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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Tensions Rising
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Awwwwww! Thanks for the mention.  :) I love little Sheo so much. He is Anne's REAL son in my opinion. I enjoyed writing Nyx's dialogue a lot, she is such an interesting character. Oh Quinn. I'm worried that his sass is going to get him into too much trouble in the end.
Of course! You help me immensely when I get stuck. That dialogue with Nyx saved my chapter from being dumped in the trash... again. ::)
Sheogorath is so adorable, ugh. I promise I'm working on Alec. I'll get through to him one way or another. He's not getting away with how he treats Mary.
Quinn does need to watch his sassy-self. He's too pretty to die though. ;) The Joker may have something to say to him though if he doesn't get himself together. XD

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Tensions Rising
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PM received and replied to ;D and, now, I am on my way to go stalk read the rewrite... I should come up for air at some point, since I also have to finish this benighted cloning challenge
because... Math *Pippin The Most Tenacious Simmer*

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Tensions Rising
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I would never have guessed that you had struggled so much with this chapter if you hadn't mentioned it!
I thought the chapter was very nicely balanced--Sheo acting his usual insecure self but not excessively paralyzed; I'm so proud of his braveness and found his admiration for Majnun quite adorable.
Majnun was awesome as usual--he looks gorgeous in the screenshots and I found his care for Sheo very touching and a little surprising.
Of course, Anne would choose to spare Nyx. Her love for Majnun and Sheo is vast as the ocean but her compassion for the unworthy will no doubt prove her downfall.

I really loved this chapter!

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Tensions Rising
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PM received and replied to ;D and, now, I am on my way to go stalk read the rewrite... I should come up for air at some point, since I also have to finish this benighted cloning challenge
Dig into those glorious... four chapters. XD Working on the fifth. I swear. XD I just finally got back into a Majnun/Anne swing so I'm taking full advantage of it.


I would never have guessed that you had struggled so much with this chapter if you hadn't mentioned it!
I thought the chapter was very nicely balanced--Sheo acting his usual insecure self but not excessively paralyzed; I'm so proud of his braveness and found his admiration for Majnun quite adorable.
Majnun was awesome as usual--he looks gorgeous in the screenshots and I found his care for Sheo very touching and a little surprising.
Of course, Anne would choose to spare Nyx. Her love for Majnun and Sheo is vast as the ocean but her compassion for the unworthy will no doubt prove her downfall.

I really loved this chapter!
Thank you, @oshizu! That's very kind! I did struggle a lot with this chapter because my mind is working it's way forward in the present! I'm back into the Majnun and Anne groove (mostly, when I'm listening to the right music, that is).
I love Sheogorath and doing the chapter from his perspective was both awe-inspiring and heartbreaking. He's getting stronger and I can see it. He really, really loves his father and I think it's the most adorable thing.
<3 I'm glad you're still in love with my darling Majnun. He's pretty amazing. XD The one problem with telling it from Sheogorath's perspective was we missed a lot of the story from Majnun's perspective and how much of a good father he is. Ah well, it's nothing new to you, I'm sure. ;)
Anne is too nice to everyone (shakes head) but I still love her to pieces.

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Tuiel
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Hello there! This is another collaboration piece between mpart and myself. =) Hope you guys enjoy! Solstice is entirely @mpart's character and she also gathered all the pictures for this chapter! Find Solstice's version of events HERE!

Dragon Valley: Present Day
Sheogorath hadn’t been home since he had his painful revelation. It was still a little out of sorts from when his emotions shook the house, but it would work.
He held a fragile soul in his arms. A little girl who needed help.
The house came to life as he walked in the door and carried her into the spare room. With a gesture of his hand the dust vanished from the room and he placed her down gently on the bed. She jolted awake at the transition and began screaming again, she clutched herself tightly. “MAKE IT STOP!” She screamed.

Sheogorath stood stunned. They had made a mess in her head. They made a mess in a child’s head and it made him angry. He wasn’t good at comfort. He wasn’t good at soothing or healing. He wasn’t good at cleaning messes. He was just good at making them. He held his hands out gently, hesitantly. He thought of calming thoughts. He wanted her to feel the calming thoughts. He wanted to comfort her. He projected his thoughts onto her as she writhed on the bed. It seemed to work. She quieted again, drifting back off to sleep on the bed and Sheogorath slowly let up on the bubble spell of comfort.
He swallowed and stared at her. She needed help. He wasn’t cut out for helping people. Mother was the person who comforted people. Mania was the person who fixed problems and cleaned messes. He just knew how not to make messes, and how to make them cleanly. He didn’t have anyone else to turn to. He would have to help her.
He fidgeted with his hands before stepping forward hesitantly. His fingers wiggled with his anxiety. He had never gone into someone’s head to fix them. He wasn’t sure he knew how. He sucked in his cheeks and bit them while gently reaching out to her face. He brushed a strand of hair from her face and sadness filled him. She was so young. She was so young to feel this much pain. The thought steeled him. He gently pressed his fingers to her head and entered.
Her name was Solstice Labelle. She was a mind reader. He pushed into her past. She had a twin brother named Eric Labelle. She met her father only briefly, but she only ever wanted happiness for him. She danced. Her mother was gone for a lot of her childhood. She raised someone from the dead once. She wanted to help people. There was a car accident. The car accident shook her. There was more pain attached to the car accident. He would start there.
He slowly blurred away that memory. This wasn’t so hard. He couldn’t make this better, but he could take away some of the bad. It wouldn’t be permanent, but just enough to not bombard her all at once. He could give it back to her later. Slowly, perhaps. The way to break someone’s mind was to take everything down all at once; the mind couldn’t recover. If it was done slowly, the mind could recover and grow stronger.

Sheogorath nodded. That is what he would do. He would make her stronger. He was broken, but she didn’t have to be. He went further. The white walls tortured her memories too. He smiled sadly. That was one thing they agreed on. He continued forward. There was pictures of Stephen’s face and pain surrounding them. Sheogorath gritted his teeth. Rage was filling him. He hated that man, and this only made it worse.
He pulled himself back in. If he wasn’t careful he would do more damage to the poor girl. He refused to do any damage to her. He would fix her.
No. Fix wasn’t the right word. Sheogorath couldn’t fix anything. He would mend her. That was better. He would take away the pain for now, and he would mend her. He blurred away that memory of the monster’s face. It wasn’t just that once though. It was multiple times. The man toyed with her remote control. The man caused her pain. The man yelled at her and brought her to her knees over and over. Stephen wasn’t a man. Stephen was a monster. Sheogorath clenched the fist that wasn’t touching her face. He sucked in a breath through gritted teeth and began to blur away the memories. This was wrong. This was all wrong. These people were wrong.
He would help. He had to try.
He pushed forward, despite it being difficult. She trained hard. She danced. Dancing brought her joy. He would leave that. She needed joy. She needed successes to repair her mind. There was a woman, Gladys. He dug into that memory. Another threat. Another person with her remote. Another point where they brought her to her knees for their own enjoyment. He blurred it away.
He pushed forward. The Legends. August and Kyle. He blurred it away. Then there was the girl. Aurora. The child who was torturing another child. He had messed with her mind. She had pretended to be her friend. She was pretending to be a friend. Pretending to be sorry. Sheogorath was getting angrier. He blurred that away too.
He would not leave phony friendships to help her build her mind up on lies. He dug in deeper. They had given her a power addiction. Those monsters inflicted an addiction for power on a child. She would always struggle with it. She would always be drawn to steal magic from others. What had they done? He couldn’t blur that away. It would come back. She needed to know why she thirsted for power. He would have to leave that memory alone and it made him furious.
He seemed to be almost through, but things were only getting darker. He pushed forward and she was tangled up in vines, suffocating. He blurred it away. He kept blurring and blurring at this point. The operating table. The white room. The lightning. “Please, let me die.”
Sheogorath threw himself back from her and shoved everything off the dresser behind him with a scream. He was too angry. He should’ve burned the lab down as he left. This was just one girl. What else could they be doing in there? Sheogorath steamed as he clutched the dresser. He left far too many of them untouched.

Solstice whimpered on the bed and Sheogorath jerked around suddenly. He would help. He had to try. He approached her again with determination and dug into the last memory. There was an unbearable amount of pain attached to this one. This was the moment that broke her. He couldn’t let that stand. He focused hard and slowly blurred that memory away until it was hardly there at all. Her mind had grown quiet now that he had suppressed the negative emotions from her past. He didn’t get everything, but he didn’t need to.
He looked down at her and frowned. Her clothing was burned and scars were showing on her body from where the magic had struck her. He slowly pulled the blankets up and over her. She would rest now. She would rest and recover, and he would help her mend.
He brought in a chair from the dining room and sat down next to her bed. She would ask him questions when she woke, and he needed to be ready to answer them. Even now he might not have time to think of all the answers. He needed to start now.
He stared at her gently and watched her sleep. “I will protect you, Tuiel. I promise.”
Tuiel. It was a Nymph name. It was one he learned when thinking of all the things he could talk about with Mania. Things he never got the chance to say.
He would be ready for this though. He would take care of Solstice. Mother had brought her to him and he would find some way to help her rise stronger from this.

Sheogorath thought himself broken, but she didn’t have to be.

Sheogorath had sat for hours waiting. His mind played over each individual conversation the girl laying in his house would want to have with him. She would have so many questions and he had to be ready for each one. His fingers tapped along his leg and he kept his eyes levelly on her and the wall behind her. She might attack him when she woke too. It would be understandable after everything she’s been through. He was lost in a strand of conversation they might have when her body jolted. She was waking up. He came out of his conversation trance and looked at her, waiting anxiously for anything she would throw at him.

