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The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 216: Alone at last
« on: September 07, 2012, 01:32:20 PM »
Welcome to the Aurora Immortal Dynasty.

If you like the story I'd love a comment. Feedback is always appreciated.

Introducing myself

Chapter 1: New in the Valley
Chapter 1.1: A meeting at the park
Chapter 2: While I was writing
Chapter 3: Early Days
Chapter 4: Opportunities come knocking
Chapter 5: Our first party
Chapter 6: Sylvester becomes a toddler
Chapter 6.1: Chris does a good deed
Chapter 7: A new house guest
Chapter 8: Ice cold Agnes Crumplebottom
Chapter 8.1: Sorting out a Bunch of issues
Chapter 9: Something in the way he moves
Chapter 10: Two surprise gifts
Chapter 11: It's my party and I'll cry if I want to...
Chapter 12: The morning after
Chapter 13: Sylvester's surprise birthday present
Chapter 14: Waiting for nooboo
Chapter 15: Heavy with chance of nooboo
Chapter 16: Two milestones in Agnes' boys lives
Chapter 17: Toddler madness
Chapter 18: Agnes acquires age and wisdom
Chapter 19: Working on the museum pieces
Chapter 20: Rikard becomes a child
Chapter 21: Chris almost misses the party
Chapter 22: The midlife crisis and the property mogul
Chapter 23: Sylvester graduates
Chapter 24: Rikard becomes a teen
Chapter 25: The girls teen birthday
Chapter 26: Selma chooses her way
Chapter 27: Sylvester makes a move
Chapter 28: Aged to perfection
Chapter 29: Young love
Chapter 30: Chris joins our ranks
Chapter 31: Prom night
Chapter 32: When the teens are away
Chapter 33: Helping hands
Chapter 34: Bring on the Parties!
Chapter 35: A little convincing
Chapter 36: Who want's to live forever?

The First Immortal

Chapter 37: Rikard becomes a YA
Chapter 38: The girls YA birthday
Chapter 39: A guest in the night
Chapter 40: A triple graduation
Chapter 41: Postcards and letters
Chapter 42: A black day at home
Chapter 43: Mourning
Chapter 44: New day, new jobs, new start
Chapter 45: Time to move on
Chapter 46: All we need is love
Chapter 47: Girls just wanna have fun
Chapter 48: The guys night out
Chapter 49: Wedding Bells
Chapter 50: A wild night
Chapter 51: Mourning again
Chapter 52: What normal people do
Chapter 53: What Auroras do
Chapter 54: A compromise of sorts
Chapter 55: Checking the list
Chapter 56: Nooboo on the way
Chapter 57: My biggest fan
Chapter 58: Agnes Cecilia
Chapter 59: Toddler training
Chapter 60: Birthdays and what has Sylvester been up to?
Chapter 61: The second heir raises herself
Chapter 62: A pool party and a visit from Grim
Chapter 63: Childhood
Chapter 64: Teenage attitude
Chapter 65: Rebel without a clue
Chapter 66: Bulking up
Chapter 67: Clueless
Chapter 68: Birthdays
Chapter 69: Drama at City Hall
Chapter 70: Testing my LTR

The Second Immortal

Chapter 71: Brooding
Chapter 72: Bachelorette yet
Chapter 73: Second thoughts
Chapter 74: Here comes the groom
Chapter 75: Expecting
Chapter 76: Waiting for a birthday
Chapter 77: Elise's toddler years
Chapter 78: Renovations
Chapter 79: Grim makes a visit
Chapter 80: Elise becomes a child
Chapter: 81 Racheal sees results
Chapter 82: It's a boy!
Chapter 83: A teen, a toddler and a ghost
Chapter 84: Guitar star
Chapter 85: Excited about Prom night
Chapter 86: Tradgedy
Chapter 87: Dealing with the changes
Chapter 88: Elise takes over
Chapter 89: Cecilia becomes an elder
Chapter 90: Elise graduates
Chapter 91: Food of the gods

The Third Immortal

Chapter 92: A secret love
Chapter 93: Elise's dilemma
Chapter 94: Confrontation
Chapter 95: Sneaky Simon
Chapter 96: A deeper friendship
Chapter 97: Graduation present
Chapter 98: Death on the beach
Chapter 99: Housemates
Chapter 100: Meet Frida
Chapter 101: Frida tells a story
Chapter 102: Elise turns adult
Chapter 103: Frida becomes a child
Chapter 104: Frida makes a friend
Chapter 105: Frida misses a ghost
Chapter 106: Frida's teen birthday
Chapter 107: Prom Day
Chapter 108: Life choices
Chapter 109: Elise becomes an elder
Chapter 110: A taste of ambrosia

The Fourth Immortal

Chapter 111: Frida becomes a YA
Chapter 112: Frida Graduates
Chapter 113: Frida goes to work
Chapter 114: Frida - is watching you!
Chapter 115: Frida goes a-courting
Chapter 116: A joke gone awry
Chapter 117: Mystery guest at the wedding
Chapter 118: Twin stars
Chapter 119: Simon becomes an elder
Chapter 120: Escaping the family
Chapter 121: Decorating the second floor
Chapter 122: Grim in the audience
Chapter 123: The plot thickens
Chapter 124: Confessions
Chapter 125: Result!
Chapter 126: TV time
Chapter 127: Meet Julia
Chapter 128: Nooboos grow so fast
Chapter 130: Goodbye Simon
Chapter 131: Spring rides takes the blues away
Chapter 132: A snob in the family
Chapter 133: I'm a princess
Chapter 134: Pool party
Chapter 135: I spy...a ruse
Chapter 136: Retirement
Chapter 137: Teen time
Chapter 138: The golden fox
Chapter 139: Slowing the hand of time

