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*Please move to graveyard*A "Short" Short Dynasty
« on: January 19, 2014, 11:34:34 AM »
Welcome to the Short short dynasty. It's played by cndneh's rules found here.

A recap of the rules:
1. time span - short, free will - high, aging - on (duh!). Only supernaturals with human ageing are allowed in the household.
2. Edit town can only be used before the game is started. I have added most of the community lots that come with the expansions except for the LN bars because I really didn't have room since I didn't want to add new lots. I play in Sunset Valley.
3. All traits are to be randomized, and the LTW can either be chosen when the sims roll them while growing up, or out of the 5 options when they become YA.
4. Some LTR's are banned: No Bills Ever, Fertility Treatment, Change Lifetime Wish, Mid-Life Crisis, Dusty Old Lamp, Inheritance, Age Freeze and  Young Again Potion. *As an extra I have also banned the wish enhancement elixir because it would make it too easy.*
5. All methods of extending life are forbidden; potions, elixirs, make overs, tattos, life fruit, ambrosia and various others that come from store items. Aging sims up before their birthday is also forbidden, by cake or elixir.
6. The game starts on the dynasty lot and the family can never move.
7. Each sim has 8 days vacation/uni/ITF travel.
8. My heir will be the firstborn of the previous heir (only natural births count).
9. When the 10th heir becomes a YA the dynasty is complete.

Some information on scoring (mostly because I don't really understand it myself and want to write it all down):
1a. The founder and spouse, the heirs and their spouses and the siblings of future heirs can all contribute to the score.
1b. Adopted children can not contribute to the score.
2. Tombstone scores can only be contributed by the founder, heir and spouses.
3. Founder/heir + spouse and siblings can give points for skills only until the next heir becomes YA, then that heir and their spouse and their children are the only ones that count towards skills.
4. Founder/heir + spouse can give points for maxed career only until the next heir becomes YA (see rule 3)
5. Founder/heir + spouse can work on their LTW their whole life (I think this might be different from the original rules).

1p for each child born to founder/heir (only natural births count; no adoption, no platsim, no clones, no designed baby)
1p for each LTW completed
1p for each building bought in full
1p for each property upgraded in full
1p for each maxed skill
2p for each super maxed skill
1p for reaching the top of a career
1p for leaving a medium tombstone
2p for leaving a large tombstone

Current score:
Sun: 2p (2 children)

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In the land of the Fae
« Reply #2 on: January 19, 2014, 11:49:16 AM »
Sunlight was a sun fairy and like all other sun fairies she kept the land blooming and the gardens fruitful. She lived in an enchanted grove with all the other sun fairies in Dragon Valley. She looked like other sun fairies, partied like other sun fairies and she even dressed similar to other sun fairies. But then again, that is fairies for you always buzzing around the fairy house like bees, always busy always working. However, as much as Sunlight appeared to be like her fairy sisters and brothers, she wasn't. She was somewhat…different.

True, she had a heart that loved all living creatures; she was kind to animals, loved plants and other growing things and always used her powers to make the sims she met happy and relaxed in her presence. But she was also childish and considered having fun of equal importance to her work as a fairy. Even worse, she could never be depended on to do what she was asked to do. Not that she tried to disobey or willfully misled those who asked her, she simply…forgot. And when confronted she would say “Don’t be so upset! There is still time to fix this; fairies live a long time you know.” And she’d walk off and not be seen for a couple of days until everyone had calmed down again.

The other fairies argued amongst themselves about what to do with Sunlight. How would they make her realize that even fairies don’t live forever? That even fairies, with their easy going nature and leisurely life, still needs to understand what it is to take responsibility for their actions? And so they decided that Sunlight needed something to be responsible for, something big, something that would finally make her take notice.

Every year the Queen of the Fae left her court in Moonlight Falls to visit all the other fairy groves. Her visit was always cause for a huge celebration, and the fairy responsible for the festivities were always amply rewarded by the Queen. And the crowning glory of this celebration was always the Silver tree reborn, a sapling of the Queens own tree tended and grown by fairy magic to represent the goodwill of her people. This was big, this was important – THIS was what Sunlight needed to come into her own as a fairy.