Her eyes slowly came open and hesitantly met his. He could see the fear, the questions, the anxiety and the pain. She struggled to move - she was still too weak. She slowly seemed to gather herself, eyeing him cautiously. Tears started to fall from her eyes.
Sheogorath wasn’t good at tears. He shifted slightly, unsure of if he should start the conversation or if it was best to wait for her. He preferred starting conversations, he could control them that way and prepare better for them. He went through all the scenarios in his head of why she might be crying. She opened her mouth and stunned him. “I’m so sorry.” She whispered.
Sheogorath’s eyes went wide. This wasn’t part of the conversation. His eyes shifted around the room and back to her as he struggled to find something to say. This girl had been tortured and she was apologizing? He needed to say something. He needed to pull himself together and say something, but all he could do was stare for a long minute and the girl’s tears seemed to get worse. He started to feel panic rising in him. He debated moving to sit on the bed with her. Then he debated leaving the room. What could he even say to that? He wasn’t ready for this. He couldn’t think fast enough.
“No.” He frowned. That was close enough, wasn’t it? Not good enough. That wasn’t good enough. He cursed himself and looked at her sadly. “Don’t. Don’t apologize.” He was fidgeting with his hands while he stared at her and he took in a deep breath. “I… I should.” He bit his cheek as he struggled to find the words. He couldn’t let her go on like this. He couldn’t let her think it was her. He had let that happen with Mania. Mania left him. This girl, Solstice, needed him. He needed to find the words and he needed to let her know it wasn’t her fault. “I’m not good at… at conversation. I can’t think fast enough to prepare.” He frowned. “But this isn’t your fault. I’m sorry.” 
The girl’s face shifted into something Sheogorath wasn’t used to. She seemed to understand. Was she insane too, like he was? Her eyes were wide and glassy from the tears. “Words are deadly. I can’t sa-prepare myself either most days.” She closed her eyes then and seemed to be bracing herself. Her mind sifted through some thoughts and Sheogorath felt his own mind scrambling as he thought about what she might say next. “Thank you. I k-know you were probably stuck with me. I’m s-sorry for causing you any trouble but I just want to say thank you.”

Sheogorath felt sadness. He shifted in his seat. He was not good at handling sadness. She was thanking him. The way you answer someone saying thanks was by responding with ‘you’re welcome.’ Alessandra told him so. She scolded him with his manners. He gritted his teeth. He couldn’t respond that way. She was being tortured. She was just a child. He needed to throw out his rulebook. He needed to think like Mother would. He shook his head then. “You are not trouble.” No. that wasn’t right. He clenched his fists in reflex. Conversations were hard. “No. I mean, you did not cause any trouble. They were hurting you. You don’t deserve to hurt. So I stopped them.” He nodded. It was getting easier.
He took in another breath and nodded again. “I can answer questions.” He swallowed. “I mean, I can answer any questions you might have.” Something dawned on him then and he tensed. “I… I took your memories from you. They were hurting you. They made a mess and that was wrong. I… I took those memories and made them go away. It’s not permanent. I… I just wanted to help.” People didn’t like when their heads were messed with. He braced himself for the worst. He wouldn’t give back those memories yet. He refused. He wouldn’t let her crumble under the mess they made. He wouldn’t let them break her mind. She was just a child. He could help her. He would help her. He would protect her.

Sheogorath watched as she processed the information, but her face did not seem angry nor upset. Solstice looked at him with grateful eyes and he was, again, stunned. Perhaps he was misreading her. He waited cautiously as she slowly wiped away the tears that had fallen from her face. Slowly she pulled herself upward, wincing as she did so. His eyes went wide, he needed to say something. She wasn’t ready to move yet. She didn’t need to go anywhere. He wasn’t going to let her leave yet. She needed to rest. He got lost in his thoughts briefly until she struggled to get out of bed. Say something. He opened his mouth but by the time he did she had reached over and started to hug him. Her legs were still weak and they struggled under her weight.
Something in him told him he needed to react, to get her back into bed to rest, but he found his arms reaching around her and hugging her back. He pulled her off of her feet and let the girl he found rest against him in the chair. Her face rested in the crook of his neck and he could feel her start to cry again. Mother rubbed his back when he cried, it made him feel better. Slowly he began to rub her back with one of his hands that held onto her safely. He bit his cheeks and searched for something meaningful to say to comfort her. “Everything will be ok.” How could she believe that? She had been tortured. He needed to assure her of it. “I promise.” He added. “I won’t let you be broken like me.” He absolutely wouldn’t.
She cried into him and if there was ever a doubt of her humanity it was gone in that moment. She had the parts of a machine but she was still just a girl. She hugged him in the same way he hugged Mother once: like he was the only stable thing in the world. “Why are you so nice to me? I don’t deserve it.” She whispered into his shoulder. She swallowed back tears to speak to him as she processed where she came from. “I think I might have deserved it. You aren’t broken. Broken people don’t feel.”
He stared forward and kept rubbing her back slowly. The motion was almost calming for him as well as her. He spared a glance down at her but it only made him feel sadder. How could he make this better? He frowned. If only Mother were alive. He could take Solstice to her. Mother wasn’t magical, but she could fix anything. She could make everything better. Mother wasn’t here, though. He needed to make everything better for this girl. Mother lead him to find Solstice. “Some people deserve to be tortured.” He said slowly, “but you are not one of them. You haven’t done anything to deserve that.” He closed his eyes. He needed to tell her so many things.
He pictured Mania’s pained face. Solstice was right. Words were deadly - but silence was deadlier. “I make messes for a living.” He slowly opened his eyes to the wall. “I make messes out of people and their minds. If a person is deserving I break them. If my master orders me, I break them.” He frowned. His master would never order him to break a child. She was too young for this. “You did nothing to deserve this. Nothing at all. We’ll make it better though.” He paused. Words were so difficult. “I am not good at cleaning messes, but I will help. I think… I think I was meant to find you. I will take care of you.” He let out a nervous breath. He could do this.
He could feel her relaxing with him slowly. It made him feel better, at least a little. He could help. She was calming down. She thought for a moment before speaking. “Thank you. I don’t think you are broken because you know what broken people look like.” He felt a small smile pulling on his lips awkwardly. Mother thought that way too. She smiled back at him, despite it hurting her. “You aren’t broken.” He felt his heart warm up at the thought. She reminded him of Mother. Mother always saw the best in people. Solstice went back to resting against him. “What is your name?”
“What’s your name, little one?” He could hear Mother’s voice in his ear. Yes. He smiled at the thought. She was very much like Mother.
They had finally hit questions that he could answer for her. “Sheogorath.” His voice was measured and level. He practiced this in his head. He was ready. “Sheogorath Keeper.” He paused, his face shifting emotions to something closer to anxiety again. “Your name is Solstice. I learned it in your head.” He didn’t want to hide all that he had seen. He frowned slightly, “your magic is still recovering from earlier. You should rest.” He slowly stood, her still in his arms and he carefully placed her down on the bed again.

“You are a mind reader then?” She looked at him with big eyes. She searched for understanding in his face, hoping to find a like-mind in him, perhaps. He was not like she was though; she had it much worse off than he did, and it was reflected when she further spoke. ”Does it hurt for you to be in large crowds?”
He thought on the question. He supposed it would hurt if minds were constantly invading his own. His master struggled with it on a constant basis - granted, that was insanity and not other minds. He could hardly be the understanding person she hoped for. He often disappointed people though, so it was not a new feeling for him. “Not exactly.” He paused for a long moment in thought. “I can read minds, but I am not as you are.” He pursed his lips, pausing again. “I… I am the son of someone very, very powerful.” He nodded, yes, this was a good start. “Powerful enough that I can do anything with my magic, including reading someone’s mind.” He fidgeted again while he thought about what to say next. “While I… I cannot understand what it would be to have everyone’s thoughts in my own head, I would imagine it would be very painful to be in crowded spaces.” He stared at her now, trying to gage her reaction.
Solstice gave him a bright smile and her face lit up with curiosity. “How fascinating. Would that make you Majnun’s son then due to your excess power?” Her lips pursed slightly, as she seemed surprised by her own curiosity.
Sheogorath himself was surprised as well. His eyes grew a bit wider, but his lip twitched into his usual, strange smile. He nodded. There was a new feeling that was growing inside of him, but he couldn’t place it. It felt so strange to have someone look to him with fascination and wonder. “You are of Fate’s lineage.” He noted. It wasn’t a question but merely a musing in his head. “Yes. I am Majnun’s son with Alessandra.” He closed his mouth suddenly, saying her name aloud felt strange. He swallowed and frowned. Saying her name reminded him of his childhood. He moved his gaze to the bedpost, staring at it for a long moment before he snapped himself out of his trance.
He had to be present. He had to be helpful. He was surprised that her questions were more aimed at him, rather than her own predicament. His brow furrowed with worry, could he have accidentally messed something up when he was trying to help her? He had never done this before. He should’ve thought harder about it, but he already moved so slowly.

He watched the girl and she nodded. She seemed fairly knowledgeable, he wondered if she knew Fate was his daughter. She smiled regardless. "So, you are Majnun's son. That must be interesting." Her thought was cut off and Sheogorath looked at her with concern. She closed her eyes tightly, her face was pained.
"Are... are you ok?" He sat up straighter. Did he miss something in her head? Did he do something wrong? He was just trying to help. He stared at her intensely. There had to be something he could do. Anything. He leaned over hesitantly and touched her hand, his stare unwavering. "What's wrong?"
She tensed momentarily before relaxing. She let out a breath, somewhat relieved. “Sorry.” Her voice was quiet. “It’s just something that happens every now and then.” Her face was emotionless with traces of confusion. It was a feeling attached to a memory that was no longer there. Sheogorath could sense it.
The conversation could go in so many different directions at this point. Sheogorath’s head was spinning. “You… don’t need to apologize to me.” He hesitated. “For anything.” He eventually added. He took in a breath and his scattered thoughts slowly pulled themselves together. “You can ask me questions.” He paused suddenly, there was more he had to say. What did he need to say? He needed to think faster. If he said something it changed the conversation though. Adding more words changed the conversation. Omitting words changed the conversation. “I’m here to help you.”
She fidgeted as she sat there, frowning. “I don’t think I’m ready to know what happened in there.” She let out a sigh as she stared at her hands. There was a question at the edge of her thoughts that wanted to be spoken. She finally took in a deep breath and met his eyes with hesitation. “Can you sing to me again?” Her voice shook just slightly as she spoke the question carefully.
Sheogorath’s eyes became wide. She had heard him singing to her. She wanted him to do it again. “The… the song from earlier?” He paused and smiled at her. “Mother used to sing that song. It made me feel better when I was sad.” Words came easier now when he spoke about Mother. Singing was another story though. He certainly wasn’t Mother. “I… am not Mother, but I can try.” He stood up and adjusted the chair closer to her. There was something childlike in her eyes - the child that never got a chance to be. It was something he understood well. His childhood started and ended with Mother. Alessandra wanted to fix him. Everything he did was wrong.

