Author Topic: Lyall Wyvern, YA Witch Female  (Read 582 times)

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Lyall Wyvern, YA Witch Female
« on: March 16, 2014, 01:32:56 AM »
Name: Lyall Wyvern
Age: YA
Life State: Witch

Traits: Dog Person, Adventurous, Athletic, Brave, Ambitious            
Story: From theQueen of the Dragons, a legacy story.
Expansion Packs/Stuff Packs/Store Content Used:

Used Master Suite, and Fast Lane Stuff Pack as well as Supernatural, Pets, IP, LN, WA, Seasons, ST, UL, and Ambitions.  From the store, I used the Wrap Gown and the Queen’s Dress.
Wardrobe Pics







Note: Feel free to download and have fun!  Please abide by the forum rules regarding using others’ Sims in stories.  If you’d like to use someone, please just drop me a PM.  I also would LOVE to see any kids that come out of any pairings, mostly just outta curiosity!