Sunlight had all of the best intentions, she really did. She made grandiose plans and consulted books on garden management. She even bought balloons and fireworks to ensure that this was a feast to remember for all time. But, as she was wont to do she got distracted by something shiny, something fun and somehow forgot to tend the tree at all. When the Queen and the other sun fairies cam for their celebration – Sunlight was sitting next to a charred and withered tree playing and dreaming of other times and places.

The Queen was much outraged “You had time to tend the tree and you did nothing! Is this how you show your appreciation for your queen?” Sunlight tried to say there was still time to fix things, but the Queen would hear nothing of it. “Time to do this and time to do that, I think you have too much time if you treat it so carelessly! Maybe you would do better with less time…yes much shorter time and much more to be done. And no more of these excuses or you’ll never ever get your wings back!” The spell hit Sunlight in the chest and then everything went black. 

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Re: A Short shorty Dynasty
« Reply #3 on: January 19, 2014, 11:56:22 AM »
A wonderful start! Poor Sunlight, I hope she's okay..

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Re: A Short shorty Dynasty
« Reply #4 on: January 19, 2014, 02:07:17 PM »
A wonderful start! Poor Sunlight, I hope she's okay..

I'm sure she will be, she'll get a watcher after all - what can go wrong when you have a watcher :P

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The CAS machine
« Reply #5 on: January 19, 2014, 02:41:04 PM »
Watcher: Greetings and salutations Founder! I will be your guide though this process called CAS where we strip you of your fairy powers and make you mortal.
Sunlight: Wait! What?
Watcher: No time for explanations read this while you undergo the obligatory traits randomization.
Sunlight: But there is always ti…*Sunlight is pushed into the traits randomizer and the Watcher locks the door.*
Watcher: Time for this and time for that. There is never enough time when you are a Watcher.

Sunlight: *from inside the randomizer* Hey you, I mean, most gracious Watcher could you please take a moment to explain further?
Watcher: Ah proper, a nice trait you got there Sun, nice but hardly useful.
Sunlight: *still inside the randomizer* It’s Sun-light, surely there is time enough to pronounce my full name?
Watcher: Listen up sweetheart, this is a short dynasty, short as in 12 days to have a nooboo, well actually more like 9 since you need to get yourself a man, and you can’t get pregnant when you are too close to elder, but who’s nitpicky like that? Just hurry along, we still have to come up with a name and everything. I’ll send down a DVD with all the info, you can check it out later.
Sunlight: *still inside the randomizer* DVD? I wouldn’t think so! Technology is evil, technology must be destroyed.
Watcher: Technophobe, you say, handy would be better. Aren’t you rolling any useful traits Sun?
Sunlight: *still inside the randomizer* Could you please call me by my full name, you are really starting to freak me out!
Watcher: Feeling neurotic? There is hand sanitizer in the bathroom, never say I don’t deliver what my charges need.
Sunlight: *still inside the randomizer* Listen up! You are going to give me a straight answer, even if I have to wrestle you to the floor to get you talking!
Watcher: Praise be the Prime Watcher, athletic are we now, finally something useful! All we need is your final trait and we can start talking spouses, a man will have to do this time, you need an heir or we could be more flexible…
Sunlight: *emerging from the randomizer* A man? For me? Oh, you shouldn’t have!
Watcher: A hopeless romantic, start batting those lashes and we’ll have you situated in no time. Now it’s only a question of wardrobe….(everyday, formal and athletic, the only ones she’ll ever use)

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Chapter 1 - A man with baggage
« Reply #6 on: January 19, 2014, 05:33:45 PM »
And so it came to pass that the fairy newly made human was named Sun Short. Sun because the other name was too long and the Watcher really couldn't be bothered to spend more time to learn a new name when the next founder would come along soon forcing the Watcher to learn another. Really, Watchers had much more important things to deal with, like having tea with the Queen of the Fae. And Short because that was what her time was, short that is. The benevolent Watcher smiled upon her thankful charge as she was off to find romance…