He held her frail hand in his own and closed his eyes. He could hear Mother’s voice in his head. “I will always be proud of you.”
This was one thing he was going to do right. He would take care of Solstice.
“Hush my little swallow,
the winter seems so long.
Curl up my little angel,
and listen for spring's song.”

He slowly rubbed her hand with his thumb, transferring some of his magic to her quietly. She would need it to help regain her strength. He couldn’t heal, but he could at least give her some magic to slowly regenerate with.
“The darkness can surround us,
and take away the light.
But you shall fly us forward,
yes, you will end the night.”

He thought back on her memories. Those monsters gave her a power addiction. It would haunt her for the rest of her life unless he found a way to cure it. He would do it. He wasn’t good at fixing messes, but he would do whatever it took.
“Hush my little swallow,
spring is around the bend.
The dawn is coming quickly,
you have brought on winter's end.”

In some ways, Solstice reminded him of Mother; yet in more ways, she reminded him of himself. Mother believed things happened for a reason. It was one of the things he took from her. He was meant to meet Solstice, and their lives were entangled now.

Sheogorath sat in a chair by the stairs, his eyes focused forward. He could sense Solstice’s discomfort in the room he kept her in. He hadn’t wanted to do this. She wasn’t prepared for this addiction they inflicted on her. He had to find a way to help her. There was supposedly no cure to a power addiction. She was too young. It made Sheogorath sad. He clenched his fists as she started to yank on the doorknob. He could feel her trying to break out from his magic. She went for the windows next before returning to the door.

There was no way out. He focused hard on the ground in front of him. He couldn’t just wait for her to meltdown like this. What could he do though? He couldn’t help anyone. He wasn’t Mother. He could barely cobble together sentences. He would only make things worse for her. She would sense his magic and it would hurt her. He only ever hurt people. He closed his eyes slowly and let out a long breath, and that was when she started screaming. “Let me out, Sheogorath! Let me out!” She was bashing holes into the door, but the door was repairing itself under his orders. “I will kill you, Sheogorath!” It wasn’t a threat. It was a cry. A painful one. It wasn’t something she wanted.

The addiction wanted it. She didn’t. The turmoil in her voice caused him to stand suddenly. He would try something. He would help.
He was at the door in a minute, and he could feel her still beating into the other side. He closed his eyes and apologized to her in his head before sending a shockwave through the door. It bought him just enough time. He opened the door then and shut it behind him, sealing him inside with her. She was scrambling to get to her feet from the shockwave knocking her over and he slowly held out his hands in front of him, hoping to pacify her. He tried to think of something to say, but nothing felt meaningful enough. He scrambled in his head, searching for something. “Everything will be ok, Tuiel.”
Her eyes were fogged with things she could not control as she stared at him. Her eyes narrowed slightly with suspicion. She hissed, “give me it!” Her hands slowly formed fists. He knew what she wanted. She wanted the magic that pulsed in his blood. It was a beacon to her. There was rage in her face and she lunged forward towards him, scratching and trying to get around him - trying to get to the door. Sheogorath let her fight against him before he shoved her back firmly.
He held her tightly at arms length, his fingers holding her shoulders. She was still weak from her time in the lab. She needed more time to recover, but her mind would not give her that peace. He stared directly into her eyes. This wasn’t Solstice that stared back at him. He repeated a mantra in his mind. He wasn’t capable of forming words quickly enough to matter, but it didn’t matter with Solstice. She was in his head. He could feel her presence there and he didn’t kick her out. So he willed her to read his mind and his mind only. “I’m here to help you. You’re safe with me. You’re stronger than this. I’m here for you.”

She stopped struggling then and she crumpled into his grip. Her eyes lit up with pain and anger. “You were never there for me. You were never there for her. You left a note and ran off, thinking you were better than her. I found it and I hope she kills you. I hope you die an agonizing death because you deserve no less and far more. Have you ever considered maybe she isn’t the ‘monster’ but you are? No, you didn’t. You were so caught up in being the savior for everyone that you had to twist them and make sure they stumbled. I hate you. I hate what you did.”
She clutched herself then as she rocked back and forth. It was clear she wasn’t talking about him. She was recalling a memory he hadn’t blurred. She wasn’t seeing him. She was seeing the man she called her father. He slowly lowered her to the ground and kneeled with her. “Don’t lie. Don’t try to. I know what you all think. You are all just waiting for something terrible to happen to me and you aren’t trying to help me. You don’t care."
All he could see was Alessandra. Her disappointment. Her scowl. He closed his eyes and shoved it out. He didn’t have time to think about this. He had been wallowing in his own misery for four hundred years. No more. He was not a child anymore. He didn’t need help anymore. Solstice did. He could help her. He would help her. She was too young to feel this way, but he would help her. He pulled her up against him and hugged her tightly. “You’re safe with me, Tuiel.”
The man she thought about had wronged her in the same way Alessandra had wronged him. The difference was he could do something about it. He would do something about it. He slowly began to transfer magic to her. He would help her keep the addiction at bay for now, but it would be back. He would help her. She will be ready for it next time. Until then, he hugged her close to him and gave her his magic to soothe her. He started to hum under his breath - humming Mother’s song.
He would take care of her in the same way Mother cared for him. “Hush my little swallow, the winter seems so long.” He rubbed her back gently, slowly letting her take from his magic - his power. “Curl up my little angel, and listen for spring’s song.” He continued humming.

She had stopped resisting him completely, awareness seemed to be returning to her. She began sobbing heavily into him, hugging him tightly now. She pressed her face into his shoulder and gave into the wave of emotions that pulled on her.
“Everything… is ok.” He spoke slowly to her. “Everything… will be ok, Tuiel.” He used the name again. It was a combined word in Nym, much like Gondir - the nickname Mania had given him when they first met. ‘Tuen’ was the Nym word for strength, and ‘Siel’ was the word for daughter. The words, which normally cause him trouble to think of, came together so easily for her. She was strength. She was so young, but she was strong. He wouldn’t let her forget that.
It was but a moment before he could feel her slowly calming down against him. He wondered if he should comfort her further when her voice interrupted his thoughts. Quiet and hesitant, she pieced together a phrase. “Thank you, Ada.”
His eyes became wide briefly. He had not expected her to understand Nym let alone…
No one had ever called him ‘father’ before, or anything like it. Did she still think he was someone else? No. She couldn’t. She didn’t know Nym. He had been inside of her head. How did she learn it? He felt himself smiling then. It didn’t matter. The word made him feel indescribable. He looked down at the girl he had rescued and made a vow in his head that he would keep her safe. Alessandra could think whatever she wanted of him. It didn’t matter. He could be a better parent than Alessandra. He could be like Mother. She believed in him, and he believed in Solstice.
He had let her continue to calm down before he spoke. “Don’t… You don’t need to… to thank me. I’m… here to help you. I will be here to help you. You…” He focused on piecing together what he wanted to say. “You won’t have to… do this alone. I promise.” He would keep that promise. As long as she wanted his help, she had it.
Her eyes went big as they searched him for understanding and acceptance. Anxiety covered her face then and her lip trembled as she whispered her worries to him. “What if I accidently hurt you, Ada? What if I do something stupid?” She looked at him with fear and sadness in her eyes. The little girl in his arms was so afraid of hurting everyone else around her. She wanted to exist as little as possible. She only ever wanted to make people happy and please them. He could feel it in his gut, and the time he spent slowly blurring away the pieces of her memories confirmed it.
He had been that way once, and he remembered exactly how Mother soothed him. He smiled at her very gently. “Don’t worry about that.” He paused, collecting his thoughts. He needed to say the perfect thing. He would make her fears dissipate as Mother had his own. “You won’t hurt me.” Mother had directly countered his fears, so he directly countered hers. “So long… so long as you want me to, I…” His face became firm as he focused on putting together the words. The more he spoke the harder it was, but he couldn’t stop now. He needed to get this right for her. He would get this right for her. “I… would like to help you - s-so long as you wish for it.” It would have to do. He was not a wordsmith like his brother, Alec.
She began to cry again, and there was a fear in Sheogorath that he hadn’t said the right thing, yet there was relief in her eyes. Her mind seemed to be processing the information he gave her before she quietly spoke. “Can I stay here? Can I stay here with you?” Her eyes met his again, the same desire for approval and understanding in them.
He nodded. It was faster for him that way. Normally he would wait to process more. He would wait and look for all the possible questions and answers, like Alessandra always told him to, but he decided to take a risk this time. He had never before pursued a conversation without thinking about all the possibilities first, but he felt more confident now.
If he could mimic Mother enough, he could do this. “You can stay for as long as you’d like.” With the hand he wasn’t using to support her against him he closed his fist and conjured a cloth. He handed it to her so she could wipe her face if she needed. The longer she stayed with him the more he could help her - but he had to start somewhere. “I… I’m not sure if you’re aware, but you… you have a power addiction.” Good start, he just needed to carry it through. “It is not your fault.” He took a deep breath in. “That is… is what you felt tonight, isn’t it?” Her body turning against her; her mind craving to scratch the itch for power. He could tell she was anxious about it - about not being in control. “Everything will be ok.” He reassured her. “I can… I can help you.” He was almost there. “D-do you trust me?”
She nodded slowly at him, but stopped as a question nagged at her. “Why sacrifice your happiness for me, Ada?”
The question confused him. There was no sacrificing being done. His happiness wasn’t on the line - hers was. He frowned slightly at her before shaking his head. “I am not sacrificing my happiness.” He looked at her seriously. “Why-why would you think I… I am sacrificing my happiness?”

