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Re: The Ithaca Legacy - 4.2. The Traveller [10/28]
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4.3. The Explorer


“Cozy place,” Cadence said, inspecting the tomb romb we first entered.
The place was, as I remembered, humid and cool, but decorated nicely. As she looked around, she had the look of someone who had never set foot in a place like this before, but then most people had, and I’d learnt to recognise that look she had in her eyes: a mixture of awe and fear.
“Right, so… What are we doing?” she asked.
“If you’re sure you’re up for it, you’re going for a little swim.”
“I’m sure. You gave me this trip and all.”


She still looked less sure than was comfortable, and when we stood by the well, she really started looking pale. I hoped it was only the lighting in the tomb.
“So you want me to go down there.”
“There’s a tunnel at the bottom, if you go down and go right, it’s there.”


“If I’m not mistaken it should lead to another room. Behind this wall. There has to be something in there.”
“That’s… a bit vague. What am I looking for.”
She had me a bit stumped with that question. I didn’t really know. “Anything that looks… important.”
Then I shook my head. “No, no, that’s dumb. Look, there’s a woman, a dangerous, insane woman, and she’s looking for something in one of the tombs of Egypt. I don’t know what it is she’s after, but she’s been really eager to find it. Whatever it is, I need to find it. If you can just go through there and find a door so I can have a look myself, that should do.”
She looked doubtful.


“I promise, you’ll be safe,” I said. “If you can’t find it, if there’s anything wrong at all, come straight back up and we’ll forget all about it. Okay?”
She nodded and I didn’t let go. I couldn’t make another mistake. This was so important but I didn’t want to sacrifice her for the sake of finding out what Minerva was up to.
“Are you sure you want to do it?”
“I’ll do it.”
“Okay, look. I’m going to stay here and I’ll listen for you. If I haven’t hear anything for a while, I’ll get help.”


“I can handle it,” she said.
She climbed on top of the well, and before she dove in, she turned around and gave me a smile. I saw the bubbles as she went down and I stood staring with bated breath until her head broke back through the surface.


“It’s so cold!” she gasped. “And it’s dark down there.”
“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have…”
“No, I’m still doing it.” She wiped the water from her face. “I know where it is now, I can get through.”
“But maybe-“
She was back down again and I started pacing by the well, getting more and more nervous as the seconds passed. What took her so long? It had been fifteen minutes and then I couldn’t stand around anymore.


I ran out of there, my mind on rescue teams and hospitals and Cadence trapped in darkness when-


“Orestes? Is that you?”
I stopped, my heart pounding and the door right near the exit started moving.
“Yes, give me a hand with this – it’s really heavy.”
Her head could just be seen through the crack and I quickly dragged it open and pulled her out, into an embrace.


“Wow, what…?”
“You’re okay!”
“I… Yeah, I am. I was just-“
“You’re sure you’re fine, right? You look a little pale? Were you scared? Did anything happen in there? I never should have-“
“Orestes, for goodness sake. I’m okay!” She laughed. “Gosh, you’re just like my dad. I thought you’d be less interested in me and more interested in what I found!”
It was like that hadn’t even registered. “Uh… I… What?”
“You’re going to love this.”


“An elixir.”
I stared at the green, lightly smoking contents of the bottle, and wondered what this particular one was.
“Which elixir?” she asked.
“I have no idea. That’s where my mother comes in. She’s an alchemist – she’ll know what it is.”
She had a funny look on her face when I took the elixir and went to pack it in my suitcase.
“Maybe you really are the crazy Ithacas on the hill…”


I went back to the table where she sat, staring out over the oasis. I put a hand on her shoulder.
“Are you okay?”
“Huh? Yes. I was just thinking… My dad would have loved to see this place and… Well, he died two years ago.”
“I’m sorry.”
She shrugged and sighed deeply and told me about her father. He’d found her when she was just a toddler, abandoned at a park without anyone knowing how or why she’d ended up there. There had been no records of her even existing before she was left.
I already knew this, but I didn’t tell her. There were things I had yet to tell her, but not now. She was getting up and walking around the house, her eyes examining the oasis still.
“I don’t regret anything,” she finally said, standing by the railing. “He was the best father I could have asked for. Even though I was basically discarded like trash, I never felt unwanted.”


“That’s one thing we don’t have in common then,” I said.
“You felt unwanted?”
“It wasn’t my parents’ fault. I was always a weird kid, and then…”
“Then what?”
“There was someone who made me feel like I belonged and well, that was kind of a disaster. She wasn’t a friend like I thought she was.”
“Who was she?”
I gulped down on something. “She’s… Not now. I’ll tell you but she… I have to wait.”
I told her that maybe she should get some sleep, and even though she looked at me weird, she did. Meanwhile, I walked around the deck, kicking sand and pebbles into the water.
“You’re a coward, Orestes,” I whispered to myself. “She has to know some day, and you might as well be the one to say it.”
But then I looked over at her. She was sleeping on the bed, so peaceful, and I couldn’t bring myself to say it. Not now. It was like I wanted the right time and this wasn’t it.
But then… would there ever be a right time to tell her something like that?

Author's note: Look, two updates in less than a week. Isn't it grand? Ugh, I'm so out of practise with writing these things! Need to get into shape!

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Re: The Ithaca Legacy - 4.3. The Explorer [10/28]
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I'm going to go recruit my nephews and get them to puppy-dog eye you into updating this.
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Re: The Ithaca Legacy - 4.3. The Explorer [10/28]
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So, I've decided that I'm going to stop posting this.
This does not mean I'm not going to do more of the story.
I'm currently uploading this to another forum and I've decided that uploading on both is a bit much. I've neglected this place and decided it's probably better to take a bow and say hi for now. Who knows. I might come back.

If you want to read in at the other forum, you can send me a PM as I'm not allowed to post the link here. The story currently isn't up to date on the other forum, but it will be and by then I'll hopefully have some more story to add.

See you guys!

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Re: The Ithaca Legacy - Graveyard Please
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I'm moving this to the Stories Graveyard as requested by the author. It may be revived at any time by contacting a Moderator.
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