The Fifth Immortal

Chapter 140: To the tavern
Chapter 141: Deer!
Chapter 142: Stalker
Chapter 143: Not again!
Chapter 144: Young adult at last
Chapter 145: Date night
Chapter 146: A double cause for celebration
Chapter 147: Wedding night mishap
Chapter 148: Married life
Chapter 149: The circle of life
Chapter 150: Good tidings
Chapter 151: I've been expecting you
Chapter 152: I'm happy, very happy, quite content
Chapter 153: Grandmas training regime
Chapter 154: Networking and promotions
Chapter 155: The child and the adult
Chapter 156: School and remodeling
Chapter 157: Sunset Valley's oldest man
Chapter 158: The calm before the storm
Chapter 159: Did someone say fabulous?
Chapter 160: A bold move
Chapter 161: The queen is in
Chapter 162: I kissed a girl and I really liked it
Chapter 163: Shauna (of the soon to be dead)
Chapter 164: The word in school was...
Chapter 165: Next time - I pick where we meet up
Chapter 166: Greta grows up (marginally)
Chapter 167: Welcome to your party
Chapter 168: Interlude
Chapter 169: Ever heard of getting young in peace?

The Sixth Immortal

Chapter 170: A harsh truth
Chapter 171: The danger of drowning your sorrows
Chapter 172: A visit from the beyond
Chapter 173: A shared commitment
Chapter 174: In a nooboo state of mind
Chapter 175: Beata makes an entrance
Chapter 176: Say hello to your little daughter
Chapter 177: The last toddler
Chapter 178: Are we in a reality show?
Chapter 179: If dreams could come true
Chapter 180: Fashionista
Chapter 181: Tell me a story mom; part 1
Chapter 182: Tell me a story mom; part 2
Chapter 183: Tell me a story mom; part 3
Chapter 184: Tell me a story mom; part 4
Chapter 185: Tell me a story mom; part 5
Chapter 186: Tell me a story mom; part 6 (the end)
Chapter 187: The butterfly emerges
Chapter 188: Manning the wheel
Chapter 189: It's like I'm Invisible
Chapter 190: New military haircuts
Chapter 191: To boldly go (the split infinitive)
Chapter 192: It's called denial
Chapter 193: Ambrosia party

The Seventh Immortal

Chapter 194: YA party
Chapter 195: Most likely to offend
Chapter 196: First week on the job
Chapter 197: Oops!
Chapter 198: Stalking the prey
Chapter 199: Birthday fair
Chapter 200: The face of Outer wear
Chapter 201: The weatherman says
Chapter 202: Spooky Day
Chapter 203: Everything is better in costume a.k.a. How to make time pass faster
Chapter 204: Come take a ride in my space ship
Chapter 205: It just said click
Chapter 206: Simply Stylin'
Chapter 207: A key to success
Chapter 208: 4 days till elder
Chapter 209: An elder wardrobe
Chapter 210: The sweet taste of victory

The Eight Immortal

Museum exhibits and score

Chapter 211: The beginning of the end
Chapter 212: Taking care of business
Chapter 213: A wedding like no other
Chapter 214: How do you get time alone in this house?
Chapter 215: The long-awaited wedding
Chapter 216: Alone at last

Interested in playing one of the sims from this story? Download CC free versions from this thread.

Read the full bedtime story Greta read to Beata here.

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Introducing myself
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2012, 01:55:27 PM »
Hi everyone!

I'm Klara and I'm attempting my first official Immortal Dynasty (I confess to practicing a bit - but professional athletes do that all the time and get away with it so I think I'm in the clear).

I've read what feels like a million Immortal Dynasty stories and loved each and every one of them since I'm a bookworm . I'm already getting nervous about all the work I have to do, and I realize I probably should have been brave, but I'm neurotic instead. At least I get real mellow after one of my "episodes". I'm also a natural cook (because I refuse to survive on quick meals for eternity), a couch potato (I see a lot of beds, couches and chairs in my future - why not enjoy it?) and a hopeless romantic (well, who isn't?).

My LTW is to become a Professional Author and my career will be as a self-employed author.

Here's my new wardrobe. I bought it especially to fit in seamlessly in suburbia, but I think my stylist confused Sunset Valley with the set of Golden Girls. No matter. I still look fierce! 

Did you notice she actually gave me some sportswear? Like I'll ever use it ::)

Next time you hear from me I'll be in Sunset Valley - bye!

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Chapter 1: New in the Valley
« Reply #2 on: September 07, 2012, 03:30:28 PM »
Oh, you're here already? I was just playing some HumanInteraction on my MultiTab. I'm totally addicted to that game. Directing my Humans around and connecting with other sims is one of my favorite pastimes. I wish they'd make it more like real life though, getting my Humans married takes like forever!

Honestly though, I only went online to check where I'm meeting up with my new best friend Agnes (well, not yet, but I can hope right?). 

Wouldn't you know, she was at the place I was least likely to visit - the gym! Maybe my stylist wasn't so wrong after all.

Klara: Hi! I'm Klara and I'm new here. I'm looking for the library - do you happen to know where it is?
Agnes: Hello. Of course I know where the library is dear, but lets skip to the important question straight away. Immortal- of Decca Dynasty?
Klara: Ehm...Immortal?
Agnes: Oh dear, you haven't done this before have you?
Klara: No, but I've read...
Agnes: Reading is all good and well, but what you need is experience. Why don't you tell me more about how you are planning to get this done?
Klara: Um, well...

Agnes was really nice, not grumpy at all like some people claim. When I asked her about that, she said I would be grumpy too if people constantly tried to involve me in dynasty attempts without ever asking my opinion. I guess I see her point. Soon, we were thick as thieves and she was sharing some juicy gossip about what really had been going on in some of her previous dynasty attempts.

