Author Topic: The Charmed Ones - A Crumplebottom Sisters Story [ON HOLD]  (Read 5981 times)

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The Charmed Ones - A Crumplebottom Sisters Story [ON HOLD]
« on: September 15, 2012, 12:14:39 PM »
Hi there folks. This is my first story on the forum - I had planned to do an Immortal Dynasty, but decided I'd try something less challenging to begin with. I'm loving Moonlight Falls, so I picked Bianca, Belinda and Beatrice to star in my story. I have never played Sims or Sims 2, just 3, so I'm sketchy on the history, I'm just making it up as I go along. Moderators, feel free to point out if I've stuffed up somewhere - that's your job. So, on with the story....

Hi. I'm Bianca Crumplebottom. I'm the youngest of three sisters. This is me in the garden - Bea and Bel always make me do the dirty work - they're jealous of my good looks.

I'm Belinda - I'm making pancakes here, I think. I love to cook, so I made it my job. I hope Bianca isn't too long - they're almost ready.

I'm really not surprised there's not a photo of my face - I love the alchemy table. I'm Beatrice, the oldest sister. I've got to keep the other two (especially Bianca) in line. We have a great responsibility, because we are......The Charmed Ones.

Chapter One - An Unexpected Visitor
Chapter Two - A Resurrection and A Wedding
Chapter Three - Large and In Charge
Chapter Four - The Two Agnes Crumplebottoms
Interlude - Back in Sunset Valley and What Happened to Erik
Chapter 5 - Love and Other Bruises

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Re: The Charmed Ones - A Crumplebottom Sisters Story
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2012, 01:09:54 PM »
Chapter One - An Unexpected Visitor.

Agnes - You know Cornelia, you're right. I need a change. Since Erik died, I can't escape him, I've been so miserable. I've painted, cooked, wrote, they all remind me of him.
Cornelia - Get out of Sunset Valley for a while, take a holiday.
Agnes - I have. Three in fact. Shang Simla, Champs Les Sims, Al Simhara.
Cornelia - I know some long lost relatives. They live in Moonlight Falls, they just inherited a house in the center of town, I'm sure they'll have room.
Agnes - You think so? Sounds good.

Later that week, Agnes arrives at Witch's Cove to find only Beatrice at home. It's a good thing too, as they share the most in common, right down to their traits.

Beatrice - Oh, I just love a good book, don't you Agnes?
Agnes - Yeah, sure. (sighs)
Beatrice - What's wrong, hun?
Agnes - I don't know, I'm just not sure if this is the right thing to do.
Beatrice - Don't worry, Belinda and Bianca will love you. You just need a good night's sleep. I'll show you to your room.

After dinner (or during for Bianca who pigs out on cookies) Beatrice calls a family meeting.

Beatrice - The house gets a bit messy from time to time, so I thought we could get some help.
Belinda - No, I think we'll be fine, if we all pitch in.
Beatrice - Yeah. But there's another person in the house now. Agnes from Sunset Valley moved in today.

Bianca (chokes on cookie) - Agnes? The one that wears black and looks depressed all the time?
Beatrice - That's the one. Be nice to her.
Belinda - Well, it would be good for you to have some company during the day, Bea.
Bianca (rolls eyes) - Now I have to deal with two of you!

The next morning, Agnes prepares a cheese platter that she learned on her trip to Champs Les Sims. Not everyone is impressed.

Bianca - You're as much fun as a rain cloud on a birthday. Snap out of it!
Agnes - What did I do?

Others however, are impressed.

Belinda - Hmm, what should I make? Wow! A cheese platter! I've never learned this recipe! Must be Agnes.

Bianca responds to Agnes presence in the only way she knows how.

Bianca - I am the fairest, aren't I?
Mirror - Nope.
Bianca (grumbles) - It's all the gardening I'm doing. Stupid elixirs and recipes.


Agnes - If only Erik were here now, this romance novel would be easier to write.

Belinda and Bianca head out for work (as a Chef and Musician respectively) and Beatrice talks to Agnes.

