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curious-mist and 1.39 patch
« on: October 02, 2012, 08:08:22 AM »
I bought SN yesterday.  Couldn't wait to install it and start playing.  Taking it safe right now and just doing a normal family.

What has me curous is, I remodeled a house and then moved it to another location.  It is near the Goth house and I noticed that there is a lot of mist around the two houses.  Thought they were going realistic and having mist in the mornings.   Other homes didn't have the mist though.  Anything special about it?

I downloaded the patch before I played the game.  Is there anything I should worry about that I wouldn't recognize due it being a new game?  Should I watch out for anything, stay away from a certain area, such as the army in WA.

Just as a side remark, I am going to love this game/town.  As soon as it opened it felt like home, which is because the town looks a lot like where I live.  Hills aren't as high and our roads are the curvy, the Kiss your Ass type, stay away from the edge of the road that is a long fall; but the valley, river, wooded areas, rocks around, the town seems like a little world that is apart from the neighboring towns.   So, yep, home.