I told her about wanting to have Writing as my SuperMax and she got this really concerned look on her face. But she was nodding encouragingly so I kept going.

I was well on my way describing my plans of how I was going to max the writing career when she interrupted me.

Agnes: That's all well and good, dear. But what about ambrosia? What about painting? Who's your sculptor?
Klara: Well, I haven't really planned that far ahead. But...
Agnes: No buts, but the one behind. I'm moving in with you to organize this dynasty attempt or you'll never get past generation one.
Klara: That's really nice of you, but I really can't ask you to move in. You see the house is so new that, well, it isn't even a house yet!
Agnes: Why don't you let me worry about that, dear. You just focus on your writing TabCast.
Klara: Yes Ma’am.

Agnes probably saw how overwhelmed I was feeling so she gave me a hug. Even though I felt a bit ashamed about not having a house for her to move in to that hug made everything so much better.

I got to ride up to my, now our, plot of land in her fancy car. I'd never been in such an awesome car before. Agnes told me to enjoy it while it lasts, because as soon as we were there the car would be sold. I was in awe looking at everything just swishing by, and didn't even try to listen in on Agnes phone conversation.

Boy was I in for a surprise when we arrived. There was a house where there had only been grass a few hours before. Agnes just smiled at my amazed face and handed her car keys to the unassuming man in gray tweed. "Paid in full?" she asked, and he nodded in reply. I told her how nice the house was, and she got almost shy when I tried to compliment her. She just shrugged and said "Lets go explore".

Overview of the floor plan. Note the 6 bathrooms.

Kitchen with seating for 8.

The study, where I will be spending most of my time.

One of the spare bedrooms, now Agnes art studio.

Agnes bedroom.

Agnes en suit bathroom, mine is a copy only not pink.

My bedroom.

I spent the rest of that first day listening to writing TabCasts and writing my first novel in my brand new study. The name? You guessed it. It's called New in the Valley.

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Chapter 1.1: A meeting at the park
« Reply #3 on: September 07, 2012, 04:21:44 PM »
In Central Park

Agnes: Hi Chris!
Chris: Uh, shouldn't you pretend not to know me, it's only the first day in this file.
Agnes: Don't worry, I've already met the new girl and have her stashed up at Summer Hill Court. I managed to get hired for the painting - might go for sculpting as well. She's a bit wet behind the ears, so I can slack of if I want to - she won't know the difference.

Chris: Good for you Agnes! So, any room for me in the house? You know they love me at the forum. I be I'd get more people to read the story.
Agnes: Well, she hasn't decided on a spouse. Why don't you come with me and we'll see how you like her.
Chris: Sounds like a plan.

Chris: Hello, nice to meet you.
Klara: Nice to meet you too. Agnes didn't tell me she was having guests over. Had I known I would have prepared some refreshments.
Chris: Don't worry about that. I just wanted to come over to see if you wanted to marry me. Ehrm, I mean, to meet Agnes new roommate.

Klara: *totally freaking out*
Chris: Oh, tough crowd. See you around.

Chris ran out of there as soon as my panic attack started, Agnes was not happy. She muttered something about me needing stronger nerves, or I'd never reach immortality. I probably should have listened - but I was in my happy place. I think Agnes realized I couldn't be pushed around any way she wanted though. At least she didn't bring up the subject of potential husbands more that evening.

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Chapter 2: While I was writing
« Reply #4 on: September 08, 2012, 06:25:18 AM »
Remember the craziness last night? I'm trying to forget it. Today I went straight into my study and started my first romance novel. It's called Devil’s Bride . I admit to stealing some inspiration from what happened last night, since it starts off with a man telling a woman they are getting married - and her freaking out.

Anyway, Agnes was pretty busy as well. First she had a makeover (no I did not get pictures, she told me to mind my own, so I did).

Then she spent a lot of time in front of the mirror gussying up. I think the new hairstyle and makeup really suit her. She didn't pull herself from the mirror until someone rang the bell.

Agnes: Chris. I'm so glad you could come over. I want to apologize for last night. Klara was terribly rude, no nerves on that one. I'm already starting to worry about her.
Chris: Thank you Agnes. I must admit I was a little bit put off. It's not a reaction I'm used to, you know? Say, you look a bit different. Have you cut your hair?

Agnes: Oh Chris, you charmer, you. *flutters lashes* Sooo, you are looking mighty fine as always.
Agnes: If this was my Immortal Dynasty I'd marry you in a heartbeat.
Chris: Oh Agnes, you say the sweetest things.

Agnes: That's not the only sweet thing my mouth can do.
Chris: Huh

Agnes: So what do you say Chris. Wanna be my Toyboy, I mean man?
Chris: How can I say no to you.

Agnes: Will you be my Mr. Crumplebottom. Live in this house and work with me to straighten this Dynasty out.
Chris: Well, darling. That's an offer I can't refuse.

So, there was like major drama going on right outside the front door. Really great stuff I could have used for future books (borrowing is not stealing!). And where was I? In my study writing about life, not experiencing it.

I was so happy for Agnes when she told me (and Chris too of course, him marrying is a great idea, as long as I'm not the one he marries). I wanted to throw them a huge wedding party. A pretty white dress, cake and dancing all night long. But Agnes put her foot down and told me I had 1 hour to plan something. Then they were getting married no matter what.

I managed to drag up a wedding arch from the basement and there was a nice shrubbery out back, but that was as far as I got. Then I dashed of to change into my formal clothes, weddings are serious business to me you see. Agnes and Chris came out from "touring" the house (really only her room) and hadn't even bothered to change. When I complained she just told me to be happy they didn't get married in a bathroom. At my aghast expression she just rolled her eyes and whispered something to Chris about modern sensibilities. 

