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Re: Return to Metro's Haven
« Reply #90 on: May 31, 2014, 07:03:40 PM »
had to finish early as my PC kept crashing!  but I got 8165 altogether by week 2, without pets or WA so not too shabby ;)

6 maxed skills
22 skill points
3 challenges

so 8165 in total

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Re: Return to Metro's Haven
« Reply #91 on: May 31, 2014, 11:55:08 PM »
Started late and missed a few sim days in this one... Oh well, I'm happy with what I got. :)

22 Maxed Skills = 22 * 1,000 = 22,000 points
21 Extra Skill Points = 21 * 50 = 1050 points
19 Skills Challenges = (19 * .05) + 1.00 = 1.95 multiplier

(22,000+1050) * 1.95 = 44947.5 points total

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Re: Return to Metro's Haven
« Reply #92 on: June 01, 2014, 12:53:10 AM »
Gotta hurry and get this in before midnight.
Skills maxed 16
Extra skill points 14
Challenges 35

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Edited to do the math
16,000 + 700= 16,700
16,700 x 2.75= 45,925

Math could be wrong.  Hehe its way past my bedtime and I am tired.

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Re: Return to Metro's Haven
« Reply #93 on: June 01, 2014, 01:42:56 AM »
8 maxed skills, 6 partial, 4 skill challenges completed.

8 X 1000 = 8000
6 X 50 = 300
4 X.05 = .20

8300 X 1.2 = 9960.

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Re: Return to Metro's Haven
« Reply #94 on: June 01, 2014, 06:16:38 AM »
This event is now closed. Great job to all 35 participants, and a special grats to Chare who topped the field. Well done! This is Chare's 3rd win of the season, so she is doing really well.

I guess the only tip I can share at the moment on how I tackled this event was the preparation. I basically made a list of all skills and more importantly all skill challenges and then had a mini pow wow with myself and said -- okay which skill challenges are doable and which ones are not? That was a key question I am guessing all the top players asked because if you wanted to score well in this event you simply could not waste time on things like the Star Challenges of the 4 instruments because those are too difficult to complete. A couple other examples of ones I chose not to pursue were the Grandmaster in Marital arts one and the one in Invention where you have to make 100 Big Inventions -- both way too time consuming. At least I saw it that way.

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Re: Return to Metro's Haven
« Reply #95 on: June 01, 2014, 08:15:36 AM »
Congrats to all, especially Chare.

I decided to be in Island Paradiso because well, I hardly ever play there, and I figured a challenge wasn't really a challenge if you didn't challenge yourself with the location. I did two males, made them brothers, gave both of them bookworm, then gave one of them outdoorsy type of traits, and the other one of them artsy types of traits (together with the salesman trait). I also gave them a dog and a cat (I struggled with a horse in practices). Cat was absolutely amazing, supermaxed cat hunting quite early, Dog couldn't supermax dog hunting (could only manage 20 rocks in the 4 weeks). My two twins went to the library and read skill books. The outdoorsy one started on cooking got his first skill challenge done at level 8 cooking (the learn 'all' recipes challenge - I have all expansion packs), then continued to read on to level 10, and bought the first item through buydebug - the best camera, for his brother who was reading up on photography, street art, inventing, science and so on. By about this time, the cat had maxed cat hunting and finished the fishing skill challenge, and I got the incense burner that increases skill through buy debug. I also got the board breaker and the training dummy through latter visits to buy debug.

After a while, I gave all of the rocks, gems and metals found by the dog, and the fish caught by the cat to my salesman brother, and he proceeded to the letterbox (for the metals) and the elixir store (for the gem cutting) and cut the gems into various shapes. The dog picked up approximately 8 tiberium and several of the other high level gems, and these, together with the gem dust and the fish saw me completing all of the collection skill challenges in one visit to the elixir store. I think that saw me get around 700k in simeloens.

I gave my outdoorsy brother the extended time oversees LTR and both brothers the cheaper overseas tickets LTR. There were other LTRs I gave each brother, I also gave both dog and cat the alpha pet LTR. I sent the outdoorsy brother to China for 6 days, with the intention of him spending a bit of time gardening and fishing, and then the rest of his time meditating. I don't know what I did wrong, the game showed that he well and truly meditated for over 150 hours (he started back in Island Paradiso, and continued on in China, and the stat showed over 150 hours, but it never became bolded) and I calculated how many days of meditation he would have to do to reach the 150 hours, but it didn't show up as complete for me in his skill journey. I was annoyed at the waste of holiday time, but there was nothing I could do about it, he did manage to supermax athletics.

