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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 58: Agnes Cecilia
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Such a cute toddler, but oh-oh... she may be called Agnes-Cecilia more often than not.  :D

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Chapter 59: Toddler training
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Rikard taught Cecila the essentials first. Knowing how to go potty is one thing a sim can't do without.

Cecilia was more interested in playing with the dollhouse than learning anything.

Cecilia *thinking* And then the rebell ate the little politician! Hahaha...

We gave her nourishing food to help her develop.

I tried to teach my baby to talk.

Selma: Mommy has to go to her job soon, can you say job?
Cecilia *thinking* All I know is that my job is to make your job harder - so no, I don't think so.
Selma: Come on honey, you can do it. Repeat after me J O B. Oh, we'll work on it later, my carpool is here.
Cecilia *thinking* My work is complete.

Selma: Come one honey, talk to me. Mom's boss will be here soon and I'll have to go aske her for a raise again.
Cecilia: Bosses are bad!
Selma: No, bosses can be good, as long as they give you a raise.

Cecilia: I don't want a job. I just want to listen to music.
Selma: Everyone one needs a job honey, and with a job comes a boss. You can listen to music in your free time.
Cecilia: I don't want a job, you can't make me get one. You're not the boss of me!

Selma: I am the boss of you, becasue I am your mom. And you will get a job - but not untill you are older.
Cecilia: I'll never get old then.
Selma: You'll get old, but I promise you'll never die honey.
Cecilia: I still don't want a job - or a boss. And I don't want to be old either!
Selma: Agnes Cecilia, you will get a job. That's final!
Cecilia: Fine! *thinking* I'll just get one you won't approve of, that'll show you!

Once we had Cecilia talking the rest was easy. She seemed to get along great with her dad (can I see a pattern?)

With me working on my career and Rikard busy in the garden Cecilia had a lot of time on her own.

Luckily daddy was always ready to play with her - and sometimes scare her a little.

Or steal her candy. Funny, I don't remember him ever doing that to me or Emelie.

Sylvester worked on her portrait.

And at the end of each day, she was finally exhausted enough to fall asleep.

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Chapter 60: Birthdays and what has Sylvester been up to?
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Rikard's time to age up to adult came around. We only had the family around.

Once the sparkles cleared he was all right, no midlife crisis. Hope I get as lucky tomorrow.

That night Sylvester came home with pictures. Of his children! He and Cari are still not planning to get married but they've managed to have three kids without us knowing? I never knew Sylvester was that sneaky!

His oldest is a son named Corey, he's already a teen. He has the Crumplebottom blond hair but the rest of him is Frio and Ursine.

He also has toddler twins.

The first girl, Racheal, is an Ursine through and through, but she's got Agnes eye colour.

The second girl, Wanda, is more Frio than anything else. Maybe the Steel lips will make a comeback with her?

Now that we know of them, I hope we'll get to see more of them. Wanda and Racheal will probably go to school with Cecilia, and I'm hoping she'll get to be great friends with them.

And then it was time for my and Emelie's birthday.

We escaped the dreaded midlife crisis as well, this is great. I'm steadily working my way up the ladder in the sports career and Emelie is already at level 8 in the medical field.

Mom and dad have taken time of work, which means Rikard gets to take care of the whole garden (he's exhausted every night), and mom just skips working on her novels. I understand why, they have to use the time they have left together wisely. Besides, mom will have forever to work on her novels later.

Cecilia spends a lot of time with mom and dad, and I'm almost afraid mom will turn her into a couch potato like her.

A sure sign that mom indulges dad is that I caught them playing tag the other day. Two old people playing tag is more amusing than exciting to watch. After about three steps at least one of them stops and pants, letting the other come up and say "you're it" - and the whole thing is repeated ad nauseum. 

My baby is growing up so fast! Today is her child birthday.

