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Mint Chocolate Chip
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Mint Chocolate Chip

Lot size: 30 x 40
Bedrooms: 3 plus nursery (attached to master bedroom)
Bathrooms: 2
Cost Furnished: 79,296
Cost Unfurnished: 63,315
Cost of Shell: 41,568
Expansions: World Adventures*, Ambitions*, Late Night, Supernatural, Seasons, University*

This lot is partially furnished.  I didn't furnish the nursery or the two other bedrooms.  I saw this house as it would be when the couple moved in - both established in their careers and ready to start a family.  I've provided, at the bottom, both the shell vervion (UK) and the partially furnished version.  The fenced in area at the back would be nice for either a garden or a kid's play area.

*Required for the shell only