I used up the rest of the holiday time in single day visits to all three overseas destinations for both brothers (1 at a time - outdoorsy didn't return to China), which brought it up to 11 days, and I then sent the artsy brother into the future to see what trouble he could get into there, very very nearly got all the nanites, think I was missing two or three of them by the end.

If anyone has thoughts on the issue I had with respect to meditating, please let me know. :)

Like Metro, I chose which challenges I would try to do and which ones I wouldn't try to do.

BTW, my brain explosion was that the artsy brother threw the super-duper skill potion at himself and gain a level in one of his brother's skills, that happened on Friday of week 4. As I said, one of my classics :)

Thanks to the team for running the challenges again this year.

- Dek

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Re: Return to Metro's Haven
« Reply #96 on: June 01, 2014, 08:29:01 AM »
My family

Brad Brainiac
Maxed Skills:  Inventing, Cooking, Gardening, Street Art, Guitar, Science, Handiness, Piano, Logic, Painting, Mixology, Bass, Drums, Social Networking, Laser Rhythm-a-con, Alchemy
Other Skills:  Writing (5)
Skill Challenges:  Menu Maven, Master Planter, Master Guitar, Master Pianist, Brushmaster, Proficient Painter, Master Painter, Master of Mood, Cool Creator, Master Bassist, Master Drummer, Non-Fiction Writer
Master Laser Rhythm-a-con Artist, Excellent Elixirs, Master Alchemist, Alchemists Anonymous

Maxine Bling
Maxed Skills:  Advanced Technology, Athletic, Bot Building, Charisma
Fishing, Martial Arts, Nectar Making, Riding
Skill Challenges:  Consignment Store Reputation, Consignment Store Sales, Consignment Store Profit, Celebrity, Personable, Super Friendly, Everybody's Best Friend, Comedian, Equestrian Champion, Amateur Ichthyologist, Domo Arigato Mr. Plumboto, Chipping In, Catch em All, Gem Collector, Metal Collector, Amateur Rock Finder, Awesomest Rock Collector in the Universe, Butterfly Collector, Beetle Collector,
Timber Terminator, Master of Nectar Making, Flavorful Feet

Fido Holedigger
Maxed skills:  Hunting (Dog)
Skill Challenges:  Gem Finder, Metal Finder

Soft Kitty
Maxed Skills:  Hunting (Cat)
Skill Challenges:  Creeping and Crawling, Slither Stalker, Feline Fisher, Homing Whiskers

Wonder Horse
Maxed Skills: Jumping, Racing
Skill Challenges:  Champion Racehorse, Long Distance Runner, Endurance Equine

My Startegy

I relied heavily on abuse of Potent Skill Booster.  I saw different things posted on the forums, but my test run proved that under the current patch, Potent Skill Booster never cause a Sim to learn a skill they haven't started yet.  I'm puzzled that this caused Deklitch to fail.  My entire strategy hinged on use of Potent Skill Booster, I used hundreds of them and never received a new skill that I hadn't trained in.

Anyway, I locked Brad Brainiac in a room and started him working on Alchemy first thing. Maxine trained Fido to hunt then start working her consingment store reputation.  She did a little bit of collecting herself, but mostly she bought and sold.  Fido, while he contriubted the least to the score was critical in getting the money to moving.  He found both Supernovium and Tiberium the first few days.  Once those sold, Maxine had enough cash to do nothing but continually buy out the Alchemy store to build up supplies of the two key ingredients for Potent Skill Booster (Valerian Root and Mycenas) neither of which could be bought at your local grocer.  This was a really boring part of the challenge.  Maxine spent days just buying and selling.  Cash wasn't an issue, I had more than a million simoleans by the middle of the first week.  While I was mostly stockpiling Mycenas and Valerian Root, I kept Wish Enhancers, Skill Boosters, and Potent Friendships.  The wish enhancers added to the lifetime wishes of Brad and Maxine gave me plenty of happiness points to spend, more than I needed really.  When needs are static and you have unlimited cash, there isn't much you can buy that is that useful.

Once he learned Potent Skill Booster, Brad went around to all the training centers and trained to level one.  Maxine did similar on a smaller skill set.  I had her concentrate on skills that required travelling (or did better travelling) or couldn't be learned from books.  Then Brad cranked out Potent Skill Boosters and started throwing.  He probably made over 200 hundred of them, because he through more than 50 at Maxine and completed the Excellent Elixirs challenge making nothing but Potent Skill Boosters.  That skilled up most of their skills to high levels quickly.  There came a point of diminishing returns when most of their skills were maxed and it felt like I was throwing potions to no effect.  They still had skill gaps.  Maxine was low on Nectar Making, Fishing & Bot Building.  Brad was low on painting.  However, at this point I switched to working mostly on the Skill Challenges.

