights!
Flinstone: Floor to soft, bad for sleep, me sleep on rocks.
Kanye:  ???
That concludes our special slot, back to the dynasty household.
Penny here, as you all know my father is an elder now. He completed all his requirement and is ready to have his taste in the life-giving Ambrosia. Someday in the future, I will also have a bite of it and gain immortality.

It's still a mystery to him, why the Ambrosia had such potent power. He is working hard on developing a more conventional dosage form for the Ambrosia. If he succeeds, it will become a life saver in the medical field.
Father is still lovey-dovey with mother, that's for sure. Father cherishes each day with mother as if it were her last.

As for me, I'm pregnant. It's such a wondrous moment for me. I read from books that when you're pregnant, you get that glow. It must be really pretty. I ask great grandpa Oceania to take lots of pictures during my pregnancy, but there aren't any glow.  >:(

Lucky is surprised but he still love his little nooboo.
Father had a look at my little nooboo and said that its a He! It's going to be a little boy.
Mother on the other hand, loves to talk with her grandson.

To celebrate the event, the elders went to the sports bar and danced their night away. Sadly, I'm not allowed to drink and also move at all. The child is almost due. My legs are killing me and the back pain is unimaginable! There is no such thing as a glow! It's just pain, suffering! Sometimes I get so emotional that I cried at night and the pain just made them worse!

I just hopes all of this is over soon! Oops... It's NOW!

Penny: Don't just stand there and panic! Give me an intrathecal!! The pain is unbearable! Ahhhhh!!!
Flora, Oceania, Lucky, Aimee, Weldon and Loveline: *screams frantically and strangely uniformly*

Penny: This is really painful! There isn't any glow in this! It's just pain! Ahhh!!! Where's the intrathecal!! Don't make me write 2000 page on this! Where's my intrathecal!!!

Lucky: *pretend to be not listening*
Weldon: Die you undead! En Garde!
The pain lasted a whole 3 hours and finally, Ace Octa is born!

Penny: There's the glow I've been waiting for.

Love Penny :D

Weldon's Medical Journal for Wellness
LTW: World Renown Surgeon Completed
Career: Medical Completed
SuperMax Skill: Logic Completed
Building: Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital
Property: Butterfly Esplanade
LTR: Dirt Defiant, Raised by Wolves, Professional Slacker
Best Friends: Deny Ojeda, Aimee (Berrios) Octa, Aileen Hidalgo, Wu Xio, Gus Davidson, Jamie Coburn
BlackOps: Fixing the Celestial Slump, A Little Give and Take, Equipment Needs, Riddle War in China, Equipment Arrival, Emergency Testing
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Welcome to the family Ace!

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Thanks AdnaanA, Ace is such a cute little boy. I'm having an exam tomorrow and have not been playing this few days. I'll try to update as soon as the exam is over.

Kent ;)

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The Octa Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 20: Passing of the Great Aimee
« Reply #40 on: June 25, 2012, 01:07:10 PM »
Chapter 20: Passing of the Great Aimee

Aimee: My, what is this? I feel so light and hollow!
Grim: You're dead lady!
Aimee: Oh, black man with big scythe. I'm Aimee Octa not Dead Lady.
Grim: No! I mean you are dead! Finish! Over! Going to a better place!
Aimee: I think you are crazy. I'm going to work not to a better place, and I don't recognize all those name you've spoken.
Grim: Ahh! Great a crazy ghost! *swoops scythe*

Rest in Peace Aimee Octa, the great scientist and the one who contribute the most to the dynasty. You will be deeply missed by the Octas and the author.
Author's note: Sorry for the short update. The FIRST thing happened after I loaded the game was this. Aimee is the third mortal that I enjoyed playing with and she  died at a very young age of 88. The worse thing is that she needed a few more hundred points to get the obelisk tomb, guess she couldn't make it. RIP

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The Octa Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 21: Childhood Memories
« Reply #41 on: July 02, 2012, 10:32:22 AM »
Chapter 21: Childhood Memories

After mother died, my little Ace grew up into a fine looking toddler.

Lucky and I juggle between work and teaching little Ace all the skills he will need in the future.
Grandma Loveline came home one day with a wish to learn the piano, so the whole house jumped into the idea and formed a band.