I cried. I'm not ashamed to admit it. Weddings always make me cry. I swear there were actual hearts dancing in the air. That's how loaded with romance this wedding was. (Note to self: write about hearts dancing in the wind. That'll be really moving. I'm sure to get a bestseller from that!)

After the wedding I expected them to go on honeymoon, somewhere romantic like Champs Les Sims or Al Shimhara (kissing in front of the pyramids, my heart is aflutter!).

Agnes told me not to be silly, there was so much work to be done. But Chris put his foot down and told his wife they were having a mini honeymoon. She smiled and said "yes dear" in that special tone she has. But secretly I think she really liked him being assertive.

Chris drove off with Agnes in his old beat up car, and me? Well I went back to writing again. Because, that skill and career ain't gonna max itself.

Agnes told me later Chris had taken her to his favorite fishing place, next to a waterfall. He had a picknick set up and they enjoyed the time out of the house immensely. Personally I think they just liked being on their own conspiering against me (Paranoid? Who? Me?). Agnes says they were just making up a checklist over what needs to be done.

When they got back Agnes gave Chris a makeover. Those pictures she was willing to share so here:

After that they locked themselves in Agnes, I guess their, room. After hearing giggling and some other sounds. I just turned the stereo up. Thankfully there are bathrooms between our bedrooms. I wouldn't want to wake up to banging noises when I finally get to bed.

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #5 on: September 08, 2012, 10:13:59 AM »
Between your founder's Golden Girls-inspired outfits, her complaints regarding how long it takes humans to get married in her game and Chris Steel getting a bit ahead of himself, I'm finding your story very amusing! Is Klara a self-employed author?

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #6 on: September 08, 2012, 10:32:51 AM »
I'm finding this rather amusing, just with the whole thing about Sims controlling us  :P
I'm glad that Chris won't be Gen 1's husband again because he's in too many stories. Try to go for someone original. But hands of Geoffrey Langraab, he's mine  ;D
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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #7 on: September 08, 2012, 11:35:02 AM »
Great start! I agree, these chapters were so funny to read. :D

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #8 on: September 08, 2012, 11:45:20 AM »
Thanks everyone! Klara is a hoot. She just cracked me up when I had her introduce herself to Chris and the next thing she does is freaking out ;D

@smartburn : Yep, she's an author. I'm hoping, hoping, hoping she'll pull through. Once you get past level 7 it really starts to become painfully slow.

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #9 on: September 08, 2012, 11:48:54 AM »
What a wonderful and hilarious beginning!  Klara is awesome.  She kind of reminds me of Claire Ursine with the freckles which just ups her in my esteem anyway.  I love your house and some of the patterns you've chosen for the walls.  I can't wait to see what happens next!
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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #10 on: September 08, 2012, 11:50:33 AM »
I love the freckles too, it's just too bad sims can't inherit them.

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #11 on: September 08, 2012, 03:21:37 PM »
Great start, and I love your writing style! Very original ;) Very funny on various occasions ("Paranoid? Who? Me?" That cracked me up) and freckles are awesome too. I love the house too. And dare I say it? Good luck! :)

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Chapter 3: Early Days
« Reply #12 on: September 08, 2012, 04:39:51 PM »
Another morning, another day in front of the computer. Who am I kidding? I live for this stuff (no literary, I do). So here's another picture of my digs, bored yet? Don't worry, you'll be soon. Ha ha, just kidding!

We are getting into a pretty nice routine. I, of course write all day long while simultaneously listening to Writing TabCasts. I sometimes feel like my only break from the computer is to load up another TabCast. But I'll soldier through (did you see what I did there? It's simile or a symbol, can't remember which, but it means I'm evolving literary wise don't you think?).

Chris leaves right after breakfast each day and heads over to the Consignment Store. Agnes tells me he's going to buy a camera. He sometimes buys stuff just so they'll get more things in the shop. But since we don't have so much money he can't really buy everything over and over again like Agnes said we should try to do. In the afternoons he's at work at the Bistro. He's a great chef, even I give him credit for that, and if he's cooking I can focus on my writing more. Yay me!

Agnes is tackling sculpting. She's moved on to ice already. I confess it's a bit loud - I'm so happy I have a stereo with great speakers.

I'm so glad I met Agnes, with her around life is never dull. And soon it's going to be even busier in the house because Agnes is having a nooboo! (I guess Chris was also part of if, but hey, Agnes is doing most of the work).

Honestly though, Chris isn't such a bad guy. I guess I just got into the habit of teasing him and complaining about him, you know? We are actually starting to get a long pretty well. Mostly because we share an interest in cooking, and it's nice to have someone to watch TV with when I have the time.

Here we are talking about the dangers of fire. I couldn't decide if he was scared or excited.

Personally I would probably freak out if something like this happened in our house. But Chris was all cocky and said there was such a minuscule chance of fire that it was laughable. That calmed me down a bit.

But after we went to bed I went up and checked the stove once (or twice, or four times or - all right I watched it like a hawk for four hours. Happy now?) Needless to say I was very tired the next morning.

I also try to spend time with Agnes, but all she is doing is reading her pregnancy books. Like that is going to make her pregnancy faster. (Oh, that's not the reason you read them? Moving on...) I usually end up playing some more HumanInteracton while sitting next to her, uttering a few "uhus" when she asks me something. She hasn't caught on yet.

When Chris gets home from work he spoils her with massages.

But as soon as the smoochy business starts happening I quickly lock myself in my study. I may be a hopeless romantic but people get a room! We are sharing this house, public decency laws apply.