She frowned then and tried to remember something. “You went somewhere for something.” She focused as she spoke. “I think revenge. I know I probably wasn’t in your original plan, but thank you, Ada.” He felt a twinge of sadness that she would remember anything at all about that day. That was not something she should be thinking about right now. She slowly rested her head back against him as the last of her addiction symptoms slowly eased into exhaustion. She was still injured and all of the thrashing the power addiction stirred in her had not made matters any better.
He let her lean against him as he thought carefully about what he wanted to say. Was he after revenge? Of course, but something more important called to him. Stephen still made him angry, but for different reasons now.
He will die one at Sheogorath’s hands one day, but it was not meant to be that one. He let out an even breath. If there was one thing his master had ever taught him, it was that chaos was a beautiful thing. “Plans change often.” He nodded. “Revenge could wait. Saving you could not.” He had no regrets - save for only wishing he had gotten there sooner. “Don’t fight the sleep, Tuiel. You are safe with me.” He paused. “I promise.”
Her voice was drifting off into sleep.  “You are the kindest person I have ever met. Thank you Ada.”
Sheogorath smiled to himself and he let her rest against him, all the while he began to hum Mother’s song. This was new territory for him, but for the first time in his life he didn’t feel the need to question himself. He would make Mother proud. He wouldn’t settle for anything less.

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Tuiel
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Aww, Sheo the caretaker.  It's nice how he's so mindful of being who Ann would want him be. 
Loved the bit in the earlier update when Quinn was "multitasking" by sleeping while standing guard.  Priceless!

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Tuiel
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Aww, Sheo the caretaker.  It's nice how he's so mindful of being who Ann would want him be. 
Loved the bit in the earlier update when Quinn was "multitasking" by sleeping while standing guard.  Priceless!
Sheogorath makes such a good caretaker. He really wants to do right by Anne. It makes me sad... :'( I do love Quinn to pieces though. I swear I keep him around for strong comic relief. Without him I feel like things would get far too dark too quickly. ::)
Not to mention I love that crazy guy.
Thank you for the lovely comment! =D

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Birth of the Wolf Pup
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Birth of the Wolf Pup
Majnun’s face was fixed into a hard scowl as he paced back in forth in the room. The only sound he could hear was Anne’s labored, shallow breathing as Daisy tended to her gently. “T’won’t be much longer now, Miss.” Daisy said sweetly.

Anne had been in labor for thirteen hours straight at this point and Majnun couldn’t take it any longer. He wanted to help the process along but he knew his magic would overwhelm her body and put their child at risk. Mortal women just didn’t take magical children very easily. Without the base of magic in their blood it put them at a severe disadvantage, and Majnun wasn’t just any magical source… he was the original source. The child within her could kill her easily if he let his guard down long enough and wasn’t watching carefully.
He had to wait for nature to take it’s course. He couldn’t sit still for very long. It just made him nervous. He was feeling the edges of his sanity running out as he used the wards he already placed in her to monitor her heartbeat and breathing. He needed her to make it out of this alive. She simply had to.
“Majnun?” Anne’s voice weakly called to him and he was at her side on the bed instantly.

“I’m right here, my heart. Keep breathing.” He whispered to her, his voice was weary from the long hours.
Anne looked at him with exhaustion in her features and she smiled weakly. “I love you, my sweet.” She whispered back to him. He pressed his forehead to hers and closed his eyes slowly.
“I love you, my heart.” He spoke with determination. “Just hang in a little longer. Please.”
His other children had not been so bad. Four hours was the longest and Kefka really put Charlotte through trouble, but she came out from it just fine. Anne was struggling to keep the light from fading in her eyes and it tortured him.
Daisy would stay up by Anne to coach her through the labor and Majnun would help guide their child into the world. Children with the magical capacity that his did usually ran a risk to anyone who wasn’t magical holding them first. The child’s magic would be volatile when they first entered the world and he wouldn’t take any chances. He could not risk Daisy getting killed, so she would sit up by Anne’s head to keep her calm.
Anne began to cry out as she clutched her stomach and tears fell from her eyes. She was wearing too thin and he worried she would break.
Daisy looked at him hesitantly. “Me lord? I… I think it’s time.”

Majnun nodded slowly and both he and Daisy got into positions around Anne.
“Majnun…” Anne whimpered as she reached for him.
He grabbed her hand in both of his and kissed it gently. “I’m right here, my heart. I’m right here with you. Keep breathing.”
She whimpered again and tears came from her eyes. He slowly pulled his hand away when she gasped. “Don’t let go!”
His heart ached for her and he squeezed her hand tightly. “I’m not going anywhere. I’m right here. Look at Daisy, my heart. Focus on her. Everything will be ok.” Things had never been this bad before and he could feel anxiety in his stomach. He reminded himself of everything that was in place. Quinn was just outside the door. He had dozens of wards and spells in place to alert him should anything stop functioning correctly in his wife. He could feel her heartbeat pulsing in his ears as his magic monitored it. He wouldn’t lose her. He couldn’t lose her.
He was the God of Magic. He was the most powerful mortal who walked the planet. He could bend mountains and tame seas to the flick of his wrist. Anne’s screams were seared into his mind, but it wasn’t her screams that was frightening. It was her silence.
“Stay with me, Miss!” Daisy cried as she gripped Anne’s hand in hers. “ANNE!”

It was like watching a fire being doused by water. Majnun’s eyes flickered up as Anne’s eyes lost the last of their spark. Daisy was shouting and the room was getting noisier. Quinn had thrown the door open from the shouting and stood with his mouth agape as the world began to crumble. Everything became deafeningly silent except for the weak pulse that filled his ears. Anne’s weak pulse that consumed his hearing.
Then it stopped.
The boy in his arms wailed as Majnun felt his chest collapsing. Anne’s heart had stopped and he had mere seconds to react. The boy in his arms emitted strong magical energy and he had to act faster than he could think. Anne’s life was leaving her and he was crumbling underneath the weight of it. Quinn was next to him and he wasn’t sure how that happened. He was losing time too quickly.
Quinn was trying to speak but Majnun handed him the child he held and he took off for the side of the bed, knocking Daisy back and out of the way.
Anne’s eyes were glazed over as her spirit left her and everything in him was screaming. He couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t think. She couldn’t leave him! He wouldn’t let her.

He focused all the energies he could into his hands. The world was trying to take her from him and he would force it to give her back.
It was all his mind could think. Give her back. He pressed his hands to her chest and shocked it. Give her back. Her body jumped at his magical touch. Give her back. This wasn’t supposed to happen this way. Give her back. Give her back. Give her back.
A gentle heartbeat.
He collapsed next to the bed as Anne sucked in a breath suddenly, her soul being pulled back into her body. Majnun’s eyes stared at the floor as he felt the world spinning too rapidly for him to catch up. She came back. His heart.
She lay unconscious, but alive.
Someone was talking to him but he waved his hand and shooed them away. “Get out.” He whispered. His mind was numb and he continued to stare at the floor next to the bed where his wife almost died. “GET OUT!” He shouted.
Daisy stared at him with sympathy and looked to Quinn gently. Quinn stood, bug-eyed, as he stared at the screaming baby in his arms. He looked like he were holding an explosive. Any other day and Majnun would’ve found it hilarious, but today he wanted everyone gone. He wanted everyone to vanish because he couldn’t breathe in this room. His sanity was collapsing around him and the walls were growing distorted. He could hear Anne screaming in his ears again and he choked on the breath he was taking.
Daisy directed Quinn to the cradle in the room and helped him put the baby down before guiding him out and closing the door behind them.

The sound of the door clicking snapped something in Majnun and before he knew it the burn behind his eyes turned into full out sobbing.
He clutched his arms and the house trembled as he cried with fear and relief.
He laid down on the floor in a ball as the insanity seeped in. His child was crying but he couldn’t bring himself to stand. He just wanted things to stop moving so fast.
He just wanted to stop hearing her screams.

Quinn woke up with his face pressed into the floor in the hallway of Majnun’s house. He eyed the room curiously before slowly moving to sit up.

“Well, at least you waited until you were outside the room to faint.” He looked towards the source and found Daisy looking at him somberly.
He groaned as he sat up all the way and stretched his neck. “How’s the Mistress?”
Daisy pursed her lips. “Alive, but that’s all I know.” She paused as she sat on the ground next to him. “Will… will the lord be ok?”
Quinn slowly felt himself recalling everything as he shook his head. “I have no idea.” He had known that Majnun was wrapped around Anne’s finger, but he hadn’t realized it was so much. “What happened in there?” He cleared his throat and swallowed.
Daisy looked forward, her face was unreadable. “The Miss… the light faded from her eyes. I saw it meself. It all happened too quickly.” She paused. “I know a lot of women don’t make it out of childbirthin’ but… it… was hard to watch.”
He nodded. It had happened too quickly. His stomach lurched in reflex as his mind went over what he had walked in on and he groaned again.
“Are you ok there, Quinn?” Daisy looked at him concerned. “You look a tad green.”
He put his head on his knees and whined. “I’m fine…”
“One day it’ll be your kid and perhaps you shan’t change colors.” She laughed lightly and shook her head. “Do you have a wife of your own?”

