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Building Contest 2012:3 Abstract Exterior - Sunburst
« on: February 15, 2012, 02:36:58 PM »
House: Sunburst

Bedrooms: TBD
Bathrooms: TBD
Lot Size: 30x30
Cost (Unfurnished): 64,300
Items: WA, Amb, LN. No Store Content.

Yellow Lily Realty & Construction searched high and low for inspiration to build an abstract home exterior. We didn't find anything we liked, or that could be adapted for the tools available to us to build a house, so we just grabbed the foundation tool and set to work. This is the outcome of random craziness mixed with a little bit of labour pains.

We present the Sunburst house: 2 floors of symmetrical corners held up by yellow brick pillars and joined in the center.

Arial View of the Property, Landscaping has been completed:

Overhead View of the entire Property, Showcasing the Unique Shape of the House and Back Patio Area:

Front Entrance from the Curb:

View Towards the Right Hand Side, Notice all the Windows Afforded by the Angles:

The Right and Left Sides of the House are Identical:

The Backyard Patio and Pool:

All interested Sims can own this gem of a unique house from the download link below.
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