Author Topic: System crash and recovery - lost games - help please Solved Thanks to John  (Read 929 times)

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I have read and followed the instructions for recovering lost files.  Also completed the steps given.

I appologise if this should be under that thread, but, it seems to be a slightly different problem.

My computer crashed due to a power cut and I restored in the usual way.  My restoration point was last Wednesday.

All my games prior to that point appear on the load screen.  All later games do not.  The files are in the saves folder.

However, after following the fix instructions for restoring lost or backup files, the files appear as greyed out boxes in the launcher. Clicking on them gives a message that files cannot be loaded as they may have been saved with expansion pack data which is no longer available.

Is this fixable? or am I stuck with going back to my last file prior to the restoration point (last Wednesday) ?

I did not installed any new contented or updated my game in any way in the period between the restore point and the crash.

SOLVED - If this helps anyone else.  I moved all my saved files to a temporary folder on my desktop then uninstalled and re-installed the game the game.  Finally, after re-installing my store content and updating the game, I moved my saved files back to the Sims 3 data folder.

Sorry, I thought I had it solved, but the games still won't load.

Sincere thanks to (npc) John who posted a solution a couple of days ago under "Re: Fixing/Recovering Saved Game - Saved Game Not in Game Launcher or Corrupted ".
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