Author Topic: Simport problem - performed in another game but no stamp - mod related?  (Read 657 times)

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Hi there,

I could really use some help with figuring this one out...

First I think it is important to say that I used 4 mods of NRaas: Mastercontroller, Overwatch, Storyprogression and Errortrap.

When first simporting my sim would instantly return. I believe this had to do with one of the mods automatically returning vanished or stuck sims. Therefor I changed those options in settings.
After that I could send my sims on simport and I see on my player wall on the Sims 3 site that other players have accepted and that my sim have performed there.

But in my game it is not registering. Not even after many sim days. I do not get a stamp and I can't send my sim on a new simport either. As if it is still a simport in progress I think, although my sims' picture is no longer in 1 of the 4 pictures that means "in progress", if you know what I mean. The whole option to send a sim on simport is greyed out...

I have been thinking that maybe this also has to do with a mod, so I removed all mods, but no change. Then I thought that maybe there still was some old info in the cache files, so I removed those too, but that didn't help either.

I have been searching all over the web to find this problem and hopefully an answer, but no luck.

I would really appreciate any help with this, thanks!


Edit: By the way, I think it might be mod related because simporting worked before I installed the mods (in the same -series- of save games...)
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