Sun: Benevolent? You got to be kidding! And stop talking about yourself in the third person, it’s pretentious.
Watcher: What? You get a job and one skill point in athletics and all of a sudden you are a linguist? You work in professional sports not academia, off to the salon with you now.
Sun: But I just had a makeover, can’t I go to the gym instead?
Watcher: No! You may not! Let’s get things clear, you are a founder and will be given blame or accolades depending on how this dynasty fares. I, on the other hand am but a humble Watcher…
Sun: *mutters* Hardly humble.
Watcher:*with a raised voice* I am the humble Watcher and my word is law! And don’t forget to document your progress in the journal I gave you. I will be monitoring – silently.
Sun: *thinking* If only I could believe you.
Watcher: And will only intercede when I deem it necessary. Well? Any last thoughts?
Sun: *rolls her eyes and walks away*
Watcher: *yells after her* Don’t think I can’t hear you! *mutters* Why do I always get the annoying cases? Was there something I did? Nah, must be that CAS machines fault.

Dear Diary and whoever is listening (yes Watcher I know you are out there).
After the horrible experience of the CAS machine my Watcher (not humble at all if anyone wants to know) sent me to Sunset Valley where I and ten generations of my descendants will work to complete a short dynasty. I am not completely sure why exactly I am to do this, since the prize (presumably getting my wings back) won’t be very useful when I have been dead for ten generations, but I am determined to give it my best.

The Watcher in her benevolence (I only write this because the Watcher promised to play with the interactive loading screen if I did, thus landing me with more HP) has found me the perfect spouse. A man that will complement me, a man who is good and ambitious, a man who is family oriented and brave, a man who is frugal which is a big plus since I have no money. A man who already has a son and comes with a mother in law – wait! What? Watcher! What have I done to deserve this?

Sun: So, how about those llamas eh?
Leighton: Do I know you?
Sun: Um, Sun, from work – I started today…
Watcher: It’s not going so well is it?
Sun: Shut up!
Leighton: You are creeping me out woman!
Watcher: You are creeping him out. Bring on the romance!
Sun: Watcher go away!
Leighton: What are you talking about? Maybe I should check in with Monica to hear if you are the person you say you are.
Sun: Um, I was just joking, haha, look at my silly face…

Contrary to what the Watcher claimed Leighton was not an easy flirt. In fact, he disliked my flirting a lot. It was only though acting like a clown and telling jokes about the llama mascot I managed to make friends with him. Clearly romance would have to wait.

After a long day battling a reluctant conversation partner I finally felt comfortable enough to ask Leighton over to look over my lot. I couldn’t help but to be a bit apprehensive, asking someone to move in when there was nothing to move in too. There was also the slightly worrisome fact that he had dependents he would insist on accompanying him. They would also need a roof over their head.
Sun: So, that’s basically why I asked you over here…
Leighton: You want me to move my family from our nice house out to this empty field, where we will build a house for the money we get when we pawn our cameras, any books in our inventories and this ominous portal in time and space?
Sun: If it’s not too much of a bother, I’m a bit overwhelmed by all of this. Kind of scared you know.
Leighton: Challenge accepted!
Sun: What?
Leighton: I will make sure you aren’t scared anymore. Only, my son is coming too. And my mother, I can’t very well leave her behind.
Sun: Oh lovely, I just adore old ladies (or not).

The money we scraped together (selling everything in our inventories, even Leighton’s used car) bought us this hovel. I tried making it more cheerful by putting in bright wall paper, and we didn't skimp on sleeping and showering comfort, but it was the bare bones of living. Not a single window broke the orange brick facade. We had to make do with salads because a stove was too expensive, or rather, we made another priority acquisition.

Meet Laika our new dog. She is an adult mixed breed that kind of looks like a beagle with her long floppy ears. She’s a genius, which is great because I don’t think we have much time to put aside for training her. My hope is that she will bring in some valuable items we can sell, because we need a bigger house with windows and everything. I could probably live like this my whole life, I just want to work out and become a superstar athlete, but Leighton wants to raise five children in this house – and I can’t very well tell him they’ll have to sleep outside. Or can I?