Actually, I'm not really mad. They are kind of cute together. But seeing them together reminds me I have to get married sooner or later (I would much prefer later) and I get kind of stressed out. Stress is not good for me, it leads to me having an episode, and you know the rest.

The reason I don't want to find someone yet is that a relationship takes time and hard work (I'm a Romance writer I know about this stuff). I write about relationships, finding love, keeping the love alive in a relationship and all the different ways it can go wrong all day long. Right now I just want to focus on my career. Is that so wrong?

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Chapter 4:Opportunities come knocking
« Reply #13 on: September 08, 2012, 06:27:39 PM »
Maybe you're wondering why I have this sappy smile on my face? It's because I just completed my first BlackOp It's a living by finishing my second book, the previously mentioned Devil's Bride (I made the ending really good too, just like it's for Agnes and Chris).

Finally I'm doing something right in this Dynasty! I'm on top of the world! Can't wait to tell Agnes, bet she'll be proud. 

Klara: Hey Agnes, Agnes! *comes barreling around corner* Guess what, guess what! I did my first opp...
Agnes: What have I told you over and over? Don't disturb me when I'm wielding a chainsaw! I need peace. I need quiet. I'm an artiste - through suffering shall come greatness. DO YOU READ ME!
Klara: Sure *nervous laughter* and you are doing so great too. I'll just go back in my study and write; yes that is what I will do.

She's usually really sweet, but I'm just going to come out and say it - hormones. Seriously don't have a kid if you want to stay sane (I'm a bit unstable as it is so it will probably not affect me the same way - but who knows). Yet another reason for waiting to find that spouse. *I'm an artiste" *snickers* well, I'm Shakespeare myself.

Turns out Agnes probably had a reason for her bad mood. Because just an hour later the first pains really hit her. Naturally I had locked myself in the study hiding from Agnes chainsaw and Chris was at work, so she had to cope with the birth herself.

She later told me it felt like pushing a big stone sculpture through you know what . That was when I went to my happy place for a while. Now I'm pretending I never heard that. When I have a kid I'm going to let the pain hit me with surprise, I really can't deal with the worry. Need to compartmentalize.

Finally all that screaming cut through the music and I went to investigate. Luckily the actual birth was already taking place when I came into the kitchen (Honestly, it's probably a good thing Chris wasn't home. Ever since he started working at the bistro he's be grumbling about hygiene and stuff. Scares the beejezuz out of me. He would probably have tried to move Agnes because of sanitary reasons, I can just see how that discussion would have ended; Agnes with a chainsaw and Chris with some missing limbs.)

Sorry for getting of track, the birth occurred. And Agnes was so beautiful in the moment of giving birth (maybe it's not so bad after all?)

It's alive! I mean it's a boy!
We named him Sylvester (my suggestion from the hero of Devil's Bride ). He's brave and artistic. He doesn't do much though. Only eats or sleeps or screams. Oh Lord, does he scream. It's official, I'm now back to being glad I don't have a kid yet.

Chris was so happy when he came home. He stayed up the rest of the night just holding and snuggling Sylvester.

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Chapter 5: Our first party
« Reply #14 on: September 08, 2012, 07:27:45 PM »
The next day was Agnes Adult birthday and me and Chris threw her a party. I bought the cake and Chris invited people. Since the only people I knew in Sunset Valley were him and Agnes. I haven't been out of the house since we got it. When I say not out of the house, I mean it. Haven't stepped out the door. I'm hoping I'll get some opportunities that'll force me to leave my study (but not really, I have a comfy chair. I love my comfy chair).

Back to the party. Agnes blew out the cake.

That's when the fire started. The FIRE! Chris had told me there was only a minuscule chance of that happening. I now know what minuscule means. It means - as soon as there is a chance, a chance in Hades, IT WILL HAPPEN.

That's Mortimer, Agnes' nephew, screaming next to me. I'm trying to figure out if I should faint or not (ended up not, since you can't run from a FIRE if you're unconscious). Chris was smiling though, he apparently loves this kind of thing.

Luckily Chris and one of his friends managed to keep the fire under control until the fire department showed up. We even got some money from the insurance company (We have insurance? Agnes thinks of everything!). We could replace the table and chairs but nothing could be done about the rug.

I have since decided we're not getting a new one. That rug really was a fire hazard, and I'd like to keep them to a minimum, thank you very much. I've also decided what my second priority for LTR will be. Can you guess? Fireproof Homestead I'm eyeing you now. (No matter how much it would satisfy my neurotic soul to get that first, I really have to save my happiness points for Acclaimed Author, or I'll never manage to max writing and I will fail and be thrown out with the trash, much like the ashes from my old rug). Ok, rant over. Was it good for you too? 

Once everyone settled down again Agnes tried another cake. I was not in the room. I was actually standing outside the house, looking in through the windows. Guess my "opportunity" came sooner then expected.

She doesn't look much different, but she was spinning so violently that her hair got loose.

She spent the rest of the night shaking it up with her sister. I swear they were still dancing when I got up next morning, around 6.

Later that day came my first real opportunity to leave the house and go out and about in Sunset Valley. I went all the way to the Landgraab's mansion. Actually, it was just next door.

Nancy had called me with my second BlackOp Rising Writer, and all I had to do was give her one of my books. I Proudly handed her a copy of New in the Valley

Once I was done I let out some steam. I really had been going stir crazy at the house - it felt kind of great to get some fresh air. But books don't write themselves so I hurried back as soon as I felt more myself again.

Now I bet you're wondering who the hot chick with a clown party in her head is. It's me, me, me, ME! And the reason I'm so happy is becasue I just competed my LTW and can now call myself a Professional Author. And it only took me 2 weeks and 2 days too.

