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Meet Reese Weaver...

Traits: Family Oriented, Genius, Virtuoso, Snob, Commitment Issues
Lifetime Wish: Hit Movie Composer
Outfits/Hair: High-End loft stuff and Fast Lane packs, Ambitions, Late Night, Seasons, and Generations expansions

Reese is the child of Chewit Dreamweaver. In the Dreamweaver Townie DecaDynasty by Pam, Chewit is the sister of Charms Dreamweaver, the third generation heir. After Godiva's family moved out of town, Chewit met and married her long-lost imaginary friend, Boinky Dreamweaver, whom she had made real. They moved to the bustling city of Bridgeport and when Chewit had her daughter she named her Reese, in keeping with the naming tradition of the past Dreamweavers.

However, it was only upon the death of her mother that Reese discovered the shocking truth...


Her father gave her an old wooden box containing items from her mother's childhood.
'Dear Reese, I never told you this but your real name is Reese Dreamweaver. I could never find the words to tell you, but you deserve to know where you come from. We are part of a long line of Dreamweavers in a place called Sunset Valley. . I think the Snob in you always knew you had descended from greatness! You have developed many positive qualities that are a loving reminder of my family, but not all memories are sweet. Many vampires died from association with our family, it even claimed the life of my first love, Blair Justice. When I married your Father I vowed to protect you by severing all ties with the Dreamweavers, we even changed our name. I regret that you suffered from my bitterness, you are afraid to fall in love because of me. I hope this journey will teach you that you cannot hide from who you really are and from those that really love you.' 


Reese discovered that for years her mother had been working on a secret time machine so Reese could see everything for herself.
She was obviously skeptical at first...

But after a traumatic and bumpy ride involving some time-wimey, spacey-wacey stuff, she had arrived in the town of the Dreamweavers, Sunset Valley

Her first step was to drive to an address scribbled on a scrap of paper she had found in her mother's wooden box. Upon arriving, she saw someone who looked familiar. It was her father, Boinky, and it looked like time travel suited him! 'I have a gift for you. This will help you in your next step.' 'Thank you! What is it? ..and whose house is this?' 'This is the house of the Founder of the Dreamweaver Townie DecaDynasty, your forefather, Christopher Steel. This will prove to him who you are. Hopefully he will be able to tell you more about the story of the Dreamweavers.'

Sure enough, it was the home of the Founder. Reese had come back to the moment when Christopher and Zelda were newly-weds. She couldn't believe it! Now she would get the chance to be there as the story unfolded...

Reese couldn't wait to meet her Great, Great-Grandfather and Great, Great-Grandmother. She had so much to tell them, and warn them!

Unfortunately, Christopher had some sobering news. 'We cannot change our future. It is a fixed point in time. If we tried to alter just one thing, the Carl's Sims 3 Guide universe would implode. But we wouldn't want to change anything, even if we could. Although there are some sad times to come, there are so many more wonderful things. From what you tell us, we have a beautiful story ahead of us.'

Carefully considering his words, Reese realised the key to her happiness lay, not in changing what had already happened, but in fearlessly embracing her future, whatever and whomever that may be.