The collecting challenges were mostly easy.  When you max alchemy you will always get an opportunity that will show the location aand name of every insect.  So Maxine didn't have to waste time collecting bugs she already knew.  I just watched the map while they did other skills, and when there was one she needed, she swoop in with her jetpack, snatch it and fly to the next one.  She did end up picking up two butterflies in France and Assassain bugs in China to complete, but still wasn't bad.  For meteors, I got the lifetime reward that allows you to change the timestream, set the future to Dystopia and then worked on botbuilding.  Everytime a meteor would crash outside, Maxine would pause her bot building, grab all the rocks, then get back to bot building.  All the rocks that Fido collected went to Maxine as well to be analyzed.  I'm not sure if that helped or not.

I missed Writing altogether and only realized at the end that I hadn't learned it.  Brad started writing Non-fiction novels and barely got five done before 11:59.  I also had trouble with fireflies and mushrooms.  I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Chare did almost the same challenges as me, but also got Mushroom & Firefly collecting done.  I think I cherry picked most of the challenges that were either not very time consuming, or where multiple challenges could be worked at the same time (Painting).  I also learned a few things.  Like Nectar Making didn't really seem to be going anywhere when I tried it on a machine I got with the Buydebug reward, but it skilled quickly in France.  So I think there is a skill bonus for learning it in France.  Probably the same for martial arts in China.  I'd never done the riding skill before.  I probably should have started entering races sooner than I did.  I might have been able to complete a few more challenges that way.

All in all I had a good time.  Next skillmaxing challenge, I reccomend outlawing the consingment shop, or at least outlaw buying out the consignment shop.  I certainly don't want to spend hours doing constant consingments again.

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Re: Return to Metro's Haven
« Reply #97 on: June 01, 2014, 08:29:27 AM »
Congratulations Chare, well done.

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Re: Return to Metro's Haven
« Reply #98 on: June 01, 2014, 08:49:57 AM »
Congrats Chare  :D

I saw it basically the same way as Metro, do what is easy and fast and ignore the ones that take a lot of time, even so I know there were a few things I could have changed, it wasn't until after posting my score I realised I robbed myself of a leftover vacation day, saved in case I needed to go abroad for any last minute insects and then I forgot it  ::)

I decided to play in Apaloosa Plains as it's all set up for pets already and used my self sim and her hubby, starting traits went as follows.

Tracey: Bookworm, Artistic, Virtuoso, Savvy Sculptor, Photographers Eye
Dallas: Bookworm, Angler, Athletic, Disciplined, Evil (Dallas without evil is like night without day for me so yeah I left it)

Then I used the three pets my sim has had in past games.

Galahad the horse: Fast, Genius, Obedient, Agile (learned)
Tosca the cat: Friendly, Hunter, Genius
Rusty the dog: Friendly, Hunter, Genius

I bought an empty plot to live on and then the first thing I did was buy Dallas a windcarver, he then used this to travel everywhere for the entire challenge to build up advanced tech. He then started teaching Rusty to hunt while Tosca got a toy box so she could learn hunting.

Tracey then rode Galahad to the horse ranch where I had planned for her to take a riding class, but by the time she got there the racing had started so she left Galahad training for racing, he stayed doing that until he maxed it which auto completed long distance runner and equine endurance. Then I started on practice jumping till he maxed that, the challenges required a little more input but I found I could queue up the two sets of jumps at the horse ranch and then he finished it with Tracey running the jumping course, I did no racing comps as it's too much hassle so Galahad managed four challenges and both skills.

Once Rusty and Tosca learnt to hunt I just kept queuing them up all the time, I found it more efficient than hunting for specifics, the amount of dog dig spots Rusty ran across town for that turned out to be a crisp packet were silly, so I just did sniff out collectables instead, Tosca managed all her challenges, Rusty missed out on the rock one.

The first few days Tracey and Dallas spent at the library, I bought them a portable stereo and once I could I got a Chinese incense burner, if a skill had an associated skill book that is how they learnt it, bookworms read fast and with needs static keeping them super happy and the incense they learned quickly, I gave Tracey the culinary librarian LTW but I expected Galahad to complete a skill challenge before she did that, but at level 9 cooking she finished menu maven and maxed it just before he did racing. Dallas had good old swimming in cash finished thanks to Rusty and some tiberium.