Quinn felt a smile tugging on his lips and he snorted. “Do I look crazy enough to get married?” He shook his head vigorously and instantly regretted it when the room started spinning again. He swallowed hard and focused on the conversation. “Too much work for too little gain. I’ve not been married and I never will be.” He slowly raised his head from his knees.
Daisy shook her head. “Surely you don’t mean it. You just haven’t met that one special Miss yet.”
He laughed again. “There is no such thing.” He paused. “Do you even know how old I am, Daisy? This isn’t my first rodeo. Trust me.”
She rolled her eyes gently. “Oh, I’d love to be there the day you meet her.”
“You won’t be, because it’s not going to happen. I’ve made sure of it.” He crossed his arms. “Carule hates my guts.” Pride filled his voice as he remembered the glare that the God of Love had given him the last time he delivered a repaired artifact.
“If that’s what you believe, deary, then sure.” Daisy smiled lightly.
Quinn looked at her then, tired of the cross-examination on his love life. “What about you? How’s that husband of yours? You did marry him, right? The… the Death Keeper that the master is hiding from Bat-Boy and Witchy-Nyx?”
“Phil? Yes, I did marry him.” She beamed. “He’s wonderful, you know.” She twisted her finger around her necklace. “I never saw meself with someone magical before but…” She smiled softly to herself. “Phil is different. A romantic, he is and he’s very pragmatic too.” She laughed. “I never thought I’d find meself that someone who fits me, but I did. Twas luck, you know.”
Quinn laughed louder. “Luck? If you call the master literally kicking him into you one day luck, then sure - it was luck.” He smirked. “Phil was so afraid of talking to you I thought he was doing to die when Majnun shoved him into you.” He chuckled softer now. “I love my job.”
They both grew quiet and sat in mutual silence as time moved forward at a slow pace.

Anne’s eyes came open slowly as she stared at the dark of the room. Her mouth was dry and she felt like she had been struck by lightning. Her whole body ached. What had she been doing?
Her eyes opened wider.

Her baby. Where was her baby? She sat up suddenly as she looked around the room desperately before her eyes fell on the sleeping child in the cradle at the foot of the bed. She eased completely and turned to see her husband hunched over the side of the bed, his head in his hands. She smiled warmly as she reached over and touched him.
He jumped and looked at her suddenly before his face eased and she could see what remained of the tears on his face. “My sweet…” Her voice was hoarse as she spoke and it surprised her.
Majnun slowly lowered his head back into his hands and began to cry again. His shoulders shook and Anne felt her heart melting inside her. “Majnun… my sweet.” She crawled over to him and hugged him tightly. She had never seen him cry before. They had been together for nearly two years and she had never seen him cry at all. “What’s wrong?”
He slowly pulled her into his arms and clutched her tightly while he cried into her shoulder. “I… I had lost you.” He whimpered. “You were dead… and I had lost you.”
She tightened her grip around him and pulled his face to look at her, gently wiping his tears away with her sleeve. “I’m still here, my sweet. You haven’t lost me.”

He collapsed into tears again and tightened his grip on her. “My heart…” He whispered. “My Anne… my life… my everything.” He sucked in hard breaths as he clutched her closer. He feared he would lose her if he ever let her leave his arms. “This was a terrible idea. I’m so sorry.” He gasped. He never should have let her go through with this pregnancy. He never should’ve agreed to it on her terms. It was a costly mistake and he could not afford to pay for it again.
Anne shook her head firmly. “Don’t say that!” She scolded. “I now have three perfect men in my life. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”
“Perhaps you wouldn’t.” Majnun said darkly. “But you did not have to watch the one person who means everything to you die.” His eyes were cold and harsh but they softened as he shook his head slowly. “I never cared about anything before you, Anne.” He admitted weakly. “You’re my heart and I cannot be without you.”
Anne’s brow furrowed. “Majnun… what about your children… our children?”
Majnun kept his eyes to the floor and said nothing.
“Majnun?!” Anne repeated, concern in her voice. Majnun stood up from the bed and walked across the room to stare out the window.
“The children are not you.” He whispered to the glass pane.
Anne stayed seated on the bed as she stared at him in shock. “Of course they’re not me. They’re little lives who matter greatly!”
Again, Majnun said nothing as he stared out the window.

She frowned and shook her head. “Majnun…”
“What?!” He turned suddenly. “What would you like me to say, Anne? I just watched you DIE! I heard your heart stop beating!” He sank to his knees. “My world ended when your heart stopped beating, Anne!” His voice dropped low. “What more do you want from me?!”
Anne looked at him, stunned. She wanted to get off the bed but her legs ached too greatly and she knew she shouldn’t be moving around. “Majnun…” She whispered his name. “My sweet? Please… come here.” She held her arms out and felt tears stinging in her own eyes. “Please?”
Majnun didn’t look at her as he slowly picked himself off the floor and shambled over to the bed once again.
Anne pulled herself into his lap and hugged him tightly. He reacted slowly but soon his arms wrapped back around her and she rested her head against him. “I love you, my sweet.” She whispered to him gently.
“I can’t lose you, Anne.” He whispered back. “I just can’t.”
She hugged him tightly and her fingers ran through his hair delicately. “You have me, now and always my sweet.”
He squeezed her in his arms and nodded weakly. “My heart.”
They rested like that, surrendering the argument they almost had in favor of just holding each other close.
When the moment passed, Anne found the strength to pull herself out of bed.
“Where are you going, my heart?” Majnun asked nervously as he stood quickly behind her.
She smiled softly as she slowly walked to the cradle. “I want to see my baby.” She whispered as she peered in. Majnun watched her cautiously and her eyes slowly lit up as she stared into the cradle with awe. She let out a slow breath as she reached in and pulled the boy from his sleep. He whimpered and prepared himself to cry when he sensed his mother and calmed immediately. “Hello, my sweet, little one.” Anne felt herself turning to putty as the boy adjusted himself against her shoulder and fell right back to sleep. “My perfect, little angel.” She whispered.
Majnun stared at her in the same awe that she held in her face as she held their child. She was the light. She was perfection in a human form. He walked up behind her gently and wrapped his arms around the both of them.

Anne’s eyes met his and a smile grew brightly on her face. “He’s so, so perfect.” She breathed. Her hand rubbed the baby’s back gently.
“He still needs a name.” Majnun whispered back to her. “You’re far better at names than I am, my heart.”
Anne thought about it as she kissed the boy’s head. “I like… Aleccas.” The name rolled off her tongue and she knew it was his. He opened his eyes at the name and blinked hazily at them.
“Aleccas.” Majnun repeated slowly, letting a hand of his come up to touch the boy’s head. He smiled faintly. “Aleccas Keeper it is.”
The boy yawned and carefully closed his eyes again, nuzzling into Anne’s shoulder. Anne looked at Majnun with soft surprise in her face. The happiness in her face at that moment trumped everything else in his life. He had nearly lost her but seeing the joy in her eyes made it all worth it.
A world without her smile is a world without light - and that wasn’t a world he wanted to live in.

Anne recovered slowly over the course of the next few weeks with the gentle help of Majnun’s magic. She spent her time fawning over the young Aleccas and slowly introducing him to the world around them.
Sheogorath had taken to Aleccas with hesitation. Anne had carefully helped him hold the baby boy, but he panicked when Aleccas had begun to cry. Yet, despite the initial distress, it was in those moments that she felt the most happy. Anne had never felt more complete in her whole life. It was everything she had ever dreamed about and more.
She moved about her house more freely now, happy to not be bound to the bedroom any longer. She was able to paint and dance and read anywhere she wished to.

That does not mean she was able to for long before Aleccas would start to cry for her, but she still enjoyed the freedom of walking around again.
Her husband was a lot more subdued lately and she worried for him. Anne stepped into the living room and froze suddenly at the sight of someone unfamiliar in her home. She eased after a moment and a smile pulled on her lips. “Agonin, it’s good to see you!” She said warmly. Mostly whenever Agonin would stop by he would be preoccupied with Majnun and she wouldn’t get a chance to properly say hello.
Agonin turned suddenly before he smiled and nodded. “Lady Anne, it’s good to see you up and about.” His voice was level. “I hear you gave Majnun quite the scare.”
Anne smiled softly. “Unintentionally, yes.” She moved into the room fluidly. “Thankfully everything is well.”

Agonin tilted his head and his face remained unreadable. “I am pleased you and your son are alive and well.”
“Thank you, Agonin.” Anne moved into the room and sat down on a nearby chair. “What brings you to our home today?”
Agonin took in a breath and sighed. “Not good news, I’m afraid.”
Her brow furrowed and she frowned. “What’s wrong? Did something happen?”
He cleared his throat. “There was an incident with a group of Death Keepers who, claiming to have been ordered by Nyx, killed a lot of very important people and destroyed a lot of important things.” He shifted in his seat before tipping his head downwards slightly. “We will be entering a formal trial to investigate the evidence against Nyx.”
Majnun had been very against the idea of a trial as it would require great portions of time to be spent away from their family, and now it seems the worst has come about. Anne pursed her lips. “I see.”
“I imagine that, as new parents, that is not what you wanted to hear.” Agonin responded immediately, seeming to read her like an open book.
“Not at all, Agonin.” Anne shook her head and looked up the stairs. “Does Majnun know?”
“He does. We were having a conversation when young Aleccas seemed to require attention.” Agonin kept his voice as level as his facial expressions.

She laughed very slightly. “I imagine that conversation was not how you enjoy your conversations to be?”
Agonin smiled slightly. “Majnun was never a wordsmith, so no, definitely not.” He paused. “He’s fighting this trial as much as he possibly can, but it’s simply a fact of life.”
Anne nodded. “How…” She paused as she thought about the exact nature of her question. “How long do you imagine this trial will take?”
Agonin’s face was unchanged. “I cannot say. It depends on charges and if Nyx cooperates with us.”
Anne felt herself chilling at the name. Nyx was not someone she was overly concerned with making it out alive after the way she spoke to Sheogorath. “I understand. Thank you for humoring me, Agonin.”