Cecilia demanded a hat, this was our compromise. I told her it's always sunny in Sunset Valley, but she isn't listening to me. Sometimes I think she does things just to be contrary.

Now you can really see that she is more of her "own" person than I ever was. She's so lucky not having to grow up looking like her mother (even though I think I look wonderful, I remember how awkward that was when I was a teen).

She also insisted on all pants. She claims she's rebelling against the "systematic use of skirts to make girls look silly" - I just think she tries to rebel against something too hard. Honey, I'm the last person to force you to wear something you don't want to. I'm starting to become more worried about her teen years the older she gets.

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Chapter 61: The second heir raises herself
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Do you like the chapter title? It's actually grandmas latest book - it's about me Agnes Cecilia. Yeah, I know I'm supposed wait my turn to write, but I'm rebelling.

Here's me thinking about maybe pulling a prank.

I ended up not doing it though, I'm not very good at this rebellion stuff. Especially not when I don't have an incentive.

Grandad is one of my favorite people, but when he pinches my cheeks he makes me mad. (He knows I hate when he does that, but he's evil so he kind of enjoys it).

It does give me incentive though.

If only I was evil too, I would sooo be fiendishly delighted right now. Instead I'm mostly worried I'll be caught.

Hahahaha, I got you good VJ!

This is me on my first school day. I was all alone on the bus, I'm kind of nervous, and scared. I heared there are lots of kids in my year, what if I don't get along with any of them?

It's a good thing granddad has time to help me with my homework, because I really need it. My teacher says I have a talent for stirring up trouble rather than getting good grades. What does she know? She's the man, and I plan to stick it to her. (Or I would if I wasn't a bit afraid of her).

Granddad says grandma doesn't like kids very much, but I think she likes me pretty OK. She even made me my favorite food, Porchini Risotto, when I asked for it.

Here's a picture of the second prank I played. I got mom in the shower!

She's really hard to prank, since she's almost never home. All she does is work, work, work. Dad works too, but he's at least home a lot. If I ever get a job I'll work from home, the best thing with that is I don't have to have a boss.

The coolest grownup I know is my granddad. He even plays in the sprinklers instead of working - I want to be just like him when I grow up.

School wasn't so bad. I met my cousins and went over to their place after school. Their house is not as crowded, and there are no snooping grownups.

This is Wanda and me doing homework. I don't really care about school, but I'm too scared of my teacher to not do my homework.

When we finally finished homework, we had a pillow fight. It was fun.

Then I played rock, paper, scissors with Racheal. She likes music just like me. I've decided we are going to be best friends. They have a big brother too, but he wasn't home. That's good, because boys - yuck!

Speaking of yuck. This is why I'll never invite someone from school back home. They don't even get dressed, they just hang around in their sleep wear all day.

Grandma says I'll want to kiss boys when I get older. Like that'll ever happen. I'm not getting married either, no matter what mom says.

Speaking of mom. This is all I saw of her today, she met me in the gate when I came home from school. All she said was "do your homework". And I said "you can't make me!" But then I did it anyway because my teacher is scary. I think she's secretly a simbot.

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Chapter 62: A pool party and a visit from Grim
« Reply #124 on: September 28, 2012, 12:36:37 PM »
So, what do you think about Cecilia's literary efforts. Mom says she sees real promise there. I'm happy that she seemed to enjoy it, maybe I'll be able to hand of this writing thing early.

I of course complained about her writing and said she was never to do it again. Really my girl is so easy to read. She's never happy unless she has something to rebel against. Which makes her easy to steer in the direction I want her to. Like one of the Sim Fu masters said, know your enemy (or in this case your daughter).

Lets get back to our update shall we.

Sylvester's elder birthday arrived and we decided to go to the pool for a party. We had a slight miscalculation with the cake (since there was no table to set it up on) but he didn't care so I let it go.

