Author Topic: Home Movies skip/not play after a certain point on playback  (Read 779 times)

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Been doing a few tests with the video camera (first around the house, then started venturing into the neighborhood, now made several videos of my Sim's trip to Egypt). It seems they fixed the speed that you walk. Though I don't like how there's certain areas where there's these issues with terrain that won't allow me to go over, or get me stuck.

Anyway, another concern, that's a bit bigger than the stuck thing, is when playing a video, there will be certain times where the footage seems to stop, then start a bit later (like for 5 seconds or so). Or just stop and not continue.
I'm wondering if this is based on the VRAM of your GPU, which my Nvidia Geforce GTS250 only has 512MB. I'm using the most expensive video camera (the Sonyo VideoStop Triple).