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Re: Chronicles of the Secret Fire: Bars and Secrets
« Reply #15 on: January 14, 2013, 05:10:53 PM »
Ooh, how mysterious. I wonder if "her" is who I think she is. Great update Audren.

Would you mind PMing me who you think "she" is? I'm not going to say anything about it. I'm just curious.  :P

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Re: Chronicles of the Secret Fire: Bars and Secrets
« Reply #16 on: January 15, 2013, 06:40:52 AM »
Her Date

She had just gotten back from the office, and she had the weekend off. Arthur was already on the way. Time to get herself ready.

She decided to try out a new hairstyle. There were others she liked more, but none were practical enough for what she had planned.

As she tried on her thermalwear, she noticed the shoes on his little shelf. Those shoes had always been a guilty secret of hers. Of all her negative feelings about A, she still shopped at his shoe store. Only when he wasn't working, of course. She quickly changed back into her dress.

Shortly after she got dressed, Arthur arrived in the lobby. She called him and they sat back in her chairs by the fire. They chatted together, discussing the events of the day. How many deals she made today, how the filming for Arthur's newest movie was long and the director was a jerk.

At some point, however, the conversation turned to chairs. Whether Arthur was making a thinly-veiled retort on her own chairs, or simply griping about all of chair-kind, she wasn't certain.

Arthur: I mean, come on! Chairs! With puffy arms! What's up with that?

Once Arthur had finally gotten off of his chair tangent, he brought up her recording deal. She tried to brush him off, saying it was no big deal, but he was persistant. Arthur knew as well as anybody how good she was on the piano, and so did the musical theatre. The only person who really doubted her was herself.

Arthur: Come on, you'd be great. You even have a pianist sounding name?
Her: My name sounds like a pianist?
Arthur: Sure! The Amazing, The Spectular, The Beautiful Ms. R-
Her: You sure know your exaggeration skills, don't you Arthur?
Arthur: It's only exaggeration if it isn't entirely true.

She got up at this point and looked out to the skyline of Bridgeport. Out the window, she could the wintry downpour of snow. At this point she called Arthur over to gaze out with her.

Her: See those snowy peaks over there?
Arthur: Yeah, I think I did filming on those mountains a few weeks back.
Her: Well, that must not have been fun.
Arthur: Not really. The director was pompous even then.
Her: How about we go back there and actually enjoy ourselves.
Arthur: Are you suggesting what I think you're suggesting?

Ten minutes and two winter suits later, Arthur and she were ready for their annual skiing trip. They had agreed to stay at one of the camping lodges along the mountainside for the weekend. Both of them expected to have a weekend filled with laughs, smiles, and love. Her weekend, however, would become everything but.

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Re: Chronicles of the Secret Fire: Her Date
« Reply #17 on: January 15, 2013, 09:04:03 AM »
You know how to build up the suspense, I want to see her face! The picture of Bridgeport through the window is awesome. :)

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Re: Chronicles of the Secret Fire: First Contact
« Reply #18 on: January 15, 2013, 06:08:11 PM »
First Contact

Bridgeport gets a bad rap in some corners of the Sim World. Their arguments aren't exactly flawed. Sims had a mysterious tendency to get stuck into roads, feel as if their lives pause at random intervals. The entire Simbot industry was ruined in Bridgeport. But sometimes, it's not about mechanics. Sometimes, just the joy of seeing the mountains covered in white love is enough to put a smile to your face. That's how she liked to think about it, anyway.

Of course, having the mountains in her other love was a bonus, too. Arthur was a great man, a truly amazing man. Sure, his job sometimes made it tough to get together, and he never really seemed to be happy about it. She wished he would make a career out of something he actually loved doing. Of course, Arthur would say the same thing about her.

But that's not why they were this weekend. The next few days were about forgetting their problems and enjoying the feeling you get just from being with the person you love. Their biggest problem this weekend should be that the snow isn't deep enough. But that didn't happen.

She had meant to turn her phone off in order to truly escape into the wild, but she answered it. She assumed the call was from the office, telling her that one of their associates was going to be late, or the copy machine wasn't working, or someone ran out of staples. Unfortunately, the call was not so predictable.

Even after so many years, she recognized the voice. At first, she was simply in shock. Why, after all that had happened, was he calling now? As he talked, however, her feelings warped from awe to anger. What gave him the right to come back now, after they parted ways like they did? The conversation began to go downhill.

Arthur could hear the phone call become more and more spirited. He even began hearing the man's voice on the other end, though he couldn't make out the specific words. He wondered what she was spending so long talking about, but he decided to wait it out. She'll be done when she's done, that's what his mother had taught him.

