Author Topic: possible to have a "lemon" game?  (Read 644 times)

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possible to have a "lemon" game?
« on: November 22, 2012, 09:20:55 AM »
This isn't so much as technical help but confusion, so I hope it is okay to post here.

I have been having weird glitches, ones that shouldn't be happening, and most in the same lot in one town.  I can live with them, but I guess I an wondering if that could be the cause; a lemon, a gltich from the download, most are in Riverview.
Dog and cat fights, sounds like a real fight.  I've seen dogs chasing a cat.  Looks like what I see when a cat is stupid enough to come into my yard. 
Grounds not leveling in certan areas, porch steps that punch in the ground, and some other strange things that I can't remember what, they just seemed silly to me at the time.

This is on the lot in Riverview across from the Shallow home, the 64 x 64.  If I have a weird problem it will happen there. 

Another thing that right now I don't know if it could be a glitch is the weather, heavy downbours, lightening, temps in the 20s in Fall, Winter so far has been temps in the 60s. This is happening in all of the towns. 

I turned the rain off, my sims couldn't go out to gather gems, metals, fruits or veggies without having the chill moodlet.    Yet so far, second day, in Winter they have gone out in light weight clothes, no jacket and no chill moodlet. Several leaves still on trees, and the child is raking leaves for an opportunity.  Is this normal? 

My computer or probems in the download and patches?