Two days of toddler living is not long at all. It was a good thing that Yumi was family oriented just like Leighton. She had Sam trained in a day, and so she and my son by marriage could spend the rest of their time in the park fishing for some fish to sell. We couldn’t afford a babysitter so she had to do something Sam could tag along to. He grew up a couch potato, something that might cause problems since we have neither couch, TV or even any novels to read.

Sam growing older freaked me out and I decided to take my and Leighton’s relationship to the next level. We promptly had a fun time under the blankets and a chime was heard. This was one of the best and worst days as a founder. One of the best since I had continued my line, but one of the worst since it meant I would no longer be required to work (Not to future female heir: Do not get impatient with the wohoo! Wait until you have advanced in your career, or you will be a snack hawker forever!).

Leighton wanted five children. He already had one and I was willing to give birth once. This meant he had to find other ways to prove to the world that he was an excellent father. After many deep conversations (see transcript) he decided on adoption.

***Week 1 Day 2 of Short Dynasty, Watcher’s notes***
Leighton: I really feel I need more children. Once you are done with that one, can we have another?
Sun: I only need one, to continue the line and so forth, and you have Sam. Isn’t that enough?
Leighton: Two fifths doesn’t make the HP roll.
Sun: But really, do you need more kids?
Watcher: Um, Sun, his LTW gives us a point too.
Leighton: Yeah! High five Watcher!
Sun: All right – have you heard about this cool thing called adoption?
***End of Transcript***

And we welcomed the two girls Millan and Laila to the family just as I changed into maternity wear.

With no help from Laika (How many interesting things can a dog find? So far 3 feathers and 2 leafs), our lowly pay and the seven fish Yumi had managed to catch we had enough to invest in 3 sleeping bags. Luckily that was all we needed to get through the night.

My impending motherhood did not inspire me to marry. Leighton on the other hand, wished to both marry me specifically and to marry in the general sense (he was desperate to marry). So, since I realized that my LTW was probably beyond me anyway I decided to get married and become a helpful wife. First part: switch to kids music in the hopes of getting twins. I can now sing the songs in my sleep. By a stroke of luck (the Watcher called it a glitch) I was able to work out during my entire pregnancy, and soon reached level four. Leighton often joined me so we got to spend a lot of “quality time” together.

With the kids all in school, Yumi was able to leave the house in search for gems and precious metals. Laika contributed one smoked quarts, a snake skin and two empty snack bags (really, what is it with this dog and garbage?). All that effort and what she brought home next was fleas! This meant we had to spend our scant money on a bathtub, a bathtub we couldn't even fit in the house because our house was too small!

When the family had dinner that night, a family dinner how nice! Yumi went to the elixir shop and refined the raw gems. With the proceeds we could enlarge the house and invest in real beds for the kids. We also added a second bathroom. Ah, bliss. 

When the weekend came around (yes, we are still on the first week, I just have to pack a whole lot of living into very few days) the children were sent out to collect anything of value. Child labor is frowned upon in most universes, not so in a dynasty, here child labor is required. Besides, the kids could finally do something useful with their time (school is a bust when you only attend two days anyway). This left us to do – you guessed right! More skilling.

It was soon apparent that something was wrong with me.

Sun: Ouch! The pain, the pain, I understand why sims give their kids up for adoption – they are the cause of this horrible thing.

Welcome Moon Short, our female heir. She is evil and brave.

Sun: No, stop! Why did I listen to all that kids music?

Also welcome Cyrus Short, our male spare. He’s an artistic heavy sleeper.

With my two children I have earned 2 points for this dynasty. Go me!

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Re: A "Short" Short Dynasty - chapter 1. A man with baggage
« Reply #7 on: January 19, 2014, 06:31:32 PM »
This is really good so far! Welcome Moon and Cyrus!

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Re: A "Short" Short Dynasty - chapter 1. A man with baggage
« Reply #8 on: January 19, 2014, 06:35:06 PM »
I bow to you. You're such a great writer! I'm still giggling.

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Re: A "Short" Short Dynasty - chapter 1. A man with baggage
« Reply #9 on: January 19, 2014, 06:41:57 PM »
This is really good so far! Welcome Moon and Cyrus!

Thank you, I had a lot of fun playing them.

I bow to you. You're such a great writer! I'm still giggling.

