Author Topic: Sim lover new to the board! Question about where to place story/legacy  (Read 1206 times)

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Hello all! I've been stalking your board for a handful of days and liked what I saw, decided to make an account! Yippie skippy ;)

I am currently working on a legacy, except it doesn't follow traditional legacy rules. It is an all ep Supernatural Famacy. I did not start it with a single sim from CAS, I am using a BiG witch and her imaginary friend that she loves and has made real. I know it doesn't follow the original rules, but I am not doing it for points or as a challenge against anyone, just for my own fun, and I am so obsessed with these characters that I couldn't imagine starting one with anyone else ♥

Because of this, I wasn't sure if posting it in the Legacy Stories board would be valid, since the description of said board says that follow pinstars challenge rules :/

So my question is, where would the mods prefer that I place my story?

Thanks in advance and I look forward to "getting to know" everyone around here :D

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Re: Sim lover new to the board! Question about where to place story/legacy
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If it is not a valid legacy story, we have the Creative Stories and Player-Made Challenge Stories board to post stories to.

Welcome to the forum and if you need help with anything, just ask. :)
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