Skills got dished out as follows,

Tracey: Painting (all 3 challenges), Cooking (menu maven), Riding (mostly via books), Street Art (Always Wanted, Master Muralist), Photography (Architectural Eye), Writing (all 3 challenges writing comic and sports books) Social Networking (via books), Mixology (via books), Piano (Master Pianist, Money Maker), Guitar (Master Guitarist, Money Maker), Sculpting (learnt on a weeks trip at Uni)

Dallas: Gardening (via books then actual gardening, Master Gardener, Master Farmer), Fishing (Amateur Ichthyologist), Consignment (all challenges), Alchemy (Master Alchemist), Collecting (gems, metals, butterflies, fireflies, beetles, nanites), Logic (via books), Handiness (via books, Tinkerer), Inventing (via books, Diabolical Detonator, Scrap Collector), Advanced Tech (Catch em all), Athletic, Martial Arts (Timber Terminator), Bot Building (Chipping In), Charisma (all challenges apart from the jokes one), Drums (my single point got at 11.58 on the last day)

First lifetime reward for both was fast learner, after that I got ones related to skills, Dallas got a couple of mid life crisis, once he had done the skills for the initial traits I swapped them for things like eccentric and genius and a last minute virtuoso.

Diabolical detonator was one I got using a trick I've done in the past, line up a lot of portable stereos and detonate, they go off like dominoes but it is a fire hazard so you need to be careful. Before I began I added the fae ray gardens, and I later bought the elixir shop and put the vault on the car park, once he mastered alchemy he got the Alchemic Mastery op, it is way better than the collection helper as the first stage shows every insect on the map and exactly what it is, and I discovered when I sent him to the future for 6 days it shows nanites too.

He did charisma in the future by meeting the locals and sharing sprites, I also bought several in buy mode until I got the last couple I needed to do the Catch em all challenge, it was risky as you need all forms on one sprite so Tracey had to share them with him, luckily she didn't get an advanced tech point in doing so.

I was pretty pleased with my score, with hindsight some things I might have done differently, and I wish I had remembered that vacation day but oh well I'm happy to get as high up the board as I did  :D

Took so long writing this I see some posts have been added, time to read what others did then.

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Re: Return to Metro's Haven
« Reply #99 on: June 01, 2014, 09:00:01 AM »
Next skillmaxing challenge, I reccomend outlawing the consingment shop, or at least outlaw buying out the consignment shop.  I certainly don't want to spend hours doing constant consingments again.

Hehe...well have no fear. Skill challenges for Sims 3 are a wrap. We'll have to see what Sims 4 brings.

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Re: Return to Metro's Haven
« Reply #100 on: June 01, 2014, 12:14:08 PM »
I don't have Pets or any travel options so I didn't expect to do well. I fulfilled my expectations.

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Re: Return to Metro's Haven
« Reply #101 on: June 02, 2014, 03:26:54 AM »
Town: Island Paradiso (added elixir shop - subway - equestrian center)   Disabled: Seasons

:The Sims:
Rumple Gold
Martial Arts: Timber Terminator
Scuba Diving: Savvy Snorkler
Gardening: Master Planter -  Botanical Boss - Master Farmer
Fishing: Amateur Ichthyologist
Science: Experienced Experimentalist
Cooking: Star Chef - Menu Maven - World Class Chef
Nectar Making: Mix Master - Flavor Feet - The Vizard of the Vine - Master of Nectar Making
Alchemy: Master Alchemist - Alchemists Anonymous - Excellent Elixirs
Bot Building: Chipping In
Collecting: Gem Collector - Metal Finder - Amateur Rock Finder
Consignment: Consignment Store Sales - Consignment Store Reputation - Consignment Profit

Traits: Green Thumb - Gather - Loves the Outdoors - Supernatural Fan - Angler
           Athletic - Disciplined - Loves to Swim - Loves the Outdoors - Gather
           Eccentric - Natural Cook - Handy - Genius - Bot Fan

Lifetime Rewards: Fast Leaner - Mid-Life Crisis - Lungs of Steel - Mid-Life Crisis    Lifetime Wish: Swimming in Cash