Finally, she hung up, and Arthur pulled his feet out of the snow, getting ready to make their way up the hill again. Instead, she turned to face him. She apologized and said that she needed to leave. She didn't say exactly why, but Arthur could tell that she was still fuming. He chose to hold his tongue. They kissed and said good-bye. Arthur began trudging back down the mountain.

She stayed behind for a moment, gazing at the falling waters. She still could barely believe that he had tried to talk to her. Now that he needed help, he turns to her. Typical. Most of her didn't wantto meet with him, but she determined that she could tell him to stay out of her life if they met in person. With grim resolution, she followed Arthur back to the world.

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Re: Chronicles of the Secret Fire: First Contact
« Reply #19 on: January 15, 2013, 10:18:41 PM »
This is very intriguing. I haven't even an inkling of how things will tie together between A, Thor, and Ms. R--something. You have an excellent knack for keeping your readers thinking. I look forward to seeing the mystery slowly unravel. :)


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Re: Chronicles of the Secret Fire: First Contact
« Reply #20 on: January 16, 2013, 06:10:07 AM »
And the plot thickens.. Awesome update!

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Re: Chronicles of the Secret Fire: Lore and Antiquity
« Reply #21 on: January 16, 2013, 08:02:31 PM »
Lore and Antiquity

DeeDee hopped onto her broomstick and raced to the Vault. Somehow, they knew. She didn't know how, but they knew. Why did I get myself involved in this mess, DeeDee thought as she flew through the air. Nobody said I'd be watched and pursued!

Truth be told, Thor wasn't doing any pursuing quite yet. He had more important business to attend to. Winter isn't the best time of year for infants to make acquaintances with the ground.

Thor had first met little Fenris back when Thor first took to the streets. He didn't know who Fenris' parents were or where they were, but nobody else ever seemed to care about the poor boy. Thor took it upon himself to take care of him. He tried to find better homes for Fenris than he could for himself, but Fenris had a nasty tendency of wandering. Thor quickly rushed him into the nearby library.

Thor: Fenris! Where were you? You shouldn't wander like that.
Fenris: *gurgle*
Thor: Aw, there there, baby. You're okay now.

Thor: Now, we're not going to wander off again, are we Fenris?
Fenris: *shakes head*
Thor: Good boy. Now come here.

Thor loved Fenris as he would've loved his own child. In the absense of any apparent parental figure in Fenris' life, Thor took it upon himself to give his little wolf the love and affection he needed. Thor personally knew the librarian very well, (after getting off on the wrong foot when Thor tried to sleep in her bed) and was going to ask her to keep an eye on Fenris when she got back so he could go on a stakeout of DeeDee's house. As it turned out, however, this measure was unnecessary.

Thor: Wait, is that who I think it is?
Fenris: *giggle*
Thor: You're right, it is!

Thor: What is she doing here?
Fenris: *sucks on thumb*
Thor: You're right, I should check her out, but how?
Fenris: *coo*
Thor: Really? Don't you think she'd notice me?
Fenris: *eats his hand*
Thor: Oh, brilliant! You're a right and proper investigator, aren't you Fenris?
Fenris: *delightful grin*

Thor: *speaking in a Brooklyn accent* Hey, I'm the librarian here. How may I help you? You here to check out a book? Maybe the book on how to look like a blessed goddess. But, of course, you don't need the book on that, now don't you?
DeeDee: Uh, no thanks. I just need a book on Mozart for my college paper. Have one of those?
Thor: Of course, of course! Anything for a lady as lovely as you. Let me just get that for you, miss.

Thor: You're gonna love this one, I can see it just from the cover. You know, Mozart actually used to be a freelance photographer before he went on to become a world-famous athlete! Yes, believe it or not, he was the goalie for Milan! Before that, he was the leader of the- Hey. Where'd you go?

As soon as Thor turned his back, DeeDee beat feet and ran. She didn't quite recognize him, though she thought she saw him at the bar, but his Brooklyn accent was terrible! She quickly jumped to the conclusion that he was one of the spies she was warned about, and decided to make her way straight to the Vault.

Hopefully they could provide her some answers as to why she was chased. DeeDee had never been to the Vault, but her associate had been there many times. She was told the Vault was the marvel of knowledge and wisdom. A small part of her was really excited to immerse herself in the secrets of the Vault. Of course, she would need to shake off her pursuer first.