Now I'm off to buy Acclaimed Author and I'll be raking in money with a... a... a rake? Point is, I'll be making more money. And money is what life is all about (if you are trying to max writing, if you're not - then money is not what life is all about. It's all about ehm... ehm... something completely different).

If you're curious the amazing feats of literary skill that gave me the LTW was:
Fiction: New in the Valley
Romance: Devil's Bride (a best seller) and Scandal's Bride
Drama: Exploring the Valley: Inhabitants and personalities a collection of monolouges
SciFi: 1st or maybe 2nd contact

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Chapter 6: Sylvester becomes a toddler
« Reply #15 on: September 08, 2012, 09:07:51 PM »
Well, I bet you can guess what I'm going to write about in this chapter.

Here is the picture Agnes wanted me to show from Sylvesters birthday.

And here is the picture you can absolutely, never, ever, ever tell her I showed you. She'll kill me. I'm serious, I see chainsaws in my future. Aren't they a cute family though, everyone can have a bad pictureojdsifhwi0qeuev

Sorry about that. Agnes just walked in to get a book. She almost saw what I was doing.

Here he is as a toddler. Not as screamy as a nooboo and with slightly more movement possibilities. I think he'll look just like Chris when he grows up. Has his hair color and lips.

Breaking news! (or not) I have a new favorite MultiTab game. You see there are these  things flying around and you have to catch them, or shoot them or sometimes move them, and the some other things can just come hurling for you and you.... and I've lost you I see. Well, pardon me for trying to share  some new part of my life. I'll just go back to my writing then.

Confession time:
I confess to liking Sylvester a lot more now that he is a toddler. I also confess to sneaking in to his room on late nights or early mornings for a cuddle

and some playtime. As long as they're not nooboos kids are pretty ok. Maybe I can even get used to them by the time I'll get my own?

Chris took some time of work to care for Sylvester during some of his most formative days. Agnes was sprinting towards the finish line in the ice sculpture challenge and I was busy, busy, busy as usual writing my romance novels.

I'm really hoping to become a speed writer any day now. That'll make it possible for me to push out 2 till 3 fiction or non-fiction novels a day. Which will unlock the ability to write masterpieces. Masterpieces are imperative, imperative I say, in maxing the writing career. But enough about boring skill talk and on to cute toddler pictures.

As I mentioned earlier, Chris took teaching Sylvester his skills seriously.

Chris: And remember son, the most important part in a Immortal Dynasty concerns the catching of fish.
Sylvester: fishies?
Chris: I promise it's all about the fish. That's why I've been in so many. Because of my angler trait.

Chris: Of course, there is the finding and growing of seeds too. But I usually leave that up to the women
Sylvester: seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedsssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Chris: Then there is painting, your mom takes care of that.
Sylvester: painting, pretty, pretty picture
Chris: Yeah sure, but enough about that.

Chris: Remember what I said. Fish is the backbone of any successful Immortal Dynasty.
Sylvester: Fishies? fishies, fishies, FISHIES!
Chris: Yes, we'll call them fishies if that's what you want. Just repeat after me: catching fish is good.
Sylvester: fishies swimming, daddy swimming with the fishies!
Chris *thinks to self* what am I going to do with this boy?

Despite Chris lengthy attempt indoctrination teaching Sylvester to talk there was plenty of time to teach him other valuable life skills.

Like sitting down to pee.

Eating with your hands.

Walking instead of crawling.

After 3 weeks and 1 day I became a speed writer quickly followed by specialist writer (romance writer) 3 days later. I celebrated in style. With some downtime and HumanInteraction.

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #16 on: September 09, 2012, 03:08:07 AM »
Klara is doing great  :)
Still no signs of a nooboo on the horizon but I'm glad you're not rushing things (like I usually do  :P)
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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #17 on: September 09, 2012, 03:48:15 AM »
Yeah, most people seem to rush getting a nooboo in a dynasty,I however have other priorities. Since I choose writing as my SuperMax I felt I needed to focus a lot on that. The quickest I have ever SuperMaxed writing and the writing career in a test file was 36 days. Klara is not going to get there in such short time.

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Chapter 6.1: Chris does a good deed
« Reply #18 on: September 09, 2012, 05:20:11 AM »
On a quiet residential street.

Chris: I'm so glad you're home VJ.
VJ: Honestly I'm keeping out of the house most of the time these days.
Chris: Yes, it can't be easy living with two witches.

VJ: Well it's mostly all right. Mirja understands that we are different, but dad keeps muttering about "curing me of my foul ways once and for all". I have to admit it's been pretty tense.
Chris: It's clear you can't stay here, the decor alone should tell you that much.
VJ: Tell me about it! I keep wanting to spruce this place up but I get turned down each time. They won't even let me buy a larger mirror!
Chris: A snob like you really should have some pricey digs. Say what, you could come stay with us. We have a spare bedroom, and my boy Sylvester could really use someone to play with.
VJ: What a generous offer.
Chris: Really, I do insist.
VJ: Well, since you're begging so nicely.

Chris: *hums* Welcome to the Hotel California...
VJ: Where you talking to me?
Chris: Oh, sorry nothing..........*continues* You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave....

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Chapter 7: A new house guest
« Reply #19 on: September 09, 2012, 07:03:33 AM »
I'm so angry at Chris I could scream. Look what I saw when I walked out of my study this morning. Look! A half naked man on the floor. Seems his body wasn't the only thing being half naked, his head was too.

Anyway, my first thought was that I was having a hallucination (writing all night, pushing myself to the brink of exhaustion, you know, the regular). But it turns out this man (I use the definition of the word in the loosest sense possible) has moved in and set up here permanently. I wanted him out, but Agnes reminded me that's against the rules. So now I'm stuck with this overgrown child for the rest of his natural life. My only comfort right now is that he won't live forever.

