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Re: The Pharoah Dynasty
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9.  Tut - Two Deaths and a Funeral

Like I said, something terrible happened.  Dad died.

We didn't think it was possible for him to die, we all thought he was immortal.  He ate the Ambrosia, and the scientists had told him...  Well, whatever happened, maybe Grim just got his information wrong.

Dad was prepared and whipped out a Death Flower in an instant, presenting it to Grim, who squealed and jumped around like a girl at the sight of it.

He started going on and on about which vase to put it in, and even stuck around to talk to Dad a little.  No hard feelings and all that.  Mom tried to paint his portrait (he even posed for her!), but Dad wouldn't get out of the way, and she eventually had to give up and go to bed.

It was... a rough night, but at least it all turned out well in the end.  It was the first scare we've had, and now I have a feeling what the rest of my life is going to be like.  Most of the people I'll know and love will die before I do, how can I handle that?

The next day, Dad decided to renovate the house.  He knew it was rough having Hati in the same room as Shari and I (apparently I'd shared Mom and Dad's room when I was her age), so he worked all day long to give us this new set-up.

There are two basements, the lowest of which he's calling the museum.  The door is locked and our paintings and things on our walls have disappeared, so they're probably down there.  Dad's just... strange like that, he'll tell me what's going on when he's ready to.  He also added a small garden in the backyard, gated, as though he knows what Hati's future is going to be.

He filled it with plants from Shang Simla and martial arts equipment.  His regular garden has a gate around it now, and he put in a small pond in the backyard as well, stocking it with a few Death Fish.

I spent more and more time with my daughter, realizing how many people she would have to lose too.

She still loves that doll.

One night after Dad got home, he went into her room and got her out of her crib.  It was her birthday!

Didn't she turn out lovely?

Then, a few days later, Grim came to our house.  Mom was 101, she'd been tinkering with a few of the appliances around the house, brushed up on her cooking, the usual things she did in her old age.  When she married Dad, she'd quit her part-time job to paint and sculpt, and now...

She lived a good, long life, and passed quietly in her sleep.  Dad and I had braced ourselves for this to happen, and while we were affected, of course, it wasn't as bad for us as it was for Shari and Hati.

For now, her headstone is in the backyard.  Rest in peace Mom, I love you.

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Re: The Pharoah Dynasty - 1 Immortal, 1 Death
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Congratulations on your first immortal and RIP Ruby!  And if you ever want to know if people are reading just check the views.  Frivolous posts are discouraged so a lot of times you won't see people just say "Great update!".

If your view count goes up then it is definitely being read.   I don't pay attention to views because writing the story makes me happy and that's what matters.   

Oh and little Hati is adorable!
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Re: The Pharoah Dynasty - 1 Immortal, 1 Death
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I really like the way you write I look forward to reading more.

Like Rica said when I write it is because I enjoy it,it is a bonus if other people want to read it.

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Re: The Pharoah Dynasty - 1 Immortal, 1 Death
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I read all the stories but I don't post very often.  I wish there was a thumbs up button or a likes button to show that you enjoyed a story without having to post.  I feel that too many posts mess with the flow of the story.   Keep up the good work.

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Re: The Pharoah Dynasty - 1 Immortal, 1 Death
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Thanks guys, like I sais, I just get a little insecure sometimes, which is ridiculous.  I'll keep all that in mind, and thanks for at least letting me know someone's going over it!


10.  Tut - Birthdays Galore

At least after Mom died, a few good things started happening again.  First of all, the next day, Shari aged up to a full Adult.

She's still as gorgeous as ever.

The day after that, it was my turn.

I had to get rid of the insane hair though.

Everyone was still in a bit of a daze after Mom died, the birthdays didn't help all that much.  We all kept doing what we were doing.  I sculpted and painted, Shari wrote and took up painting so someone could do my portraits since Mom died.  Hati did well in school, and finally had her birthday.  She's a full-fledged teenager now.

Any boy who comes within 100 feet of her is dead.

As soon as she got home from her first day of high school, she started working out.  Already she's almost reached the top of it, it's amazing how fast she can learn it.  She's brave, athletic, disciplined, but somehow, also a bit of a daredevil.  I'm sure she'd set the house on fire just to see if she could put it out.  Oh well, you have to have a little crazy in with all the good I suppose.

Mom comes out every now and then to visit, she and Dad are still very much in love.