It's really exciting and all, but the house is falling apart whenever they practice.
They took the liberty to spirit away Ace while I'm not looking and perform in front of the theater.
Worse still, they brought him to the bar!

And it was Ace birthday too! They said it will be fun and threw a party there.

Great~ a party animal! *thanks guys*

Ace doesn't need to know the secrets yet, so he played away most of his childhood.
My adult birthday and Lucky's birthday came, and the elders played a song for us.
It's amazing how fast they improved. They are really good and the guest enjoyed it.

Grim also came for a visit, he is reaping the cousin of grandma Eleanor Berrios (the game is replicating her in an insane amount).

Being a party animal, Ace invites his friends everyday for a party and on his birthday, no less.

Love Penny :)

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Re: The Octa Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 22: Ace in the House
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Chapter 22: Ace in the House

Ace: Being a teenager is hard! Not to mention a teen in my house where I have four grandfather/mother and super famous father and mother!
Undine the Dark Vampire Gnome: Well not as hard as a sister that wants to kill you every time we meet.
Lorelei the Evil Vampire Gnome: Tell me about it.

Ace: Teen years were boring as hell, and I had to help grandma Flora with the garden and make nectars in the night! All I want is to throw a wild party and have fun all night long! Guess what I had one, my birthday.  :(

Flora: At least you can still have birthday party! I don't even have birthdays anymore!

Ace: Sorry, grandma Flora. Well things weren't getting anymore interesting in my Young adult life stage, every day was the same thing until my mother and father reached their elder hood and mother got to taste the Ambrosia she work so hard for.

Ace: Well not so interesting until I meet her anyway.  :)

Ace: It was love at first sight!
Isabel: It's more like you stalked under my apartment for 5 days until I showed up.
Ace: and that too.  ;D Now will you marry me and die peacefully while I live on forever and forever?
Isabel: No way! Unless you give me a big big diamond ring!
Ace: Deal!

Penny's Ultimate Script for Movie 88
LTW: Distinguished Director Completed
Career: Film Completed
SuperMax Skill: Writing Completed
Building: Plumbob Pictures Backlot
Property: Bridgeport Public Library
LTR: Acclaimed Author, Medidative Trance Sleep, Eye Candy
Best Friends: Lucky Octa, Vickie Singh, Kathleen Orr, Weldon Octa, Maximus Downing, Rosa Munos
BlackOps: Pile of Permission Slips, A History of One, Emergency Interviewer, A Masterpiece, Late Shoot, More Exposure
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Re: The Octa Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 23: Nooboo 7 Coming!
« Reply #43 on: December 26, 2012, 02:32:46 AM »
Chapter 23: Nooboo 7 Coming!

Previously, Ace bribed invited Isabel into the Octa household, and this is the continuation of the story.

Isabel: It's a lovely and big diamond ring you give me. I love you so much!
Ace: Aww, hugs.
Rolls wish to have first woohoo.

Ace: So, now wanna woohoo in the hot tub?
Napolean the French Gnome: Hehe, I can see you.  8)
Ace: Shoo! You stupid gnome!

Isabel: The moon sure is bright tonight.

Two days later. Lucky Octa passes at the age of 92.

Lucky Octa: Hmm this virtual reality game sure feel real.
Reaper: It is, and you are dead.

Penny: How could you Lucky! You said you will come to work! How am I going to find the lead actor now!

On the bright side, Isabel is pregnant!

This picture does remind me of the time Flora was having Oceania.

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Re: The Octa Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 24: Titania's Birthdays and other News
« Reply #44 on: December 26, 2012, 06:51:16 AM »
Chapter 24: Titania's Birthdays and other News

Move along, the commotion is over. Welcome to the family, Titania Octa!

Titania's baby life was uneventful, so let's fast forward to her toddler year.

Isn't she a cutie!  :)

Ace: Look at that cute little toddler butt!
Titania: Mommy says you are a bad person, looking at kid's butt.
Ace:  But I'm your dad!  :(

Titania: Is it my birthday again? I just aged up in the previous picture!
Ace: Well you had an uneventful childhood and on top of that our watcher is lazy at taking pictures of you running around with your mom playing tag.
Kent: Can't argue with that.  8)

Titania: Seriously!! Is this my birthday post??? Why am I aging again. My teenage years was fun! I met a guy in prom and I supermaxed my athletic skill!! How can that be uneventful.