After a few days of sulking, and writing progressively more violent fiction books (titles include: The the death of a man-child, No one mourns a man-child and Die, man-child die!), I was feeling a lot better and decided to get a grip on the situation. I called him into my study for a chat, deciding I might as well try to get along with him, or at the very least lay down the rules.

Turns out he has no job, didn't even graduate from High School (he was apparently to "busy" to attend) and thought he'd just spend the rest of his life lolling around in this house playing with toys! He was rude and showed an uncomfortable interest in my nice things. Apparently he's a kleptomaniac, that's what was keeping him to busy for school. I put down the law rather forcefully and told him that unless he got himself straightened out, and started helping around the house, I'd kick him out. Sure I was lying, but he seemed to believe me - so who's judging? It was for his own good after all. (Actually, I was desperate, he was really starting to get on my last nerve and I kept having visions of myself "borrowing" Agnes chainsaw and VJ suffering an "unfortunate" accident). I understand that sort of thing is frowned on, so good thing it all resolved itself right?

Klara: I'm so glad we "understand" each other. Here's a few things to get you started. MultiTab, change of clothes and a pamphlet on getting SWAPped titled Becoming a better you; Sims with Awful Personalities change their ways 5th Edition Published by the Schipperke Group.
VJ: Like I'm not already perfect?!
Klara: What was that?
VJ: Nothing, I'll just leave now.
Klara: And don't forget to do something about your hair too!
VJ: Yeah, yeah, whatever.

Luckily he took my advice and got a makeover. He's actually decent looking now. Him having hair is a huge improvement. And that mustache, hm, it's giving me ideas. Maybe I could write about an outlaw, someone who seems bad but is really nice on the inside (under many, many layers - kind of like an onion). I have it now! The amazing fantasy tale of Sorro. Inspiration calls, I'm of to my study.

A few days later Chris came and told me how happy he was to have his friend in the house. And would I know it he almost seemed like a different person. Oh, Chris! Sometimes I don't know what to do with you, you are really great with the big picture, but don't you know life is in the little details?

Maybe that's why his and Agnes marriage is working out so well. Agnes likes to micromanage and Chris just sails right past that on his big picture cloud. Hm, maybe that could be a lesson to me. Finding someone who's a lot different, maybe even the complete opposite of myself. That seems like a lot of work. I think I'll just settle for someone who is a bit more family oriented, someone to deal with the day to day chores of child care (I do like kids I promise, I just prefer the fun and easy parts - that's all).

VJ: ...and then I was like, I have to work to stay in this house? No one told me that! And she told me to get a hair cut, which turned out great if I say so myself, but all this studying and work stuff is really taking away from my me time. 
Chris: You like the mirrors though?
VJ: Yeah, the mirrors are great - you didn't lie about that.

After all that VJ drama it was nice to have a little celebration to ease the tension of the house. Of course, Agnes and I decided to hold it when Chris and VJ were out (Don't ask me what they are doing out and about every day, I haven't left the house since I wen't to the Landgraab mansion. I've completed my third and fourth BlackOp Correcting Past mistakes and A little Drama none of witch required me to get out of my chair. I've told you how much I love that chair haven't I? LOVE IT!)

Back to the celebration. It was Sylvester's child birthday and I felt calm enough to allow them a cake (ok, I admit it - I've bought Fireproof Homestead. So I was confident no fire would break out).

He did his twirly thing. Wonder if those sparkles tickle or hurt?

Sylvester aged up well and got a photographers eye. He's traits are: brave, artistic and photographers eye.

Here he is in his new clothes, his formal wear picture is larger than the others. He tell's me that's so you can all see how dapper he looks. Really? He uses words like dapper? Despite appearances he's mostly his mothers child. Don't tell Chris I said that, or do - I doubt he'll grasp my point. (See, here I go clanking down on Chris again - must be something he did.)

Sylvester spent the rest of the day, and night, playing with his birthday present.

Since VJ started on his improvement project I've started to see some good sides in him. At least he's always game for some late night playing tag - when I need a quick pick me up between books.

Between Agnes sculpting and painting, Chris work at the Bistro and my book royalties we are starting to have some capital to invest. Since I'm not yet and adult the family meeting (me and Agnes if you want to know) decided to spend our money on fixing up the yard. There will be several photos. The main improvements include: a pool, a separate walled garden for VJ to work in, outdoor seating for parties and some nice trees (just to make the house look more imposing - keeping up with the neighbors you see). The flowerbeds were my idea, makes the whole house look more inviting, don't you think?

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #20 on: September 09, 2012, 07:44:34 AM »
Wow that house is beautiful  :o
And I burst out laughing at the titles of her books  :P
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Chapter 8: Ice cold Agnes Crumplebottom
« Reply #21 on: September 09, 2012, 08:00:23 AM »
Agnes finally figured out how to make non-melting ice sculptures and called me in to her studio (really, it's the back hallway). I had been hesitant to disturb her while she was sculpting since the "incident" the night Sylvester was born. I wasn't feeling so confident standing so close to her weapon of choice, so I tried to look tough.

Unfortunately her first attempt was somewhat flawed.

And the second one just cracked into tiny little pieces. By the time she was starting over for the third time I was getting a bit light headed. Really, I'm not used to standing for extended periods of time.

The painting was a bit better , she just had me pose from different angles and then I got to go back to my computer and comfy chair. Just two more books now till I'm a prolific writer. (I completed that challenge on week 4 day 6 when I turned in my fifth BlackOp A history of one titled The life and times of River McIrish).

I'm really glad I insisted on putting in flowerbeds, they make a fantastic backdrop - if I say so myself (and I do).