One day, we realized one of the paparazzi who hang around the house decided to die.  None of us really wanted to see Grim so soon, so we tried to stay inside so we wouldn't have to deal with anything.  It sounds bad, I know, but what could we really do?  We didn't even know the man.

The only reason Dad hung around is because he was trying to work on his garden at the time.

I bought the Bookstore and the fish hatchery.  All I had to do with the hatchery was add a picnic table and it was fully upgraded in the town's eyes.  We decided to let Hati pick out what she wanted to buy, and for some reason she chose the Grocery store and the Cemetary.  ...I'm... not sure what to do with her right now.  But that's what she wanted (well, she wanted the gym, but we couldn't afford it yet), so we bought them both and let her upgrade the cemetary.  Now it has an Egyptian mausoleum in the back corner of it, some kind of tribute to Dad, I think.

Dad threw a party for Hati and a bunch of the boys she met at school, I think he wanted to find her someone to marry when she's old enough.  She really didn't go for it too well, but I took the time to add a few best friends to add to my life.  I've done a few more opportunities, and all I have to do before I eat ambrosia like Dad did, is get my Elder portrait done.  Not bad, right?

Time came for Hati to go to prom, but she still hadn't found a boyfriend, so she went alone like I did.  Not that there's anything wrong with it, of course.  She wanted to take 'Bobo' with her, and she's even recruited her mother and grandfather to her cause.  Dad's out looking for Rainbow gems whenever he has time, and Shari's been dabbling with the chemistry set she bought one day.  Anyway, one of the boys she went to school with admitted he liked her, apparently, so they hung around each other during prom.  He even backed her up when she got into a few fights!  Chip off the old block, that one...  She was even elected prom queen!  I wonder if we can keep this trend going through every generation?

Finally caught up to where I am in-game.  From now on, I'll finally go slower, aha.

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Re: The Pharoah Dynasty - 1 Immortal, 1 Death
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11.  Tut - The New Guy

Shari won the contest.  She got the chemicals mixed together before Dad found a Rainbow Gem, and proudly handed it over to Hati as soon as she came home from school.  Apparently both Shari and Dad had noticed the weird little doll moves sometimes whenever Hati isn't around, does that mean the thing's alive?  I don't know, but considering everything I've seen so far, I'm willing to believe it.  Whatever happened, I wanted to watch, see if there was any truth to it at all.  Something happened as soon as she held it out in front of her.

Huh.  Hati's not crazy after all!  Everyone, breathe a sigh of relief, my baby's not insane...

As soon as everyone could see Bobo, they started flirting.  Should I be worried about this?  Apparently the imaginary friend she'd had since she was little was in love with her.

They shared a few hugs and finally a kiss, and agreed to date each other.  I was watching from Shari and I's bedroom, I couldn't help myself.  I knew Dad had done the same thing with me, so... maybe it's just a father thing?

Anyway, I guess she could do a lot worse.  He's a grumpy sort, but he's neat and a perfectionist, and he wants to be a teacher.  Also, he's really not that bad looking.

After doing his homework (he started going to school with Hati the day after he... transformed?), he brushed up on his charisma skills.  We're not too sure what to do with him just now.

More good news!  A few days after all this, both Hati and Bobo aged up to Young Adults on the same day.  Hati went first, wouldn't have it any other way.

Again, the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.  I'm a lucky man to have such a pretty daughter.  Still worried about it though...

Bobo went next.

...okay, she definitely could have done worse.  Bobo's not that bad, I guess.

The next day, Hati went out and explored the little training area Dad had put in for her.  She loved it, and immediately started training with the dummy.

Of course, this was the same day as graduation for both her and Bobo.  [It broke.  Only Bobo seemed to graduate, I dunno what happened...]

I think this is it for me.  About time for Hati to tell things from now on.  I just have to get one more portrait done when I become and Elder and I'll be immortal like Dad is.  Let's just hope Hati agrees to go with this too.  Wish me luck!

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Re: The Pharoah Dynasty - 1 Immortal, 1 Death
« Reply #21 on: April 27, 2012, 10:54:20 PM »
12.  Hatshepsut - Getting Married

So Pop and Gramps told me about all this and handed this thing to me, told me to start writing in it too.  Eh, whatever, I'll go along with it, for awhile at least.  We'll see how long it goes, I'll be game for it if it's not that rough, I guess.  On the other hand, I love a challenge.  I just don't want to see a bunch of people I love die, you know?  But I also love Gramps, and if this'll help him, what choice do I really have?

So let's see, Pop last wrote about the graduation, so let's go on after that.