Beatrice - I'll let you in on a secret - we're witches. Belinda, Bianca and me.
Agnes - So that's why I'd never heard of you guys before.
Beatrice - Yeah. That's how we ended up here.
Agnes - Any cool tricks you can do?

A charm to fix her hygiene and other needs:

and a love charm.

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Re: The Charmed Ones - A Crumplebottom Sisters Story
« Reply #2 on: September 15, 2012, 01:28:36 PM »

Beatrice - Did that hurt?
Agnes - Um, just a bit.
Beatrice - I'm sorry, I guess I need more practice. Now you, go and get 'em! I hear The Toadstool is jumping at this time of night.

Agnes finds the most normal looking guy in the place, but also finds herself surrounded by an assortment of weird folk.

Random dude - So I'm really into music. I find it soothes the savage beast, don't you?
Agnes - Yeah, yeah. What's with the kid in the fairy costume? Is Halloween early here, or what?

Meanwhile, Beatrice is researching Alchemy, when she receives a mysterious phone call.

Beatrice - Hello?
Mysterious voice - Beware the stranger.
Beatrice - Who is this? Hello? Don't hang up!

Later, the workers return home by their preferred mode of transport. Belinda:


Agnes also returns.

Agnes - This town is full of freaks.

Over a dinner of Autumn Salad, Beatrice tells her sisters of the mysterious phone call while Agnes sleeps.

Beatrice - He said "Beware the stranger" and hung up.
Bianca - He must mean Agnes.
Belinda - Bianca! She's family!
Bianca - How exactly?
Beatrice - It doesn't matter how. The fact is, we're all in danger.
Belinda - It was probably a prank call, nothing to worry about.
Beatrice - Maybe. I tried to cheer Agnes up with a love charm...
Bianca - You mean you told her? That we're the Charmed Ones?
Beatrice - Of course not! Just that we're witches, that's all. She'd figure out that soon enough on her own, right? (turns to Belinda)
Belinda - I guess she would. She has a right to know that much, now that she's staying with us.

Bianca - You know what would cheer her up? I smell a makeover!

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Re: The Charmed Ones - A Crumplebottom Sisters Story
« Reply #3 on: September 15, 2012, 03:36:00 PM »
Interesting story so far. Looking forward to more. For your first story your doing very well.
 And welcome to the forum. :)
A clear conscience is usually a sign of a bad memory.

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Re: The Charmed Ones - A Crumplebottom Sisters Story
« Reply #4 on: September 16, 2012, 04:29:14 PM »
Thanks grimsoul - glad you like it! Here's Chapter 2.

Chapter Two: A Resurrection and a Wedding

The next day is fairly normal in the Crumplebottom house - Belinda and Bianca go to work, Beatrice mixes elixirs and Agnes sleeps. Once Bianca returns home, she gets to work on Agnes.

Agnes: Man I hate makeovers.
Bianca: Don't worry, you'll look great!

The results:

With a new wardrobe, Agnes is a changed woman - in more ways than one. While the sisters sleep, she prepares a mysterious recipe.

Once everyone is awake, Agnes enters Beatrice's room, under the pretext of making her bed. However, she is seen performing a strange ritual with Beatrice's latest acquisition - the Philosopher's Stone:

At the same time, a blue coloured ghost makes an appearance while Bianca is having breakfast.

Bianca: Who are you?
Erik: Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude. I'm Erik, Erik Darling.
Bianca (gasps): Ok then. I'm Bianca.

After his meal, Erik's resurrection takes place.

Agnes wastes no time rekindling the flame with her once deceased lover, watching the stars together,

before an exchange of rings, and a change of name.

Bianca informs her sisters of the latest development, and a family meeting is called.

Agnes: One of you guys need to fix the dishwasher.
Belinda: We're not here about that Agnes, this is about you.

Beatrice: All you can think about is dirty dishes?! How about not sneaking into my room, using my stuff and adding another member to the house without thinking about anyone else. You're selfish Agnes, I wish you'd never moved in with us.

Agnes leaves the room, shocked into silence by Beatrice's harsh, but true words. Beatrice, realising what she had just done, follows her.

