Author Topic: Create-a-Sim Contest 2014: 08 - The Perfect Prom  (Read 872 times)

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Create-a-Sim Contest 2014: 08 - The Perfect Prom
« on: July 02, 2014, 06:17:18 PM »
Finding the PERFECT outfit for Prom is really least that's what Sims think until they land up in a square box of a shack eating off their toilet because they can't afford a dining table...But it's at least one of the most important things in their lives so far. Being a teen is all about finding out who you are, expressing yourself and, hopefully, learning to accept others and respect their differences. That's why no two Prom outfits look alike. It's the perfect showcase for these Sims' creativity and imagination. Even though they start out with the same basic tools it's amazing what different looks they can come up with! They'll be sure to turn heads, maybe be crowned Prom King or Queen and hopefully find their one true romantic interest...

80's Girl and 80's Dude have no idea it's 2014...and they don't care. 

Bring on the colour, bring on the frills and especially bring on the dodgy-but kind of retro-glasses

If rock 'n' roll is more your thing then you'll love what our Vintage Chick has done to create some vintage chic using a basic dress and a classic red, white and black polka dot theme

Her best buddy and date for the night is Preppy Guy who is too cool to rock a tux but wanted to class things up to impress his friend :-*

Aww... don't they make a cute couple!

Lastly, Mr and Mrs Popular have gone for coordinated ball gown and tie, dressing up as the Prince and Princess of their childhoods which only seemed like 2 weeks ago.

They're hoping they'll be King and Queen of the Prom before they leave tonight and with such fancy duds they might get their wish

But even more important than what you're wearing is who you're with and with friends like this they'll be sure to have an unforgettable night...

...Time to hit the dance floor!

80's Dude suit is from Generations, not recoloured.
Preppy Guy's jacket is from University Life, not recoloured
Accessories/hairstyles are from the base game, Generations, University Life, Late Night and Mastersuite stuff