Author Topic: Comm lots added w/ new expansion not there when starting new family  (Read 748 times)

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Ok I had originally SIms 3 + supernatural. Had a family and everything. Decided I wanted Pets too, so I downloaded it. First time I played it prompted me to add some new places to the town map. I think 2 horse places, a cat place and a dog place. So I added them and saved the town. A bit later I got bored of my current family and decided to start a new family in the create a family area. The new family I placed in the same town that the other family is in, but none of the animal community places are in the town when I play that family. Can anyone explain this? or tell me how to fix it?


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Re: Comm lots added w/ new expansion not there when starting new family
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It's not a bug.  The only time you'll get a prompt to place new lots is with existing games when you install an expansion.  When you start new games, certain lots will auto populate onto empty lots but for the most part you're going to have to place these lots yourself with Edit Town.    The only worlds that will come with all the lots of a certain expansion are the worlds that came with that expansion.  Otherwise you have to do all the editing yourself.
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