Kent: Running around town after class and meeting a guy at prom isn't eventful at all, plus I wasn't taking pictures. So yeah, its your birthday again. Yay!  :P

Kent: Yes! Finally, some action! Let's see what will she do.

*Smack face* A thief with the diva trait.

Ashley the thief: Come one you old farts! Bring it!
After four rounds of fight. Weldon won and Ashley the thief left.

It's your graduation! be happy!  :)

In other news, Ace aged up to an elder and finished his ambrosia requirements.

Ace's Secret Mix to Success
LTW: Bottomless Nectar Completed
Career: Nectar Maker Completed
SuperMax Skill: Nectar Making Completed
Building: Landgraab Marine Science Facility
Property: The True Modern Art Gallery
LTR: Better Mixology, Carefree, Legendary Host
Best Friends: Isabel (Thorn) Octa, Jonathan Blanchard, Cody Ballard, Ramin Ballard, Gary Heck, Terri Vernon
BlackOps: The Secrets of Ancient Mix Master, A Big Pick Me Up, A New Mix, The Top Tip, Ship Party, Big Business Mixer.
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Re: The Octa Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 25: The Last Slot has Been Open
« Reply #45 on: December 26, 2012, 08:26:43 PM »
Chapter 25: The Last Slot has Been Open

Titania: Have to lose that extra pound. *Runs on treadmill*
Kent: But you're already very skinny!
Titania: Go away, I've got a date. *Pants* Had to look awesome when we meet. *Pants*
Kent: With that high school crush? No way! He is not your type!
Titania: But I love him from the bottom of my heart!
Kent: Have it your way then.

Titania: So Rashad, we have been going out since high school, don't you think it's time we make this official.
Rashad: About that, I know its coming out of no where, but are you sure you want to be with me? I'm unemployed and have no particular useful skills.
Titania: I don't care about that. The moment you spoke to me that night, my heart had always been yours.
Rashad: *blush*  :-[

Ace: You heard about our daughter's love life with the Rashad boy?
Isabel: I know about that since they were in high school dear, what about it?
Ace: and you APPROVE of it?
Isabel: Why not? The boy is a nice person and his father is rich.
Ace:  ::)

Titania: *slaps training dummy*

Kent: Nice pose Titania!
Titania: Of course! Isn't my new belt awesome.

Date NO. 2

Date NO.3

Rashad: Look at there! That's a love constellation!
Titania: My love is here, beside me.

Isabel: It's time.
Kent: Wow, I'm gonna miss you.
Isabel: No you don't. You were running around in the forum asking whether I'm dying or not.
Kent: Well you did aged to 109 days which is crazily long for a mortal.
Isabel: I led a happy life, that's all I could say. Having fulfill my LTW and max three skills. On top of all that, I get a ridiculously large diamond ring for my wedding too!

Isabel: It's still so pretty after all this year! And isn't it nice I get to wear it in my afterlife.  ;D

Kent: Hmm, its my first time seeing you shaking hand Grimmy.
Grim: Don't call me by that name and I do it for people who led a happy life and are ready to come to the afterlife.
Kent: Oh I see. Now run along before Flora slaps you again.

Good Bye my dear Isabel (Thorn) Octa, you are one heck of a woman. May you rest in peace.

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Re: The Octa Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 26: The Nightmare
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Chapter 26: The Nightmare

Mother Fairy: My dear Flora, call your father for dinner.
Flora the Fairy: Okay mom.
Father Fairy: What are we having today my dear?
Mother Fairy: Your favourite! Autumn Salad.

Days were wonderful and happy in this little fairy household, until she came.

The Wicked Witch of the Falls

Wicked Witch of the Falls: Come out, come out my little faerie friends! *Pyro!*

Father Fairy: I will go out to see what's going on.
Wicked Witch of the Falls: *Cryo!*
Father Fairy: Ahh!!
Mother Fairy: Honey, what's wrong? Oh My Fairy King Dust! How dare you harm my family!
Wicked Witch of the Falls: You are indeed the prettiest of them all as the mirror said! With your fairy essence, I will become pretty again!

Mother Fairy: Never!
Wicked Witch of the Falls: We shall see about that! *Pyro!*

Mother Fairy: Run my little Flora! Run!!

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Re: The Octa Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 26: The Beginning
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Chapter 27: The Beginning

There was only one person I could have ask for help.