If you were looking for proof of my claim that Sylvester takes after his mother, look no further. He's a surprisingly quiet child (surprising to me since he was screaming his head of as a nooboo) who seems to enjoy being by himself and focusing on his art. His biggest wish is for a camera. Chris hasn't been able to get one yet (but since we have a little more money now he makes some big purchases at the Consignment Shop)

This was Sylvester's first painting. It's titled Mom and me. I can so see that come back biting him when he grows up and wan't to be more cool. Which is why I'm showing this to you, so you'll always remember he's a big mama's boy. Agnes would not approve, but realistically I will have to live with him for the rest of his life, sometimes it can be good to have dirt in order to "persuade" someone to your way of thinking.

Sometimes Sylvester spends time with the guys though (usually when Agnes and I are occupying the couch with one of our gossip sessions).

Chris: I'm really impressed with how you're cleaning up your act. The wife commented on it the other day too.
VJ: It was slow in the beginning but I have been getting more and more into it as I go along. Gardening really has become a passion of mine.
Sylvester: Daddy didn't you say gardening was something better left to girls?
Chris: Sylvester, you are obviously mistaken. I would never say such a sexist thing. Why don't you clean up that plasma juice the maid left out on the floor before going to your room and painting some more?
VJ: So, gardening is just for girls?
Chris: *waits till Sylvester leaves* No, no - I just told him that to make him feel better. Painting is what really is for girls. Outdoorsy stuff like what you and me are doing? That's manly really, really manly. I wouldn't dream of believing anything else. Say, anything else you are working on before getting SWAPped?

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #22 on: September 09, 2012, 08:13:03 AM »
And I burst out laughing at the titles of her books  :P

Coming up with book titles is really one of the more challenging thing when you are writing 2-3 a day. So I decided to keep them in theme with the story.
I swear, sometimes I think Klara has the dramatic trait - or is that just me?

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Chapter 8.1: Sorting out a Bunch of issues
« Reply #23 on: September 09, 2012, 08:41:49 AM »
At the Bunch house (really, you hadn't guessed?)

VJ: Listen, what we had was fun and all. But I'm a YA now, I can't be dating a teenager.
Lisa: You've never let things like that stop you before! What about love? Sticking it to the man? Being young and wild?
VJ: Lisa, honestly, we weren't that much in love. You didn't even let me kiss you.
Lisa: *wails* I can't believe you are breaking up with me! Me! I'm perfection incarnate! You'll never find someone as good as me.

VJ: I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings Lisa. But let's still be friends ok?
Lisa: Can't you see my heart is breaking?
VJ: Please Lisa, once your mood swing is over I'm sure you'll come to see this like I do.
Lisa: Mood sing? How dare you! I'll swing something all right! I'LL SWING FOR YOUR HEAD!
VJ: Oookay, I'll be leaving now. Talk to you later
Lisa: Come back here you imbecilic! I haven't even found a weapon yet.

VJ: *thinking to self* Who could have guessed, you really learn something every day. Note to self, don't talk to women about their mood swings no matter how accurate.

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Chapter 9: Something in the way he moves
« Reply #24 on: September 09, 2012, 10:09:01 AM »
I admit I could have been wrong about VJ. He's really working hard on his gardening skill and that's good for me too you know. So, he's in my good book now.

The garden is really massive. I mean, it takes him most of the day just to get through the weeding and harvesting. If we hadn't invested in sprinklers I don't know if he would have coped. He's still showing his inappropriate trait though, with insisting on gardening in his nightclothes. I hope he washes them before bed, otherwise poor Sylvester will have some issues.

All right! I admit it. I don't think there is anything wrong with him at all. We have had a lot of deep conversations in the evenings. (What else was there to do? Sylvester is sleeping and Agnes and Chris lock themselves in their room). He's told me some things about growing up in the Alvi house. His brother seems ok, but the dad? No sense of humor, it's no wonder VJ didn't learn right from wrong!

He even told me what his name is (you didn't really think VJ was his real name did you?) Turns out he has a good reason for just calling himself VJ. You would too if you were a boy christened Victoria Josephine (first he tried to convince me his name was Vic Joseph), but he later confessed he was named after his dead mother. Apparently his dad thought he was a girl when he was a nooboo. So, I think most of his issues probably stem from that misunderstanding. It's a good thing that a Sim can always reinvent her- or himself.

He had a good cry on my shoulder about that, I feel that it brought us closer together.

Ever since that night he has been very attentive and today he brought me some flowers. (Pink? Really? They clash with my hair). I didn't tell him that though, maybe he's color blind? I hear it affects guys more often. Regardless of poor color choices it was really a sweet gesture.

His next move wasn't sweet though, it was more unexpected. We were talking and suddenly he was kissing me. I know! HE KISSED ME! I didn't know what to think first - I was more stunned than anything else. Actually, I was speechless. Can you imagine me with nothing to say? Yeah, me neither. But it happened.

He told me he had started to develop feelings for me for some time now (that's not the exact way he put it but I was in sort of a daze so I can't remember the exact words).

Then he asked me out on a date. I really should have been going to bed, it was my adult birthday the next day you see and I wanted to throw a party. But he just looked at me with his puppy eyes. And I melted. Sometimes being a hopeless romantic means other people can persuade you to do things you probably should not.

We went to the bistro, luckily Chris had the night off, I don't know what I would have done if I met him. I was just stunned to be on a date at all. It was all very romantic (I predict a lot of candlelit dinners in my future books, especially now that I know how romantic they really are).

Then we spent some time just hanging out watching the stars. The Bistro had already closed down and we were the only people around.

When we got home. Yes, you guessed right. More kissing. But this time I was prepared.