Belle Gold
Guitar: Master Guitarist
Bass: Master Bassist
Drums: Master Drummer - Money Maker
Piano: Master Pianist
Laser Rhythm-a-con
Painting: Proficient Painter - Master Painter
Writing: Specialist Writer - Speed Writer - Prolific Writer
Street Art: Master Muralist - Always Wanted - Precision Sprayer
Charisma: Celebrity - Personable - Super Friendly - Everybody's Best Friend - Comedian
Photography: Photog - Architectural Eye - Human Form Expert - Paparazzi
Riding: Equestrian Champion
Advanced Technology: Synthesized - Catch 'em All
Social Networking

Traits: Artistic - Bookworm - Charismatic - Equestrian - Photographer's Eye
           Avant Garde - Savvy Sculptor - Virtuoso - Artistic - Bookworm - Ambitious*

Lifetime Rewards: Fast Leaner - Acclaimed Author - Observant - Mid-Life Crisis - Rebel Influence* - Collection Helper - Extra Creative    Lifetime Wish: Swimming in Cash

Phillipe Horse
Jumping: -Tireless Leaper - Frequent Flyer - Jumping Star
Racing: Champion Racehorse - Long Distance Racer - Endurance Equine
Traits: Agile - Genius - Fast    Lifetime Rewards: Lucky Mount

Yzma Cat
Hunting (Cat): Creeping & Crawling - Slither Stalker - Feline Fisher - Homing Whiskers
Traits: Hunter - Genius - Neat    Lifetime Rewards: Alpha Pet

Max Dog
Hunting (Dog): Gem Finder - Metal Finder
Traits: Hunter - Genius - Neat     Lifetime Rewards: Alpha Pet

:Buydebug Purchases:
1) Honorary Incease Burner of Jun Pao: Jumping (Tireless Jumper)
2) Seed Spawner Frace 4: Racing (Long Distance Racer)
3) Fishing Spawner Ocean Common 2: Photography (Photog)
4) Fishing Spawner China Rare: Charisma (Comedian)
5) Nectar Maker: Advanced Technology (Catch 'em All)
6) Nectar Maker #2: Writing (Specialist Writer - Sports)

Like Jack, the bulk of my strategy evolved around the use of skill booster elixirs. I also tried to interweave skills & challenges together as much as possible. I started off with Rumple training Max, then sent him off to do some shopping. He purchased all the common plants, some plasma fruit for fertilizing, a couple of mycena mushrooms. He started a garden, then he hit up the consignment store to find metal & gems for the collection challenges. Rumple got extremely lucky & managed to find a Hikon QX40di Gladiator camera while buying out the store. I quit searching after Rumple found two pieces of metal that would not conflict with the elixir shop's selection of metals (silver, gold & iron). The gem dust from the elixir shop would also complete gem finder for Rumple. He was sent off to the alchemy station...never to be heard from again...until the garden needed work.  :P

Belle started her skill building journey on the back of Phillipe. They hit the training jumper first until Belle hit lvl 2 in riding, then they conquered the jumping course I made for them. Once Phillipe maxed jumping, they swapped to jockey training on the racing posts. Phillipe gained the jumping & racing skills quickly thanks to Belle's equestrian trait. Belle departed from Phillipe once her racing skill was maxed. They only got together to try & complete the racing challeges (Jumping Star, Champion Racehorse, Equestrian Champion & Rider of Legends). Belle started on photography next. She read the photography book to get to level 3 & then took to the town. Her main goal was to work on the Photog challenge as she leveled.

Max managed to find Tiberium fairly early on, which Rumple cut, grew & sold at the elixir shop, popping their lifetime wishes & allowing them to buy a Margaret Vaguester. Rumple worked in the garden in the morning, dabbled in his alchemy until 3pm, then he poked around in the elixir shop til 5pm for skill boosters, friendship elixirs, extra valerian root, mycenas, cheap gem dust, alchemy potion books & items to re-sell for his consignment store challenges. Once he completed the Master Planter challenge in gardening, I got rid of the non-grape plants (minus two valerian root & mycena plants) & started planting grapes he need to complete the rest of the gardening & nectar making challenges. Rumple made skill boosters whenever he could. He worked fishing into his routine as soon as I was able to make a small, fenced pond for him to fish from.

Belle finished photography & after she had enough LHP to purchase the Acclaimed Author LTW, she took classes in the charisma & social networking skills & started writing fiction. After learning writing, Belle used her 7 vacation days in China & the Future. While on vacation, she worked on the charisma & advanced technology skill/challenges, finished off the Architectural Eye, Human Form Expert, Paparazzi challenges in photography, skilled up social networking (by blogging after making friends), purchased another incense burner, training dummy & board breaker & wrote enough sports books to earn at least $10k in royalties & complete the Specialist Writer challenge. Upon her return home, Belle had a mid-life crisis & learned street art, painting, sculpting & each one of the music instruments. Rumple dumped his current stash of skill boosters onto her. After the smoke cleared, she maxed sculpting, advanced technology, street art & writing & was off to the subway to play for tips on the bass.

