Author Topic: Real Estate Question: Second Home Issues  (Read 1761 times)

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Real Estate Question: Second Home Issues
« on: August 07, 2014, 07:25:29 PM »
Context: My sim recently aged into a young adult, so I had the family purchase an additional home on the computer so she can live alone while still being part of the playable family.

Issue: None of her guests can enter her new home. Granted, it is not technically the "Home", since it is only an additional house. This is the first time I've played with an additional house. Why can't her boyfriend or her best friend enter the second home? I invite them to join her in the bed or while playing video games. The interaction "Call Over" is not even an option on the second lot.

I've had success asking for help in these forums before, so I am hopeful to get a reply. Thank you much!

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Re: Real Estate Question: Second Home Issues
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2014, 05:40:37 PM »
My sims always end up owning a bunch of properties, but I've never really tried to interact with other sims at the non-home residential lots. I'm curious now, so I'll see if I can replicate your problem in my game, though I have several mods running and if I don't have a problem we'll have to get someone else to test it.

In the mean time, what expansions etc do you have?

Ok, I'm editing this to add that I went and invited someone to my house boat, and she was not able to come in. My sim was sitting in a chair and I tried the "invite over: chat" interaction. I tried forming a group with her, and she still couldn't come in. I don't have any help for you at the moment, but I'm at least confirming that the problem isn't just with you!

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