Thor raced outside once he saw that DeeDee had given him the slip. Out of the corner of his mind, he saw her going along the side of the library, but all he saw when he turned the corner were stairs leading downward. She must've gone down into the basement, Thor concluded. Down into the abyss he went.

DeeDee's eyes scanned the room, looking for the sign her associate had informed her about. One left, one right, two left, two right, there it is! She rushed over to the point of interest...

Thor was met in his underground adventures by a door. DeeDee must be on the other side. Time to find out what she knows. He reached out, grabbed the knob, and opened the door...

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Re: Chronicles of the Secret Fire: Lore and Antiquity
« Reply #22 on: January 16, 2013, 10:19:42 PM »
Dun-dun-dun! Cliffhanger!

That "conversation" between Thor and Fenris was adorable. :)


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Re: Chronicles of the Secret Fire: Lore and Antiquity
« Reply #23 on: January 17, 2013, 02:35:48 AM »
It is so sweet that he look after little Fenris. What is behind the door? Don't keep us in suspense too long lol.

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Re: Chronicles of the Secret Fire: The Face of the Ancestor (7)
« Reply #24 on: January 17, 2013, 07:23:04 PM »
The Face of the Ancestor

This was not what Thor expected. He wasn't quite sure what he was expecting. It's not likely that the basement would be filled with alien worship altars or anything like that, but still. Thor didn't know what he expected to find in the basement.

He knew he didn't expect this.

Thor searched the doors leading off the corridor for any sign of DeeDee. Most of the rooms were like this one: portraits hanging above a desk surrounded by bookshelves. This room had a laptop, unlike the others, but Thor did not pay this much mind. One room, however, was much different.

DeeDee quickly scanned the alchemical tome for the salve she needed. Her associate had mentioned that this salve was necessary to find the entrance to the Vault, but DeeDee knew time was of the essence. Any moment now that man following her could barge in. Searching, searching, searching- found it! No! He's here!

DeeDee: Why are you following me? What have I done to you?
Thor: Now, let me explain, miss-
DeeDee: yes, you do that, right after you tell me what the heck you're doing down here! I've seen you in the bar, in the library, and now here! What do you want? I don't have money for you, you can't steal from me. Go away!

Thor: Look, I'm not here to rob you, or kidnap you, or anything like that. I just want to know what you know about the aliens.
DeeDee: Aliens? I think you've had too much nectar, man. Go back to the bar, please.
Thor: I wish I had too much nectar. Listen. I know you know something about the aliens. I just need to know what it is. Can you do that?
DeeDee: Please, just leave me alone. I don't know anything.

Thor: So you do know aliens?
DeeDee: What? No, of course not. Are you- *wince*
Thor: Are you okay?
DeeDee: *grunt* Okay. Maybe I know a little about the aliens. But not a lot. I'm afraid I can't help you.
Thor: When did you first make contact with them?

DeeDee: *sigh* Six months ago. I was studying abroad for college, and I stopped in Twinbrook for a few days. I was out at a party with Jules, and I saw these strange people outside.
Thor: What did they look like?
DeeDee: I couldn't really tell. It was dark outside. But they looked suspicious, so I went outside to check it out. The next thing I remember, I was in a shack out by the swamp and these three green things were standing around me.
Thor: Things? You mean aliens?
DeeDee: I guess.

Thor: What did they say to you.
DeeDee: One of them stood in front of me. He wasn't like the other two, he had hair, jet black hair. They... they told me about their purpose. Why they were here.
Thor: And that was?
DeeDee: *shiver* Sorry, I can't say. He won't let me. Please, don't ask.
Thor: Okay... so what happened after that?
DeeDee: They shared stories of their civilization to me. Their vast pools of knowledge. They told me I could see what they knew, if I did what they asked. I agreed. I've always wanted to solve the mysteries of the world. The aliens scared me, but they also intrigued me.

Thor: So what did you do for them in exchange?
DeeDee: At first, I just watched. I told them whether I saw anything unusual, but otherwise I just lived my life as I always had. Then they asked me to investigate places, people. I was in the bar to keep an eye on one of those people when you started chasing me.
Thor: Who was it you were watching?
DeeDee: I shouldn't say. Please, I don't want to do this anymore. They promised to share their knowledge with me, but they haven't! Please, help me.
Thor: I need to find these aliens you talked to. Could you help me with that? I have a friend who can protect you from them.

DeeDee was delighted when he offered her his deal. The aliens had promised her so much, but they had given her so little. She was always afraid and paranoid, and her life was quickly unravelling. Her roommates were suspicious of her. She was sad to miss out on their vast wisdom, but she quickly decided that they were probably bluffing. She would be glad to be rid of the pains they had given her to keep her under control.

