Author Topic: Sims won't go to school or work??  (Read 2736 times)

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Sims won't go to school or work??
« on: August 27, 2014, 10:08:48 AM »

The sim I'm playing with used to be an imaginary friend. I got her a job and every time it was time for her to go to work a little message on the top right corner would appear saying it wasn't time for her to go to work yet. No carpool car would come or anything, and then when it looked like she might be late, I'd click GO TO WORK again and it would say that it's not her work day and to try again in 23 hours. So weird.

And then (this isn't her baby, but one from a previous game-- the household was getting too big and I wanted a change up so I relocated the old IF and the toddler to a new home) I had a toddler turn into a child, and her first day of school I clicked her to go to school, but the same dang message popped up saying it wasn't time for her to go to school. The school bus didn't come, either! I tried going to the school and doing it that way, but the option of GO TO SCHOOL wasn't highlighted and when I scrolled over it, it would say school isn't in session... but it was Wednesday.

Anybody have ANY ideas on what's going on or how to fix it?

(Also, I do have the typical Mods in the game like Story Progression, Nraas, Woohooer, Portrait Panel, Mover)

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Re: Sims won't go to school or work??
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2014, 01:20:47 PM »
No idea what's going on, but maybe try taking out the mods and see if that fixes it to begin with?

I know I don't have any issues with Nraas... but it seems like a place to start.

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