Yay! That means a lot coming from you Jude :)

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Chapter 2. The wife and husband team
« Reply #10 on: January 20, 2014, 05:36:58 AM »
Dear Diary,
How time flies, it’s already Sunday and my first week is almost up. Both Leighton and I had out adult birthdays (mine a little delayed because of the birth) but we still look the same so who cares about such things.

It’s way more interesting to check out our new entertainment area. I know it’s outside, but the furniture is plastic so it is really durable. Also, the kids all aged up to teen. From the left there is Yumi (getting some quality time with Sam), Millan, Sam and Lillian. Of all the kids I feel closest to Millan and often find myself talking to her. Maybe it’s because she is neat, so she helps out a lot around the house. A neat child is a good child in my opinion.

Lillian has brought home a pet rat. It is constantly escaping, but she doesn’t really care because each time it does she recaptures it and gets another notch on the zoologist belt. I try to tell her there is no need for her to complete her LTW, since it’s not part of the score anyway, but she is determined succeed weather we need her to or not. And so Leighton has purchased a collection helper for her. It has an added bonus of making it easier to find rare gems and precious metals as well.

Speaking of Leighton, with all these cheap toilets around the house one is constantly breaking down. This led us to consider handiness as a skill to max. Leighton was wishing to unclog toilets, and we couldn’t afford a plumber anyway. After much discussion we have decided to try to super max handiness, since we need to make up for my missed LTW and both of us failing to top our careers.

I may not be a party animal, but everyone knows the best way to match make for your kids and ensure future grandbabies and mucho HP is to throw parties. Laika made a big to do when she was ageing up – I think it’s the most attention she’s even been given so far. Not that she has warranted much attention, she is still into garbage and rarely brings home anything of value.

With all the attention on Laika my twins aged up completely unattended, poor darlings. I am pleased to announce that they take after both their parents with my flaming hair and Leighton’s distinctive eyes.

I had heard that toddlers were a cash cow when it comes to HP, but that requires you to actually wish for them to learn their skills. I rarely did so, but I did manage to get two wishes in which helps a little. Leighton, of course, got a nice chunk of change when they learnt all their skills. Yumi was indispensable during this process as she taught the kids four out of six skills. I got stuck with the other two, and I’m not even family oriented. How is that fair?

Sam had his YA birthday and Millan was super excited. Don’t be darling, nothing cool really happens.

Time rushed by and Leighton and I were a power couple as we were rushing to complete his super max. Leighton repaired and upgraded while I made use of my technophobe trait and sabotaged as many items as possible. Sadly, I was not a particularly skilled saboteur because I only succeeded about a third of the time.

This still left me time (when I was too exhausted to work out of course) to teach Moon to speak. Yumi and Sam and the girls were off getting us funds so I was the person holding up the fort. Can you see the happiness on my face – I just love my kids.

Laila caught a colorful parrot and completed her LTW, good on her. She is the first family member to do so and I hope she sets a good example. I also include a picture of the rat, as yet unnamed, who was instrumental in this feat and who taught us all that an animal recaptured counts as a whole new animal. Good to know. Rat was also the animal who helped spawn Laila’s LTW, so all future spares should be on the lookout.

Two days of toddlerhood is not much and soon the twins were kids. This also coincided with Leighton and me celebrating our one year wedding anniversary (really, it’s been about a week but who am I to complain about a nice celebratory moodlet?).

Sam’s graduation was delayed for a day and he graduated with his sisters. He was voted most artistic, his sisters didn’t get an award, maybe because they had barely attended High School?

Once we got home from the celebration Sam decided to try cooking, it was not a success. We had a fire that threatened to spread. Leighton and I had to take turns to put out the three! Fires that erupted while the rest of the family just freaked out. Where were the fire fighters you ask? How should I know? I even had a fire alarm and they still didn’t show up. It’s a good thing we are prepared for everything in this house.

After all the drama we all vacated the property for some renovations. The house got some extra bathrooms and a proper entertainment area as well as more room to just roam.

Barely had we all gotten back and settled for the night when the second disaster of the day struck us. It was Yumi’s time to face the Reaper, and our moods plummeted. Yumi had hung in there for 33 days, an impressive age that I wonder if anyone else will beat. Poor Laika, her only friend in the house was gone.