As if her thoughts had reminded them of her presense, DeeDee's phone began to ring. She slowly raised the phone to her ear and answered. You can never be too careful with aliens.

DeeDee: Hel-
Voice: Do not speak. Speak to us again under the face of the ancestor. We will discuss your mission there.

Oh, no, DeeDee thought in horror as she put her phone in her pocket. I should've known he wouldn't let me escape that easily. Her associate had warned her about dealing with him for extended periods, but she had no real choice. Ever since Twinbrook, the two of them had been... joined. His will could supersede her own. The pains she felt while talking to her new friend was him exerting his control.

So when he said she needed to go to the face of the ancestor, DeeDee must go to the face of the ancestor, with no regard to her own personal feelings on the matter.

DeeDee: Why are you helping this man? Don't you know-
Voice: We are aware of his past, and his companions.
DeeDee: Won't this jeopardize your mission here?
Voice: Our mission is not for your knowledge.
DeeDee: Why shouldn't I know know? You promised me unlimited pools of knowledge, but I've gotten nothing! Why won't you-
Voice: This conversation is over. Let us speak to him.

DeeDee: Wait, what? You can't be serious! What about-
Voice: Do not question our commands. The face of the ancestor must meet him.
DeeDee: ... Very well. How rude.

Thor: What was that about?
DeeDee: You must talk to him.
Thor: What? Who is him?
DeeDee: Just sit beneath the face of the ancestor and open the laptop. The chatroom is already open.
Thor: The face of the- Oh!

Though he didn't quite understand what was going on, Thor decided to trust DeeDee. He sat under the face of the ancestor and made first contact with The Riddlemaster.

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Re: Chronicles of the Secret Fire: The Riddlemaster (8)
« Reply #25 on: January 19, 2013, 08:07:03 AM »
The Riddlemaster

Thor: Who are you?
Voice: We ask you the same question, Drake.
Thor: Why do you want to contact me?
Voice: We are curious. We came long ago, yet we have found only one who intrigued us.
Thor: Only one? I'd hope we Sims would've given you a better showing.
Voice: So did we.

Voice: As for our name, call us The Riddlemaster.

Thor: So if I'm not interesting to you, why are you talking to me?
The Riddlemaster: We contact you because we cannot contact Subject 11.
Thor: Why not? Does he not have a laptop handy?
The Riddlemaster: Subject 11 is... tempermental. We made contact once. Our meeting was not pretty.
Thor: Maybe if you started using singular pronouns, he'd feel more comfortable.

The Riddlemaster: You do not understand our ways. Our culture is incomprehensible.
Thor: Fancy words for a chatroom, don't you think?
The Riddlemaster: Not when we wish something from you.
Thor: You want me to do something for you?
The Riddlemaster: Correct.

The Riddlemaster: You Sims need guidance. Our Great Leader, Maxis realized this long ago. Our mission for you is to listen. You are walking on a path, but not by your will. You are being used. By us, by the Watchers, even by your fellow Sims. You reject this truth, but you are wrong. Sims are made to follow, not lead.
Thor: I'm not going to follow your orders around like some domesticated puppy.
The Riddlemaster: Our guidance is simple compared to the guidance of your previous mentor. Your pirate friend sends you to find us, the inevitable enigma, the magnificence mystery. All we wish from you is cooperation and a game.
Thor: A game? What kind of games?
The Riddlemaster: Riddles, of course! Were you not paying attention to our name?

Thor: Okay, what's the riddle?
The Riddlemaster: One who stands alone
                               Amid the city of change
                                 With fiery hate

Thor: What? I don't understand.
The Riddlemaster: Drake, surely you understand riddles! Answers are meant to be found, not given away like candy. Find the answer, and we shall speak again.

The Riddlemaster: This conversation is over.
*Anonymous has left chatroom*

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Re: Chronicles of the Secret Fire: The Riddlemaster (8)
« Reply #26 on: January 19, 2013, 09:04:13 AM »
Curiouser and curiouser!
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Re: Chronicles of the Secret Fire: The Riddlemaster (8)
« Reply #27 on: January 19, 2013, 09:34:04 AM »
I'm very bad at riddles, so I don't have a clue lol. I hope Thor isn't as clueless as me. :P

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Re: Chronicles of the Secret Fire: Flight of the Drake (9)
« Reply #28 on: January 19, 2013, 07:00:34 PM »
Flight of the Drake

DeeDee: What was that about?
Thor: He gave me a riddle. One who stand alone, Amid the city of change, With fiery rage. Any idea what that means?
DeeDee: He's toying with you. He'll just keep giving you riddles until he gets bored and tosses you aside.
Thor: Well, he's the only lead I have. However annoying he is, he's all I got.