He nodded warmly. “Of course, Lady Anne.” He paused. “Well, I don’t imagine I’ll be seeing your husband again for the rest of the day.” He sighed. “I’ll be back for him to drag him to the trial when the time comes.” He slowly stood then.
“Are you sure you don’t want to stay for some tea, Agonin?” Anne asked sweetly as she stood with him.
“No, thank you, Lady Anne. That’s a kind offer, but I should be getting back. I have a lot to prepare for with the coming trial. It was nice to see you, my lady.”
“Take care, Agonin.” Anne smiled sweetly at him and she watched him vanish into a portal.

Majnun looked down into the crib at his son and smiled very softly. “You’ve got some strong magic potential in you.” He said quietly. “Did you know that?”
Aleccas wiggled his arms and yawned.
“Fascinating.” Majnun mumbled as he smiled. “Tell me more.”
Aleccas cooed and his hands reached upward.

Majnun slowly put his hand into the crib and Aleccas grabbed at his finger when a spark caused them both to jump. Aleccas’s nose twitched and he smiled slightly while Majnun laughed. “Strong magic indeed.” Majnun noted. “Please don’t do that to your mother.” He whispered.
Aleccas sneezed and pouted softly before closing his eyes and yawning.
Majnun poked his son’s nose and he shifted as he stood. “You’re my little wolf pup, aren’t you?” He paused. “I was once told I was wolf-like from those silly divination cards the gods love so much.”
Aleccas blinked at him.
“Yes. It’s is very boring stuff. I assure you.” He sighed. “Yet that would make you my little wolf pup, no?” He wiggled his fingers and a little cloud appeared over the cradle in the shape of a wolf. “What do you think?”
Aleccas’s eyes went wide and he reached for the cloud as he cooed.
Majnun watched with pride warming in him. “I think so too.”
A gentle knock on the door and Anne poked her head in while she beamed. “Hello, my sweet.” She whispered. “I was told you’d be up here.”

Majnun smiled and Anne came to rest her head against him. “How are you feeling, my heart?”
She gave him a warm look. “I’m well.” She paused before speaking again. “You know Agonin was here.”
Majnun scowled and Aleccas wiggled his arms, batting at the bars next to him. “Yes, unfortunately.” He didn’t want to talk about the trial, about being away from his family.
Anne stared down at her baby and reached into the crib to pull the blanket over him. As her hand came into contact with Aleccas’s another shock caused her to jump and her hand flew over her heart suddenly. “Oh my!”
Majnun laughed and shook his head. “You’re three weeks old, Aleccas! You cannot be disobeying me yet!” He reached in and scooped up his son into his arms before raising him into the air.
Anne sighed and laughed airily. “He’s his father’s son, that’s for sure.”
Majnun grinned at her. “Perhaps.”
Like father, like son? Majnun quite liked how that sounded.

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Birth of the Wolf Pup
« Reply #998 on: July 22, 2016, 03:21:40 AM »
Poor Majnun and Anne! That must have been terrible to go through. I ADORE Quinn and his reaction to Alec. Priceless. I love Daisy and Phil together so much. Awwwww. Alec is so adorable as a baby. What happened to him? Well, we know what happened to him but STILL.  :(

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Birth of the Wolf Pup
« Reply #999 on: July 22, 2016, 11:36:35 AM »
Hmmmm....Manjun working against the Death Keepers causing mayhem, but then bringing Anne back from the dead...I can't see this going well...
Quinn is glorious.  Of course, we all know he really does find his true love, Susie   ;=)

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Birth of the Wolf Pup
« Reply #1000 on: July 22, 2016, 01:53:41 PM »
Poor Majnun and Anne! That must have been terrible to go through. I ADORE Quinn and his reaction to Alec. Priceless. I love Daisy and Phil together so much. Awwwww. Alec is so adorable as a baby. What happened to him? Well, we know what happened to him but STILL.  :(
Thank you so much for all your help with this chapter! Quinn is too funny with Alec. Thought he was holding a bomb. Not far from the truth with some babies... Alec is adorable as a baby as all babies tend to be adorable. It's a shame that things played out the way they did, but I hope that he can redeem himself. Maybe? Possibly?

Hmmmm....Manjun working against the Death Keepers causing mayhem, but then bringing Anne back from the dead...I can't see this going well...
Quinn is glorious.  Of course, we all know he really does find his true love, Susie   ;=)
Heh, Majnun is neither for nor against Death Keepers... but he's always for causing mayhem. ;) Thankfully Anne wasn't completely dead... she was only mostly dead... so that won't cause too much conflict with those crazy Death Keepers. XD
Of course Quinn is glorious but... (ahem) no comment on his love life. XD ;)

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Birth of the Wolf Pup
« Reply #1001 on: July 22, 2016, 11:04:14 PM »
OMG! So much to say...

1st: Sheo is amazing! I fall a little more in love with that man every time I read a part of his story!

2nd: I'm so glad that he and Solstice found each other! Every Ada needs a Tuiel and vice versa (I did spell those right, didn't I?)

3rd: with Aleccas' skin tone, was that just how the sim-netics played out? Or did you plan him to be that specific colour?

4th: even though I knew Anne would pull through (have I every truly thanked you for those spoilers?), my heart was still in my throat as she started to pass.

5th: at one stage I actually shipped Quinn and Daisy lol but, knowing what I know, I'm really glad it never came about! Did I come up with a shipname for Quinn and a certain lady?

And finally:
6th: I don't ever want this story to end, but I fear that, if it gets any more amazing, it might be MY heart that ceases beating, as it begins to learn to beat for the Reaper-Keepers!

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Birth of the Wolf Pup
« Reply #1002 on: July 22, 2016, 11:55:07 PM »
This was a very hard chapter to read because I feared how it would end. I imagine future Anne/Majnun chapters will make me feel the same fearfulness.
Aleccas as an infant has so much potential--I'm so sad about what his life has become.

Agonin seems so sympathetic with Anne's situation. I actually liked him in this update but will forever hate his daughter.
Wonderful shot of Majnun standing behind Anne and holding both Anne and Alecca.

Haha, it's so great to have two Quinn stories going on at the same time!

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Birth of the Wolf Pup
« Reply #1003 on: July 23, 2016, 02:26:51 AM »
OMG! So much to say...

1st: Sheo is amazing! I fall a little more in love with that man every time I read a part of his story!

2nd: I'm so glad that he and Solstice found each other! Every Ada needs a Tuiel and vice versa (I did spell those right, didn't I?)

3rd: with Aleccas' skin tone, was that just how the sim-netics played out? Or did you plan him to be that specific colour?

4th: even though I knew Anne would pull through (have I every truly thanked you for those spoilers?), my heart was still in my throat as she started to pass.

5th: at one stage I actually shipped Quinn and Daisy lol but, knowing what I know, I'm really glad it never came about! Did I come up with a shipname for Quinn and a certain lady?

And finally:
6th: I don't ever want this story to end, but I fear that, if it gets any more amazing, it might be MY heart that ceases beating, as it begins to learn to beat for the Reaper-Keepers!

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<3 @Magpie2012!
1st: Sheogorath is one of my favorite characters. He went from just a side character... just a son of Majnun to... this. I adore him so much. He really surprised me and this was just what he wanted to do. He and Solstice are so adorable together. I'm really excited for coming chapters @mpart and I have written, so I hope people don't mind that I'm also including his version of events here... ::) I just love them too much.

2nd: You spelled those very correctly! =) Ada and Tuiel. XD Most of the time mpart and I don't use their given names anymore in favor of their nicknames for each other. They're honestly the most adorable father/daughter duo I have in this story... (ahem) right now at least... ;)

3rd: Well, little secret, Aleccas was not born with that skintone. I had to change it, but this is how Majnun's offspring in this world are born. In the story he was born with the skintone... in the game he ended up with Majnun's white skin. He... the boy born to Majnun and Anne looks nothing like the Alec we see today. It's almost a shame because I about died from his hotness... alas, in the story, this is the same Alec all the way through. If you catch my drift. ;)

4th: I'm glad you enjoyed my spoilers! XD I'm also glad that my writing is good enough that even those with the spoilers feel the emotions I hoped they might during these chapters. We're looking at under 5 chapters until the end of Majnun and Anne's storyline.
I'm not sure I can handle it.
I've already written that chapter and it broke me. Utterly broke me.

5th: HILARIOUS. You and I actually thought the same thing for a brief moment.
Do you know Jack has a minor crush on Esmerelda? In another world things could have been dramatically and drastically different... yet... Quinn and Ezzie are, by far, my favorite couple. When I had Quinn and Daisy interacting I had a brief minute where I was like "well, that would've been hilarious." But Daisy definitely belongs with Phil and Quinn ABSOLUTELY belongs with Esmerelda. If people actually end up enjoying them enough I might pull a few bits of Quinn and Esmerelda towards this variation of the Reapers. ::) Nothing is ever set in stone for me.
Also, can I say that I cannot wait for the incoming 'ship names you'll have for my future characters. I'm curious how you'll combine Quinn and Esmerelda... XD and let's say that mpart and I haven't finished fully... ahem... combining our lines. We've been planning it for months.
It's kind of sad how long we've planned for this. XD

6th: Thank you so, so much! I can't express what that means to me. This story has kind of become my lifeblood... and with my rewrite in full swing now I'm going to be working on it for a long while.

This was a very hard chapter to read because I feared how it would end. I imagine future Anne/Majnun chapters will make me feel the same fearfulness.
Aleccas as an infant has so much potential--I'm so sad about what his life has become.

Agonin seems so sympathetic with Anne's situation. I actually liked him in this update but will forever hate his daughter.
Wonderful shot of Majnun standing behind Anne and holding both Anne and Alecca.

Haha, it's so great to have to Quinn stories going on at the same time!