In other dynasties you probably have time to lament the passing of your elders and sink into long brooding silences. Not so in a short dynasty, here things move at a different pace. (Note to future heirs: the Stone Hearted LTR, while cold sounding, will really be a boon for you. Otherwise your HP recovery rate will dip often).

Leighton wanted Sam to marry, I wanted Millan to marry. Millan tied the knot with Mortimer Goth and moved into his manor. Sam and Sandi French had a different kind of romance going for them, once a chime was heard they moved in with her mother Fiona.

Who’s the greatest wife and husband team out there? Why us!

I am busy sabotaging the stereo (once I have worked myself to exhaustion of course) and then I do some soccer while I wait for Leighton to fix it. I love how soccer raises the athletic skill regardless if you are exhausted or not. It makes skilling a lot easier and I learn new cool tricks as well.

Leighton is now an Electrician and once he’s made this stove fire proof he will be a Tinkerer too. All he needs is one more plumbing object, half a bar of handiness and voila, handiness super maxed!

The twins are now teens and actually go to school, but not for long because it’s Thursday. I can’t believe it’s almost time for my elder birthday, time passes so quickly around here. Moon is now grumpy and Cyrus artistic.

They both set their mind to working on their skills. I don’t think Cyrus will level painting before he and Moon ages up (in just four days!) but at least he will leave some nice paintings in the house and future generations will be able to sell them for quite some money once he’s dead – sentimentality, yes I know it’s my crowning virtue.

When the weekend rolls around we go to the library for some skilling. Moon reads up on logic, she is at level 7 already and will max it soon, with some luck she can max another skill or two before the next heir takes over. Super maxing logic isn’t in the works, it’s hard enough on a normal time span, why invite the grief failure would bring?

Leighton and I are elders now but I don’t let that stop me from working on my athletics. Leighton found a leaky faucet in the bathroom and has now super maxed handiness. All he needs now is to max athletics, he’s level 7 so it is unlikely unless we take drastic measures.

Cyrus has decided he wants to be an illustrious author and so tried to write a novel. I have given up on him maxing painting and focus more on him earning us some money.

With elder hood come thoughts of death and HP starts to be counted, and recounted ad nausea.

Leighton has just over 120,000 HP and with just 30,000 we could get a large tombstone and one more point. This requires some travel and the maxing of athletics if we are even to be close to pull this off. I also need more HP to reach my goal of leaving a medium stone behind. 15,000 HP and I will have reached that magic barrier. A large tombstone is an impossibility when I’ll never reach my LTW. (If wish enhancement serums were allowed Leighton would have reached the large tombstone long ago, and I would have had my medium one already).

Off we go to France for three days; we have some romantic times, fine dining and Leighton skills his butt off. He packed a soccer ball too, to really maximize his skilling time.

I do some adventures but mostly just collect anything of value to sell, sell, sell. We need funds so we can start investing in properties and Leighton has started wishing for wealth in his later days (personality change brought on by dementia?) so I once again take on the role of supporting wife, this time to further his accumulation of HP.

I know I haven’t mentioned her in a few days, but Laila has been busy at home, she recently bought a motive mobile for her HP and goes all over the Valley, day and night collecting gems.

She has also found romance with Dustin Lagerak, they were unable to conceive despite several days’ effort (maybe because he’s a fairy?) and so they adopted two children (Bryan and Marina) before getting married and moving in to the Lagerak house.

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Re: A "Short" Short Dynasty - chapter 1. A man with baggage
« Reply #11 on: January 20, 2014, 10:41:18 AM »
This is really fun and interesting. I might try this someday after tax season. Reading your experiences will be a big help.

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Re: A "Short" Short Dynasty - chapter 1. A man with baggage
« Reply #12 on: January 20, 2014, 12:29:20 PM »
This is really fun and interesting. I might try this someday after tax season. Reading your experiences will be a big help.

You should check out the Jack Short Dynasty as well, it was my inspiration.

This is a really fun game but intense! I kind of feel like I'm playing a combined baby boomer and skill master challenge - with less restrictions ;)