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Carnivale Laissez les bon temps rouler
« on: February 27, 2014, 06:24:03 PM »
The days of Mardi Gras, Carnivale, are upon us and the Fountain family must shop for this year's costumes.  Here is what they selected:

LaBelle is wearing Movie Stuff outfit, UL shoes, SN jewellry, plus free Happy Mardis Gras hat

Jean Pierre is using free Happy Mardi Gras Hat, the outfit is from Show Time, the shoes are from Movie Stuff

Marie LaBelle Fountain has hair from Movie Stuff, dress from UL, shoes from UL, glasses from Gen, necklace from ITF, bracelets from WA and UL

Genvieve has hair from Sns, bikini top from Sns, skirt from Sns, shoes f=basic, necklace from WA, bracelets from WA and UL.

Louis Paul's hair is from ITF, outfit is Movie Stuff, shoes are base.

Suzannes' hair is ITF and her outfit is  Gen, shoes Gen.

The Fountain family is so excited!  This will be the Carnivale to end all!  Off they go to buy the newest and most exciting costumes.  First, father Jean Paul Fountain admires his look of the traditional colored pierrot outfit.  Isn't his hat adorable?  He's done a great job on his make up as well and needs no mask at all.

Not to be outdone, the ever young and beautiful LaBelle Fountain, looks like she could never be the mother of four children!  Twins run in her family and having had two sets of them she considers it now time to laissez les bontemps roulez in all aspects of her life.  She really loves this sexy outfit and the fabulous hat.  Who could tell she wears make up and not a mask? La belle indeed!

Not to be outdone by her parents, Genvieve has chosen to wear a jungle outfit that shows the wonderful and varied wildlife and flora of her native Isla Paradiso.  If she were to step into the Simazon Tropical Forest, you would never be able to spot her as she is every bit as exotic as anything there, and her outfit would make excellent camoflage for that jungle!

Marie-Labelle is even more excited than the rest of her family.  This year she has been selected to ride on the King Neptune Krewe float.  She will be one of six "mermaids"  riding and hoping to be named as King Neptune's Queen of the Sea.

The younger ones are being allowed to attend Carnivale for the first time this year.  Here is Louis Paul in his carnivale attire.  I think he's been overly influenced by his grandmere, known to be a voodoo queen who has filled his head with stories of zombies, vampires and things that walk in the night.

The youngest sister, Suzanne-Marie has chosen to show off her love for animals, particularly the endangered Simgal Tiger.  She often works to earn money to donate to rescue and protect them and feels this outfit, (Normally outdoor wear), will help advertise the need for helping this endangered species.  She is too adorable!

This year at Carnivale the oldest daughter, (a twin older by a matter of just a few minutes), has been invited to ride on the King Neptune Krewe float.  The entire family is honored by this and they all hope Marie-Labelle will be crowned as Queen of the mermaids.  Here they are just before Marie is due to join the krewe and ride in the Grand Parade.  She cautions her little brother and sister, (also twins), to behave.

With the parade over, and Marie having won the crown after all, it is time to PARTAAAAYYY!  This snapshot shows them all practicing their dance moves before the rest of the guests arrive.  Laissez les bontemps roulez!!

If you'd like to have these outfits for yourself, here they are:

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