Beatrice: I know it sounded bad, but you should ask before you do stuff like that. What if the Stone had harmed you, or worse?
Agnes: I don't know maybe you're right, I was being selfish.
Beatrice: Hug?
Agnes: Yeah alright then.

Later on, while the sisters sleep, Agnes has a serious talk with Erik.

Agnes: Erik I'm so glad you're back in my life.
Erik: Me too, sweetheart.
Agnes: Yes, but your arrival has caused some, how can I put it, complications in my plan.
Erik: What plan? What complications?

Agnes: I'm really sorry, but I have to do this.
Erik: (thinks) That fortune teller was right, this will end badly.

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Re: The Charmed Ones - A Crumplebottom Sisters Story [Chapter 2]
« Reply #5 on: September 17, 2012, 09:51:21 AM »
Chapter 3: Large and In Charge

Things seem normal in the Crumplebottom house. Bianca is out gardening when someone comes to speak to her.

Erik: Bianca a word?
Bianca: Sure Erik what's up?
Erik: It's Agnes. Last night she performed a voodoo curse on me. Had a doll and everything. Now, I'm under her command. This is not the Agnes I fell in love with.
Bianca: Come on Erik. She brought you back from the dead because she loves you.
Erik: Ok I can prove it. In the bedroom.

Bianca: That's a voodoo doll alright. I've seen them in the textbook.
Erik: Yes well I hadn't seen it until last night. Did know Agnes even owned one.
Bianca: Neither did I. Or my sisters. She'd be out of here in a flash if they knew.


Erik: You can't tell them, or Agnes would know I told you. Listen, I have a plan....

Just then, Agnes enters and is shocked by the scene

Agnes: What on Earth do you think you were doing?
Bianca: We were just talking...
Agnes: Talking which happened to stop as soon as I entered the room? I wasn't born yesterday.
Bianca: Really Agnes, it was nothing.
Agnes: Hmmm.....okay.

Cupid's Arrow strikes Erik and Agnes finds a willing partner.

Agnes: You still love me, Erik?
Erik: (monotone) Oh yes Agnes.

Belinda invites the MacDuff family over for cookies and conversation. Just before they arrive, Bianca gives Agnes a gift.

Bianca: Here you go. Welcome to the family.
Agnes: Humph. I don't think I should be accepting a gift from you.
Bianca: Oh come on. Live a little. It's an elixir, drink it, it won't kill you!

Agnes reluctantly drinks the elixir.

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Re: The Charmed Ones - A Crumplebottom Sisters Story [Chapter 2]
« Reply #6 on: September 17, 2012, 10:17:17 AM »

Agnes: What have you done to me? Bianca!!!!

But it's too late, she has answered the door, and started an evening of flirtation with Flint MacDuff....

....fortune telling with Joe MacDuff.....

....before settling down with Victor Bean, a dark looking fairy who happened to turn up.

The nearest sister for Agnes to turn to is Belinda.

Agnes: Look at what that mischievious imp of a sister did to me!? Can't you do something?
Belinda: (hides a giggle): I'll have a word with her. I'm sure Beatrice can whip up an elixir to get you back to your old self in no time.

In the end, Beatrice is the one to speak with Bianca.

Beatrice: So. You stole the Large and In Charge elixir and gave it to Agnes.
Bianca: So. What of it?
Beatrice: Don't you know it's wrong? Not only to steal, but to give someone an elixir without telling them what it will do?
Bianca: You should hear all the stuff she does to Erik...
Beatrice: What stuff?
Bianca: Nothing.

Agnes learns she is pregnant. Instead of sharing the happy news with the father to be, she yells at him.

Agnes: You put her up to this didn't you? Don't deny it! That's what you were talking about in the room, wasn't it?
Erik is too angry to speak, he merely shares his feelings via his facial expressions.

Beatrice finds the elixir she's looking for "Lean and Mean" and presents it to Agnes.

The result:

The next morning, Bianca and Erik meet in the garden, which is the only place they can talk without being overheard.

