Author Topic: can library files be corrupt? And other questions to help troubleshoot crashes  (Read 1398 times)

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I'm still having a lot of trouble with crashing in my game since I installed (then uninstalled) Seasons.  I slowly working myself through a huge list of troubleshooting possibilities I found (on mod the sims, mostly).

But I realized there are a lot of things about how the game works that I don't understand, and if I knew the answers, I could have better luck at troubleshooting. 

Brief background (and I'll link my other thread to this as well for more info. if needed).  I installed Seasons on my MacBook with Pets and SN.  Seasons would not play--crashed within an hour of play every time, with a new game or an old one.  Uninstalled it, did a clean reinstall of just Pets and SN.  But then could not play SN games without crashing.  I realize my Moonlight Falls save files may now be corrupt, so I decided to (make a copy first) then try my old Sunlit Tides saves (pre-Seasons) but I can't play them either without crashing.   I was finally able to play a completely new game in Moonlight Falls last night, but I want my old Sims and houses back.  At this point, I'm not even going to try to add Seasons again, but I want SN to play!

So questions:

1) I know save files can be corrupt, and mine probably are.  But can the individual sims files in the library be corrupt too?  I was able to play a new game with no new library, then to test it, put my old library back in, but did not put any of those Sims in the game yet.  Is it possible one of my Sims is corrupt, and that is then causing the crashes?

2)  What is custom content exactly?  And can shared houses even without CC cause problems if I don't have all the EPs they needed?  I have only downloaded things from the swap shop that say "no CC" but could those houses I've downloaded still cause problems in my game?  I only have a few from here, and they've previously run fine.  But some did have stuff from EPs I don't have, and I wonder if there is a conflict with these and a new patch or something.  Is that even possible?

(I have taken everything out that I either downloaded here or bought at the EA store, for now, to test).

3)  Is my game play style a problem for a low level notebook?   I like to create a whole bunch of Sims to fill up my town, and I do change their houses to suit me.  So I make a lot of changes in my town.  Does changing a whole lot of stuff like that take up more memory, even if I'm not actively playing those Sims?  Up til now I've had no problems with this, but I'm wondering if changing too much overtaxes the memory?  Or possibly it was ok before but now with 2 EPS (Pets and SN) and whatever the latest patch is I downloaded it is too much.

I used to play with some of NRASS mods, but I have taken them all out for the moment to try to troubleshoot this problem.  Don't know if that matters, but figure it was worth mentioning. 

Thanks for any help--to really get a sense of what is happening and what I should try next, I figured I needed to understand some of these things a bit better.  And mods, I started a new thread because this is kind of a different question, but if you think it belongs in the other one (below) then merge it, and my apologies.

(link to other thread is here:,13331.0.html)