Author Topic: Singer won't perform sing-o-grams or for tips  (Read 5175 times)

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Singer won't perform sing-o-grams or for tips
« on: June 21, 2012, 03:56:37 PM »
I just signed my sim up as a singer.  She won't sing for tips or do the sing-o-gram opportunities.  I select the singer option, then the required action, but she just stands there doing that helpless action and the action icon drops off the actions bar.  I have also tried clicking on the job flag when it appears on the top right, but the same thing happens.  I quit the game and restarted my computer, but, it is no different.  Has anyone got any ideas of what I am doing wrong.  (Incidently, I have, in the past, played the ghost hunter career very successfully, so I know that I am doing the perform job action correctly.)

Update: I've tried acrobat and magician, both with the same negative outcome.

Please, can anyone help?


I notice that this has been read over forty times but there have been no replies.  So I guess that at least a few of the forty have had this problem.

I have finally found a solution.

When you first sign on as a performer, manually change the sim into their career outfit.  After the first time, they seem to be able to change their outfit automatically.

Hope this helps others, it took me several frustrating days to find it.
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