Sylvester's children were there of course. We had brought a hopscotch court, so they were well entertained until we had time to monitor them in the pool. One of our former paperboys showed up, he's in Cecilia's class and she seems rather taken with him. Must be because mom muttered something about paperboys "not being the right kind of boy for her". I'll have to talk to mom about small kettles having large ears.

The party was a success, and Emelie was relaxing, since the hospital was close enough to rush someone to in case of emergency.

We stayed late in the night and waited for Sylvester to age up without the cake. We even had some time for a family chat (me, Rikard and Cecilia) that hasn't really happened for a while because of crazy work schedules (mine mostly) and Cecilia being in school the only time of day I'm not at work.

Thankfully Sylvester aged up before Cecilia had go home because of curfew. She would have hated to have missed it. Ever since she became friends with his girls he's become something of a favorite.

Here he is now, pretty spry for an old guy. He's got a whole new wardrobe too.

Next day after school, Sylvester started making Cecilia's sculpture.

Emelie decided to do some out patient work, at the graveyard. She was starving, but luckily I had doled out some of the rations of dried food I brought back from China, so she was fine.

I'm not sure about her patients though, her methods seem suspicious.

And then, what we all had been waiting for, but pretended was not going to happened, happened. Dad was mostly annoyed at being interrupted when reaching for more of mom's homemade Dim Sum.

Klara: VJ! Don't leave me!

VJ: You'll be fine sweetheart! You have our girls and that scrapper Cecilia will keep you busy. Write about me will you? And I'll see you sooner or later.
Grim: Hi, I've read all your books, I'm a big fan could you just...
Klara: Leave!
Grim: Another time maybe?
Klara: I said leave!
Grim: All right, see you...later.

Klara: Oh, VJ. How will I live without you? I miss you so much.


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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty-Chapter 62: A pool party and a visit from Grim
« Reply #125 on: September 28, 2012, 02:13:23 PM »
How many updates did you write today? Whatever you had for breakfast... I want some of it!  :o

I'm really taken in by Agnes Cecilia. I love her frankness. On the one hand, she is rebellious. On the other, she fears disapproval.
So nice, that both Klara and Selma agree that this little one writes really well. Especially, because there is such a strong mother/daughter theme running through this story.
Oooh, naughty Sylvester, to keep such exciting news to himself!!!
Aw! VJ's passing affected me more than I thought. I've always given him a wide berth in game play. But your story has totally changed my view of him.
Excellent work, saltpastillen, and very much appreciated! :)

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty-Chapter 62: A pool party and a visit from Grim
« Reply #126 on: September 28, 2012, 03:39:09 PM »
Thanks for your kind comments. I'm upset about VJ too, he was the perfect foil for Klara's personality and he and Selma had such a great relationship. As for Agnes Cecilia, she's all about the frankness and sticking it to the man, even if she's not always successful.

I still have a ton of back log to update, but even the very powerful tea I drank won't let me do much more today. Maybe tomorrow. I just need some more playing time to get more inspiration.

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty-Chapter 62: A pool party and a visit from Grim
« Reply #127 on: September 29, 2012, 04:46:53 AM »
I never thought I'd say this, but I will miss VJ. Poor Klara... :(

Excellent set of updates.

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Chapter 63: Childhood
« Reply #128 on: September 29, 2012, 06:30:30 PM »
Mom said I wasn't supposed to write until I'm older. But grandma said I could do it if it would cheer me up, so ha!

Everyone was very upset when grandpa died. Grandma locked herself in her room for two days. Everyone was worried she'd get sick. She didn't even come out when I told her we were eating pizza. Or when I turned up the sound of the TV. She usually loves to watch tv.

Mom said I could invite friends over to cheer me up. I would rather have grandpa back - even if he and grandma would be kissing and other stuff.

Anyway, I asked Racheal home after school. Grandma was feeling better and making sushi (it's her favorite). Racheal never had sushi before. She says they only eat salad or cereal at her house. Grandma told me that we eat more diverse (that means different kinds - I learnt that in school) food because of my other grandpa Chris ( the one that died before I was born) used to be a famous chef at the Bistro. And before he died he taught grandma all his secrets.

