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Tomba Singh, Young Adult, Male
« on: February 18, 2014, 01:15:03 AM »
Tomba Singh
By chetanhaobijam

Age: Young Adult, Male.
Life state: Human.
Hair: Light Brown.
Eye Color: Dark Blue.
Traits: Bookworm, Genius, Light Sleeper, Schmoozer, Workaholic.
Favorites: Pop, Autumn Salad and Aqua color
Current Career: Medical Intern(Medical career level 4).
Skills: Logic level 6, Athletic level 5, Charisma level 4, Cooking level 1, Handiness level 2.
Content used: Base game only.

Full face


All outfits

Tomba Singh, was born and raised in his home country, India. After graduation, he directly came at Sunset Valley to live peacefully and happily and also to learn medicine. Actually, he got an entrance to a secret school situated at Sunset Valley, called Oliver Spying School. The school was managed by Ben Oliver, himself and his assistants. He grasps the chance and started to study spying which was his dream. He did many practice assignments and also got many friends, there. And finally, after so many hurdles, he passed and graduated from the Spying School. He then continued living at Sunset Valley and kept waiting for his first real assignment to come. And his prayers are heard and finally, he got his first assignment.

Important/Interesting points
1. He wears blue because he and Raia’s sim Jasper was on Team Sapphire(blue). And also blue and aqua are my favorite colors. :)
2. Every spy persons must have a disguise to wear, so Tomba’s formal wear is his disguise. He is completely different when in disguise.
3. Ben Oliver is a master spy, and fighter of evil, and he was created by Schipperke. You will find his current story here.
4. You will find the events/moments of Oliver spying school in Ben Oliver story here. It was a happy and perfect moment.
5. You will find Tomba’s further adventures and his current assignment(which is his first) here in my 'Keep your friends close' story.
6. Most of his skill levels are gained during the school event.
Feel free to play him. And please Pm me for permission if you want to include him in your stories. He is very enjoyable and I know you all will enjoy playing him. Have fun. :)
And the upload is from Edit-town.
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