When we got home from graduation, Mom, Pop, and Gramps all went to bed.  Of course they did, I don't know if they were in on what Bobo's plan was, or if it's just because they're old, but we were just there together now.  He seemed nervous, though I don't know why.  We'd been best friends before he was even real, so it wasn't like we didn't know each other.  For awhile we just talked.

Well, flirted, more like. Until he shifted around a little, finally dropping to one knee and surprising me with this.

Of course I said yes!  I knew I loved him, but this much?  It surprised even me, you know?  But we couldn't wait for them all to wake up, we wanted this moment to ourselves.

We got married right there, without waiting for a moment.  We'd waited for each other long enough already, hadn't we?

Then, of course, we had the customary... ahem... celebration...

I didn't want to stop working out, and I really wanted to take advantage of the workout area outside Gramps had built for me.  Kept getting sick though, had to run into the house every once in awhile to throw up.  Mom gave me a look every now and then when she broke herself away from her computer.  She's been obsessed with writing more and more as she gets older, says something about writing a masterpiece before she dies.  Mom's a great writer!  What wouldn't be considered a masterpiece in the future?  Oh well, it's a good source of income, she makes at least $15,000 a week in royalties.  I keep getting better and better at martial arts, every time I work at it, it seems like I get a new belt.  I've already done all I can with my athletic skills, just a few more strength workouts and it'll be supermaxed.

Anyway!  Found out soon enough why I kept getting sick.  Yup, morning sickness.

Everyone was thrilled, but I was a little bummed I couldn't work out with any of my equipment while I was pregnant.  Even if the doctors told me it was alright, like any of the family would let me do it.  Found a way around it though!  Worked out with the tv.

Didn't seem long enough, really, and I went into labor.  Made Bobo go back to sleep though, no sense in both of us staying awake at once.

And soon enough, my son was born!  I let Bobo name him, like Pop and Gramps before me.

Welcome to the world, Ramses!

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Re: The Pharoah Dynasty - 1 Immortal, 1 Death
« Reply #22 on: April 28, 2012, 07:23:04 AM »
A lot has happened! Congrats with the wedding and the nooboo. ;D

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Re: The Pharoah Dynasty - 1 Immortal, 1 Death
« Reply #23 on: April 28, 2012, 11:23:55 AM »
Wow you have been busy. Congratulations on the new baby.

Please follow the forum rules.

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Re: The Pharoah Dynasty - 1 Immortal, 1 Death
« Reply #24 on: April 28, 2012, 03:03:32 PM »
Thanks!  Yep, I... get bored when I'm not at work and my daughter's asleep.


13.  Hatshepsut - Another Immortal?

As soon as Gramps knew about Ramses (things get around fast in this house, I think men gossip more than women do), he pulled out the building plans and started changing the house again.  He didn't want the house to just be a ground floor for living and a basement for a few skills some of us might have, so he managed almost a full redesign of the above-ground part of the house.

He added posts around the outside of the house before building the upper story.  Gramps said he didn't want the upper story to be quite as big as the ground floor, but to have a deck around it so the family can sit outside.  Once more generations start living up there, I'm sure there will be quite a few objects out on the deck.  At least he had the common sense to add a little fence around the outside of the deck.  Who knows what idiots might fall off the thing if they could.

There are four bedrooms upstairs for four immortals (I guess), and Gramps said something about changing the bedrooms on the ground floor in another generation or so.  Kinda hope he doesn't forget.
[I'm definitely not a builder, but I'm still pleased with how this one's turning out.  I guess I've never really had to build on my own before though.]

Mom aged up just a couple days later.  She's still a pretty woman, and she still sits in front of her computer, still muttering things about a Masterpiece.

She didn't want to go grey either.

Next night, both Pops and Ramses grew up, too.

Haha, Ramses has Bobo hair!  He got a doll in the mail not too long ago, just like what Bobo was before he became real.  Is that the destiny of this one too?

I've been working on my board breaker, so Pop decided to help teach Ramses a few things.

Of course, Bobo and I don't want to be left out either, so we do what we can when we're not at work.  That's the good thing about having a couple old guys puttering around the house all day.  At least we know Ramses will get attention!

To be honest, I'm just glad Mom gets some time with her grandson.  They're adorable together.

I managed to finish my lifetime wish of Physical Perfection, as well!  I got my last belt in martial arts while training with my board breaker in the backyard.

Not bad, right?