After we did homework we played George and the Dragon. I was George and Racheal was the dragon. I chased her all around the yard. She is really fast! Mom says she could be a sport star if she keeps it up.

After Racheal went home I went to sleep in my room. I have pictures of me and grandpa over my bed. It feels nice. I miss him a lot.

Here is a picture of my museum stuff. Dad took a picture of me when we were roasting marshmallows by the pond. It's nice, but I'm not allowed to light the fire if I'm by myself. I want to do it more often than the grownups have time to help me. I'm thinking of sneaking there and giving it a go myself. But it's right outside mom and dad's window. So, I'll probably not risk it.

Mom bought the park in front out house. It's called Summer Hill Springs. She built a house with bathrooms and a TV room, and a graveyard. Grandma says she's going to put grandpas grave there, and he might come out so we can see him. It sounds scary.

I was not very excited about a graveyard. But mom also ordered a HUGE playground. I've tried out everything, and it's really fun. I will show you!

There are swings.

A slide. It's kind of scary. And fast. That's why it's scary.

Lots of spring rides!

More swings. They're my favorite.

There's even a fire pit. I haven't really worked up the nerve to light it myself.

Here is mom's museum stuff. It's for the adult part.

Grandma let me add a picture of me on the swings to my museum stuff. She says it won't count but I can keep it there anyway. I plan to count it anyway - she can't stop me!

Tomorrow is my birthday. You can all come if you want. Mom is having a party, and she's invited all my friends from school. Even the ones who are already in High School. Racheal and Wanda have their birthday tomorrow too. I wonder if they will have caked up before my party? I have to go, school night.

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Chapter 64: Teenage attitude
« Reply #129 on: September 29, 2012, 07:21:57 PM »
Yay, you came! (It's me Cecilia - or Cia as I have decided to call myself from now on, since it's cooler.)

Most of the kids from my year have already become teens, that's Wanda (the blond) and Racheal (with the headband) behind me. Becoming a teen was a big step, I didn't really want to grow up, but I didn't have a choice.

Teenage life started with a bad hair day. And I became a great kisser, since I realized that boys might not be so yucky after all.

I decided to tough it out, and not have a makeover until after the party because there was cake. That's Nick Collazo, he has a younger brother that is practically a twin or clone or what you'd call it. I'm lucky I don't have that to deal with.

Racheal is excitable and thought us having the same birthday was sooo cool. I'm so glad I decided we would be friends. She always cracks me up.

When everyone had left I got my makeover. I'm rocking the look if I say so myself.

This is my new room. It's soo cool. That's real concert posters mom took home from the stadium!

And they got me a guitar! I'm going to be a rock star! (That's my LTW by the way. Grandma it happy because it's artistic. Mom is unhappy because she says I'll never manage to SuperMax guitar. I'll just have to show her different don't I?

First day of High School. The bus driver was totally giving me attitude, but now I'm not scared of her anymore.

One thing hasn't changed though - homework still sucks. (And my teacher is still scary. Like I said before, total simbot!)

My first weekend as a teen, and I get to have a sleepover! There are lots of kids in my grade, I've met 9 so far, and there are more starting soon. Grandma cooked almost ten different dishes, she said a group of teenage boys can eat more than an average city block, they didn't really finish it all of, but it was close.

After all that food we needed to do some dancing. That's my cousin Corey in the counter. He's graduating soon. I'm dancing with Donell, he's rebellious like me. I think we'll have a beautiful friendship.

After the food, and the dancing, we went to sleep. Most put down their sleeping bags in the front yard.

Me and Quentin (totally cutie, who used to deliver out paper) found some privacy in grandma's study. We talked for what seemed like hours before blacking out.