Bianca: I'm so sorry the plan didn't work. I can see she's wearing you out.
Erik: It's about to get worse, she's pregnant.
Before Bianca can respond, a sound that resembles a car screeching to a halt is heard near the garage. The family hasn't owned a car since they moved in.

Next time: Time travel, a nooboo and a battle to the death!

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Re: The Charmed Ones - A Crumplebottom Sisters Story [Chapter 3]
« Reply #7 on: September 17, 2012, 12:28:12 PM »
Great story, and welcome to the Forum :)

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Re: The Charmed Ones - A Crumplebottom Sisters Story [Chapter 3]
« Reply #8 on: September 17, 2012, 12:40:54 PM »
WOW I love Charmed, and now this.. Bookmarked.. love it..

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Re: The Charmed Ones - A Crumplebottom Sisters Story [Chapter 3]
« Reply #9 on: September 18, 2012, 06:03:07 AM »
So glad you guys are liking it! I'm not where I want to be with Part 4, but what the heck, I'll share what I've got:-

Chapter 4 - The Two Agnes Crumplebottoms

In a familiar house in Sunset Valley.....

Cornelia: I'll got to sis, it's the only way. I don't want to be a werewolf anymore. Don't try and stop me....

Back at Moonlight Falls, Bianca investigates the mysterious noise alone. A strange metal structure appears outside their former garage, and a figure emerges.

Cornelia: Hope I don't have to do that again in a hurry. Excuse me, is this Moonlight Falls?
Bianca: Yeah. Who are you?
Cornelia: Thank the Watcher! I'm Cornelia Goth. Are you Beatrice, Belinda or Bianca Crumplebottom?
Bianca: I'm Bianca, how did you....
Cornelia: Just the person I'm looking for. You need to come with me, Agnes is my sister.

With that Cornelia pushes some buttons on the metal object.

Cornelia: This a time machine. The Agnes you know is not the real Agnes. The real Agnes is still in Sunset Valley, mourning her dead husband.
Bianca: Why should I believe you?
Cornelia: If you don't the whole Sim universe is at risk. Turning me into a werewolf is just the start. I know it sounds strange, but you must come and help us.

Those words are enough for Bianca to follow Cornelia into the time machine. As a Charmed One, it is her duty to help those who ask for it, no matter how strange the request. Even werewolves.

Bianca: I hope this doesn't hurt.

Bianca exits the time machine intact, with a change of clothes being the only effect of the trip.

Bianca: Come on Cornelia. Where is this place?
Cornelia: If there's a lot of white, it's Agnes house.
Bianca: Yep, there's white alright.

Bianca: Can you explain what the Watcher is going on?
Cornelia: I'll tell you what I know. I called Agnes and suggested she visit you guys in Moonlight Falls, to get over Erik passing away.
Bianca: Ok I'm with you so far.
Cornelia: What happened next is the tricky bit. Something caused the dark side of Agnes to split and take on a sim form. This is the Agnes that is with you. The real Agnes decided to stay in Sunset Valley and deal with her grief.
Bianca: Hmmm....
Cornelia: I didn't know all this. I thought she had gone too. Until the full moon. That was when I had my first transformation. I don't remember being bitten. The next thing I know, my husband Gunther is a werewolf too.

Real Agnes: It was then that I came over to visit.
Bianca gasps as Agnes appears from the kitchen.
Cornelia: Sunset Valley is being taken over by dark forces. We tried to call you guys, but the magic in the area is effecting communication.
Bianca: Beatrice got a mysterious call from a guy saying "Beware the stranger."
Cornelia: That would be Gunther, his voice changed in his werewolf form. The message was "Agnes is trouble", the magic must transform the message.
Bianca: So what do we do now?
Agnes: I've got to go back to Moonlight Falls and face her. We both cannot exist, something about the laws of time travel won't allow it. If I can beat her, things may get back to normal here.
Bianca: You should know a few things though. She's resurrected Erik and married him. And he just told me she's pregnant.
Cornelia: We need to hurry then.

They arrive back at Moonlight Falls and formulate a plan.