DeeDee: Okay, so let's think about it. One who stand alone. Like a statue?
Thor: Maybe, but I've never seen any statues in Moonlight Falls.
DeeDee: Well, Moonlight Falls isn't exactly a city, is it?
Thor: Good point. Are there any cities near here? I'm not exactly well-versed in geography.
DeeDee: Not really. Maybe it's somewhere far away, like France.
Thor: I'll ask our good ol' pirate friend if he knows any cities.

DeeDee: But what about all that stuff fiery hate? What's that about?
Thor: Probably won't know that until I find out what city I'm going to.
DeeDee: You mean I'm not going with you?
Thor: I'm sorry, DeeDee, but I need you to stay here. Keep an eye on the person you're watching for the aliens. And... I have a favor to ask you.
DeeDee: Oh, what is it?

Thor: There's a baby in the library. He's being cared for by the librarian right now. His name is Fenris. I'd like you to take care of him while I'm gone. Wherever I'm going, he'll be safer here. Can you do that for me, please?
DeeDee: Uh, sure. I guess we can't have babies wandering around. I'll make sure Fenris is well cared for.
Thor: Thank you. I need to talk to our friend real quick.
DeeDee: Okay. I'll see you when you get back.

DeeDee: Oh, you're a cute one, aren't you Fenris!
Fenris: *growl*
DeeDee: Did you just growl at me? How rude!
Fenris: *giggle*

Thor dialed A's number hoping for answers. DeeDee had helped him solve part of the puzzle, but most of it remained shrouded in mystery, mainly the "city of change" that he was supposed to be going to. He knew that A. was much better travelled than he was, so he hoped his friend could give him a tip.

A: Hello?
Thor: Hey, it's Thor. I've got some news for you.
A: Oh? Let's hear it then.

Thor: Well, I found DeeDee, the bartender from Varg's. You were right. She's working with the aliens. Spying on some of the Sims here for them. I've convinced her to be our inside woman. She'll continue to watch the Sims the aliens tell her to, but she'll keep us informed on them, as well. She's also doing me a bit of a favor.
A: Excellent! Anything else?
Thor: Yes. I've made contact with one of the aliens.
A: Really? What did he say?
Thor: He gave me a riddle. One who stands alone, Amid the city of change, With fiery hate. DeeDee and I think that the one who stands alone is a statue, but neither of us know of any cities nearby. Have any ideas?

Thor waited for a response, but none came. At first he thought he had accidently hung up, but a quick glance told him this was not the case. He patiently waited for a minute or so before calling out, "Hello? Are you still there?" No reply. What's going on over there? Thor wondered as he called out again.

How does he know? A. asked himself. Once he heard Thor's riddle, A knew exactly what the answer was. This answer simply raised more questions, however. Who is this mysterious Riddlemaster, and what does he know? For the longest time, A said nothing, until he determined how to reply.

A: Bridgeport.
Thor: Pardon me?
A: The city of change is Bridgeport. I'm afraid I can't help you with the rest. You'll have to figure it out once you get there.
Thor: Well, at least now I have a city. Thank you. When do we leave?
A: Actually, I think it'd be better if you fly to Bridgeport alone for this one.
Thor: Why?

A: It's.... complicated.

Thor: ...Okay. I'll call you once I find something in Bridgeport.
A: Good. I'll hear from you then.
Thor: You still haven't told me your name, you know.

A: A.
Thor: That's your name? I've wondered about your name for the longest time, and it's a letter!?
A: Would you rather me tell you a number? Trust me, I have one.
Thor: No, that's fine. Hey, I'm about to catch a taxi. I'll talk to you once I find anything.

Three hours to the airport, and another five before he lands in Bridgeport. Thor certainly had no shortage of time in his possession. Answers? Those were the things Thor was lacking. Perhaps he would find some in the city of change. But probably not, he admitted with a smirk on his face.

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Re: Chronicles of the Secret Fire: Flight of the Drake (9)
« Reply #29 on: January 19, 2013, 07:25:36 PM »
I am absolutely loving this! I can't help but wonder though, if the riddles are nothing but a wild goose chase meant to throw Thor off. Regardless, adventure awaits, and I eagerly await the coming chapters and what he finds!

Fenris's interactions are just adorable. Period. :)