Mom painted Pops' last portrait, his Elder one.  Gramps grabbed him and dragged him into the kitchen, whipped up a couple plates of Ambrosia, and made him dig in at the same time.

At age 70, Pops joined the ranks of the immortals!  Not bad, right?  He did it faster than Gramps did, from what I've been told.

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Re: The Pharoah Dynasty - 2 Immortals, 1 Death
« Reply #25 on: April 30, 2012, 10:52:46 PM »
So this has to be on hold for awhile.  We're in the process of moving and my husband is a genius and packed away the laptop.  Oh well, it'll be back on in less than 2 weeks, hopefully with Showtime added in.

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Re: The Pharoah Dynasty - 2 Immortals, 1 Death
« Reply #26 on: May 10, 2012, 04:20:44 PM »
So I sent Menes to France for a day with 10 Deathfish from Riverview in his pocket.  When he got back home, they were gone.  Ugh.


14.  Hatshepsut - Death to Papparazzi!

We now have two old guys wandering around the house all day.  Gramps still works at the Bistro, of course, but that's only three days a week, and only for four hours at a time.  Pops paints and sculpts almost all day long, in the same room he always did, and Mom still sits at her computer, typing away at her Masterpiece.

Quite a bit has happened, but I've been too busy to write anything down until now.  Where do I start?

Bobo tried to fix the dishwasher one day, I have no idea why, but he ended up getting a shock and set the freaking house on fire!  I was the only one who kept a cool head long enough to put the fire out, before Pops had the sense of mind to call the fire department.  Yeah, a bunch of men jumping around freaking out, and I have to be the one to fix it.

But uh... we all know a woman who looks like this can take care of her family.

Mom finally finished her Masterpiece!  It took her a long, long time, but she feels great now.  It's called "The Quest for Immortality", but, then again, all of her books are about our family, I think.

Of course, a tottering little toddler became a crazy child.

How can I tell he's insane?  He got into a fight with the dresser...  But he's a good looking kid.  He insists on wearing glasses all the time, but I doubt he really needs them.  Oh well, whatever makes him happy!

As soon as he got up the next morning (it was the weekend), he tackled the inventing table Gramps bought and put in the basement.

He likes to invent in his good suit.  Again, my baby is insane, but I still love him.

Pops has been getting a little stir crazy lately, I guess it happens when you work at home.  So when he decided to take a tour of City Hall (bad idea by the way, everyone else passed out on the front step afterwards), he was swarmed by fans.  See Pops?  That's what happens when you hermit yourself away for weeks upon weeks.

[There were a bunch of other people there, just didn't get them in the shot, I thought it was hilarious since he never leaves the house]

As for the title of this entry?  I was starting to meditate.  I'd supermaxed my Athletic ability (when you don't get worn out anymore, what else do you do?), so I figured I'd try what I'd been putting off for a long, long time.  Of course, I try to do it inside (Gramps keeps thinking about putting a giant fence up around the property) because of the Papparazzi constantly hovering around, but sometimes you can't always have it the way you want it.  I can at least Zeniport now!

And yes, I'm just that amazing.

Well anyway, two days in a row, while the dumb Papparazzi hovering around, Grim came to visit.  We thought he was coming for Mom, thank goodness he wasn't!

Pops managed to get his long sought-after portrait of Grim, at least!  He thought it was a nice tribute to Grandma.  She tried getting a portrait of him a few times, but it just never worked out for her.

And immediately afterward, Grim hurried into our museum and stood, staring at Pops' pieces that are there.  I'm fairly certain he knows what's going on, but only he knows what he thinks about it all.

In other news, Bobo has been promoted again and again at work, and so far, loving this outfit of his.

Ramses is doing really well in school!  But the insane little boy insists on running around the house a lot of the time singing (very badly, I might add) "Raaaaaamseeeeeeessssss!  The man in gauze, the man in gauze!"  I have no idea why, and frankly, I'm a little scared to ask.

...cookies to anyone who knows what his singing is from.  Ohyes.

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Re: The Pharoah Dynasty - 2 Immortals, 1 Death
« Reply #27 on: May 10, 2012, 04:42:11 PM »
Oh so you got the fish be gone bug when travellingad well? It removed the almost 300 angelfish that the mortals had caught just like that in my dynasty...

Congrats on the supermax though!

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Re: The Pharoah Dynasty - 2 Immortals, 1 Death
« Reply #28 on: May 10, 2012, 11:18:54 PM »
Yeah, incredibly annoying considering they're, well, Deathfish.  Oh well, Menes got at least 20 more the next couple days after he got back.  Trying to decide what to do with the Immortals after they're finished is... bothersome...