When Rumple started to take on grapes, nectar making was the next skill to be worked into his rotation. He eventually maxed Alchemy & completed his consignment challenges. He stopped going to the elixir store after that & worked Science into his busy schedule by doing experiments on the all the cheap bugs Yzma had collected. He maxed fishing, science & then gardening. Rumple had a mid-life crisis & picked up the traits that would help level up scuba diving, martial arts & athletic skills. Rumple ignored the athletic skill as it would naturally be leveled up through martial arts & swimming from place to place in the ocean. He worked on martial arts in between nectar batches after gardening & mixing up skill booster elixirs. As soon as he was able, Rumple swapped to the board breaker & worked on the Timber Terminator challenge. Once the timber had been terminated, Rumple swore he'll never be back & took to snorkeling in his brand new pool.

Belle maxed the bass skill, she returned to Rumple for more skill booster therapy. She maxed the piano & painting skill, topped off drums, laser rhythm-a-con & guitar in the subway & finished off social networking in the library. Belle was all about skill challenges from that point on. She finished the money maker challenge for drums, completed street art challenges, finished the prolific writer challenge after completing the speedy writer challenge, mastered the master challenges for drums, bass, guitar & piano (I completely forgot about the laser rhythm books both times I was in the Future) & nearly mastered all the painter challenges. Bad luck keep her & Phillipe from completing the rider of legends challenge (they could never place higher than 3rd place in cross-country & racing. I think this is what ultimately cost me super maxing  painting).

After completing nectar making/challenges, Rumple worked on completing master farmer, savvy snorkeler, excellent elixirs & master ichthyologist. Once those had been completed, Rumple had a mid-life crisis & learned the remaining skills from his list (inventing, logic, mixology, cooking, handiness & bot building). He chugged the rest of his skill boosters down (completing athletic, martial arts & scuba diving) & embarked on his vacation to the future. In the future, Rumple had to be SUPER careful not to gain any advanced technology skill (he grew very found of stairs). Rumple worked on cooking & bot building. Apparently, the Robot Gods did not approve of Rumple learning the ways of the bots & sent a meteor shower to smite him...(or maybe he made too much salad...) Rumple barely escaped with his life, picked up the pieces & continued skill building. He finished bot building & cooking, just started inventing before it was time to pack up a leave.

Rumple completed inventing & then scrambled off to the library to learn the rest of his skills as fast as he could. He managed to knock out handiness & logic, but mixology eluded him 8 points in (he would have hit 9, had he another hour. It was super close. Curious to know how I would have fared without getting meteor blocked *sadness*). Max failed at completing the rock challenge, but what little he did find was enough to complete the amateur rock challenge for Rumple.

Fun challenge. Kudos to all who participated.  :)

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Re: Return to Metro's Haven
« Reply #102 on: June 02, 2014, 03:46:43 AM »
Interesting read Chare, your last line made me go "of course, you idiot" it never occurred to me to have one of the sims analyze the dogs space rocks  ::)

I did use some skill boosters but I'd say the majority of them did nothing at all, what I gained from them was less than the effort to keep making them in the end so I gave up, I don't know why they don't seem to do something at times, if they are maybe working on hidden skills or just fail, but I found that frustrating. Either you and Jack had better luck with them or you just took many, many more.

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Re: Return to Metro's Haven
« Reply #103 on: June 02, 2014, 04:04:39 AM »
I did use some skill boosters but I'd say the majority of them did nothing at all, what I gained from them was less than the effort to keep making them in the end so I gave up, I don't know why they don't seem to do something at times, if they are maybe working on hidden skills or just fail, but I found that frustrating. Either you and Jack had better luck with them or you just took many, many more.

It could be skills you haven't learned yet or skills you have already learned. I was never 100% sure as to why & what exactly. Failure is failure. It's lame & gamble of sorts. I threw/chugged at least 150 of the little buggers because I completed the excellent elixir challenge making only them. I don't know many I had on hand from the shop. You're bound to get lucky at some point if you're that willing to stand in yellow puff clouds for that long.  :P

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Re: Return to Metro's Haven
« Reply #104 on: June 02, 2014, 06:07:56 AM »
Fantastic info, Chare. Thank you so much for typing all of that up. Grats again.