Author Topic: Registration Benefits, Top Notification, and Ad Removal  (Read 148684 times)

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Registration Benefits, Top Notification, and Ad Removal
« on: November 07, 2013, 07:10:01 PM »
A few Forum updates to share, all related to Registering.

All members with 5 or more posts enjoy the benefit of no ads on the Forum, aside from our top-right Origin Affiliate Link and Donate button to allow a means of regulars supporting the site. This makes the Forum faster for our members, and gives guests some incentive to join the conversations here.

In addition, a mod has been installed that will now ask guests to register. It will appear as a bar on top of the screen when not logged into the Forum. For our current members, it'll disappear when you log in. If it gets to be too troublesome, I'll remove it. This should not bother people who have popped in through search to find some information, but frequent readers may go ahead and simplify their experience here by registering.  This should encourage our lurkers to come out of hiding and at least make an account to be able to post and:

  • Compete in the Challenge Tournament
  • Participate in Create-a-Sim and Building Contests
  • Share Sims 3 Stories, Houses, and Sims
  • Subscribe to topics
  • Access the hidden members-only Babble Board for non-Sims topics
  • Use the bookmarking system
  • View forum stats
  • View who's online
  • Remove Ads at 5 Posts

The registration process has been simplified and provides the answers to all anti-bot questions at the end of the sentence, as many bots solve simple math problems automatically and register junk accounts that clog up our system. This might make it harder on the bots as I've never seen a registration process quite like it, but easier for guests to register as we don't need a very fuzzy Captcha to solve with this additional measure.

I am hoping the benefit of registration and disabling ads coming earlier will encourage more of our frequent guests to join in and discuss the game.

My primary concern is that a number of people do not get registration emails for whatever reason. If you have attempted to register but do not receive an email from the server, please contact [email protected] and I will approve your account manually. I am also installing mods to help prevent mass-registrations of junk emails so that the mail server is not so overwhelmed. I have done some serious house cleaning for the database, making the site a bit less likely to stall.