15.  Hatshepsut - A Different Kind of Prom

Ramses grew up in the basement by his inventing station.  Should have known he would hide himself down there for this.  It would have at least been nice to watch my little boy grow up, you know?

He says Vesper laughed at him the whole time.  I hope he doesn't try to make her real like I did with Bobo.  I love the man dearly, of course, he's just... I'm not sure.  Sometimes I think I just settled for him sometimes.  It's a good thing he won't read this...

Anyway.  He changed his clothes and went right back to his station, only to scare us to death when we heard an explosion and he ran upstairs to the bathroom with his pants on fire!

It would have been horrible if something had come from that.  Not only because he's my son, but also because of what it would mean for Gramps' future.  To get back at Evil Vesper for cackling madly at him for all of this (he says at least), he spoke a little madness to her.  At least it got her away from him for awhile.

Bobo wanted to bond a little with his son, so he wanted to teach him how to drive.  On Bobo and my birthday.  It's cool, whatever.

My husband decided to have an impromtu birthday party on the side of the road with Ramses.

While I had mine at home.

Pops immediately got to work on my portrait and Ramses'.  It took a couple tries, but he finally made a couple he liked and hung them up downstairs.  Apparently only he and Gramps have access to the museum for now, but I should be able to make it in a few years now.

In yet more Ramses-related news, he invited a girl from school over...

Her name is Christen, and Ramses couldn't help but follow her around like a puppy the whole time.

Of course... good things are always ruined by Grim.

Mom died.  She was 91 and had written three Masterpieces in her lifetime.  What a wonderful mother and wife, I miss her, but Pops misses her even more.  He just... stared at the bed they'd shared their entire married life together, as though he was lost.  He really started throwing himself into sculpting again after this.  Bobo was at the Spa after a particularly rough day at work, and I was at work, training for the next game, it's the only reason why we weren't there for it.

I felt bad for Christen after everyone told me.  She's an amazing girl, even though I've never met her, because she was kind and understanding, and let my crazy, neon-green-loving son cry on her shoulder.

Something must have clicked for him, and with one of his lucid moments, he took the chance to ask her to be his girlfriend.  Who could resist a Pharoah's charm?

Before she left for the night, Christen and Ramses worked on their homework together.  I got home around then, and she was very understanding while Ramses sniffled through their work.  I think I approve.  But make a mom like me angry, and I'll whoop your butt.

Ramses and Christen went to prom together that Friday, and he came back glowing like I'd never seen him before.  He only told me a few things before he went to his room, babbling to himself the entire time.  My son was named prom king almost immediately!  And he and Christen were the stars of the night.  Everyone thought they were amazing together, and they never left each other's side.  Even Bobo was smiling when he came home from chaperoning, and for a grumpy man, that's saying something.  He's put his crown and the picture of him and Christen on a new end table by his bed.

Lastly, Gramps finally upgraded the house like he'd been talking about.  Made Pops' room a little smaller, as well as Bobo and I's, giving Ramses his own nice-sized room to move in to.

Rest in peace mom.  Shari Pharoah, 91 years old.  Professional writer, wife, and mother.  We'll always love you, and we'll always miss you.

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Re: The Pharoah Dynasty - 2 Immortals, 2 Deaths
« Reply #29 on: May 12, 2012, 12:45:49 AM »
16.  Hatshepsut - A Time for Madness

Somehow Ramses got hold of the book and pasted in some conspiracies he's convinced of.  I didn't have the heart to pull them out, since he's going to take this over soon, so... here it is.

So I'm convinced the gnomes know something, they HAVE to!  How else would they move around, sneaking into every little nook and cranny of the house, spying on me and my family?  YES I know about the immortality, might have something to do with everyone else being insane.  But not me, oh no, not me, I'm the only lucid one here, cause I can SEE it.  The gnomes, they move, they multiply, they try to bit the bears, and they just, keep, popping, up!  THEY AGE!  See?  One's a baby, then he grows up.  Then there's another one, and IT'S starting to grow up.  The original ones?  They're carrying canes and have even longer beards now.  Everyone else say it's vestigial magic, but I say there's something a bit more... nefarious about them.  Watch, watch it and see, I'll prove it!

And Grim, oh yes Grim, HE has something to do with it too.  Why else would he take a stray dog in our front yard?  Huh?  HUH?