The next day Quentin called and asked me to prom. How could I refuse? Mom was not happy, neither was grandma. Apparently paperboys aren't "good" enough for dynasty girls like me. (I confess their arguing made me want to go out with him even more). So here's me heading out to meet him and the limo he was waiting in.

I was only a little late, and he left without me! Just rolled down the window and said - meet you there! That's so anti establishment, I like it!

Here he is arriving at prom. He has his dads old tux (kind of dorky?)

By the time I arrived I met two new girls (there was almost only boys in my grade before). We're up to thirteen kids in my grade now! Mom says they were only seven kids when she was in school.

I was voted prom queen. Quentin asked me to go steady (and thinking of mom and grandma's annoyance I gladly said yes). I also had my first kiss - he was quite taken. I guess I really am a good kisser. And I got a picture to take home, it's a bit to corny to my taste.

Racheal says I look kind of butch in the photo. Maybe she's right? Quentin didn't seem to mind though.

Other news: grandpa has been spotted haunting the old Landgraab mansion next door. No one has lived there since Malcom mysteriously disappeared. There are rumors it's haunted, and not by VJ - by Malcom's parents.

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Chapter 65: Rebel without a clue
« Reply #130 on: September 29, 2012, 08:33:56 PM »
[Klara's Note: I'm writing a exploitative nonfiction novel about teenage life today. And have asked Ceci...Cia to give me some insight into what she and her friends are up to after school. It seems things really haven't changed much from when I was young. They still feel as misunderstood by the adults as I felt so long ago. Though I do think Selma's free approach to child rearing is causing Cia some special problems, she seems to have been feeling rather down lately.]



My mother is ruining my life!

I'm miserable. And it's all mom's fault!

I don't have any problem standing up to authority, sticking it to the man ot even skipping school to show the world that I'm my own sim not bound by society's rules.

But it's really hard to rebel when everything you do is met with a vague smile and a "do whatever you feel like, dear." It's so patronizing! I bet she says it to annoy me, but she get's me every time. It's almost enough to make me want to get on honor roll and be valedictorian just to show her, but that would mean spending more time with miss simbot, so I don't think so.

Maybe if I got arrested? Yeah, that'll show her!

Today's Friday, perfect time to implement my plan to get a rise out of mom.

Plan 1: Skip school.

Hanging out in the park across from school - the truancy officers are bound to see me. (3 hours later - still no sign of any truancy officers).

Waiting for someone to take me to the principals office became boring, so I worked on my guitar skill instead.

Plan 2: Staying out after curfew.

Called a few of my friend from school and asked them to meet me at Mick's. My cousin Corey was there, he was pretty good.

Quentin was there, and Claudio (he's my study partner in simlish grammar). Quentin was awkward, and became upset when I talked to Claudio. So what if he flirted with me a little? A lot of guys flirt with me, that doesn't mean I go around kissing every new guy I see.

When I told him to calm down Quentin stormed out of there saying I had issues. Whatever!

I was really angry at him, so I might have flirted back when Claudio talked to me again. Serves Quentin right.

The night was a total bust on the mom front. The police never came for me, and when I got back home around two in the morning mom was up watching TV. I was all prepared she'd start yelling. But she just said "had a nice night? Wanna watch some TV?" I swear she's a freak! No one else's mom would say stuff like that.

Saturday night I had some people from school over. I was just telling Nick he was a total sweetie for planning to buy flowers to Kate (a new girl who is seriously cool and moved here from Bridgeport two days ago) when Quentin came rushing in the kitchen and accused me of cheating on him! Then he told me I wasn't allowed to talk to any other guys, since I had agreed to be his girl.

I got so mad. Who does he think he is! Just because I agreed to being his girlfriend doesn't mean he gets to decide what I can and can not do. So I called him and Llama, his mom a Llama and everyone in his family freakish Llamas.

He was all self righteous and did a silly impression of me (I will not repeat it - all you need to know is it was dumb).

