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Harmony Household Skills Project
« on: August 07, 2014, 01:44:11 PM »
Hey there!  :)

A long time passed, but I'm still playing the Sims and want to share the stories of my pixel-people.
Since I had some trouble with my 4x4-Dynasties (currently, heir number one of my third try is a teen, maybe you will get to know the Darlings next week if everything goes well) due to me being incapable to remember all the rules correctly, I started this project to enjoy less restrictions as well as get to know better skills I ignored until today.
So far, I really enjoy it and I hope you will enjoy it, too.  ;D

Family Tree
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Re: Harmony Household Skills Project
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2014, 02:17:16 PM »
Let's start with our founder, Kurt Harmony.

He's an artistic genius and virtuoso, as well as a hydrophobic schmoozer.
His supermax will be the guitar skill. It's the first time one of my sims will try to do that and I was a little bit afraid whether he will get all these opps in time.

Kurt started in misty but nice Twinbrook. I really love this town's flair but I have to say that most of the sims are a little bit too special for me...

What do you need first if you want to supermax guitar? Well, a guitar, for sure. To be true, he couldn't afford much more with only 1.000$.

To increase his funds he went to the park, wildflower-hunting. I never knew there are some being worth 600$, that's worth the allergy.

Kurt spent the night at the fire station, eating a green salad. There will be a lot of green salad for the rest of his life since cooking is dedicated to later generations.

That friendly gnome appeared one day on the lot. He may be from Island Paradise but I don't know what I did to get him.

Kurt spent most of his time inside or before the theatre, playing for tips. In this picture he aged up after his shift.

For some diversity, he played at the bistro, too.

Week 5, day 2: Kurt finally got his last opp and supermaxed guitar. Yay!  ;D
Now, it's time to move and start his own family.

His new home will be that wonderful house in the picturesque town Dragon Valley.

Now, Kurt was spoilt for choice. He needed to marry a NPC, so he could call the local service personal, hoping for a lovely young woman. But there was another possibility since he had that Philosopher's Stone as one of his unique rewards...

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Re: Harmony Household Skills Project
« Reply #3 on: February 09, 2015, 10:10:32 AM »
I'm moving this to the Stories Graveyard due to inactivity.  maisie, you can revive this story by contacting a moderator.