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CAS Contest 2014: 09- Mothers are Best
« on: June 24, 2014, 12:29:51 AM »
Entry for CAS Contest 2014: 09- Mother and Child

Mothers are best

Content- Base game and its patterns.

HI everyone. I am Chetan. After facing technical problem for about 5 months, we are back for our new dress collection. And our company is proud of this collection. Because it’s themed on Mothers and Child. They are the clothes pregnant mothers-to-be will wear while waiting for their jewel baby to come to life and also for their newly born toddlers to wear. So, let’s get ready for the showcase.

But first, some words about Mothers and Child. All knows Mothers are best and know better for their children. They care for their children every time. All famous persons are the making of their great mothers.

So, then let’s start. For showcasing, I requested my dear sister and her recently born baby girl.  And after some discussion, she agreed to it. She is also happy to see her baby on new clothes.


Since my sister love red, all of the maternity clothes are red in colour.



Added a cloud and stars pattern so that the mothers can sleep safe and sound.


Her baby likes all things green. So, all clothes are on green colour.




Extra shots
These are extra shots to show how nice these dress collection are when mothers and child wear them.

That’s all for this dress collection. We hope all mothers and their babies felt nice and happy while wearing these clothes. If you all like our dress collection, just contact us and our sales representative will surely bring them to your home. Well then, see you next time with new and more special dress collection.

Chetan's Designs(my Sims3 Creations)

by Swirl~Girl