All that did was make me really mad. So I told him we were through.

I told him I'd never be with a guy stupid enough to think he could order me around like some dog or cattle. Sim women and men were equal, and he clearly wasn't evolved enough to realize we weren't living in the dark ages any more (or something like that, there was a lot of screaming anyway. But that was the point I wanted to get across).

Cia: And if I ever see you at my house again I'll tear your heart out!

Sunday I spent with dad and aunt Emelie working on my museum exhibit. It was nice to have a day without boys and their crazy ideas about how girls should behave.

Monday I felt better and decided to try Plan 2B: Staying out after curfew and doing something clearly illegal.

Luckily I had become good friends with Kate, she met up with me at the pool and she shared some tips about how to get in trouble, she's clearly a pro (That's why she's here. Her parent's sent her to live with an aunt since she got in so much trouble in Bridgeport).

I could also have asked Racheal, but she's a bit to sweet to come up with pranks worthy of the police getting involved.

I ended up egging a house. It was both exhilarating and nerve wrecking, mostly because I really wanted to get caught, and I had to research the police officers and where they lived, so that I could egg one of their houses (Kate's tip) for maximum provocation.

It worked! Kind of.

The officer was angry, but once I gave him my name, he just told me to go home "I'll let it slide this once. And tell your mom she was great in Saturdays game."

Like I said. My mom is ruining my life! I can't even get arrested and it's all because of her.



So, I have to come up with some new plans.  Took some cool pictures of myself in the photo booth though. The one top right is my favorite. What's yours?


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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty-Chapter 65: Rebel without a clue
« Reply #131 on: September 30, 2012, 08:45:13 AM »
Definitely top right too!
LOL! Cia sure is her own person!
Hilarious!  ;D

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Chapter 66: Bulking up
« Reply #132 on: September 30, 2012, 02:55:47 PM »
Adult life was all right. The one thing I was not happy about was not being home enough, I barely got to see Cia, as she now calls herself, before going off to work. My best bet was catching her late at night after work and she finally gets home from wherever she is spending her nights. She's had some boy trouble, I know that everyone can't be as lucky as I was with Rikard, but I'm hopeful she'll get over this rough patch and find someone nice.

Reaching the top of the Sports career is taking a lot longer than I planned. I have already completed all my BlackOps, but am still slogging along at level 8. I'm great friends with my boss but she tells me she can't get me any more promotions, apparently the team has new management that have "guidelines" she can't overstep.

In order to advance faster I have started to work more on my athletic skill, which has led to some side effects. Yesterday Rikard told me he was worried about me, since I'm mostly skin and bone these days. Me loosing all that weight has really made my wrinkles worse too.

Since Cia and Racheal became best friends Racheal is spending almost every afternoon at our house, something Sylvester is very happy about. It seems she's the one of his children he gets along with the best.

She's a great influence on Cia as well. When they are together Cia is less likely to do something borderline illegal or stupid. I got a call the other night about her egging a police officer's house. Luckily he accepted some season tickets as payment for the clean up. Of course, I wont tell Cia that. Like I won't let her get a rise out of me with her behavior, lucky for me I can channel all my frustration into maxing the athletic skill. I have thirteen days till I become an elder and I'm hoping to max my career before that.

With all this hard training I have been doing I really need to eat more. So I've started to have at least two helpings of every dish. And to always add extra dessert.

Mom got me a deep fryer and an ice cream machine. "You're all skin and bones girl, you've got to eat" I may be skin and bones, but I'm also muscle, unfortunately all my muscles are going to disappear once I become an elder, and since I don't want to look like a dried up twig for eternity, I'v taken moms advice and added a couple helpings of deep fried ice cream to my daily diet. It's a sacrifice I have to make, right?

A crispy and creamy delicious sacrifice.

