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Saforia Legacy Sims
« on: February 14, 2014, 04:39:36 AM »
The following Sims are from the prematurely ended Saforia Legacy and are here for you use and pleasure.

Sim Name: Natalia Saforia
Age: Young Adult
Occult: Human
Traits: Athletic, Loves the Outdoors, Natural Cook, Family Orientated, Good Sense of Humour
Lifetime Wish: Become a Superstar Athlete
Favourites: Cheesesteak, Electronica, Turquoise
EP and SP: Late Night (Formal Heels, Swimwear)
Store Content: All in Wrap Wrap, Dolled Up DressA Little Chilly Dress, The Bowie, Braided Bun, Show Stopping Style – Banging Hairstyle
Natalia Saforia was the founder of the Saforia Legacy. She founded the legacy in Union Cove and while there met Damon, who she soon married and had two children with. She had many different hopes and dreams and while bugs may have stopped her from becoming a superstar athlete, she had a full and happy live.


Sim Name: Charles Saforia
Age: Young Adult
Occult: Human
Traits: Loner, Bookworm, Artistic, Charismatic, Hopeless Romantic
Lifetime Wish: Star News Anchor
Favourites: Goopy Carbonara, R&B, Black
EP and SP: Fast Lane, (Formal) Late Night, (Shoes) Diesel, (Sleepwear) Supernatural (Hair, Everyday, Outerwear)
Charles Saforia was the eldest child of Natalia and Damon but also a spare. He wrote his first bestseller while still a child and while spending much time alone, writing, managed to secure a marriage with Amelia Loveland and later father two children.


Sim Name: Skye Saforia
Age: Young Adult
Occult: Human
Traits: Loves the Outdoors, Friendly, Equestrian, Athletic, Vegetarian
Lifetime Wish: The Jockey
Favourites: Tri-Tip Tofu Steak, Egyptian, Black
EP and SP: Pets, (Athletic) Master Suite, (Sleepwear, Swimwear) Showtime, (Everyday) Supernatural, (Hair) Seasons (Outerwear)
Store Content: Dolled Up Dress
Skye Saforia was the second generation heir and loved her horses. Spending each day caring for them and riding in competitions, she only had one other true love, Braden Cordova. She spent some time breeding for the perfect horse but when that got tiresome she had four children of her own.


Sim Name: Elsa Saforia
Age: Young Adult
Occult: Human
Traits: Flirty, Good Sense of Humour, Loves the Heat, Virtuoso, Photographer’s Eye
Lifetime Wish: Renaissance Sim
Favourites: Vegetarian Grilled Salmon, Egyptian, Hot Pink
EP and SP: World Adventures, (Trait) Showtime, (Formal) Seasons, (Trait) 70s 80s & 90s, (Everyday Top, Athletic Shorts) University Life (Everyday Shorts, Shoes, Sleepwear, Athletic, Swimwear, Outwerwear)
Store Content: Wilderness Braid
Elsa Saforia was the eldest of Generation 3 and the most artistically talented. She roamed the streets taking photos in the day and at night performed at local bars on the piano. She ended up marrying her brother’s friend from University, Shea.


Sim Name: Damien Saforia
Age: Young Adult
Occult: Human
Traits: Genius, Irresistible, Over Emotional, Star Quality, Perceptive 
Lifetime Wish: Persuasive Private Eye
Favourites: Goopy Carbonara, Classical, Spice Brown
EP and SP: Ambitions, (Trait, Lifetime Wish) Late Night, (Trait, Shoes) University Life, (Trait, Hairstyle, Everyday, Sleepwear, Athletic, Swimwear)
Store Content: Nerd Chic, Slapdash Outfit
Damien Saforia was the heir of Generation 3 and also the smartest and most charming. After a brief time at University, Damien settled on becoming a private investigator and worked tirelessly to solve cases. He soon married local Mixologist and high school friend, Chantel Villialobos.