Cornelia: You need to tell your sisters, and Erik what I told you. As a werewolf, I freak people out sometimes, they're more likely to believe you.
Bianca: Beatrice know I hate Agnes being here, and Belinda's level headed so she'd agree. Erik would believe me, but that's because of how he's suffered at her hands.
Agnes: You have to try, there's so much at stake.

So Bianca goes to talk to her sisters. She finds Erik and Beatrice.

Bianca: I'm telling you there's more than one Agnes.
Beatrice: I find this very hard to believe. You just want to get rid of her, don't you?
Erik (whispers): I believe you.


To be continued....

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Re: The Charmed Ones - A Crumplebottom Sisters Story [Chapter 4]
« Reply #10 on: September 18, 2012, 06:20:55 AM »
OK So not fair!! I feel as if I'm watching an episode of Charmed. :) Just when you get to the good part, the say: To Be Continued: NEXT WEEK..

So not fair Nicole!  ;D

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Re: The Charmed Ones - A Crumplebottom Sisters Story [Chapter 4]
« Reply #11 on: September 18, 2012, 10:03:34 AM »
You don't have to wait too long, here it is!

Little Andrew Darling is born, and immediately put in the swinging chair

Meanwhile, Bianca convinces Belinda that her story is true

Belinda: As strange as the story seems, I have to believe it, now that I've seen Agnes and Cornelia. What do we have to do?
Bianca: Agnes says they had to battle each other to the death.
Belinda: Well, it has to be tonight. It's the full moon and that's the best time to optimize our powers.
Bianca: Agreed.

One elixir later, and the good Agnes is a witch. The sisters get ready for action:

So does good Agnes....

.....and Agnes Darling (nee Crumplebottom) takes on her true form.

The full moon rises over Moonlight Falls, and an eerie hush falls over the town.

The battle commences with a lunatic slap.

Bad Agnes lays on the ground, smoldering, the life drained from her.

Upon hearing the news, Erik is thrilled.

Erik: Bianca, I owe you so much. I'm a free man! Thank you.
Bianca: Well, not quite, there's still Andrew.
Erik: Oh I wasn't forgetting him. I have big plans for that little guy.

As the new day dawns (and the zombies clear), the Grim Reaper arrives to claim what is his.

Agnes Crumplebottom reflects on the events just past.

Erik: You know what Agnes? I'd like to go back with you.
Agnes: After what I, I mean, she did to you?
Erik: There's a condition. Firstly, you need to look after Andrew for me.
Agnes: Me? Be a mother?
Erik: Yes, we never got around to it before I, you know. But secondly, I'd like to go back as a ghost.
Agnes: (nods): I understand. In fact, I managed to learn a spell that will do it.

After Erik and Andrew enter the machine, Agnes follows while Cornelia says her goodbyes.

Cornelia: Thank you for believing me. I'll check out the Goth family library, they may know the connection between us.
Bianca: You better go, or you'll miss it!

Cornelia takes her final steps back into the time machine.

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Re: The Charmed Ones - A Crumplebottom Sisters Story [Chapter 4]
« Reply #12 on: September 18, 2012, 10:07:35 AM »
Oh my! Erik wants to be a ghost again?  :o At least Agnes has Andrew to raise.

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Re: The Charmed Ones - A Crumplebottom Sisters Story [Chapter 4]
« Reply #13 on: September 18, 2012, 10:28:11 AM »
Yes, it seemed the only way to end it. After all he had gone through with "evil" Agnes, I didn't think he just jump into a relationship. Also, I guess he figured that being a ghost was the only way he could go to Sunset Valley and be with Andrew and Agnes. Restoring balance to the universe or something.
I should point out that evil Agnes swapped two traits - grumpy and frugal for evil and insane. She's the first Sim I've played with those two traits, and it's actually fun.
Now, I'm at a lost what to do!

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Re: The Charmed Ones - A Crumplebottom Sisters Story [Chapter 4]
« Reply #14 on: September 18, 2012, 10:55:04 AM »
hmm Erik could stay in Moonlight Falls. Agnes is now a witch so to speak. New story lines are always easy to come up with. Erik could be hmm a "whitelighter" so to speak..