I'm both happy and sad to hear it was a hard chapter to read! I love that I can inflict such emotions but I feel bad for inflicting them sometimes... hehe ;) ::)
<5 chapters left!  :'(
I'm really sad with what's happened to Alec. I'm going to give him one shot to get his rump together in a coming chapter and if he doesn't take it... I'm not entirely sure what I'll do.
Let's just say in game he's been misbehaving a lot and I don't like it. He's not one of my favorite people right now.
Sheogorath is though! =D
I do love Agonin. Agonin would be fairly sympathetic since his wife died in the way that Anne almost did. I'm surprised he handled Anne's recovery with the grace he did... but who am I kidding? It's Agonin. Sir Rigid is all about appearances and maintaining balance. ::)
<3 I'm so glad you're loving on Quinn. I'd love to bring Esmerelda and him into the light a bit more, but I didn't want to overwhelm people with the storylines, so they're still simmering on the backburner as I write their story and slowly get ready to start posting it.
Thank you for all the love dear, @oshizu.
Our journey with past Majnun is almost complete and I'm starting to dig my heels in as I see the end is approaching.
I already told mpart I'm probably going to lock myself under my couch for a few days to cry it out, but I'll survive. XD

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Dada
« Reply #1004 on: July 25, 2016, 07:20:08 PM »
The trial of Nyx was ongoing and it was showing no signs of slowing. Majnun was gone more days than he was home and it strained him greatly. Anne missed her husband each night he was gone, but she was determined to keep her family as together as could be.
She blinked and it seemed a year had gone by. Majnun stole time whenever he could to be home, but they would often go for three days to a week before stopping to break for a day, and each time Majnun came home more exhausted than the last time. His insanity was taking its toll. After the year had passed, Majnun had demanded a month away from the trial. Agonin was resistant to the idea, but he eventually warmed and allowed Majnun to have it after Majnun killed three of Nyx’s followers who tried to help her cause.
The month had been the celebration of Sheogorath’s birthday as well as Aleccas’s. Aleccas had turned into a mother’s boy very quickly and he no longer knew what to make of the strange figure who dressed oddly and showed up once a week to visit. Anne knew it wore Majnun down to his core to realize that his son knew Quinn better than him. The month went by all too quickly and Majnun was dragged back off to the trial while Anne was at home watching another winter pass by alone.
Anne never held it against her husband. She loved him more and more each time she saw him, but she wished dearly he could have more time with their family. She knew he wished for it too. One of the nights he stumbled home as his insanity took hold of him he kept insisting that their son would hate him. It was a ridiculous sentiment in Anne’s mind. He was a fantastic father and he wanted so badly to be there for all the moments he missed. Yet watching him break like that made her realize exactly how bad the toll was on him.

It had been one year and seven months since the trial started and Anne sat in the living room listening to music with Sheogorath as they both read from books and Aleccas sat with his toys.
Aleccas chewed on the head of his doll while he sat on the floor. The doll vanished in his fingers and he cried in frustration. Anne looked down at him sweetly, “oh little one, where did it go?” She reached down to him, placing her fingers where the doll used to be. Aleccas grabbed onto them immediately and put them in his mouth. He immediately made a face and pulled her fingers back out. Anne laughed gently, “you’re not supposed to eat mommy, little one!”
Sheogorath’s brow furrowed and he focused on the coffee table when the doll appeared in front of him. He picked it up and his lip twitched. “Ew.”
Anne laughed sweetly, “Thank you, my Sheo!” She wiped the doll clean on her dress and handed it back to Aleccas on the floor. “You know, you’re going to be a wonderful father someday, Sheo. I know you will be.”
Aleccas’s eyes lit up as the doll was returned and he hugged it to him before chewing on the head again.

Anne began humming along with the music playing and looking down at her book. Her head swayed back and forth. She finally looked up from her book and saw Sheogorath staring at his feet as he tapped slowly to the music. “Do you like dancing, my Sheo?” She asked him sweetly.
Sheogorath looked up suddenly, startled. His big red eyes met hers and he stared at her for a long moment. “I can’t dance.”
Anne’s smile grew. “Sure you can dance, my dear. Everyone can dance.”
He sat stiffly for a moment before shaking his head. “I’ve never danced.”
Anne immediately put her book down, “well then we need to fix that!”
Sheogorath looked like he wanted to protest, but the words weren’t coming fast enough to his head. By the time he had a retort Anne had already started moving the coffee table.

“Come, dear.” Anne held out her hand.
Now the conversation had changed and Sheogorath’s mind scrambled to finish the conversation and find the response. “Mother…” He frowned deeply. Conversations always moved too quickly for him. He could never think fast enough. It was the insanity. He let out a breath and stood up.
Anne gently motioned him over with the outstretched hand, her face was warm and nurturing. “Don’t be nervous, my Sheo. I promise it’s not hard. I’ll show you!” Anne beamed as she pulled him to the center of the room. “Ok, now put your hand here, and the other will hold my hand like this.” She smiled brightly. “I’ll put my hand here and this is how you’ll stand with your partner!”
Sheogorath stood awkwardly and looked down at his feet. “This doesn’t feel natural.” He mumbled.
Anne laughed her beautiful laughter and shook her head. Her hand moved from his shoulder to his chin and she tapped it gently. “Head up, my Sheo. Always look your partner in the eyes while you dance. If you don’t you’ll misstep or you’ll get dizzy.”
He looked at her nervously. “I… I’ll misstep if I don’t look at my feet.”
“No you won’t. Trust me!” Anne tapped his chin again to get him looking up. “Look right in my eyes, you know I won’t bite.”
Of course Sheogorath knew this and he smiled at her as he struggled to keep making eye-contact. Anne would catch him averting his eyes every now and then as he struggled.

“Very good, now let’s try moving to the music.” Anne said sweetly.
Sheogorath’s eyes went open wide. “You mean there’s more…?”
She nodded and laughed again. “With your dominant foot, Sheogorath, take a step forward.”
His brow furrowed. “But… I’ll step on you then.” He frowned. “I… I don’t want… I don’t want to step on you.”
Anne bit her lip as she grinned. “I’m going to move with you, Sheogorath. You’re just doing what, in dancing, is called ‘leading.’ You’ll lead the steps and I will follow suit to the music.”
His eyes remained wide and he struggled to grasp all the new knowledge at once.
“Just trust me.” She reassured.

Sheogorath took a nervous step forward and found Anne’s foot had already moved as she stepped away simultaneously. He smiled widely and took another step.
“Very good, my Sheo!” Anne praised.
Slowly they picked up the pace and Sheogorath was grinning as they danced around the room. Aleccas had looked at them curiously before growing bored and returning to his toys and whatever else he could get his hands on.
“Mother!” Sheogorath grinned. “I-I’m dancing!”
“You’re doing so wonderfully!” Anne smiled. She closed her eyes and moved in time with one of her favorite songs. Suddenly they were stopped when someone tapped her shoulder.
“May I cut in?”
Anne’s eyes came open and she grinned. “My sweet!” She threw her arms around him. It had been a week since she had seen him and her whole chest leapt at the sound of his voice. “I’ve missed you so much!” She clutched him tightly and part of her never wanted to let him go again. His arms wrapped around her instinctively and he sighed.

“I’m sorry, my heart.” He breathed. “I’m so sorry.”
Anne rubbed her cheek against his shoulder as she shook her head. “No, please don’t apologize, my sweet. I’m just so… so happy you’re home.”
Sheogorath tapped on Anne’s arm. “Um… Um… Mo-Mother?” He was speaking nervously and quickly.
Anne pulled away slightly, but still kept herself in her husband’s embrace. “What is it, my Sheo?”
“Al-Al-Aleccas…” He pointed to the open door to Anne’s old painting room. Anne’s eyes went wide as the sound of something glass hitting the floor caused her to jump. She tore into the room, but Majnun had already beat her to it.
Aleccas sat on the floor with paint covering his clothes and face as he grinned and giggled. “Mama!” He cooed.
Majnun chuckled as he walked over and picked his son up from the floor. Aleccas squirmed in the strange man’s grip and began to whine. “Mama?!” He reached towards Anne desperately as he squirmed against Majnun.

Majnun frowned as he wiped some paint from his son’s face, helping the mess disappear with his magic. Aleccas started to cry louder and Majnun slowly handed him to Anne where Aleccas buried his face into her shoulder to hide. “Mama…”
Majnun let out a breath but a twinge of hurt ran through him.
“That’s your father, my little one! Don’t cry!” Anne tried to pull Aleccas from his grip on her yet he only fought harder to stay hidden against her shoulder. She looked at Majnun with softness in her eyes. “He just needs a bit of time. He’s just too used to me, I think.”
“This trial is too much.” He whispered.
Anne patted Aleccas’s back and nodded. “You’re doing the best you can, my sweet.” She tried to comfort him, but Aleccas was still whimpering against her. She began to hum softly in his ear and he quieted. Slowly she pulled Aleccas off her chest and poked his nose gently. He giggled and tugged on a loose strand of her hair.
“Mama!” He cheered as he tugged again.

She smiled at him warmly before pointing. “Look at your daddy!” Aleccas followed her pointing, his eyes skeptical. “That’s your daddy. He’s a wonderful man and he works very hard to keep us safe.”
Aleccas pursed his little lips slightly before turning back and nuzzling his face into his mother’s shoulder. “Mama.” He mumbled.
Majnun opened his mouth to say something when he felt someone unwelcome crossing through his barriers. His face hardened and Anne looked at him curiously. A moment later, Sheogorath called out from the living room. “M-Mother!”
Anne’s eyes went wide and she ran out of the room with Majnun right behind her. She stopped short as she stared at the chilling red eyes of a woman who made her blood boil.
Majnun stepped in front of her and fire covered his hand. “I told you that you were to never come back here.” His voice was low and caused the lights in the room to dim and flicker in response.
Aleccas whined and clung tightly to Anne.
“I… am not here to cause trouble.” Alessandra said quietly, keeping her eyes averted.

