Author Topic: Create-a-Sim Contest 2014: 07 - Best Friends - Elvis Presley and Rising Sun  (Read 1786 times)

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Elvis was known for having a heart for horses. This was never more true than when it came to his very first horse and personal favourite, Rising Sun. Purchased by Elvis as the very first equine inhabitant at Graceland, it was said that Rising Sun was probably the only animal who knew Elvis the man, he didn't know that he was 'the King' to world, he simply knew him as his loving and best friend.

Elvis searched high and low for the perfect first horse, even knocking on doors at 3am to avoid the inevitable crowds that followed him. You can see why he fell in love with this beautiful horse whom he renamed 'Rising Sun'

Rising Sun is a golden palimino American Quarterback with 3 white stockings and a beautiful white blaze and mane. His traits are neat, friendly and brave.

Elvis loved to spend time with Rising Sun, riding every morning with him across his vast estate.

When they were hanging out together back at the stables he could really just be himself.

Despite his wealth and stardom, Elvis was hands-on with the care of his animals, grooming Rising Sun himself-which of course Rising Sun just loved!

It was a favourite pastime for Elvis to ride with his pal to the gates of Graceland to meet and sign autographs for his devoted fans.

But Rising Sun was oblivious to his place as the King of rock 'n' roll in the music world.

He just knew him as his best friend who made him so wonderfully happy. He didn't care about his fame and fortune, he just wanted to love him back. They had a truly special bond.

Thank you to Joria for creating an amazing Sim Elvis Presley which I've used in the photos