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Sims and Hair Colors by Akon
« on: November 29, 2013, 11:59:17 AM »
So this is my Swap Shop page where I will be linking anything I put on the swap shop. Currently that is the sims from the Sheogorath and Price Immortal Dynasties, as well as some hair colors.

Sheogorath Dynasty

Founder: Nightmare Sheogorath
2nd Generation: Chaotic Sheogorath
3rd Generation: Paranoia Sheogorath
4th Generation: Mania Sheogorath
5th Generation: Dementia Sheogorath
6th Generation: Obsession Sheogorath
7th Generation: Hysteria Sheogorath
8th Generation: Phobos Sheogorath

Chance Sheogorath
Luck Sheogorath
Amaterasu Sheogorath
Solomon Sheogorath
Naomi Chu-Sheogorath

Price Immortal Dynasty

Founder: Thanatos Price
2nd Generation: Lethe Price - pretty soon

Cerberus Price - soon-ish
Styx O'Reilly-Mithrilen - eventually

Raven's Legacy

Founder: Raven (the) Raven

Medusa Gorgonzola, former Avatar of Madness
Aquila Falcon, Avatar of Valor - soon

Hair Colors
Ice-Cream Haircolors
Nature Haircolors
Everyday, Normal-ish Haircolors