Anne’s eyes narrowed and she looked over at Sheogorath - the boy she considered her son just as much as the child in her arms. “Sheogorath.” Her voice was firm. “Come here, please.”
Sheogorath looked at Anne nervously and back to Alessandra before he shuffled back a few steps to stand next to Anne as he was told. Anne released one arm from holding Aleccas to pull Sheogorath to her defensively and Sheogorath rested his head against her other shoulder. 
“That does not buy your life any extra time.” Majnun said darkly as he took several steps forward, hatred in his eyes. He raised his hand and Alessandra screamed as she fell to the ground.
Aleccas turned then, his eyes wide as he watched her collapse in agony and he started to cry.
Anne had not realized her son had turned and she struggled to calm him with one hand.
“I just…” Her voice broke as she screamed. “I just wanted to see my son!” Another scream.
Majnun laughed darkly and Aleccas began to wail.

Sheogorath stood clutching Anne’s side as he watched, yet his face was unreadable. Aleccas continued to cry and scream loudly in return as he fussed in Anne’s arms. Anne finally let her gaze break from the sight as she looked at her children. “Let’s go, my Sheo.” She said quietly as she tugged on his jacket.
She began to walk out of the room when she felt resistance on the arm the held Sheogorath. The boy didn’t look away from the scene. “No.” He said quietly. “I want… I want to see.”
Anne felt surprise fill her as she saw a very different person than the little boy who cried in her arms in Sheogorath’s features. No, he wasn’t a little boy anymore and his features held more of Majnun in them each day.
Majnun did not turn to look back at them. “Are you sure you wish to stay for this, Sheogorath?”
“Yes.” Sheogorath’s voice was quiet but sure.
Majnun nodded, accepting it. “I’ll be upstairs shortly, my heart.” He whispered then and he finally tore his gaze off of Alessandra to look at her.

Anne smiled softly and disappeared from the room. This was one thing she would not protest. She stole one last glance at Sheogorath. There were things that mattered far more to her than second chances for those who likely weren’t worthy. She turned and disappeared upstairs to calm the crying Aleccas.

Majnun looked down at Alessandra before turning his head slightly. “You do not need to stay, Sheogorath.” He reassured.
Sheogorath stepped forward. “K-Keep her alive.” His voice was cold and harsh.
Alessandra looked at her son with wide eyes as a ghost of a smile tugged on her lips. “Sheogo-”
Majnun flicked his wrist and Alessandra wailed. “Enough.” He said darkly. “Do not use his name. After everything you’ve done to him… to my son... I will not let you keep your life.” He spat.

Sheogorath’s face remained unreadable and he took walked across the room before placing his hand on his father’s arm.
“Sheogorath…” Majnun warned him. “I will not show her mercy-”
“No.” Sheogorath shook his head. “I-I’m not… I’m not asking for mercy. I’m… I’m asking for her to live.”
Majnun looked at him then as he straightened himself, his voice was low and gravelly. “Why?” He paused. “I cannot go back on my words, Sheogorath. Only the weak-willed make promises they do not keep.”
Sheogorath nodded but he spoke again. “I do not… I do not wish for her to die today.”
‘Today’ rung in Majnun’s ears and his eyes narrowed, intrigued. “Oh?” The words that came from his son’s mouth both stunned him and made a dark smile spread across his lips.
“It’s… it’s too quick.”
Majnun released his hold over Alessandra and laughed. “Do you hear that, Alessandra?” He took a step back and rolled the stiff muscles in his neck. “Your own son doesn’t want you to die because that would be too easy on you.”
Alessandra sobbed as she laid on the ground. “I-I-I’m sorry…” She whispered.

Sheogorath stared at her and a ghost of a smile passed his lips. “I… I’m sure you will be.”

Majnun walked the in-between towards the Pantheon. His face was emotionless and inside he felt numb. If he had the strength, he would kill every god in the room just to go home again. He could not.
Not for lack of power, perhaps, but more because it would put his family in danger.
Things were never this complicated when it was just him. He wanted to curse Agonin for giving him the idea that a family was a good idea. It wasn’t Agonin that was responsible for that and he knew it deep down. He stepped into it all on his own, and at first it hardly mattered. Alessandra never mattered. Kai never mattered. Charlotte - he paused and chuckled - was nice but again, she never mattered. He could keep himself at arm’s length from everyone and it all seemed to work out.
It wasn’t true though. It wasn’t working out. Sheogorath and Deliro had been severely neglected.
Had he never met Anne…
She changed absolutely everything and now she was sitting at home, growing older and being put in danger with every step away from her he took.

The blinding white hallways only made him grow further annoyed as he stepped into the meeting hall and walked around the corner. The place was a ghost town.
He frowned. No, the Land of the Dead was certainly livelier. He sighed as he walked through the hallway before using his hand to throw open the doors dramatically to the trial room.

Agonin gave him a flat stare and sighed from his desk. “Nice of you to join us, Majnun.”
Majnun glared at everyone in the room before taking a seat in the back corner and throwing his feet up on the table. “Blah-dy blah-dy dah. Can we move this along? Guilty or not?”
“We’re still going through the charges, Majnun.” Agonin said emotionlessly.
Nyx sat calmly, a smirk adorning her features as she stared at her nails idly.

Majnun grumbled gibberish under his breath. He should’ve killed her when she invaded his house.
Agonin flipped through papers. “Nyx, we’ve slowly combed through your records and there are notes of you going to visit Majnun, the God of Magic and Madness, about the elimination of all the Death Keepers within the past two years on multiple occasions. Is this true?”
“Of course.” Nyx said smoothly.
Agonin nodded and marked something down in his notebook as did Irena, the Goddess of Knowledge. Irena keeps careful notes of all trials which has been useful throughout this trial as Nyx has continuously tried to go around things she has said previously.
That was why trials shouldn’t take so long, Majnun grumbled. He closed his eyes and stared at the ceiling as Agonin droned on.

Agonin danced around the topic for a while before Majnun let his chair that he was tipping back in slam into the ground. He pounded his fist on the table. “Nyx, do you, or do you not hate Death Keepers?!” He shouted across the room to the woman sitting in the cage.
“You don’t have to answer that, Nyx.” Malice said flatly, as he glared at Majnun. “Such a pointed question, Majnun.”
“I hate the ones that don’t do their job correctly. The ones that do I don’t mind.” Once again her retort was quick and effortless. She had rehearsed everything.
“Majnun, I’ll ask you to refrain from asking any further questions.” Agonin gave him a warning glare. Agonin was usually fairly passive, but once court was in session the man became insanely intolerant to Majnun’s antics.
Majnun sighed. “Why? We’re dancing around the obvious. Let’s just say what we’re all thinking and get this trial bloody over with.” He crossed his arms.
“Majnun-” Agonin was warning him once again.
Malice laughed lightly. “If you want him to shut up, Agonin, threaten his pretty wife.”
The second the words left his mouth Majnun had stood up and flipped his table across the room at Malice who had ducked just in time, yet his face held minor traces of shock. “Say that again.” Majnun growled and the ground shook.
“Majnun!” Agonin hit the table.
“SAY IT AGAIN!” Majnun screamed as he crossed the room fluidly and hovered over Malice with intimidation in his eyes. “I DARE you to threaten my wife in front of me! GIVE ME A REASON TO KILL YOU!” 
“MAJNUN!” Agonin held his hand out and sent Majnun flying back against the wall and Majnun glared at him. “ENOUGH!”
Majnun’s face remained harsh and he scowled.

“I’m going to let you go, but you need to rein yourself in. I will not tell you again.” Agonin said through clenched teeth.
Majnun felt the magic release him and he said nothing as he snapped his finger and his table floated back over to where it was. He picked his chair up off the ground and sat in it.
He would kill Malice one day, and he would enjoy every minute of it.

Majnun walked into his house quietly. It was dark. Who knew what time it was? He was exhausted. He just needed to see his wife and finally feel at peace. Two years this stupid trial had been consuming his life. He didn't know what was worse, being away from his family for days on end or that time passed too quickly when he was gone and time slipped through his grasp like sand.

Majnun carefully walked up the stairs, his shoulders hunched as he moved slowly. He was stretched too thin. He reached the top of the stairs and stopped suddenly when his peripheral vision caught something. He turned, but his face softened immediately.
Aleccas stood outside the doorway to him and his brother's room. He stared at Majnun, as if trying to figure out what to make of him. Majnun felt a weary smile pulling on his lips. “What are you doing up, little wolf pup?” His voice was soft and gruff from his exhaustion.
The boy stared at him a moment longer and Majnun briefly wondered if he was hallucinating, but the boy slowly toddled over to him and his head tipped to the side slightly, his hand reaching up and tugging on Majnun's jacket. He held both arms above his head and flexed his fingers.
Majnun gazed down and his smile grew. He bent down and carefully picked Aleccas up into his arms and the boy rested his head against him and yawned. “Dada.” He mumbled as his fingers gripped at Majnun's jacket and shirt.

Majnun's eyes went wide and he felt himself smiling brighter. “That's right, little wolf pup.” He whispered. He wasn't exhausted anymore. If the boy in his arms hadn't been half asleep, he would've spun him around and tossed him in the air. Instead he settled on carefully squeezing Aleccas against him.
Majnun turned slightly and saw Anne giving him a warm, tired smile and he grinned widely at her. She rubbed her eyes and sighed sweetly. “I'm so glad you're home, my sweet.”
Majnun couldn't stop smiling as he rubbed Aleccas’s back. “I'm glad to be home, my heart.”
The little boy in his arms groaned and rubbed his face against Majnun's shoulder. Anne pursed her lips. “I think he's still teething.” She whispered. “I can take him back to bed, my sweet, so you can get some rest-”
Majnun shook his head. “No, I've got him.” He carefully rubbed the top of Aleccas's head. The sleepy child open his eyes and frowned.

“Owie.” He mumbled.
“We can't have that, can we, little wolf pup?” Majnun mumbled as he touched the child's cheek, magic flowing through his fingers. The boy smiled softly and his eyes closed as he finally drifted off to sleep.
Majnun looked at Anne with gentle eyes. This trial had felt like it was sucking the life out of him, but as he stood with her he realized exactly what he carried on for.