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Create-a-Sim Contest 2014: 08 - Ebony & Ivory Prom
« on: June 21, 2014, 07:36:54 PM »
Ebony & Ivory
A Black Tie Affair

Prom is around the corner and Marwolfer Designs has the perfect prom dress collection for you! Six dresses, all in black and white, for the teen who wants to make a statement at prom. All the dresses are modeled by our beautiful model, Serenity White. If you see anything you like, let a sales associate know.

The Whitest Lily
Inspired by the traditional lily flower, this black and white number has a simple elegance that can be worn by all.
Content: Showtime

The Retro Funk
If you're more of a statement maker, this short dress is perfect for you! Zebra print and a fun cut will definitely make you the center of attention.
Content: Generations

The LBD (Long Black Dress)
A sophisticated, yet casual black dress that can be worn for just about any occasion!
Content: Showtime

The Babydoll
If you're looking for a more youthful or innocent look, this dress is right for you! The large bow adds a touch of whimsy to the white dress.
Content: Generations

The Chantilly Lace
A touch of vintage really makes this gown a classy choice. Only the most sophisticated women can pull it off.
Content: Base Game

The Madam
Finally, a dress for the girl who is extra dramatic and would die if another girl wore her dress to the dance! Only one of these dresses is available, so act fast!
Content: Base Game

All of these dresses are available in the links below. With these gowns, you'll be able to have more fun at prom knowing that your Sims are the best dressed!
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