Author Topic: Curing Supernaturals - Glitches  (Read 784 times)

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Curing Supernaturals - Glitches
« on: October 15, 2013, 11:28:05 PM »
They look human/cured but won't let me save in town edit nor move sims to another town without popup saying they have to be in human form first.  Drinking, throwing potent cure elixirs...neither seems to make a difference.  Made sure in human form before curing werewolves.  Happens with all forms though.  Won't let me save sims in town edit either even after moving and evicting and can't move to another town saying they have to be human form first. Vampires are especially troublesome but seems throwing at them rather than having them drink works best.  However, nothing is working currently after curing as Fairy, and editing sim type doesn't work either (tried that as last resort),  and have added problem of not being able to save or move to another town now as a whole new problem.  Have base game, generations, ambitions, supernatural, farm fresh milking cow stuff pack...if that helps.  Also, none of the rabbit holes in Moonlight Falls work except the movie theater but sims won't get wish points for seeing a movie after attending one....initially placed them there but went back to Riverview because of that.  Now I can't move though to any town nor save my sim family to library in town edit.  Tried saving them household only as well as household with house.  Even dumped all their belongings on their backpacks as well as stripping house down to nothing but walls and floors in case of items being glitched or stuck, etc. and sold everything off.  Also, deleted everything not auto saved to library by game in case there was a space limit or something to that.  Nothing seems to work.  Was able to save house only to library after sims moved out/evicted so it is definitely related to the sims themselves.  Don't want to give up this close to reaching goal of having all leveled up in every skill and all challenges met for all 8 of them.  Also, neither the triplets nor the twins were given graduation or diploma after finishing school and aging up even though on honor roll entire time.