Sim Name: Natasha Saforia
Age: Young Adult
Occult: Human
Traits: Disciplined, Eccentric, Excitable, Over-Emotional, Natural Born Performer
Lifetime Wish: Master Acrobat
Favourites: Cheesesteak, Chinese, Orange
EP and SP: World Adventures, (Athletic Hairstyle, Trait) Fast Lane, (Everyday Shoes) Ambitoins, (Trait) Town Life, (Outerwear) Showtime, (Formal Heels, Trait, Lifetime Wish) University Life (Everyday, Formal, Athletic, Swimwear)
 Store Content: Show Stopping Style- Short and Shaggy Layers Hairstyle, Lacy Retreat Romper
Natasha Saforia was the strong triplet, working both day and night as an acrobat. As an acrobat, Natasha became the most flexible and athletic Saforia yet and her marriage to Chris Crease only made her more determined to become a master acrobat.


Sim Name: Finn Saforia
Age: Young Adult
Occult: Human
Traits: Rebellious, Heavy Sleeper, Grumpy, Artistic, Avant Garde
Lifetime Wish: Street Credible
Favourites: Ceviche, Songwriter, Violet
EP and SP: Late Night, (Swimwear) Generations, (Trait) Town Life, (Athletic Jumper) Master Suite, (Sleepwear) Showtime, (Formal) 70s 80s & 90s, (Everyday) University Life, (Trait, Lifetime Wish, Hair, Everyday Shoes,)
Store Content: Long Scarf is Long
Finn Saforia was the girl who just wanted to have fun and to paint the town red, literally. Spending her time partying at University, Finn learnt how to spray paint like a pro. There was not a single public lot that didn’t have something painted by Finn and she certainly left her mark. She even managed to become a loving wife and mum!


Sim Name: Chantel Villalobos
Age: Young Adult
Occult: Human
Traits: Shy, Commitment Issues, Natural Born Performer, Lucky, Perfectionist
Lifetime Wish: Perfect Student
Favourites: Cheese Tofu Steak, Soul, Purple
EP and SP: Late Night, (Trait, Formal Heels)Town Life, (Outerwear) Pets, (Formal Skirt) Showtime, (Trait) Supernatural, (Everyday Jeans, Formal Top, Sleepwear Top) 70s 80s & 90s, (Everyday Jacket) University Life (Lifetime Wish, Shoes, Sleepwear Pants, Athletic, Swimwear)
Store Content: Can’t Care Hair
Chantel Villalobos was the NPC who caught Damien’s eye. She learnt to mix drinks like a master after she graduating and was determined to spent each and every night forcing drinks down people’s throught.


Sim Name: Kyle Shalom
Age: Young Adult
Occult: Human
Traits: Artistic, Bookworm, Brave, Good, Green Thumb
Lifetime Wish: CEO of a Mega Corporation
Favourites: Pancakes, Pop, Purple
EP and SP: Fast Lane, (Formal) Master Suite, (Sleepwear) Seasons, (Outerwear) University Life (Athletic, Hair)
Store Content:  Nerd Chic
Kyle Shalom caught Finn’s eye and heart when she arrived at University and they shared classes. After countless fun nights together, he was pleasantly surprised when he was invited to move in with Finn. He spent his days working hard to top the corporate ladder.


Sim Name: Brianna Saforia
Age: Young Adult
Occult: Human
Traits: Angler, Charismatic, Excitable, Loves the Heat, Friendly
Lifetime Wish: Resort Empire
Favourites: Pumpkin Pie, Roots, Yellow
EP and SP:Town Life, (Outerwear) Showtime, (Formal) Master Suite, (Sleepwear, Athletic) Seasons, (Trait) University Life, (Sleepwear, Athletic) Island Paradise (Lifetime Wish, Hair, Everyday, Swimwear)
Brianna Saforia was the fourth heir and worked her hardest to make it not only as an actress but also as a successful resort owner. Sweet Bree’s quickly became the top spot for both Lunar Lakes residents and tourists alike to relax and live at. She even charmed local townie Chris into starting a family with her.


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Re: Saforia Legacy Sims
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2014, 06:38:50 AM »
I really like how you presented all of this.  The descriptions, pictures, and links are all very nice.  Well done.  :)
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