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Marriage abroad weirdness!
« on: July 27, 2014, 12:02:34 AM »
Well first of all, this is the second time I've played through on the same character because my file got corrupted once.  (I lost her entire family with that one. *cries* )

My Lily is a flighty, punky blonde rock star with traits of being flirty, a great kisser, and the Master Romancer lifetime goal (WooHoo with 5 different sims in 5 different places), so she's a bit of a Casanova.  Basically, she achieves eternal youth via sleeping around.  And she tends to have flings abroad.  Funny thing is, I've noticed that when you travel back home without breaking up with your foreign love interest, they seem to just stay your love interest forever.  (Which unfairly causes your sim to be a "cheater" when she shouldn't be, but whatever.)

Anyway, in the last game, Lily went back to France with her two grown twins and since this loading screen is like 5-10 minutes long I usually do something else.  I came back to discover that Lily's last name went from Nyx to Bernard!  What?!  There was no message explaining what had happened, no memory documenting whatever had happened (although her memory book got filled long ago anyhow), nothing about this in the scrapbook notes, etc., and she was sad about someone's death.  It took me foreeeeeever to remember amongst all her paramours that she once had a fling with a French guy named Yves Bernard.  It seemed that Yves Bernard was now dead (which makes sense since she had time to go home, have a relationship with another guy, have twins with the other guy, and the twins were now adults).  I figured maybe the game made her marry him out of respect because he died and she was so brokenhearted over it or something.  No clue.  Tragically, the twins' vampire daddy Wogan Hemlock died during her pregnancy, so there was no other "long-term" guy in her life anyhow.  I was a bit miffed that the game took the liberty of changing my sim's last name from Nyx to Bernard, but whatever.  Figured next time I moved the family I could probably change it back, because Lily Bernard sounds stupid.

Then my game got corrupted and the twins are forever gone and I cried tears of eternal sadness.  I mourned my lovely half-vampire half-human boy/girl twins (Tellullah and Jaime Hemlock-Nyx), started up a new game, and tried to find another suitable guy around town for her to start a new family with (after achieving Master Romancer/eternal youth again, natch).

Now Lily Nyx II is almost at the same place her much cooler predecessor was in.  Sadly there are no cute lifemate material guys around my new town, but she did meet this one guy who looked interesting because he had dark skin and blond hair so I figured I'd make her have a pretty baby with him anyhow.  This time I decide shortly after the baby is born that I should probably travel back to China and properly break it off with the guy she WooHoo'ed with once who apparently thinks they're still in a relationship.  Y'know, before he dies.

I didn't have the foresight to not go afk during the loading screen this time.  I come back to my computer and Lily Nyx is now Lily Kim.  LILY KIM.  LIKE THE RAPPER.  Uggghhhhh.

Luckily, the creeper who thinks he's still her boyfriend is still alive this time.  Elderly (and bald), but alive.  And his last name isn't even Kim, so that's weird.

What's weirder is that the local Kim household has a blonde child who is listed as Lily's daughter!  What?!  (Blonde!  Have I mentioned this is in China??)

So somehow, the last time Lily was in China, she must have had an affair with someone in the Kim family (which neither she nor I recall) and uh, knocked him up?  And then when she returned, they forced her into marriage and to claim responsibility for this kid she did not know she had?

I am so confused.  I wonder what the currency exchange rate is for child support payments made to China in Simoleans.  Or if I can adopt her and bring her home with me.  At least Lily II has a very culturally diverse family...

...Okay but for real, does anyone know why this keeps happening?  I'd like my Sims to not run off and change their names and have secret illegitimate daughters without at least telling me a compelling WHY.

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Re: Marriage abroad weirdness!
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2014, 12:05:54 AM »
The plot thickens!!

My game crashed and my last save was before traveling back to China.  I still went ahead and took the trip to break it off with the Chinese guy, but now the children of the Kim household are different.  Lily's last name did NOT change to Kim upon her arrival in China, and her ** daughter no longer exists.  Which is weird because she was child aged and only maybe a day or two lapsed since that save, so she would have been born before the save.  But it seems as though the game randomly generated her upon my arrival in China.  The daughter was previously living with another teenager who I assume was her older half sister, and an adult sim who is still living in that house but this time with a different child.

Anyone else have any bizarre tales of family tree weirdness when traveling happens?

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Re: Marriage abroad weirdness!
« Reply #2 on: July 28, 2014, 06:39:16 AM »
Welcome to our Forum.

There has been a traveling bug for quite awhile.  We always recommend saving before traveling in case something goes wonky.
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Re: Marriage abroad weirdness!
« Reply #3 on: August 11, 2014, 11:04:53 AM »
I've heard about kids showing up with romantic interests in countries you've visited, but if you've never had him as a romantic interest, then that's probably even more rare of a bug. If you use the Master Controller mod, you can add any such surprise children to your household. :3

As for saves corrupting, I have literally 8 saved games for my Sims town and it's saved me a lot of grief over file corruption and whatnot. Two didn't cut it, I lost about half the work on a Sim doing the Asylum Challenge via both games corrupting since I didn't have any mods installed originally (Overwatch is something evvvveryone should install, my game ground to a halt without it and I have a very good gaming computer). I did finish the challenge before the saves corrupted, and managed to rescue a career level 6 version of my Sim out of an automatic backup save, so ever since then I've had Mastercontroller and Overwatch installed and moved him to my new town which is the 8 different saves.

Basically I called it whatever I wanted to first, and then the other saves are that title plus 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 respectively. When I save the game, I save to the next highest number, or back down to the one without a number (technically save 1) once I've hit 8. I highly recommend doing this... if you have the hard drive space. At the moment, my Sims saves folder is slightly over 4GB in size. O.o;; I usually copy the folder to my desktop and also my other hard drive after every major game session too.

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Re: Marriage abroad weirdness!
« Reply #4 on: December 09, 2016, 09:29:19 AM »
Necroing this thread since this happened to my world adventure test sim today.

Basically, I made this cute little pink young adult fairy lady who set out to become a martial arts champion in china. During the first visit one random townie man died by drowning and I got a notification about it since fairy lady had befriended him for an adventure. Alright, speed past five or so more visits to china and fairy is now married to an alien and has two children, scum green and bright pink hair, the colour combination will burn out your retinas. They go to visit their vacation home in china and what do you know, suddenly fairy now has a chinese child WHO IS 20 DAYS OLDER THAN HER. Not only did an elder man give birth to this miracle of life, she was seeded by my fairy apparently from the future (I don't even have in to the future!). This also broke her marriage to the alien in the family tree, although the game treated them as hubby and wife.

At first I was tempted to just nuke her with Nraas MC, but then I decided to see what this magical china child was all about, so I had her move in with fairy lady's family. I then discovered that she was an inappropriate insane technophobe (among other fantastic traits) and she proceeded to break everything in the house. I had alien hubby go and fix them and then promptly die to electrocution (this was a very telltale sign that my game was completely broken now, lol) even though he had like 8 handyness points & he wasn't even signed. Then I decided to wrap this how it started and drowned her in the same pool her father had died in. It's the circle of life brah.