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Itty Bitty Paradise 2
« on: August 22, 2012, 05:05:56 PM »
Name:  Itty Bitty Paradise 2

Stats:  2 BR 4 baths or half baths (sorry, forgot to check on those!)

Price:  Furnished $136, 243   Unfurnished  $54,564

Lot Size:  10x10

EP/SP:  Pets, WA, Amb, LN, HELS, Gen, OLS, FL, ST

Store:  (TONS!)  The Dramatic Palm, Get Away Lounge Chair, Sheltering Ivy, Heliosolaris III, Grassy Frog Dresser, Playground Potty, Open Wide Bunny Trash Can, Tower of Much Knowledge, RockaBaby Crib, Faire Floor Lamp, Solace Snuga Bunny Deluxe Baby Swing, Wall Stuffs, Diamond Mirror, Lovely Luminosity Lamp, Dreams of Carrots Plant, Cloud 9 Counters, Magical Faire Door, Boeuf Gras Dining Chair, (from Old Town Set), Old Town Table, art: Flowers by Kate 2, by Kate Sterling, (not cc), Elegant Swirls Deluxe, Faire Folk Bench, Mother Brassbeard's Bird Bath, Handle on Luck, Pastoral Reflections Mirror, Wall of Greats, Leaflight, (Free with environment set), Double Root End Table, Theo's Contempo Coffee Table, Waves of Light wall lamp, Towel Drying Stand, Super Sim Television, Touch Down Coffee Table

Description:  This is a redo of my original house which had a few flaws.  Basically it looks the same so if you want to see pictures go here:

The original house overlapped the borders so the sides curled up.  I had to reduce the top floors a bit but they are basically the same.  I also had a lot of exchange patterns that had to be removed since several were missing.

It's very expensive but you basically would never have to leave home!  The ground floor is a garden with omni plants ready to harvest death fish!  Access is by elevator and yes, it does work.
The first floor up is kitchen/dining and seating.  Next up is bedrooms, one is a nursery, and a bathroom.  Next is playground for children.  Next is rooftop lounge with hot tub, bar and more toys.

The underground area features a really nice, (I think) lounge area with a fireplace quiet spot and a tv viewing area plus a powder room.  As you go down you'll find a small gym with a small pool, a kung fu area and finally a party room.  It is not the most attractive house on the block but it sure is efficient!

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