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Chapter 67: Clueless
« Reply #133 on: September 30, 2012, 05:15:27 PM »
"Come home with me after school" Patricia said, "we'll have fun". Little did I know that her version of fun was doing homework together. What's with all the girls and being goody two shoes? Is there any wonder I prefer hanging out with the guys?

Things didn't really improve at Patricia's once her dad came home. So I headed down to Central Park to meet up with the gang (not an actual gang, though that would be cool and a great way to provoke my mom) Patricia didn't come. She kind of looked like she wanted to, but her dad said no - and she obeyed him. (Sometimes I wished mom would try to stop me from doing things, that'd give me a reason to fight with her).

Anyway, met up with Claudio, Nick and Nathaniel.

After a while Donell showed up.

Donell: Here, I found them in the dumpster behind the Warehouse.
Cia: Why are you giving them to me?
Donell: I thought all girls liked flowers.
Nick: Cia and Donell kissing in a tree, k i s s i n g...
Cia: Shut up! We're just friends, right Donell?
Donell: Yeah, sure, just friends.

We hung out and then I played the new song I learnt, the guys are so nice letting me practice with them. I'm so going to be a rock star when I grow up. Most of them aren't really up to staying out after curfew though.

Soon, only me and Donell were left. I'm so glad we're friends, he's easy to talk to since we have so much in common.

Donell: Here take these.
Cia: Where do you find all these flowers?
Donell: Around.
Cia: Shouldn't you give them to one of the girls in or grade? I think Wanda thinks you're cute, I could ask around for you, hear if she's interested.
Donell: Don't bother, I'm kind of into someone else.
Cia: Who? Come on, you can tell me!
Donell: Um, no.
Cia: Oh, come on!
Donell: I said no! Don't ask again. All right?
Cia: Fine! But I think she'd totally go for you, I mean, lot's of girls thinks you're hot.
Donell: And you?
Cia: What?
Donell: Do you think I'm hot?
Cia: Don't be silly, I don't think about you that way. You're one of my best buds. Wait...!, you weren't talking about me were you?
Donell: No, no just... someone...I don't want talk about it, all right?
Cia: Good, because you and me, weird.
Donell: Got it, weird. Let's pretend we never had this talk.
Cia: Yeah, never happened.

Like I said, he's so easy to talk to.

The longer I was in High School, the more bored I became. I mean, what's the point of getting high grades? When I'm a rock star people won't care about weather or not I failed sim history. Besides, my history teacher had serious issues, and I was not going to try to get in her favor.

Once I decided to skip school, not in order get in trouble but because I really couldn't be bothered to go there when we had history class, I hung out at the park by the consignment store. It wasn't great for tips, but I could practice my performances.

It also helped me get some anger out. Mom and I are still at odds. But whenever I strum a few riffs on my guitar I feel most of my anger and frustration drain away.

Maybe I should start writing my own songs? Grandma says she thinks I'd be good at it. I've started on one about being a teenage girl

So what if we broke up?
I'll still become a rock star
I've got the right moves
And I don't need you

And guess what
I'm having more fun
now that we're done
than I ever had with you!

It's not really finished yet, but as you can guess it's about me and that stupid Quentin.

Speaking of Quentin, guess who I saw first thing when I walked in the house today? You guessed it, Quentin.

Cia: What are you doing here? Get out!
Quentin: I was invited, so no.
Cia: By who?
Quentin: Your grandma, Llama girl.
Cia: Get out you piece of trash!

Luckily he left soon after that.

I can't believe grandma invited that cretin to our house, after the way he treated me. So I decided to get even. She'll never see this coming.

Gotta go call Donell and tell him about my latest prank, it's not strange to have two best friends right? Rachael would never understand this kind of stuff.


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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty-Chapter 67: Clueless
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Do you know? I really think that Selma is a much nicer and more understanding mother than Klara ever was.
But Klara is a superb grandma!
I love Cia to bits by now. I'm hoping Donnell will be The One.
I so enjoyed these new updates! :)