Flora the Fairy: Grandma Angela! Help!  :'(
Angela the Mystic: What's wrong my dear Flora?

Flora the Fairy: The witch took my family! It was horrible, she even burned down our home. You must help us.
Angela the Mystic: My dear, the witch is a powerful being none of us can defeat now. However, there is a way for you to defeat her.
According to the books of the ancient one. There was a powerful ritual for mortals to attain godly powers that could fight against a witches power....

I didn't really understand the whole ritual of the immortals, but to save my family I had to do something. I took shelter in Grandma Angela's home until I'm a young adult, waiting for the opportunity.

Angela the Mystic: Here, drink this and you shall walk the path of the mortals and be able to complete the ritual.
Flora: Thank you Grandma Angela, without you I would have lost my way.
Angela the Mystic: I have also arranged for your transportation. Summer is working on opening the portal.

Angela the Mystic: Before you depart, I shall bless you with my power! *place hand on face*
Flora: I don't know what to say, Grandma Angela. Thank you for everything.
Angela the Mystic: It's fine my dear Flora. May the stars watched over you and forever in your favour.

And my journey started.

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Re: The Octa Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 28: As What Was Told
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Chapter 28: As What Was Told

Flora: The passing of Isabel allowed Titania to give birth to the last heir. Before long she was already expecting a little nooboo.

Flora: His name will be Destiny. He will be the last one and the key for the success of the ritual.

Flora: His powers was great and had already manifest in his early years.

Kent: Wait Flora, why the sudden seriousness?
Flora: Because the ritual is about to be complete.
Kent: I know, but don't forget about Titania too. She did aged up you know.

Flora: Well that was also Destiny's teen birthday. Anyway Destiny doesn't really look like us, but as promised he does have immense power.

Flora: All of us sat down and have our share of immortality while Destiny partake in his birthday cake. But not for long. He shall became one of us...soon.

Titania: Oh, Rashad why are you still so young and I'm so old.
Rashad: Titania, no matter how old or wrinkled you may be, you are forever young like a flower that just bloomed.

Destiny: Now that I'm a teen, I can ride the vacuum cleaner instead of that dusty old broom!
Kent: Isn't that great. It saves a lot of time too. Don't forget you can also fully utilize your power now. Just think what you want.
Destiny: I want a pizza, some fries and a bottle of coke! *poof*
Kent: That doesn't really work.
Destiny: But I'm thinking real hard for them!

Kent: The view sure is nice!
All Immortals: Ya, it sure is.

Kent: Hmm... NOT AGAIN!

Titania's Workout Sessions
LTW: Superstar Athlete Completed
Career: Professional Sports Completed
SuperMax Skill: Athletic Completed
Building: The Binder Clips Center
Property: AJV Wellness Center
LTR: Fast Metabolism, The Hustler, Discount Diner
Best Friends: Dorothy Staton, Gino Hills, Rashad Braden, Raquel Maguire, Destiny Octa, Bernadette Franks
BlackOps: Registering the Roster, Jog Everywhere, Always the Difficult Ones, Keep it Up, Playbook Notes, Draft Dodger
Portraits / Ice Scupltures: Toddler, Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder

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Re: The Octa Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 29: So Close Yet So Far
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Chapter 29: So Close Yet So Far

Previously, we had a burglar visiting the Octa household, this time was a 6th round fight with Weldon winning again! Yay!

Current scores for kicking burglar's butt:
Weldon: 2 points
Other Immortals: 0

And Destiny aged up to a Young Adult!

Destiny: Dad, I know this is awkward and sort, but I heard you are getting really old. I just want to tell you, I love you dad.
Rashad: Love you too son and don't sweat it, I'm happy I met your mother and had you as my son. Even if I were to pass away, it's perfectly fine, I had my share of the fun.

And we get another burglar, this time he went all the way down to the basement! Good thing Weldon got their in time and save the musuem!

Penny started to cancel my action queue and refuse to go to work so I let her retire from her job.
Penny: My plan all along!  8)

Destiny completed his LTW by throwing lots of elixirs in town with the last being a zombie.

Kent: Look at you! You have completed all your requirements other than the portraits! And you're 13 days away from becoming an adult!  :o
Destiny: So, what are we gonna do now?
Kent : Hmm, terrorizing the house with Bonehilda, perhaps?
Destiny: Got the key.

And Rashad passes.