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Mr. Payne Takes A Break
« on: April 16, 2014, 06:08:05 PM »
Poor Mr. Payne!  Overworked and under appreciated!  It was beginning to wear thin along with his hair but NOT his waistline.  What's a poor millionaire to do?  Yes, he can continue to sit behind his desk in his gloomy grey garb and just ponder who the next victim.....errrr....,recipient of his benificence, will be, but his heart just isn't in it.  Sure, he's had his successes.  That young Ben, for instance.  Now HE was a fun challenge!  But it's all gone stale and it's time to take a break!  With renewed vim and vigor Mr. Payne set about planning the best vacation ever!  But.....where to go?  "Aha!  I know!  The best way to get my old self back is go back to nature!  Camping it is!  I'm off to Hidden Springs.  I'll fish, do a little painting and enjoy that great fresh air."

"Oh, my aching back!  Camping out is definitely NOT for me.   Maybe I should go somewhere warm, sunny and full of fun?  A dude ranch?  That's it!  I'm off to Appaloosa Plains!  First, some new duds."

"Time for some fun!  They said inside this was the best way to learn how to ride fast.  Hmmmm"

"Get the chiropractor!  Get a doctor!  Get a new hip!!!  What was I thinking of?  I need some speed and some fun but that was a bit rough.  Maybe I'll take in the raceway at Roaring Heights.  Yeah, just a nice, fast, easy on the back, car ride."

"Ok, that was cool but still not taking my mind off things and sparking the old get up and go.  Maybe I need something a bit more up town and challenging without any rough and tumble.  A nice, elegant night on the town, that's the ticket.  Maybe a short trip to Lucky Palms for the premier of that new movie, "The Desolation of Simaug" and then a little gambling.  Where did I pack that dress outfit?"

"I'll toss a coin in this fountain and see if I can find the love of my life before I head out to the show."

"Sigh.  Well, that was ok except the dealer cheated and I got a sunburn.  Perhaps a cooler climate?  Maybe I could hit the slopes in Midnight Hollow.  I hear they have some cool mountains and unique local residents to chat with.  Plus, I have this great, new winter wear to choose."

"Ok.  Been there, did that, snow men, angels, igloos and more.  I THINK this is fun.  At least I'm not getting tossed off a bull ride."

Mr. Payne had tried so many things.  He knew there was much more he could do but wasn't it time to just kick back and relax?  Enjoy the sun and fresh sea air from Twinmum's luxury afloat? 
"Now THIS is more like it!  I might even make this my new home and office!"

And with that, Mr. Payne stepped back on board, ready to change and start a new day.  Maybe we'll be seeing him on his travels again.

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