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Building Contest 2013-4, Don't Laugh It's Paid For...
« on: March 09, 2013, 03:20:11 PM »
Building Contest 2013-4, Extreme Minimalist Starter.
Name:  Don't Laugh It's Paid For...
By:  CynKuy

Lot Size: 10 X 10
Furnished: 8,728
Unfurnished: 6,234
1 Bedspace
20 Floor Tiles

Content: May include Base, Ambitions, World Adventures, Pets, Generations, Late Night,
Fast Lane, Supernatural, Seasons.


This home is designed to brighten the mood of any Sim just starting out. 
It has an Exhilirating Shower and the stove that makes it easy for a novice
to learn cooking skill. The loft bed has a computer nook below it with a radio
for entertainment.  Even the lights add to the environment.  Outside is a
pretty little flower garden with a flamingo for decoration and on the side yard
is a small vegetable and fruit garden.

Click images to enlarge:

Download here: